FAT Quarters Quilting Guild July 1_ 2008 Meeting Minutes 17 by forrests


									F.A.T. Quarters Quilting Guild July 1, 2008 Meeting Minutes 17 members signed the attendance sheet. The July meeting was called to order by President Kris Gutierrez at 6:03 p.m. There were no corrections to the June meeting minutes. KyleAnn motioned the minutes be approved as submitted, seconded by Barb. Minutes were approved. Welcome to Christine Stoutenburg, guest of Mary Conners. THANK YOU AGAIN KAREN FOR SHARING YOUR HOME FOR OUR “PICNIC” in June! New Business: Happy Birthday to Nancy Ricketts on July 16 and Jeanne Barbee on July 25. President’s Report: Copies of the Annual Report were distributed. This report dates from 6/1/2007 to 6/1/2008. Goals for the coming year are listed at the end of the report. Copies of the Challenge Guidelines and Rules were distributed. There was no Vice-President or Secretary’s Report. Treasurer’s Report: Dee is on vacation but submitted the preliminary year’s budget for 2008-09. Members are asked to review the budget and present ideas to Kris. A motion was made by Barb to postpone a vote on the proposed budget until next meeting to allow for additional ideas and suggestions. Motion was seconded by Tricia. Motion passed. Beginning balance is $344.42 with income of $378 from dues for a total of $722.84. Holly’s mom and one of our guild members, Denise Desrosiers, passed away on June 11. A sympathy card was mailed to Holly and the online sympathy book was signed by Kris in the guild’s name. A few members also sent individual expressions of sympathy and members were encouraged to send messages of sympathy and support to Holly. The Executive Committee consisting of the 4 officers had discussed and approved sending a donation of $25 to the Susan Komen Foundation. Discussion followed about this action. A motion was made to allow the officers to decide the amount and recipient of any monetary contribution from the guild in similar future circumstances. A motion was made by Barb and seconded by Rosemary. Motion passed. At the June meeting, Jeanne wore a shirt signifying her church quilting group. It was suggested that our guild have an official shirt. Two designs were submitted. The designs were passed around for members to indicate their choice and suggestions such as shirt color preference. These sheets were give to Kris who will tally the choices and suggestions. Shirts should cost approximately $10 and should be available in time for members to wear while volunteering at

Arts in the Alley. Dates for Arts in the Alley are Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21. Old Business: NQA: A short discussion about the recent NQA Show took place. Comments included art vs. traditional quilts and the need to separate hand and machine quilting into separate categories for judging. A short discussion of the upcoming guild challenge took place. A reminder about the Friday Sew-Ins, the upcoming sew-ins will take place July 18 and August 15. This event is held from the afternoon till ? at Always in Stitches. Remember to notify Mary if you are participating and bring $ for pizza for dinner. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Tricia and seconded by Barb. Meeting adjourned.

Show and Tell: Participants this month included KyleAnn, Nancy, Janet Millenbaugh, Mary Conners, and Abby. Also, Jeanne Barbee reminded that all members are invited to participate in the United Methodist Quilting group which meets every Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00. Bring a sack lunch and help hand quilt the current project on the quilting frame. Jeanne also has information of a Quilt Gardens Tour in Indiana Amish Country. This is scheduled August 27-28 with an overnight stay. Please contact Jeanne Barbee at 614-875-5472 or jbarbee3@juno.com for further information.

Program: Three quilt frames were set up by members of the Methodist Quilting Group. Members participated in hand quilting in a frame.

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, August 5. No one has signed up to provide snacks.

Respectfully submitted, Jan Golden, Secretary

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