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									Chief Petty Officer Association Washington DC Chapter Meeting Agenda 17 APR 03 Call to Order Guests: Treasurer’s Report COMMITTEE REPORTS: Flags Across America - CWO2 Ed Kruska, Chair • 80 Reps/29 States plus England (and Philippines?) • Spreadsheet of ANC CG grave locations - in process - LT Albert; YNC Succi; Mr. Whaley. • Reply to National Flag Foundation re FAA name? • Spring and Summer 2003 flag sales Leadership Series - vacant, Chair • L.S. Event 6 – 12 FEB 03 / 1130-1230. VADM Allen spoke on leadership in DHS. CPO Paschal – thank you letter to VADM Allen. • L.S. Event 7 – 12 MAY 03 / 1130-1300. Rm 2415 reserved. MCPO Bowen scheduled author Dennis Noble ( to speak on CG leadership. Flyer – CPOs Graviss/Fulcher. Snacks/beverages - MCPO Doak. • Other candidate speakers – RADM Hathaway? Russell Drumm? Paul Cora? Lorraine Dieterlie? RADM Bauman? RADM Rochon? Dr. Hooker? Southwest Community House - MCPO Linda Reid, Chair • Schedule DC CPOA visit to SWCH (per David Brewer) – CPO Hall. • Joint Ops – roadside cleanup – CPO Hall. Remembrance - MCPO Edna Doak, Chair • Policy - send remembrance packets to any CPO; and other members, of any pay grade, only who die in the line of duty as long as funds permit. • Send CG standards along with sympathy cards for non-local members? CPO Graviss – support of other orgs such as CGCV? CCTI - MCPO Linda Reid, Chair • 4 PCPOs? • Spring 2003 CCTI lookaway ceremony and Chiefs Call – 01 APR 03 (combined with Captain's mast?). Rm. 2415. • CCTI - 02 MAY 03, start morning, BBQ lunch, finish early afternoon • Recognition dinner - 02 MAY 03 evening, Ft. Belvoir O-Club, VADM Allen speaking; buy tickets. • Uniforms - Trops for all events • Costumes - candidates will be assigned a Homeland Security theme • Volunteer service – DC CPOA Used Book Sale (22-24- APR 03). Membership - MCPO Phelps, Chair • Encourage CPOs to join; track monthly list to see if anyone has lapsed dues; greet incoming transfers; and get them to participate in chapter. • 154 members • Status of application for MCPOCG Welch and MCPO Crocker transfer to DC CPOA? • Welcome to DC CPOA member MCPO Jeff Smith. • CPO Ferreira – status of DC CPOA Retiree Phone Tree? (CPO F phone number?) • Membership Drive – CPO Fulcher, MCPO Phelps. 28-29 APR 03? Sell CPO stuff? OLD BUSINESS: • DC CPOA Officer Elections – Nominating Committee – CPO Paschal and CPO Chambers. E-mailed and mailed ballots with newsletter. Elections close 30 APR 03. Book COMDT for Installation Breakfast (22 MAY 03? / 0730-0900)?

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TRICARE Presentation – CPO Fulcher. PO Grant .ppt to DC CPOA Website? CPO Paschal - thank you letters delivered to PO Liz Grant and Phyllis Robinson? Do again in Spring 2003? CPO Fulcher – e-mail survey of interest. • CGHQ Units EPOQ/EPOY – MCPO Bowen / YN2 Pitts. Q3 02 ceremony. 01 APR 03. Rm. 2415. $100 savings bond to PO Ada Harris. CPO Chambers - add CGEA membership next time. • Travel Changes Presentation – MCPO Mitchell. 1-hour presentation to any CG travelers. DC CPOA sponsor. Date/time? Rm. 2415 booked? Flyer? Redundant to YN2 Pitts’ training? • New Chiefs Mess - CGHQ Rm. 609 (ground floor). MCPO Bowen MCPO Reid – ribboncutting date? Status of door plaque? • Fundraisers – CPO Paschal - to get free ad in The Chief magazine, CPO Paschal apply to CPOA for special project to sell items in stock. CPOA 25th Anniversary Special Edition Stamped Envelopes (550 in stock); same but framed (223 in stock); CPO/SCPO/MCPO note cards (~50x12-card pkgs in stock); and SPAR postcards (~30 each of 3 styles in stock). • MCPO Angela McShan Award Ceremony – 26 MAR 03. BMC Lathrop. • Treats for Troops – CPO Paschal. $300 donated? Letter from DC CPOA? • Used Book Sale – 22-24 APR 03. Watch list (BMC McCarthy). Benefit CCCAF. Flyer posted. • Uniform Exchange – 09-20 JUN 03? CWO Roberts. Benefit CPOA Memorial Fund. Flyer? • Remove excess panels from Chiefs Dining Area. • Next Professional Development Day – JUN 03? – MCPO Bowen, CPO Hicks. NEW BUSINESS: • USASMA CG Room - $150 donation? (Via MCPOs Farrell and Stevens). • Icarus Monument – donation? (RADM Bob Johanson, USCG(ret.)) • Next mtg – 22 MAY 03? / 0730-0900 (to be scheduled as DC CPOA Officers Installation Breakfast) GOOD OF THE ORDER: • CPO Paschal departing enroute ESU Cleveland. Moment of Silence Meeting Adjourned


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