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					LAKE WINDSOR PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT’S REPORT 5-1-06- 5-1-07 COMMITTEE REPORTS Beautification and Landscape – Chairperson – Monique Warnke We are always appreciative of our volunteers who put in many hours maintaining entrances 1,2,3 and 5 in attractive, innovative ways. They are: Nancy Schoenmann, Roger Stoffel, the Tjugums, Gannetts, Hughes, and Vians. In the fall of 2006, we contacted The Town of Windsor to trim trees in the entrances. They could only trim the lower branches. We contracted with Leonard Repair, LLC, who carried liability insurance, to trim as many upper branches as they could for the $500.00 we had budgeted. For this amount, they could trim entrance #1 and the triangle at Linden Circle and Chestnut Drive. Fall decorations were lovely at the entrances, consisting of corn shocks donated by Randy Alsmo and pumpkins by Monique Warnke. Nancy Schoenmann used her special decorating skills. Community Service – Joan Johnston, Duane Kleinfeldt, Bill Smith We attended several meetings of the Town of Windsor Board. In 2006, they approved The Town of Windsor Comprehensive Land Use Plan of 2005. Windsor Links Subdivision preliminary plat rezone request was passed by the board and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was modified to accommodate this rezone. . The Town of Windsor Plan Commission gave preliminary approval for Windsor Corners, corners of Lake Road and Windsor Road, for a housing development. Communications – Monica Smith Monica Smith is keeping the website, current. She established a new e-mail address for us: lakewindsor Monica also maintains our property owners e-mail addresses. Chris Breunig formatted the spring and fall, 2006, LWPOA newsletters. Susan Kleinfeldt became Editor-inChief in 2007. The 2007 spring newsletter became a first to include advertising boxes. The monies obtained from advertising will offset the costs of our publications and inform property owners of donor businesses available in the area. We will publish four newsletters a year. Nominations At the 2006 annual meeting, Joan Johnston, Carol Nelson, and Monique Warnke were elected to a 2-year term Officers are: President, Joan Johnston, Vice-President, Carol Nelson, Secretary, Karen Tilden, Treasurer, Gordon Cook and Director, Monique Warnke. Social Committee – Monica Smith The first annual LWPOA picnic was held on July 30th at the intersection of South Oak Lane and Chestnut Circle. It was a huge success. There was great food, music and activities for children. Next year the picnic will be held on July 29th. The annual Christmas Party was held at Lake Windsor Golf Club on December 2nd. The lovely invitation, decorations, food, gift exchange and the jazz band provided us with a wonderful party. We welcomed 15 new property owners to the LWPOA. Our secretary sent out get-well cards, sympathy and a wedding congratulation card over this period. Business Items LWPO voted on the bylaws. Monica Smith typed the revised bylaws and copies were made. They reflected that there will be one vote per household. Joan Johnston will welcome new owners with a packet of information with our LWPOA logo on the cover and follow up with a phone call to answer questions instead of making an appointment to visit with new owners personally. Stationary with the LWPOA logo was purchased. A 2007 LWPOA budget was formalized and approved. “Slow down” signs were placed in selected areas. The LWPOA dues letter was mailed on February 2, 2007 to property owners. Alan Harvey, Chairperson, Windsor Town Board, sent us a letter identifying that the DeForest Village Board approved the Gotzion Lake Windsor Country Club project. . It also included an update on the Highway 51 improvements. Joan Johnston, President

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