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					                                                   General Family Law                 Seattle Domestic Violence Project
                                           Advice and representation in family
                                                                                     Advice, brief service, and direct
                                           law cases where a parent or child is
                                                                                     representation for survivors of
                                           at risk due to domestic violence,
                                                                                     domestic violence; and telephone
                                           sexual or physical abuse, or
                                                                                     advice to advocates working with
                                           abandonment or neglect; or where
                                                                                     survivors of domestic violence.
                                           there is domestic violence and the
                                                                                     Clients must be City of Seattle
                                           client is 55 years or older; and cases
  KING COUNTY OFFICE                       in which non-parents are seeking
                                                                                     residents with civil legal issues.
   401 2nd Avenue South,                                                             Clients gain access to the program
                                           custody where abuse or neglect is an
          Suite 407                                                                  through referral by a domestic
     Seattle, WA 98104                                                               violence advocate.
   Phone: (206) 464-1519                     Domestic Violence Community
     Fax: (206) 624-7501                              Law Project                              Veterans’ Issues
    TTY: 1-888-201-9737                    Advice, assistance, and repre-            Advice, brief service, and direct
                                           sentation in family law cases and         representation for eligible veterans
Northwest Justice Project (NJP)            selected immigration cases where a        and service personnel on issues
provides free civil (non-criminal)         parent or child is at risk due to         relating to denial of veterans’
legal services to people who cannot        domestic violence, sexual or physical     benefits.
afford a lawyer. NJP’s King County         abuse, or abandonment or neglect;
field office is located in Seattle and     or where there is domestic violence                   Housing Law
serves low-income residents of King        and the client is 55 years or older; or
County (clients must have an income        cases in which non-parents are            Issues related to public, subsidized,
of no more than 200% of Federal            seeking custody where abuse or            or other government housing,
Poverty Level).       Interpreters are     neglect is an issue. This is a joint      including access to affordable
provided to those who do not speak         project with Consejo Counseling &         housing;       housing       stability;
English or who are hearing                 Referral Service and Refugee              significant issues of low-income
impaired.                                  Women’s Alliance and clients must         housing quality; eviction from
                                           be referred from these agencies.          public or other subsidized housing
Help is available in the following                                                   or      mobile      home        parks;
areas, but please note that case                                                     discrimination     in     low-income
                                            Cross-Cultural Family Law Clinic         housing;       housing        subsidy
acceptance is dependent on office
priorities, staff availability, and the    Family law advice, assistance, and        terminations; and consumer fraud
merit of each case.            Services,   referrals for persons with children       affecting low-income homeowners.
especially representation by an            that have urgent or complex custody       Services also include advice and
attorney, may not be available even        or visitation issues involving            limited advocacy on behalf of tenant
if all case criteria are met.              domestic violence, and who have           organizations. Emergencies are not
                                           limited English or cultural barriers.     handled; these are referred to
                                           This is a joint project with the King     KCBA’s Housing Justice Project.
                                           County Bar Association.
           Consumer Law                     Refugee & Immigrant Advocacy              How to Get Legal Help in King
Advice and representation in cases                                                               County
                                          Advice and representation for
involving debt collection abuses                                                    Starting January 1, 2008, anyone
                                          immigrants and refugees in the
(illegal garnishment, harassment,                                                   with a legal issue in King County
                                          following areas: citizenship for
etc.); payday loans; tax refund                                                     may call 2-1-1 for information and
                                          elderly and disabled immigrants;
anticipation loans; car purchases and                                               a referral.
repairs; trade school scams; student      assistance to victims of human
loans; and foreclosure rescue scams.      trafficking;   domestic     violence;
                                                                                    People age 60 and over may call the
                                          TANF; GAU; Food Stamps; Medical
                                                                                    CLEAR *Senior line at 1-888-387-
                                          Assistance; SSI; Refugee Assistance;
    Welfare & Health Care Law                                                       7111 from 9:30am to 12:30pm,
                                          and WorkFirst. This is a joint project
                                                                                    Monday through Friday, for civil
                                          with the University of Washington
Advice and representation in the                                                    legal advice, referral, and brief
                                          School of Law.
following areas: TANF, WorkFirst;                                                   service. Assistance is available for
food assistance; medical assistance                                                 many civil legal issues (some
(including      prescription       drug              Education Law                  regardless of income); however,
coverage through Medicare Part D,         Advice and representation in cases        some restrictions apply.
physician     or    dental   services;    where    a   student   has    been
Division       of      Developmental                                                NJP is federally funded, and federal
                                          wrongfully expelled or suspended
Disabilities      (DDD)       services                                              regulations also prohibit some
                                          from school; or where a school
(including residential placement or                                                 specific types of representation such
                                          district has denied a disabled
vocational training); and mental                                                    as, for example, class action
                                          student    appropriate  classroom
health services through the Regional                                                litigation.
Support         Network          (RSN);
terminations      of    COPES/MPC                                                      Community Legal Education &
services; also reductions of services            Native American Unit                          Training
through      COPES/MPC        if    the   Advice and representation for             Informational   brochures    are
reduction       will     result      in   Native Americans regarding matters        available for online viewing or
institutionalization; or childcare        of federal, state or tribal Indian law;   download                      at:
providers and in-home personal care       including at-risk youth; tribal and
providers denied or terminated from       federal     services     for   Indians;
employment by DSHS as a result of         jurisdictional disputes; Indian trust     Upon     request,   seminars    and
a criminal conviction.                    property; and Indian status cases.        trainings on the legal topics listed
                                                                                    above are provided to community
                                                                                    and professional groups.

                                                                                    This information is subject to change.   It is
                                                                                    current as of March 17, 2008.

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