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The Board of School Committee met on Monday, August 11, at 7:00p.m. at the School Administration Offices. Present were Mayor Guinta, Vice Chair Labanaris, and Committee Members Craig, O’Sullivan, DeBlasi, Herbert, Soucy, Gelinas, Kruse, Beaudry, Avard, Dolman, Fischer, Kelley, and Langton. Present from Administration were Supt. Tom Brennan and Asst. Supt. Karen Burkush. Mayor Guinta presided and called the meeting to order. The Committee shared in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silent reflection. The clerk called the roll. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Comm. Beaudry made a motion, seconded by Comm. Avard, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion passed by unanimous vote. PUBLIC FORUM 1. Kayleigh Cassidy, the ’08-’09 Chair of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, came forward. She said this year their project focused on increasing the graduation rate of Manchester. A white paper was produced and included in that were 12 recommendations. In April a meeting was held where members of the Council along with 75 key stakeholders including District Administration and District personnel broke into six groups and they formulated an implementation plan. Last week a presentation was given at a joint meeting of the Board of School Committee and the Board of Mayor & Aldermen. At this time the Council is looking to put together a feasibility committee to work on the implementation plan and they are requesting that the Board of School Committee is represented on that committee. Comm. Craig made a motion to accept the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council’s report and for the Board to have representation on the feasibility committee. Comm. Dolman seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 2. Jim Astarita, the owner and operator of Papa John’s Pizza, came forward. He spoke about his company’s past history and the mutually beneficial relationship with the District as the hot pizza vendor. In the past couple of years, problems have arisen with the bid process regarding the pizza vendors. Papa John’s has regularly been the pizza of choice of the students in the schools and their pizza has generated noteworthy revenue for the District. Although Papa John’s was not the lowest bidder this year, Mr. Aristedes asked that the Board choose Papa John’s as the School District’s vendor for hot pizza. BOARD AND SUPERINTENDENT COMMUNICATIONS 1. Comm. Gelinas expressed thanks to his fellow Board members and members of the District for their show of sympathy with the recent passing of his mother. 2. Comm. Beaudry stated he was pleased about the correction that was printed in the Union Leader to an article that had been written that had untrue statements about his voting in the past for issues related to the union that his wife is a member of as an employee of the District. He accepts the apology for the mistake and that the record has been set straight. 3. Comm. DeBlasi recognized Manchester’s North Little League team that nearly made it to the Little League World Series. He congratulated them on their achievement. He also recognized the local Babe Ruth League that recently hosted the New England Regionals at Gill Stadium. Again, a Manchester valiantly battled back to nearly make it to the World Series.

August 11, 2008


4. Comm. Soucy thanked Jonathan Cote, the former School Board member from ward 12 for his service to the Board and the School District. On behalf of the Board she welcomed Eric Fischer the new ward 12 Committee member on the Board. 5. Supt. Brennan said that he continues to meet with various groups in the City and he has met with Mr. Will Thomas, the representative from Veterans for Peace. He commended the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council on their outstanding presentation of their white paper. Comm. Beaudry said he was unable to attend the Youth Council’s presentation due to a family commitment. He recalls the recommendations made by last year’s Council regarding their topic drop-out prevention. He recalls the Committee had some discussions on the recommendations but he does not believe anything has been done to date with the recommendations. He would like to see some action taken. Comm. Beaudry made a motion to refer the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council recommendations regarding drop-out prevention to the Coordination Committee for review. Comm. Avard seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. CONSENT SESSION Coordination Committee—Katherine Labanaris, Chair Vice Chair Labanaris said there was no report from the Coordination Committee this month. Curriculum & Instruction Committee—Debra Langton, Chair Comm. Langton made a motion to approve the continuation of the Districtwide implementation of the MediaSmart Program for the grade 5 classes that are taught in health and art at the schools. Comm. Dolman seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Comm. Langton said the Committee had had a presentation on the new format of the elementary level report cards. A final draft of the report cards will be submitted shortly. Building & Sites Committee—Arthur Beaudry, Chair 1. Comm. Beaudry made a motion to approve the City Service Invoices with the caveat that the Administration will verify the bill regarding Bronstein Park with the Parks & Rec Department and to ratify the phone poll regarding the approval of the engineering services and installation of air conditioning at Hillside Middle School. Comm. Avard seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Comm. Beaudry said that Comm. Fischer had information regarding portable air conditioning units that could possibly be suitable for the need at Hillside. It was agreed that Comm. Fischer would provide that information to the Administration to forward to Mr. Clougherty. Asst. Supt. Burkush said that portable units had been tried but the engineers have agreed that they cannot do the job and that is why the recommendation is for the installation of an air conditioning system. 2. Comm. Beaudry said the third item of the Preschool & Kindergarten Facility Counter Offer was an item that needed to be taken up in non-public session. Athletic Committee—Stephen Dolman, Chair 1. Comm. Dolman informed the Committee that item c, the Naming of West Memorial Field in Commemoration of Bill Meisel is only a recommendation from the Athletic Committee. The Athletic Committee is asking Supt. Brennan to look at forming a committee to go through the proper procedure in the re-naming of the field in accordance with District policy.

August 11, 2008


2. Comm. Dolman made a motion to approve the Coaching Nominations and to approve the Athletic Coordinator Nomination of Mr. Jack Quinn for Memorial High School. Comm. Soucy seconded the motion. Comm. Beaudry asked whether Mr. Quirk would still be coaching while in the position of the Athletic Coordinator at Memorial High School. Comm. Dolman said Mr. Quirk would be coaching. He said there were no other applicants for the position of Athletic Coordinator for the school and it is important that the position is filled for the coming year. He said that Principal Adamakos, Athletic Director Gosselin, Supt. Brennan, and he met and it was agreed that they did not see any conflict with Mr. Quirk holding both positions. Comm. Beaudry asked who would evaluate Mr. Quirk as a coach or discipline him if such a need were to arise. That is usually done by the Athletic Coordinator. He stated he has concerns with the precedent that would be set with having one person in both positions. Comm. Dolman said that it was understood that the principal has the final say about discipline and it was decided that Principal Adamakos would be responsible to do the evaluation. This is a one-year term as the Athletic Coordinator. Mayor Guinta called for the vote on the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Coaching Nominations Central High School 1. Joil Bergeron---Winter Track Boys 2. Mike Hennessey---Boys Cross Country 3. Stephanie Burnham---Winter & Spring Girls Track Memorial High School 1. William Duffy---Football Varsity Assistant 2. John Kyriacopulos---Football Varsity Assistant West High School 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Shawn Lauzon---Football JV Boys Christopher Fiengo---Football Varsity Assistant Michael Bombardier---Football Freshman Savino Auciello---Soccer Boys JV Erin Boylan---Spirit Varsity Dan Bryson---JV Boys Basketball Amy Rumor---JV Volleyball

3. Comm. Dolman said that each of the District’s high school teams had won at least one good sportsmanship award during the spring season. The fall season will be starting this week. He shared that Safe Sports will again be providing athletic trainers at no cost to the District as well as free physicals for student athletes. During the 2007-2008 school year training was provided for a total of 2,115 hours. This is a perfect example of people giving back to our Community. The Athletic Committee suggests that representatives of Safe Sports be recognized for the many services provided to the District. Comm. Dolman informed the Committee that the District was contacted by the Health Department regarding a CDC advisory about exposure to lead with artificial turf fields that might cause a public health concern. Turf samples from the District’s two athletic fields along with a sample from Gill Stadium were sent to the Health Department and a full report is forthcoming. This was done to ensure that these fields are safe for the District’s athletes. The NHIAA was pleased that the District was pro-active about this issue. Mr. Gosselin continues to monitor both the electrical and heat problems with Memorial Field and are checking on what exactly is running off of the meter. He is looking into the possibility of using a generator to power the field and that is something that could be done at a fraction of the current costs. The Committee will continue to work with the Building & Sites Committee on this matter.

August 11, 2008


Finance Committee—Doug Kruse, Chair 1. Comm. Kruse made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and to approve the Manifest of Authorized Expenditures for Accounts Payable—All Funds in the amount of $3,982,749.40 and for Payroll—All Funds in the amount of $8,345,430.14; the Manifest of Authorized Expenditures from Wadleigh, Starr, & Peters for other business in the amount of $1,082.23; and the City Services Billing in the total amount of $1,084,791.17. Also, to approve the Operating Statements for Expenditures & Revenues for FY08 and FY09, and the School Food & Nutrition Services Operating Statement, the School Food Meal Increase, the Special Education Preschool Entitlement Grant, the Telephone RFP, the BOSC Check Processing & Warrant Approval Policy, and the Authorization to Sign OBM Forms 1, 3, and 4. Comm. O’Sullivan seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 2. Comm. Kruse made a motion to approve the Food & Nutrition Services Bid Results including the pizza bid. Comm. Fischer seconded the motion. Vice Chair Labanaris asked if Supt. Brennan would speak to the issue of the pizza bid. Supt. Brennan asked Mr. Burkush to come forward to explain the process of the selection of the lowest bidder, Amato’s, for the pizza bid. Mr. Burkush said four different vendors had submitted bids and Amato’s was the lowest bidder. Going on past practice and on the Board’s usual desire to go with the lowest bidder he made his recommendation of going with Amato’s for both cooked and uncooked pizza for the District’s schools. He noted that if things don’t work out in a certain time period of perhaps 30 to 60 days a switch in vendors could be made. Comm. Kruse said the Board could empower the Administration if things don’t work out with Amato’s for a designated period of time to switch to a different vendor. The Board has approved a general dollar range and they are not disapproving of any of the vendors on the list of vendors so the Administration ought to be given authority to carry things out on this matter on their own henceforth. Supt. Brennan read from Fiscal Policy #119 that states “the Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to accept that bid which appears to be in the best interest of the District. The Board reserves the right to waive any formalities in or reject any and all bids or any part of any bid. Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the scheduled time of the opening of the bid…..any bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered. The Board need not accept the lowest qualified bidder.” Discussion ensued about the popularity of Papa John’s pizza with the students as evidenced by past sales. It was noted that Papa John’s has been serving the City and had served the District for many years. Amato’s is a company new to the City and to NH in fact. For the small difference in price of the charge per pizza the decision of going with the lowest bidder should maybe be reconsidered. Committee members expressed concern with giving both the cooked and uncooked orders to the same company. This has never been done in the past. Comm. DeBlasi suggested that Amato’s be given the order for the uncooked pizzas for the schools and Papa John’s be given the order for the cooked pizzas. Supt. Brennan said that would be his recommendation. Comm. Soucy said she would consider it a wise thing to have a bifurcated bid each year for vendors of the cooked and uncooked pizzas. Vice Chair Labanaris made an amendment to the motion to give the bid for the cooked pizzas to Papa John’s and the bid for the uncooked pizzas to Amato’s. Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The amendment passed and the amended motion passed by unanimous vote to approve the bid results and regarding the pizza bid to give the bid to Papa John’s for the cooked pizza and to Amato’s for the uncooked pizza. Comm. O’Sullivan and Kruse abstained from the vote. 3. Comm. Kruse said that another item for consideration is the FY09 Budget Discussion. He urged the Committee to grant the Administration’s requests and allow adjustments to be made through the year as needed. Supt. Brennan distributed a handout regarding the additions and reductions approved by the Board on June 23, the Administration’s revised additions and reductions, and the latest line item expenditure budget. Comm. Kruse made a motion to approve the FY09 expenditure budget.

August 11, 2008


Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 4. Comm. Kruse said the last item from the Finance Committee was the Ratification of the Phone Poll regarding the air conditioning at Hillside Middle School. The ratification had been done earlier in the meeting under the Building & Sites Committee report. 5. Comm. Kruse said that the Finance Committee had considered the renewal of the warehouse lease and that item had failed by majority vote at their last meeting. Since that meeting the Administration has worked on a new provision in the lease whereby the District could get out of the lease with a 30-day notice. Supt. Brennan said Ms. DeFrancis had contacted the landlord of the warehouse and was successful in getting an agreement that would be of greater benefit for the District. He would encourage the Board to support this lease. Comm. Beaudry said that he had voted against the lease because of the 14-month clause in the lease. He would support the latest lease including the 30-day notice. Comm. Kruse made a motion to approve the revised warehouse lease. Comm. Beaudry seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. INFORMATION/OTHER BUSINESS 1. Comm. Craig asked about the status of the hiring of a new HR Director. Supt. Brennan said there is still an opening with that position and he has not identified anyone for the position at this time. This is a posted position. Comm. Craig asked whether the additional information about the SIS system has been obtained and where things stand with that matter. Supt. Brennan said that he continues to meet with the people in the IT Department in getting answers to his questions so that he understands where everyone was in terms of getting that system to come forward. He wants to have an almost 100% confidence level that the District will not only be able to purchase it but to implement it and have staff trained appropriately. It is an ongoing conversation between himself, the IT Department, and the vendor. 2. Comm. Beaudry asked what decision has been made regarding the vehicle the District had supplied for the former superintendent. Supt. Brennan said he would be following the policy regarding the disposal of equipment. Comm. Beaudry made a motion to allow the Superintendent to dispose of the vehicle. Comm. Dolman seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. ACTION SESSION 1. Southside Middle School Principal Decision Supt. Brennan referred to the revised motion sheet provided to the Committee regarding the Southside Middle School principal position. He informed the Committee that the previous candidates did not qualify for that position. He asked the Board to accept his recommendation to re-open that position and for him to put an interim principal in place at Southside. Comm. Kruse thanked Supt. Brennan for this recommendation and he stated that this is exactly the right step to take regarding this matter. Vice Chair Labanaris made a motion to allow the Superintendent to reopen the position of principal of Southside Middle School and to allow an interim principal to be put in place at the school. Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 2. Selection of Legal Firm for District Comm. O’Sullivan made a motion to hire Upton & Hatfield Law Firm as the legal counsel for the Manchester School District. Comm. Kruse seconded the motion. A roll call was requested. The motion passed by a 8-7 vote. Voting in favor of the motion were Comm. O’Sullivan, DeBlasi, Kruse, Beaudry, Avard, Fischer, Langton, and Mayor Guinta. Voting in opposition of the motion were Comm. Herbert, Soucy, Gelinas, Dolman, Kelley, Craig, and Vice Chair Labanaris.

August 11, 2008


3. Personnel Report Vice Chair Labanaris said she would be voting against #1 and #2 on the personnel report. She said that two promotional positions out of three are going to outof-District employees. Comm. Avard asked if additional BLIC positions have been proposed for this year. Asst. Supt. Burkush replied “no.” Comm. Kruse said that in the agreement signed by the School Board and the Aldermen both boards agreed to keep the BLICs in the budget. Comm. DeBlasi said the BLICs are valuable positions as they are responsible for their content areas not only in the high schools but with the middle schools as well. The BLICs in the middle schools are solely responsible for special ed. Comm. Craig noted there is no SPED BLIC at Southside. Supt. Brennan said he would verify if there was such a vacancy. Comm. Craig asked if exit interviews are held with people who are resigning from positions in the District. Supt. Brennan said he would hope that exit interviews are being held and if they are not they will be done in the future. Supt. Brennan said he recommends approval of the Personnel Report as presented. Comm made a motion to approve the Personnel Report. Comm seconded the motion. The motion passed by majority vote. Mayor Guinta voted against the motion. Vice Chair Labanaris voted against #1 and #2. Comm. Beaudry voted against #1 and against #52 through #78, the BLIC positions. He abstained voting for #11. Comm. Kruse abstained voting for #27 and #36. Comm. Kelley abstained voting for #27 and #36. Mayor Guinta was asked why he voted against the personnel report. Mayor Guinta said he thinks this process dealing with personnel needs changes and it should change now. He would encourage the Superintendent and members of the Board to finally acknowledge what everyone has been trying to get done over the past several years so he will be opposing the personnel reports until he sees that the process has changed. It should absolutely be an equitable and fair process and people who are in the District deserve advancement and they should move forward. Those who do not deserve advancement should be told and told why and possibly removed from the District if they’re not going to help the District move forward. This should be a priority and this should be done so for that reason he will be opposing the report. He does not necessarily oppose the individuals contained within the report but he wants to make a point that the way we hire in the District needs to change and it needs to start now. So he will be opposing the reports until he sees substantive change. Supt. Brennan said as he had anticipated and as it gets closer to the beginning of the school year and in terms of reduction of staff where it has been decided that there will be no filling of retiree positions, the District is starting to feel pressure. They’re feeling pressure at Memorial with physical science where some classes are as high as 38 students. Also, in terms of West they’re looking for a 2/5 position in French. He said he needs some direction from the Board as to what that commitment was. He asked for the Board’s understanding if he could work within the existing budget he may come to the Board to say that this was a retired position that is supposed to go away but there can’t be 38 students in a classroom. He is looking for the understanding of the Board that the next personnel report may include at least one full retirement position and maybe a 2/5 position as well because of the present demands. Comm. Avard said he is pretty sure that is what was said with the approval of the FY09 Budget Discussion item taken up earlier. It is giving authority to the Superintendent to move on and do what they saw fit for the District; of course, within reasonable boundaries. He believes that would fit in what has already been directed to the Administration. Mayor Guinta said that was his intention based on his vote on the budget but it is good to be clear about this for the Superintendent. Personnel Report Nominations: Administration Debora Roukey Mark Dangora Lori Upham Asst. Principal Asst. Principal Asst. Principal West Parkside Gossler $82,106 $75,024 $71,927

August 11, 2008


Resignations: Certified Staff Dante Laurendi Morgan Lovejoy Katharine Dudley Elizabeth Chambers Teacher—S. Studies Teacher—Elem. Teacher—Elem. Teacher—English Memorial Beech Highland G.Falls Memorial $48,963 $40,324 $36,601 $32,879

Leaves of Absence: Certified Staff Andrea Wujcik Teacher—Health Memorial $43,239

Nominations: Certified Staff Tracy Ouimette Janis Diamond Erin Chubb David Mayhew Kathleen Petzold Valerie Yohe Tona Pereira Tracey Kallander Tricia Towne Tiffany Evans Christopher D’Agostino Stephanie Ducharme Marguerite Hopey Grace Morrell Lea Verrill Alison McGuinness Caroline Rousseau Rocco Criscone Sarah Deschenes Sean Doyle Krystie Gould Shawndra Kesselring Cara Malatras Christina McDowell Samantha Pikclingis Jami Principe Melissa Savage Richella Simard Nicole Thomas Melynie Welch Rebecca Rudolf Reading S/visor Highland G.Falls Teacher-SPED West Tchg.Asst.Prin.Elem. Bakersville Teacher-Health (Temp) Memorial Teacher-Mathematics West Teacher-English Memorial Teacher-Spanish (Temp) West Tchr-MultiSensory Reading Hillside Guidance Counselor Highland G.Falls Teacher-Elem. Bakersville Teacher-S.Studies Central Teacher-Reading/Math Gossler Teacher-Elem. P/Varney Teacher-Spanish West Teacher-Elem.(Temp) Gossler Teacher-Lang.Arts(Temp) McLaughlin Teacher-Elem (Temp) P/Varney Teacher-Phys.Ed. Parkside Teacher-Art West Teacher-Biology Central Teacher-SPED Parkside Teacher-SPED Memorial Teacher-Gen.Science McLaughlin Teacher-S.Studies McLaughlin Teacher-Art P/Varney Teacher-SPED Parkside Teacher-Gen.Science McLaughlin Teacher-Art West Teacher-Elem(Temp) Northwest Teacher-French (Pt-time) Hillside Teacher-S.Studies (Pt-time) Central $65,876 $57,294 $55,322 $47,054 $45,147 $43,239 $41,332 $40,059 $39,426 $37,516 $35,607 $35,607 $35,607 $35,607 $35,607 $34,336 $33,701 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $31,793 $19,076 $15,897

Resignations: Non-Certified Staff Sandy Hazelton Paraprof.-SPED Memorial $11.56/hr.

Leaves of Absence: Non-Certified Staff Karen Laplana Linda Zapora Jaimie Dupuis Paraprof. SPED Paraoprof. Voc.Ed. Paraprof. SPED Green Acres MST Southside $11.90/hr. $11.22/hr. $10.56/hr.

Nominations: Non-Certified Staff Sheila Siart Linda Zapora Sarah LaPlante Joseph Bernier Scott Gallagher Accountant 1 Admin.Asst.III(Temp) MCTV-Operations Asst. Paraprof.-SPED Paraprof. (Temp) Admin. MST MST Memorial Memorial $20.67/hr. $14.98/hr. $14.13/hr. $10.56/hr. $10.56/hr.

August 11, 2008


Karen L’Heureux Karen Sprague Sheila Wynkoop

Paraprof.-ELL Paraprof.-SPED Paraprof.-SPED

McDonough Memorial Memorial

$10.56/hr. $10.56/hr. $10.56/hr.

Nominations: Building Level Instructional Coordinators Steven Soucy Jacquelin McLaughlin Amy Anderson June Tumblin Leslie Fallu Selma Naccach-Hoff Kathleen Mirabile Diane Spaulding Valerie Cunningham Denise Rudman Barbara Naeger Marc Tessier Richard Provencher Kathleen Cavanaugh Tim Otis Diane Provost Jo’an Blajda David Nickulas Stephanie Dakoulas Susan Robinson Jessica Weiss Steven Houle Kevin Maas Linda Thompson Marcia Vartanian Ron Miller Patty Croteau BLIC-SPED Hillside BLIC-SPED McLaughlin BLIC-SPED Parkside BLIC-ELL Central BLIC-Math Central BLIC-English Central BLIC-Social Studies Central BLIC-SPED Central BLIC-Science/PhysEd Central BLIC-Languages/Art/Music Central BLIC-Guidance Central BLIC-English Central BLIC-Guidance Memorial BLIC-English Memorial BLIC-Science/PhysEd Memorial BLIC-Languages/Art/Music Memorial BLIC-Business/Technology/FACS Memorial BLIC-Math Memorial BLIC-SPED Memorial BLIC-Math West BLIC-English West BLIC-S.Studies West BLIC-SPED West BLIC-Languages/Art/Music West BLIC-Business/Technology/FACS West BLIC-Science/PhysEd West BLIC-Guidance West $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46 $6,994.46

4. Tabled Item: School Food & Nutrition Director Position Comm. Kruse made a motion to remove from the table the matter of the School Food & Nutrition Director position. Comm. Gelinas seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Comm. Beaudry said there were three votes on this position last month and the Board was not able to come to a consensus. He said that he would move that this position be sent back out for posting to seek new candidates. Comm. Kelley said she had made that same motion at the June meeting. A roll call vote was taken on that motion and it had failed. Supt. Brennan said he needed to share his concerns. He said if this position is opened up he would need to find someone to take the place of the Food Services Director in the meantime. He doubts if the current consultant would stay on during this timeframe. He said the District would be in a situation where there would be no coverage at the time when it is probably the most important time in planning for the upcoming school year. There could be some unintended consequences by the decisions being made. He said he had looked at the applications that had come in for this position and two of them had withdrawn because the salary was too low. Going out to repost there is no guarantee that we’re going to get people that have equal or greater qualifications than Mr. Burkush’ qualifications to apply for this job at this time. We would have to find someone else to take the consulting job and that would be at more than what we’re currently paying Mr. Burkush. After some further discussion, Comm. Gelinas asked what was Supt. Brennan’s recommendation. Supt. Brennan said his recommendation is to hire Mr. Burkush at the salary of $68,000. He said he has spoken with Mr. Burkush and he said he would not take a reduction in that salary offer. Comm. Beaudry made a motion to put the position of the School Food & Nutrition Director back out for posting. Comm. Kruse seconded the motion. A roll call vote was requested. The motion passed by a 9-6 vote. Voting in favor of the

August 11, 2008


motion were Comm. Beaudry, Avard, Fischer, Langton, Craig, O’Sullivan, DeBlasi, and Mayor Guinta. Voting in opposition of the motion were Comm. Dolman, Kelley, Herbert, Soucy, Gelinas, and Vice Chair Labanaris. Comm. Beaudry said the consultant’s job was supposed to help out with the federal forms that needed to be done and it was not supposed to exceed $20,000. It has exceeded that $20,000 as of this date. As of July 1 that contract should have been expired because the Board never extended the contract. The District has gone several months with the individual at Beech Street School doing the ordering so why couldn’t we go with that again and go with what has been being done. Supt. Brennan said the director’s job is significant as school opens and those individuals who have been helping are no longer able to help out. There are responsibilities that he can no longer parcel out with school coming. This is a great concern. Comm. Avard made a motion to approve entering into an agreement for FY09 for a contract not to exceed $10,000 for the consultant for the School Food & Nutrition Services. Comm. Beaudry seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. NON-PUBLIC SESSION Comm. Kruse made a motion to go into non-public session for discussion of matters that could adversely affect the reputation of someone other than a Board member and for discussion regarding acquisition of property. Comm. Soucy seconded the motion. Following a roll call and a brief recess, the Committee entered into non-public session. RETURN TO PUBLIC SESSION Comm. Kruse made a motion to return to public session. Comm. Avard seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. Comm. Gelinas made a motion, seconded by Comm. Dolman, to seal the minutes of the non-public session because discussion was held that could affect the reputation of a person other than a Board member and for negotiations strategy. The motion passed by majority vote; Comm. Kruse, Beaudry, and Avard voted in opposition. 1. Comm. Kruse made a motion to approve the unanimous consent of the Board to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation. Comm. Beaudry seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 2. Comm. Beaudry made a motion to accept the update regarding the property for the preschool and kindergarten facility. Comm. Kruse seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. 3. Comm. Soucy made a motion to approve the cost of living increase of 2% to the salary of the Assistant Superintendent pursuant to her contract. Comm. Fischer seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. ADJOURNMENT Comm. Kruse made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Comm. Fischer seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote. The meeting was adjourned at 10:18p.m. A TRUE RECORD ATTEST:

Suzanne O. Sears Clerk of the Board

August 11, 2008