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Order by email at or on secure server at (Use online course booking form for credit card details or fax to + 353 74 9730348) This is only a small selection of the books, C.Ds and DVDs in stock. If the book you require is not on the list email us, it may be in stock and if not it can be ordered immediately. Items will be mailed same day.
Clár Cúrsaí Foghlamtha / Language Courses Leabhair Ghramadaí / Grammar Books Foclóirí / Dictionaries Úrscéalta d’Fhoghlaimeoirí Fásta na Gaeilge / Novels for Adult Learners Dhátheangach / Bilingual Filíocht / Poetry Prós / Prose Déaglitríocht / Novels for Teenagers Drámaíocht / Drama Beathaisnéis / Biography Léirmheas agus Taighde / Criticism and Research Seanchas, Béaloideas agus Scéalaíocht / Folklore & Oral Tradition Leathanach lch.2 lch.4 lch.5 lch.7 lch.9 lch.10 lch.12 lch.16 lch.18 lch.19 lch.21 lch.23 lch.24 lch.24 lch.25 lch.27 lch.30 lch.33 lch.33 lch.36 lch.38 lch.39 lch.40 lch.41 lch.43 lch.44 lch.48 lch.49 lch.50 lch.52 lch.54 lch.55 lch.55

Leabhair do Pháistí / Children’s Books

* Don Naíonra. * 4 – 7 mbliana. * 6 – 9 mbliana * 8 – 11 mbliana Do Thuismitheoirí / For Parents CD’s, CD ROM's & DVD’s do Pháistí / CDs, CD ROM's & DVD’s for Children Postaeirí agus Fríosanna Balla / Posters and Friezes Ábhair Theagaisc don Mhúinteoir / Teaching Materials for the Teacher Leabhair Eolais / Information Books Seanfhocail / Irish Proverbs Spéis Éireannach / Books of Irish Interest Miostaseolaíocht / Folklore & Mythology Stair / History Seandálaíocht / Archaeology Dúlra / Nature Amhráin & Leabhair Ceoil / Songs and Music Books Ceol / Music DVD Páipéar Scríbhneoireachta / Writing Paper and Notelets Cártaí Beannachtaí / Bilingual Greeting Cards


Cúrsaí Foghlamtha/Language Courses:
Enjoy Irish , a new course for beginners from Dr Eithne Ní Ghallchobhair.
Illustrated role plays, easy to understand grammatical explanations, CD with native speakers. Price 15 Euro (p&p 2,50 Euro (Ireland) and 5 Euro rest of the world.).

Leabhair & CD Now You‘re Talking.


Based on the RTÉ/BBC television series of the same name. Also known as ―Irish on Your Own‖ in America. This is the most modern and user-friendly way to learn Irish using the most up-to-date multimedia concepts in language learning.

Leabhair Turas Teanga

€18.00 €45.00

The latest multimedia course for Irish language learners and improvers. Produced and broadcast by RTÉ and written by Éamonn Ó Dónaill author of ―Now You Are Talking‖. The course is aimed primarily at those who have studied Irish and understand a great deal of the language but have few opportunities to speak it. Aims to give learners the confidence to speak the language and to help them understand speakers of the various dialects. Pack contains a fully illustrated course book and 3 audio CDs. Book and CDs are also available separately

Turas Teanga Book Turas Teanga CD‘s Turas Teanga DVD

€19.00 €26.00 €34.95

This double DVD set contains the complete TV series, direct access to each programme and individual programme segments. Can be used on its own or with the book and audio CDs. DVD is suitable for all regions.

Gearrscannáin DVD


Gearrscannáin - a selection of the best Irish language short films from the Oscailt series, broadcast on TG4. The films are in Irish, with English subtitles and are an excellent language learning aid. DVD EU format PAL, but will play on your computer or a multi-region DVD player.

Taisce Focal: Scéaltaí Beaga to Dhaoine Móra. Róise Ní Bhaoill & Gordan Mc Coy.


Scéaltaí ar dhá CD. Book and 2 CDs. Seo rogha scéaltaí a scríobhadh don iris idirlín BEO! le cúpla bliain anuas. Tá said bunaithe ar shaol an lae inniu agus tugann siad léargas maith don fhoghlaimeoir ar leaganacha cainte agus struchtúir dhúchasacha. Tá an stíl breá nádúrtha agus furasta teacht i dtír uirthi agus tá ceathrar as Rann na Feirste á léamh ar dhá dhlúthdiosca. Beidh ráchairt mhór ar leabhar agus na dlúthdioscaí ag daoine atá ag iarraidh Gaeilge Thír Chonaill a shealbhú. Taisce Focal is aimed at adults who already speak the language but who wish to improve their grasp of Irish idiom. The stories in this book provide a range of modern scenarios from the first day at a new job to the college party. They focus on dialogue, using the natural everyday idiom and speech patterns of the native speaker. They are written in a natural, accessible style and each story has a comprehensive glossary to explain unfamiliar terms and words. The book also includes two CDs on which four native speakers from Ranafast in the Donegal Gaeltacht read the stories. This package successfully bridges the gap between the written and the spoken word.

Speaking Irish. An Ghaeilge Bheo. Siuán Ní Mhaonaigh & Antain Mac Lochlainn.


Take a big step towards Irish fluency. Leabhar agus DVD. Speaking Irish is a unique opportunity to sharpen your listening and conversational skills in the company of speakers from all corners of Ireland. Filmed on location throughout Ireland, the DVD features authentic, unrehearsed interviews with more than twenty Irish speakers, representing the three dialects. Just put the disc in your DVD player and let your journey begin. The book provides a transcript of all the interviews, plus extensive exercises and notes on the vocabulary, grammer regional variations and more.

Teach Yourself Irish.



A complete course in spoken and written Irish, contains a 330-page course book and 2 CDs. Emphasis - Munster dialect. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and now includes even more listening material.

Learning Irish. Tús Maith. Cuid a hÁon

€34.50 €30.00

An introductory course to the Irish language, the pack contains a course book and 4 CDs. Emphasis - Connacht dialect.

First part of a self instructional course in Irish for adults, the pack contains a course book (loose-leaf ring binder format) and 3 CDs of recorded support material. Contains 20 lessons, each lesson is presented in units of study and includes practice and test materials with convenient and clearly presented explanatory notes.


Tús Maith. Cuid a Dó.


Second part of a self instructional course in Irish for adults, the pack contains a course book (loose-leaf ring binder format) and 4 CDs of recorded support material. Contains a further 20 lessons, each lesson is presented in units of study and includes practice and test materials with convenient and clearly presented explanatory notes.

Gaeilge agus Fáilte.
A course in Irish Language and Culture for Adults, it is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of Irish. The course focuses primarily on learning in groups but can also be used for self study. Consists of a text book and 2 cassettes.

Leabhair CD 1 & 2. Buntús Cainte.

€20.00 €17.00

A first step in spoken Irish. Uses standard pronunciation. An easily graded course for beginners who will not have the advantage of a teacher‘s help. Now available on CD. Buntús Cainte 1, 2 agus 3. Leabhair & CD €9.50 each Buntús Cainte 1, 2 agus 3. Pack containing the 3 Books and 3 CD‘s. €25.00



Interactive Software for the Irish Language. Ó pheann Patrick McCormack. Surfing the Web, using E-Mail, reading about current affairs, using a Word Processor, EasyReader makes its easy to bring Irish to life. No more wasted time looking up words or grammer. Point and click, ER does the rest, presents basic dictionary meaning, grammer and up to 5000 common words with sound. Another click offers further exploration, grammer, word usage and idioms. No more worries about staying up to date. ER‘s vast library of words, phrases and idioms will continue to grow via a built-in user feedback feature. No hesitation in writing Irish for fear of making mistakes. Let ER spellcheck your compositions and e-mails. No reluctance in speaking. Talk like the pros by listening to over a dozen selected pieces of prose/poetry in three dialects.

GaelSpell 3. Litreoir Gaeilge. Cruinneog Seirbhísí Technology.


Irish Language Spelling Checker. Students, teachers, lecturers, journalists and everyone who writes in Irish on computers will find GaelSpell useful. Never again jumble the vowels in ‗Gaeilge‘ or spell ‗báisteach‘ without a fada. Nearly 300,000 entries included in GaelSpell 3. Works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Smaller version for Word 97 also included on the CD. Access to e-mail technical support included.

Ceart. Gramadóir Gaeilge do Mac OS X.


Irish Language Grammer Checker. Ceart is a powerful software package designed to help correct grammer and spelling in the Irish language that works alongside your existing word processor and emails. Aimed mainly at translators working with Irish, this package is also a sophisticated tool for students, teachers, public sector staff and media professionals. Minimium system requirements, Apple Macintosh Power PC G4, Mac OS X 10.3.9+.

Abair Leat.

Leibhéal 1, Cuid 1.


Lámhleabhar do mhúinteoirí ar mian leo Gaeilge a mhúineadh do ghlantosaitheoirí. Course book with practical exercises & CD for those who wish to teach Irish to adults.

Abair Leat.

Leibhéal 1, Cuid 2.


Ceachtanna breise do mhúinteoirí Gaeilge. Course book and tape. It is accepted that teachers using this book are already familiar with the lessons in Book 1.

Modh an Aoibhnis.


A proven course in spoken Irish with creative drama being highly emphasised ensuring that children learn Irish in an enjoyable way. This is not a classroom text but a 250-page teacher manual packed with all the material necessary to ensure confident acquisition of the language by schoolchildren. Divided into sections catering for all classes from Junior infants to sixth class.

First Steps in Irish.
Basic lessons for the absolute beginner.



Leabhair Ghramadaí/Grammar Books.
Gramadach gan Stró. Éamonn Ó Dónaill €20.00

Dírithe ar dhaoine a bhfuil caighdeán réasúnta maith bainte amach acu cheana féin sa Ghaeilge labhartha ach ar mian leo feabhas a chur ar a gcuid gramadaí. Tá sé fóirsteanach dóibh siúd nach dtuigeann leabhair gramadaí de ghnáth agus a gcuireann rialacha casta mearbhall orthu. Ní bhaintear úsáid as téarmaíocht chasta ach tugtar neart samplaí chun patrúin éagsúla a fháil. Ceisteanna agus freagraí le fáil le gach caibidil.

New Irish Grammar. Irish Christian Brothers.
Regarded as the definitive Irish grammar with English language explanations.

€10.75 €15.00

Leabhair Gramadaí Gaeilge. Nollaig Mac Congáil.

An approachable grammar book (as Gaeilge), based on the grammatical principles presented in O Dónaill‘s Irish-English dictionary. The rules of Irish grammar are presented here in a clear easy to understand manner.

Irish Grammar Book. Nollaig Mac Congáil.


An approachable grammar book , based on the grammatical principles presented in O Dónaill‘s Irish-English dictionary. The rules of Irish grammar are presented here in a clear, concise and understandable manner.

Cruinnscriobh na Gaeilge. Ciarán Mac Murchaidh.


A practical short course in the accuracy and grammar of Irish. Book is aimed in the main at undergraduates of Irish, it is also useful for learners and teachers. It contains plenty of exercises which will help the learner come to grips with the mainstructures and features of grammar. Book and CD-Rom.

Teach Yourself Irish Grammar. Éamonn Ó Dónaill.


Explains the most important structures in a clear and jargon-free way, with plenty of examples to show how they work in context. Use the book as a comprehensive reference to dip in and out of or work through it to build your knowledge.

Glance Card.
An excellent colour-coded laminated card with regular & irregular verbs in all tenses. A favourite!



Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla - Niall Ó Dónaill
Standardised, comprehensive and modern Irish-English dictionary. Hardback copy costs €25.00 Win Gléacht. Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla - Niall Ó Dónaill ar CD Rom €25.00 Leagan leictreonach de Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla Uí Dhónaill agus é curtha in oiriúint le húsáid le córas oibriúcháin Microsoft Windows. An electronic version of the Ó Donaill Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla specificially designed for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The disc contains all the headwords in the original dictionary as well as 25% of the sample sentences plus additional headwords. A comprehensive grammatical guide is linked to each headword. The appliciation includes Irish-English, English-Irish and wild card search functions to help you find the word you need.


English-Irish Dictionary - Tomás de Bhaldraithe
Essential general standardised English-Irish dictionary. Hardback copy costs €22.00

€15.50 €45.00

Foclóir Gaeilge & Béarla – Patrick S Dinneen

Dinneen‘s Dictionary as it is familiarly called, despite its pre-standard spelling and type remains as essential, as useful and as popular as ever. For the first time since 1927, enlarged page and type sizes have been adopted in the reproduction of this Dictionary.

Foclóir Póca
English-Irish / Irish-English Dictionary with phonetic notation.

€6.35 €8.00 €6.99 €20.00

Foclóir Scoile An Foclóir Beag
Gaeilge-Gaeilge. Introductory monolingual Irish dictionary.

An amended edition of the Foclóir Póca with bigger format and type. Specifically suitable for use in schools.

Cnuasach Focal as Teileann. Úna M. Uí Bheirn.

Stór focal as ceantar Theilinn i nGaeltacht Ghleann Cholm Cille in iar-dheisceart Thír Chonaill. Foclóir agus cnuasach nathanna cainte áitiúla atá ann.

Gaelic Idioms - G. Bannister


This small fun-size dictionary includes both Gaeltacht and non Gaeltacht idioms which are reflected in the vocabulary of contempory Irish speakers. Also includes some older expressions which, although less commonly used, can still be found in both modern Gaelic speech and literature.

Nathanna Cainte Gaeilge – Béarla - G. Bannister
A pocket dictionary of Irish idioms with their equivalent in English.

€10.00 €6.95

The Irish Phrase Book – Diarmuid Ó Donnchadha

This book is designed to help those who have some Irish but are not confident and will enable them to prepare for many predictable situations where they could expect to use Irish.

Irish Phrase Book – Paul Dorris


Contains over 1000 useful phrases and words with translations and an invaluable pronunciation guide for each word. This compact guide contains sections on travel and accommodation, sightseeing and shopping, recreation and sport. A useful introduction for anyone wishing to learn some of the more common words and phrases.

Cora Cainte as Tír Chonaill – Seán Mac Maoláin


Stórchiste de Ghaeilge Thír Chonaill atá sa leabhar seo, idir chora cainte agus abairtí míniúcháin. Má bhaintear leas tuisceanach as gheofar ann an dúshraith teanga atá de dhíth le saol an lae inniu a phlé go beacht dúchasach sa Ghaeilge.

An Béal Beo – Tomás Ó Máille


Stór focal lán le beannachtaí, nathanna agus focail i leabhar a chuirfidh ar chumas an Ghaeilgeora líofa agus an fhoghlaimeora araon iad a chur ina mbéal beo arís, sa ghnáthchaint; sa litríocht; agus sna meáin.

Foclóir Fiontar Gaeilge-Béarla & Béarla-Gaeilge – Donla Uí Bhraonáin



Specialised dictionary of terminology in both Irish-English and English-Irish. Covers computer and telecommunications technolgies and processes.

Foclóir Ríomhaireachta is Teicneolaíocht Faisnéise/Dictionary of Computing and Information Technology
Irish-English/English-Irish dictionary covering over 10,000 terms. An invaluable resource for those using computers as part of their everyday work. €11.50

Focal sa Chúirt. Leachlainn S. Ó Catháin


Bailiúchán d‘fhocail, de théarmaí dlí agus de theilgin chainte an dlí le aistriúcháin. Foclóir Gaeilge go Béarla agus Béarla go Gaeilge. Irish-English and English-Irish dictionary of legal terms and idioms.

Foclóir Litríochta &Critice/Dictionary of Literature & Criticism


Is bailiúchán é seo de na tearmaí is lárnaí i réimse na critice liteartha. An up to date and definitive dictionary of Literature and Crtiicism. Contains excerpts from work of contemorary critics showing the terminology in practical use.

Nuathéarmaíocht na Gaeilge
A series of bilingual dictionaries which cater for specialised disciplines, published by An Gúm.

Foclóir Eolaíochta / Dictionary of Science Foclóir Réaleolaíochta / Dictionary of Astronomy Foclóir Staidéir Ghnó / Dictionary of Business Studies Foclóir Talmhaíochta / Dictionary of Agriculture Fiseolaíocht agus Sláinteachas / Physiology and Hygiene Eacnamaíocht Bhaile Home Economics Foclóir Ceoil / Dictionary of Music Foclóir Ceirdeanna & Teicneolaíochta / Trades & Technology Tearmaí Teilifíse & Raidió / Television & Radio Terms

€10.00 €5.00 €8.50 €6.50 €4.00 €4.95 €5.50 €8.00 €6.50

Eolaí Póca
Treoirleabhair beaga breátha ag déanamh cur síos ar an dúlra, foilsithe ag An Gúm.

Eolaí Póca Crainn. Pamela Foray Eolaí Póca Bláthanna Fiáine. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Éin. Mike Lambert & Alan Pearson Eolaí Póca Luibheanna Leighis. Pamela Foray & Ruth Lindsay Eolaí Póca An Aimsir. Eleanor Lawrence & Borin Van Loone Eolaí Póca Carraigeacha & Mianraí. E. Fejer, S. Frampton & C. Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Sliogáin. Eleanor Lawrence & Sue Harniess Eolaí Póca Feithidí. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Ion-Taisí. H. Gee, C. Fitzsimons & S. Mc Cormack Eolaí Póca Mamaigh. Eleanor Lawrence & Ruth Lindsay Eolaí Póca Biaphlandaí. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Cladach & Farraige. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Dúile Fionnuisce. Pamela & Peter Foray Eolaí Póca Rltaí & Pláinéid. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons

€5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50


Úrscéalta d‘Fhoghlaimeoirí Fásta na Gaeilge / Novels for Adult Learners of Irish
The Novels listed below are part of a series of books published by Comhar, and are written in easy to read Irish and come with vocabulary footnotes. Ideal for the adult learner.

Paloma. Le Pól Ó Muirí.
Tells the story of Paloma Pettigrew, a young female Garda who moves to the quiet countryside but comes across unexpected problems and has a complicated and dangerous crime to solve. Book and CD. €15.00 Book. € 6.80

Dlíthe an Nádúir. Le Pól Ó Muirí.
Another story about Paloma Pettigrew, eighty sheep have been found dead, a local business man with friends in high places may know something about it, will Paloma be able to get to the bottom of it. Book and CD. €15.00 Book. €6.80

Teifeach. Le Pól Ó Muirí.


Readers of the above novels will already be familiar with Marika, a young Bosnian women living with her daughter in rural Ireland, this shot novel tells her story and portrays in simple Irish the difficulties encountered by refugees in Ireland.

Croí na Ceiste. Le Pól Ó Muirí.


Garda Paloma Pettigrew‘s friend Master Ó Domhnaill has found the body of a young German woman in an isolated spot on the mountain. But what was the Master doing on the Mountain so early in the morning? Is Paloma trying to protect her friend?

Trioblóid. Le Colmán Ó Drisceoil.
Garda Carla de Londra is in the middle of solving the death of four prostitutes when her daughter, gets herself into trouble. Book and CD. €15.00 Book. €6.80

Trasna na dTonnta. Le Mícheál Ó Ruairc.
The body of an American anthropologist is discovered near a fishing village in the West of Ireland. It is not long before Superintendent Ó Brosnacháin realises that there is a dangerous killer on the loose. Book and CD. €15.00 Book. €6.80

Míle Murdar. Le Mícheál Ó Ruairc.


One morning in the middle of winter Labhrás Ó Baoill received a phone call from the secretary of Míle Murdar. Someone has bought him a ticket for a Murder Mystery Weekend in an hotel in the West of Ireland. Even though Labhrás does not realise it at the time this wekend will have a profound effect on him and change the course of his life.

Bás i mBaile an Ghorta. Le Mícheál Ó Ruairc.
A group of adult learners are on a day trip to the Famine Village where one of them discovers the body of an old woman who has been murdered. Before the day is out two others will be dead, Detective Ó Cinnéide and Sergant Ní Bheaglaoich are in pursuit of the murderer. Book and CD. €15.00 Book. €6.80

Sorcha sa Ghailearaí. Le Catherine Foley.
Hans, a detective from Interpol, comes to Dublin to solve the mystery of a missing painting. When he meets Sorcha he is taken with her charms, but is she in league with the thieves, and will she trust Hans? Will she ever understand that Daithí her boss is really a villain who is only out to get what he can? Book and CD. €15.00 Book. €6.80 €6.80 ―Go to sea with a red-headed woman on board and misfortune will befall you.‖ Cathal Ó Cinnéide believed the old saying and was none too pleased to find the red-haired Sadie on board. That night a pregnant woman from Albania is also put on board, Cathal has to send for the Lifeboard Service to bring her to hospital. When he himself reaches the harbour he is arrested for bringing an illegal refugee into the country.

An Cailín Rua. Le Catherine Foley.


An Foghlaimeoir Fásta. Le Alan Desmond. Turas in Éadan na Gaoithe. Le Peter Hartling, Translated by Máire Mhic Eoin.


Biddy Uí Laoghaire is recently widowed and is very lonely. She decides to attend an Irish language class, it is a brave decision as she is fifty years old and has little schooling. It is clear however that this decision is about to change her life.


It is the summer of 1945 and the war against Hitler is over. It has been decided that 3 million people of German origin who are living in Czechslovakia must leave that country, this is the story of two refugees a young boy of twelve and his aunt who are waiting at the Austrian border. This translation into simple Irish of the German novel ―Reise Gegen den Wind‖ gives an insight into an aspect of European history about which little is known here in Ireland.

Teach na gColúr. Le Aisling Ní Leidhin agus Liam Mac Amhlaigh.


Iryna is a university student from Poland who is in Ireland to study Irish. After overcoming many difficulties she eventually finds information about her mother‘s family which will change her life. This story about university life in Dublin is told in simple Irish with difficult words and phrases explained on each page, and at the end of the book. The following books, published by New Island, are easy to understand Irish translations of novels by famous Irish writers in the English language. Suited to adult learners.

Deireadh Seachtaine Craiceáilte. Roddy Doyle


Daithí, Páid and Ben are friends since their childhood years, and share a passion for Liverpool football club. While abroad to see their favourite team they have a few too many drinks before the match, Daithí and Páid are busy chatting up two local girls. Suddenly its time to leave for Anfield but where is Ben?

Is gearr… Marian Keyes


Lísa is dead – but she just hasn‘t realised that yet! Eventually two spirits, Siobhán and Séimí, bring her the bad news. But Lísa isn‘t ready to go yet, she has to say her goodbyes first!

An Seomra Tobac. Julie Parsons


Cigarettes aren‘t the only dangers in the smoking room. Eoin and Aoife seem a happily married couple, until Eoin meets Aisling in the smoking room at the Department of Health. It‘s not long before they fall in love, and Aoife realises her marriage is in danger. Everything becomes a lot more dangerous, Aoife likes to get her own way, this time she‘s playing to win.

Cailleacha Underbury. John Connolly


1915 and the first World War in underway in Europe. In the small village of Underbury a man lies dead, and a murderer cannot be found. Soon, two detectives discover that this is no ordinary murder, and in a placethat has lost most of its men to the war, an old evil has returned. In Underbury the witches have arisen….

Na Tógálaithe. Maeve Binchy


Nan, a middle aged woman lives on her own. When its heard that builders are coming to work on the deserted house next door, everyone has an own opinion, Nan‘s grown up children think she won‘t get a minute‘s peace. But when the developer Derek Doyle‘s shiny van pulls up outside her house, Nan is secretly excited. When he asks Nan to help unravel the mystery of the previous residents vanishing, a special friendship develops. As they soon find out, nothing is quite what it first seems, things are about to get very messy…

Rúin. Patricia Scanlon


Cáit can‘t accept her husband‘s unemployment. She and Liam are struggling to even buy their children‘s Christmas presents. Then her old friend Carmel calls, telling her she‘ll be coming to visit soon. Carmel is beautiful and wealthy, and appears to have everything. What will Cáit do? And what is Carmel‘s own secret?

Timpiste Réidh le Tarlú. Vincent Banville


Jesus from the poshest part of Barcelona is staying for three weeks with sixteen year old Billy and his family in an ordinary estate on Dublins‘s northside. Billy will go back with Jesus on a return visit. However no one should make plans….

Tá Jesus agus Billy ag Imeacht go Barcelona. Deirdre Purcell


Things are going great for private detective John Blaine until he gets a call from the owner of a night club in Dublins Temple Bar area. He hires Blaine to warn off some Romanian immigrants who are threatening to burn the place down. The Romanians have a very different tale to tell. Before he knows it, Blaine finds himself right in the centre of the blaze.

Cúpla Focal. Anna Heussaff


Love, myestry and secrets. In the evening Irish language everything is not as it seems. Caoimhe is getting friendly with the teacher Neasán, but Neasán is paying particular attention to Aisling.

Na Comharsana Nua. Éamonn Ó Loingsigh


Liam and Siobhán Ó Maoilmhín are a young married couple recently returned to Ireland after spending a few years working in


the United States. Eager to return home, they both get good jobs and buy a nice house in a decent estate. However, when new neighbours Learaí and Deborah Ó Dúill move in next door, Liam and Siobhán have no idea that their lives are about to change – and for the worse.

Cúirt an Mheán Oíche/Midnight Court. €7.99
Brian Merriman. Translated by Patrick C. Power. A racy, word rich bawdy poem that has earned it enduring popularity since it was written around 1780 and is regarded as one of the finest pieces of comic literature in Irish.

Short Stories of Pádraic Pearse.


Translated by Desmond Maguire. In these five stories Pearse analyses the sorrows and joys of the Irish people of his time, and writes of the tragedies of life and death from which they could never escape. A great learning resource.

Favourite Irish Legends. Bairbre Mc Carthy


This book is a unique introduction to the Irish legends bringing them to life both in Irish and English and includes ‗The Children of Lir‘, ‗Balor of the Evil Eye‘ and ‗Wooing of Etáin‘.

Irish Proverbs. Gabriel Rosenstock


Proverbs in Irish with the English translation as an aid to comprehension. Their pithiness, rightness and economy are hard to beat. The compiler has also provided notes that as well as being informative are quirky and irreverent, just like the Irish proverbs.


Cathal Ó Searcaigh
Na Buachaillí Bána Out in the Open. Bilingual. An Bealach ‗na Bhaile - Homecoming. Bilingual. Ag Tnúth leis an tSolas - Leabhar & CD.
A choice from Cathal Ó Searcaigh‘s work from 1975 to 2000.

€11.45 €11.45 €11.45 €15.25 €10.00 €12.00 €15.00

Na hAingle ó Xanadú Gúrú i gClúidíní Sruth Teangacha / Stream of Tongues. Gearóid Mac Lochlainn

This collection develops O Searcaigh‘s signature style and displays the influence of his ties with Nepal.

Gearóid Mac Lochlainn‘s poetry has the troubles and life in West Belfast as a theme. Bi-lingual poetry book with a CD containing a selection of the poems read by the poet himself.

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill
Rogha Dánta. Translated by Michael Hartnett. €12.99 The Water Horse. A selection of poetry with translations by Meadbh Mc Guickian and Eiléan €11.40 Ní Chuilleanáin, rich in folklore and myth and courageous in its treatment of psychological states. Selected Essays (Oona Frawley Ed.) Gathering together, for the first time, the prose work of this exceptional poet. Pharaoh‘s Daughter A generous selection of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill‘s poems with translations into English by thirteen of Ireland‘s most eminent writers. The Fifty Minute Mermaid (Translated by Paul Muldoon) This extravaganza of marvellous tales conjures a biography of mermaids and traces the fate of their race. Translated by prominent writer Paul Muldoon.

Aniar / Voices & Verses from The Edge of the World. Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin


Poetry, incantation, prophesy and proverbs from the Irish Oral tradition are the subject of this beautifully produced publication. With translations, background notes, beautiful photograpy and music. Leabhar & CD.

Filíocht Ghrá na Gaeilge / Love Poems in Irish. Eag. Ciarán Mac Murchaidh


Spanning over a thousand years of poetry and song in the Irish language, this bilingual anthology of poems celebrates the power of love. Here in all its aspects, the heady rush of first love, its capacity for fun and levity; sorrow, heatbreak and unrequited love; and the thin line between love and hate.

Michael Davitt
Fardoras Dánta: 1966-1998 Seimeing Soir Scuais €10.00 €15.00 € 7.50 € 6.35

Greagoir Ó Duill
Rogha Dánta 1965-2001 €15.00 While marking the way Ireland and life generally have changed, these selected poems record, moreover a unique and cosistent intellectual and emotional engagment with modern Ireland. GarbhAchadh €6.35 The Antrim poet‘s seventh collection, ranging geographically from Oileán Thoraigh off the Donegal coast to Nigeria on the African continent.

An Duanaire 1600 - 1900. Poems of the Dispossessed.
100 poems in Irish, arranged by Seán Ó Tuama with translations by Thomas Kinsella. .

€15.00 €14.00

Ag Greadadh Bas sa Reilig – Clapping in the Cemetery. Louis de Paor

This selection of energetic, reflective poems from Louis de Paor, with English translations, draws from his four previous collections in Irish. Those who are new to de Paor‘s poetry have much to look forward to in this collection, while those who are already familiar with his work can enjoy redicovering it.

Rogha Dánta. Gabriel Rosenstock


Rogha Dánta – Selected Poems, is a collection of the best of Gabriel Rosenstock‘s poetry, with English translations by Paddy Bushe. The 54 poems in the book deal with universal themes of humanity and provide an overview of Rosenstock‘s work over


the last 25 years.

Síolta an Iomais. Bríd Ní Mhóráin

€ 8.00

This exciting new collection explores a variety of themes, including nature, God, home and heritage, the Middle Eastern conflict, Native American wisdom and the beauty of everyday things.

An Trodaí agus dánta eile / The Warrior and other poems. Dairena Ní Chinnéide


An Trodaí… is a bilingual poetry collection from Dairena Ní Chinnéide. In it, she introduces the persona of An Trodaí, a strong modern woman full of contrasts.

Máthair an Fhiaigh / The Raven‘s Mother.

Dairena Ní Chinnéide

€12.00 €15.00

We may be living in the 21st century, or some of us are, but these bilingual poems tell us that only ancient things are lasting.

Ag Eitilt fara Condair / Swimming with Pelicans. Deirdre Brennan

In this dual language collection there are evocations of memory, poems of war, dispossession and the removal of freedom. Life‘s transience – birth, ageing and death, including the death of children and the demolition of the old to make way for the new – is addressed in stunning sequence.

Caitlín Maude – Dánta, Dramaíocht agus Prós (Caitlín Maude. Eag.: Ciarán Ó Coigligh) Walking Time agus Dánta Eile. Liam Ó Muirthile

€10.00 €11.43

The selected poetry, prose and drama of Caitlín Maude, one of the most challenging prolific Irish writers of the 20 th century.

Book and CD. Winner Gradam Litríochta Cló Iar-Chonnachta 1999. Lyrics celebrating the tradesman, and at the same time the work of the poet, as they interweave in these ‗dánta seanchais‘ as the author calls them.

Duanta Aneas. Pádraig Ó Miléadha


Famous Déise singer, Pádraig Ó Miléadha, was born in Sliabh gCua, Co. Waterford in 1877. This book, first published in 1934, gives an important insight into life at this time in the history of the state and the language. Songs and poems in the book include: ‗Sliabh Geal gCua na Féile‘, ‗Mo Thigh Beag Aerach‘, and ‗Na Tincéirí‘.

VERSschmuggel – VÉARSaistear


This innovative book pairs six German poets with six Irish language writers as they translate each others poems. It contains original versions of the poems with facing translations and comes with two CDs. Poets include; Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill and Mirko Bonné, Michael Davitt and Barbara Kóhler, and Cathal Ó Searcaigh and Maja Haderlap.

Breac-a‘-Mhuiltein, Speir Dhroim an Ronnaigh (Maoilis Caimbeul)
Bilingual collection of poetry, in Scots Gaelic with Irish translations by Rody Gorman.


Coiscéimeanna Fríd an Scarthanaí/Footsteps Through the Halflight. Seosamh Mac Súibhne Bilingual collection of poems. €8.99 Duanaire an Chéid. (Gearóid Denvir a roghnaigh) €15.00
Gearóid Denvir‘s choice of poetry from 20th century Irish literature. Poems which are remarkable creative statements in themselves, from Colm Breathnach to Michael Davitt to Biddy Jenkinson and many more.

Fearann Pinn Filíocht 1900 – 1999. Eagarthóir: Gréagóir Ó Dúill


Ceithre chéad leathnach den chnuasacht filíochta is cuimsithí in Éirinn. Tá liosta iomlán de na bhfilí ar fáil ach lean an nasc ón chlúdach ar chlé. Ath-chló ar an tsaothar iontach seo ó thús na mílaoise.

Allagar na gCloch/Stone Chat. Domhnall Mac Síthigh & Dominique Lieb.


Is éard atá sa leabhar seo ná dianmhachnamh ar bhalla cloch i gCorca Dhuibhne a thug samhlaíocht na n-ealaíontóirí chun cinn. A stone wall in the Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry was the inspiration for the artists in Allagar na gCloch.

Aniar Aduaidh. Séamus Ó hUltacháin
Airítear macalla cianstaire agus nuastaire sa chnuasach filíochta seo ó Shéamus Ó hUltacháin.

€6.00 €7.50

Damhsa Rúnda. Mícheál Ó hUanacháin.
Cnuasach úr láidir é Damhsa Rúnda ó eagarthóir Comhar.


Gearrscéalta ár Linne. (Brian Ó Conchubhair a roghnaigh) €15.00
Choice texts from the last 30 years, providing a more focused analysis of the modern Irish short story than Gearrscéalta an Chéid. Twenty five examples are included from the likes of Pádraic Breathnach, Biddy Jenkinson, Joe Steve Ó Neachtain, Gabriel Rosenstock, and Alan Titley.

Seal i Neipeal. Cathal Ó Searcaigh


Cathal Ó Searcaigh‘s first major prose work describes the charismatic Donegal poet‘s journies through Nepal, from the capital Kathmandu to mountains under the shadow of Everest. In full colour, it includes stunning photographs and poems by the author.

Cré na Cille. Máirtín Ó Cadhain


Athfhoilsithe don chéad uair le blianta fada anuas, glactar leis go bhfuil sé seo ar cheann de na leabhair is fearr, muna bhfuil sé an leabhar is fearr, i litríocht na Gaeilge. Suite i measc na ndaoine marbh i reilig in iarthar na Gaillimhe, is é nuálaíocht na hinsinte agus géire na cainte na tréithe is suntasaí a bhaineann leis.

Séamus Ó Grianna
Séamus Ó Grianna (also known by his pen-name 'Máire') is synonymous with the Donegal Gaelic literary tradition. Born in Rann na Feirste in 1891, the half-century prior to the first World War and the major social changes which took place during that time form the backdrop to his writings. Cora Cinniúna Two books of short stories by Máire, chosen by Niall Ó Dónaill. Fascinating and creative insights into the lives of the Rann na Feirste people, emigration, maritime disasters, friendship and conflict, nationalism, written in Ó Grianna's clean, easy style. Imleabhar 1 €9.20 Imleabhar 2 €9.20 Cith is Dealán Short stories by the Donegal writer, published subsequent to his death. €7.65

Caisleáin Óir €12.99 Arguably his most famous work, Séamus Ó Grianna's Caisleáin Óir still has the power to touch the heart with its story of the blighting of young love. The book is a memorable account of the life of poor peole who in spite of relentless toil, hiring fairs, appalling conditions as migratory workers in Scotlands and enforced emigration, had a culture richer than that of many cities. Castar Daoine ar a Chéile. (Eag.: Nollaig Mac Congáil) Short stories, essays and other prose in Irish and English. The Lights of Heaven. (Eag.: Nollaig Mac Congáil) Translated short stories and essays by Séamus Ó Grianna. €6.00 €15.00

Na Blianta Corracha. (Eag.: Nollaig Mac Congáil) €6.00 Short stories, essays and other prose in Irish and English from the blianta corracha of the first World War. The Sea's Revenge and Other Stories. (Eag.: Nollaig Mac Congáil) €14.95 Máire's aim was never to be a modern, analytic, 'literary' writer but rather, like the seanchai of old, to relate humourous, engaging stories and anecdotes in the rich, idiomatic Irish language. Translated into English by the author himself.

Ruball an Éin. (Antain Mac Lochlainn)


Antain Mac Lochlainn provides an amazing ending to one of the great unfinished masterpieces of Irish literature, Seosamh Mac Grianna's ‗Dá mBíodh Ruball ar an Éan‘.

Muintir an Oileáin. Peadar O‘Donnell, aistrithe ag Seosamh Mac Grianna
Irish language edition of Peadar O‘Donnell‘s famous novel Islanders, translated by one of Donegal‘s foremost authors. O‘Donnell captures the daily existence of a small island community in Donegal. Muintir an Oileáin. (leagan Gaeilge) €6.29 Islanders. (English) €9.99

Rotha Mór an tSaoil. Micí Mac Gabhann.


An important social document, an account of 19th century poverty in the Donegal Gaeltacht, a tale of life on Yukon during the gold rush and the invincible spirit of the Irish who emigrated. Above all else, the story of one man's adventure that is incomparable with any other work in English or Irish ever written, recounting the author's journey along Rotha Mór an tSaoil (The Big Wheel of Fortune).


An Béal Bocht. Myles na gCopaleen


A classic satire by one of the 20th century's most able writers, in English and Irish, Myles na gCopaleen/Flann O'Brien/Brian O'Nolan. This extremely funny book, with its rain-sodden peasants of Corca Dorcha who combine pretensions to proficiency in English with true caint na ndaoine in the hope of impressing the insatiable Irish-language enthusiasts, was proof that the Irish of the Revival had finally come of age.

Muintir an Oileáin. Peadar O'Donnell


An account of life on Árann Mór at the beginning of the last century, an age when humanity outshone the hardship of life. Translated to Irish by Seosamh Mac Grianna.

An Chéad Chloch. Pádraic Ó Conaire


These eight stories written for An Claideamh Soluis and published in book form in 1914 are among the most remarkable of the Gaelic Revival. They deal with Ó Conaire's recurring themes of tragic love, jealousy, betrayal and displacement but their settings are far from the author's native Connacht.

An Lámh Láidir. Joe Steve Ó Neachtain


Oireachtas Award Winner and Winner of the Cló Iar-Chonnachta Prize for literature. An immediate, energetic story which gives a fascinating insight into life‘s truths over the course of sixty years. The story of two families in the Conemara Gaeltacht.


Eoghan Ó Tuairisc


This novel recounts the part played by a small group of United Irishmen from County Leitrim in the military revolt which was sparked by the landing of French General Humbert in Killala, County Mayo, in 1798. Strongly influenced by Tolstoy's War and Peace, L'Attaque is an unflinching portrayal of the inhumanity of war.

Máire Nic Artáin. Séamus Ó Néill
A mature insightful portrayal of the divisions in the six counties during the first World War.

€6.35 €10.00

Allagar na hInse. Tomás Ó Croimhthain

It was in this book that Tomás Ó Croimhthain crafted the style which would blossom in An tOileánach, a style which was equally bare, simple, and ornate.

Srathóg Feamnaí agus Scéalta Eile. Pádraig Ó Baoighill


Book of short stories from Ranafast historian and author Pádraig Ó Baoighill. In this collection he returns to his native Gaeltacht of Donegal, and visits the Gaeltachts of Scotland and the islands of Northern Ireland.

An Rian.

Anraí Mac an Ultaigh

€6.35 €10.00

A story full of humour, love, and hate centring around a beautiful young woman the mark she leaves on those who knew her.

Aiséirí an Icearais. Anraí Mac an Ultaigh

Conn Ó Rodaigh loses his money, his love and his freedom in this novel. From Belfast to Greece and back again, he tries to win revenge. The third novel from the Belfast writer.

Sister Elizabeth ag Eitilt. Liam Ó Muirthile


In this collection of stories, adventures and portraits Ó Muirthile presents us with flying nuns and takes an interesting look at the everyday relationships of people.

Fonn na Fola. Beairtle Ó Conaire


Oireachtas Winner 2004 (Úrscéal don Phobal). They say you can‘t hide from death, but this is the story of Brian - someone who hid from life. Brian, confined to bed in a nursing home in Scotland, is toremented by shadows, ghosts, dreams, opportunities missed and his own conscience.

Bean i mBiarritz. Brian Ó Dochartaí.


Fágtar Thanielle ina haonar i mbun bialainne nuair a fhaigheann an t-úinéir agus athair a cuid leanaí, Mario, bás i dtimpiste bóthair. Scéal faoi chuardach, an t-anbhás agus an fhuaiscailt, b‘fhéidir. Thanielle finds herself alone running a restaurant when the owner and father of her children, Mario, is killed in a car accident. Thanielle then embarks on a quest of her own.

Fáinne Fí Fífí. Meadhbh Ní Eadhra.


Tá an greann, an t-éad, an grá, an choiriúlacht agus an rúndacht sníomhtha go diamhair ar a chéile sa nóibhille nua-aimseartha seo. Comedy, love and jealousy, crime and secrecy are entagled in this contemporary novella.

An Bóthar go Santiago. Micheál de Barra.



Saothar gur féidir leat a léamh mar dhialann phearsanta taistil nó mar threoirleabhar don turas stairiúil Críostaí go Santiago. Rianaíonn an t-údar a chonair féin agus na daoine a bhuaileannleis. Tá léaspairtí gaoise agus noda praiticiúla, agus na ceangail stairiúla ag Éireannaigh leis an turas seo léirithe go beacht aige. As a personal diary or as a guide to the historical pilgrimage to Santiago, this book provides a clear account of the links between Ireland and this famous journey. The author describes his own experience and the people he meets on his way. There are flashes of wisdom as well as practical hints for the pilgrimage to Santiago.

Ceolta. Daithí Ó Muirí


Collection of unusual, energetic short stories based on and inspired by music, taking the reader on a journey through its history and the imagination it creates. Moves from a local café playing the music of John Coltrane, to a mother and daughter in India playing Irish traditional music on a tin whistle, to a rich man obsessed with a Mogwai song.

Cogaí. Daithí Ó Muirí
Stories about war in the media, violence, terror and darkness.

€10.00 €7.50

Éadfhulaingt. Frainc Ó Murchadha

1939, and Europe is on the verge of the second world war. Other things are distracting Ceirí Ó Laighean, however. He has to chose between two women. Grainne whom he is in love with and is twenty years older than him or Eileen who is carrying his child. A story of conflict, between public morality and personal happiness, duty and desire.


Seán Mac Mathúna


A selection of short stories from the collections Ding (1983) and Banana (1990) plus new material from master storyteller Seán Mac Mathúna.

Hula Hul. Seán Mac Mathúna.


An leabhar is moille leis an mháistir-scríbhneoir Seán Mac Mathúna, úrscéal atá suite I dTuaisceart Chiarraí i laethanta deireanacha an Chogaidh Chathartha. The latest work from the master, Seán Mac Mathúna, is a jewel of a novel, set in northern Kerry during the final days of the Civil War.

Breandán ó hEithir: Ionramh Aonair. Liam Mac Con Iomaire


Údar, iriseoir, craoltóir, scríbhneoir, tráchtaire géarchúiseach ar chúrsaí a linne – ceann de na daoine ba mhó cáil agus ba mhó ionspioráid a scríobh i nGaeilge ab ea Breandán Ó hEithir. Ba mhór ar fad é mar dhúshlán tabhairt faoi shaol agus faoi shaothar an oileánaigh ildánaigh chasta seo a ríomh agus a mheas. Ach sin díreach atá déanta ag Mac Con Iomaire sa bheathaisnéis chomhthéacsúil seo.

Mac Piarais / Pearse.


Leabhar agus dlúthdhiosca de scríbhinní, dánta, drámaí agus óráidí an Phiarsaigh a cuireadh ar cheirnín in 1979 chun breith an Phiarsaigh a chomóradh. The writings, poems, plays and speaches of Pearse were recorded in 1979 to celebrate the centenary of his birth. Book and CD.

Sobalsaol. Pádraig Standún


Mártan is a scriptwriter for the soap Béal an Chuain. He‘s always under pressure, always looking for new angles. Now, Mártan has a plan to come up with a fresh idea. If it works he‘ll be rich, if it doesn‘t…

Mac an Easpaig.

Liam Mac Uistin


Oireachtas Winner 1997 (Comórtas Cuimhneacháin Sheáin Uí Éigeartaigh). In this unusal novel Mac Uistin presents an insight into the political and social atmosphere amongst Dublin‘s poor during the second World War.

Ceart nó Mícheart – Seán Ó Ruadháin i bhFeasta. Eag. Liam Mac Peaircín.


Is iomaí conspóid a mhúscail Seán Ó Ruadháin (1883-1966) ina alt rialta ‗Ceart nó Mícheart‘ a foilsíodh san iris Feasta, idir na blianta 1960-1965. Idir shaibhreas Gaeilge agus litríochta ann, níor mhiste aire a dhíriú ar phlé spleodrach eile i stair na hirise sna 1960í.

Coill na Meala. Brian Ó Baoill


Éamonn and Cristín feel different emotions when the arrive at the old house of their uncle Seoirseach. What kind of person was the dead man lying in the back room? They find part of the answer in an old manuscript. But is it a story, or a diary? Imagination or not, it tells the story of someone who learned the hard way that not every authority need be questioned.

Gort na Mara agus scéalta eile.

Seán Mac Cumhaill


Collection of short stories from Inishowen writer Mac Cumhaill, with influences as far ranging as the Ó Grianna brother, Liam O‘Flaherty and Virgil.

Éan Corr. Frainc Ó Murchadha



Firdia is new to Cúl Glas, Co. Tipperary, as he moves there to opena shop. He is a man who lifes his life according to principles from the Far East, and this novel reveals how this outlook comes into conflict with the beliefs and value system of the Celtic Tiger.

Díoltas Millteach Scoir. Colm Mac Confhaola


Dónall Ó Dubhghaill is in love, and can‘t wait to return from his job in Saudi Arabia to marry his fiancée. Mullá Ibrahaim has something else entriely planned, however. His secret organisation intends to spread a deadly virus through the West. Before long this act affects Dónall‘s own, and he‘ll need all his courage go get through it.

An tSráid agus Scéalta Eile. Gerry Adams
Irish langauge edition of Gerry Adams‘ controvercial book of short stories.

€7.50 €8.00 €5.00 €15.00 €12.00

Scéalta ó Theach na mBocht (Eugene McCabe; aistrithe ag Liam Mac Con Iomaire)
Novel from Irish Life prize winner Eugene McCabe.

Boscaí. Seán Ó Curraoin
Collection of 19 short stories.

Bás Tobann. Anna Heussaff. Buaic. Dermot Somers

Aoife reads an article in an old newspaper about a young teacher who fell off a cliff - or did she? Now Aoife is in danger.

A climbing team and camera crew. A father and son, distrustful of each other from the beginning. Wonder and awe, death and danger. All these events on the heights of Mount Everest. A tense, exciting novel from the pen of well-known broadcaster and climber Dermot Somers.

Grá mo Chroí, mo Vailintín. Mícheál Ó Ruairc
Úrscéal romansúil ghrá idir Deirdre & Rónán lán le paisean & eachtraí saol.

€7.50 €7.50

Carraig an Bháis. Colm Ó Ceallaigh.

Úrscéal bríomhar faoi fear óg a gcaithfidh dul ar imirce ó Chonamara le slí beatha a bhaint amach. Is máthair aonar í a chara sa bhaile, ach seans gur mó ná cáirdeas atá eatarthu. Maidir lena gcáirde Ultacha, níl aon éalú acu ó na trioblóidí atá faoi lánseol. Téann siad ar fad ar saoire tríd an Spáinn. Is iontach gach a fheiceann siad, ach an bhfuil dream á leanúint?

Dún an Airgid. Éilís Ní Dhuibhne.


Modern but tranquil, Dún an Airgid is the perfect town. Until one day libarian Laoise Ní Bhroin vanishes from sight. Inspector Ó Flaithearta is sure Laoise has been murdered, but new evidence comes to light. What was Laoise‘s dark secret.

Déaglitríocht/Novels for Teenagers
Hurlamaboc. Éilís Ní Dhuibhne €10.00

Oireachtas 2006 Award Winner. The story of three teenagers in the suburbs of Dublin. Ruán, Emma, and Colm are preparing for


the Leaving Cert. But though they have much in common, they are separated by class, background and personality. A fateful accident soon changes all that however. Written in a sharp, easy to read and witty style.

Hormóin! agus Scéalta Eile. Le Pól Ó Muirí


Eight short stories composed especially for teenagers. Ó Muirí gives an honest, understanding insight into the mind of the teenager at various ages, describing the idealism of youth, the difficulties of a father-daughter relationship, how football brings three generations together, and much more.

Discó Dé. Séamas Mac Annaidh


A story of love and hate. It‘s 1999, Seán and Kirsty from Australia are working in Turkey. They love the sun, sea, and the disco at night. But what happens there after the lights go out? What does the solar eclipse mean, and who destroyed the old Greek temple? Who are all these people really? Discó Dé is the fifth novel from Séamas Mac Annaidh.

Strainséirí. Colmán Ó Raghallaigh.


Ciníochas ceilte Éireann an lae inniu is ábhar don úrscéal cumhachtach seo fán chairdeas a fhásannidir bheirt chailíní óga ó dhá chúlra éagsúla. A thoughtful and moving examination of the hidden racism that lies under the surface of modern Ireland, as seen through the eys of two young girls in a country town.

Bolgchaint agus Scéalta Eile. Ré Ó Laighléis Ecstacy and Scéalta Eile. Ré Ó Laighléis Goimh agus Scéalta Eile. Ré Ó Laighléis Harry Potter agus an Órchloch. J.K. Rowling Artemis Fowl. Eoin Colfer

€7.00 €6.35 €10.00 €16.99 €11.60

Fresh, challenging and provocative short stories from the author of Punk, Ecstacy, and Gafa. New fiction for modern readers. Ó Laighléis explores the margins of society – drugs, AIDs, unemployment, etc. – in this bold collection of short stories.

Racism in Ireland and internationally is the background to these unique tales. A modern, powerful and important collection.

Irish language version of the fantasy tale which has captured the imaginations of young readers the world over.

If you've never heard mention of Artemis Fowl, you've been lucky. You'll sleep better unaware that his kind are out there. But if you must find out about him, you better begin at the start... Irish translation of this popular, magical and witty tale.

Cill Chais. Seán Ua Cearnaigh


An exciting adventure story in which the reader is brought back to Penal times in Ireland and brings to life some of the famous people of that time who witnessed ‗the destruction of the forests‘.

An Gobán Saor. Seán Ua Cearnaigh.


Seo linn arís ar aistear breá siar – an uair seo go dtí aimsir an Ghobáin. Cérbh é féin? Cuirfidh tú aithe air sa leabhar seo, ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís! The many adventures and achievements of this clever craftsman, An Gobán Saor, both in Ireland and abroad are recounted here in delightful, idiomatic Irish.

Vortex. Anna Heussaff.


Vortex is a game that Evan‘s uncle gave to him as a present. The game is not ready to be sold in shops yet, Evan and his friends are trying it out for the first time with great enjoyment. When Oisin gets lost in the Vortes, Evan and his friends are afraid. A thrilling story for children who are fascinated by video games.

Fuadach. Áine Ní Ghlinn


Kidnappers in the schoolyard… the ambassador‘s daughter in danger… a million euro before she will be released… can the young detectives of the school help the police? €5.95 Builders renovating a shop come across two bodies buried under the floorboards. They have been there a considerable time. A group of teenage friends set about tackling the mystery – more exciting than any school project to date!

Dhá Chorp. Cora Harrison Sarah Eile. Aled Islwyn


A moving story of a young girl called Sarah who does not want to take on the responsibilities of womanhood. She eats very little and is far too thin. She becomes fascinated by the story of another Sarah who passed away after a long period of fasting.

Ríomh-Scéalta chuig Bilí. Liam Mac Uistin


Larry is attending an Irish college in the Gaeltacht. The students call the house he is staying in ‗Teach Hilton‘. He has a fancy for Maureen, a girl in ‗Teach Hollywood‘ but so have a few of the other lads. In his emails to his friend Billy in Dublin, Larry


describes his efforts to attract Maureen and also his relationship with the other students at the college.

Seán Óg Máirtín. Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé.


Scéal farraige é seo fá Sheán Óg nár thuig an cor cinniúnach a tháinig ina shaol nuair a chuir sé chun farraige an rafta seoil a thóg sé féin i ngan fhios dá mhuintir. A story on the waves about Seán óg who changes the course of his life forever when he sets sail in a boat secretly made.

Dialann Sár Rúnda Amy Ní Chonchúir. Siobhan Parkinson


Oireann friotal neamhfhoirmíuil na dialainne go binn do na carachtair agus dá n-eachtraí saoil. Accessible narrative in informal diary style for teenagers. Friendships, love, heartbreak and humour. Characters are very much of contemporary Ireland and ideas about language and identity are important themes.

Faoi Dheireadh Thiar. Joe Steve Ó Neachtain €8.00
When this play was first shown, barely a ticket could be found after less than a week on sale. Ó Neachtain‘s realist style portrays here Christmas Eve in the old peoples‘ home. And everyone there has their own story. Taimín Chualáin, waiting for a letter from his son in Australia, that isn‘t coming; Coilmín an Bhreathnaigh, who never did an ounce of good in his life and drank all he had; Sally, who is living life to the full, even if it‘s only in her own head; and Meaig Loideáin, put there against her own will. And it‘s


no different for those taking care of them: Máirín, the matron, who never married, for one particular reason; and Jackie, a young girl starting out in life. A drama full of humour and woe, power and passion throughout.

Oíche dhrochghealaí. Cathal Ó Searcaigh


A new version of Salome‘s tale from one of the major contemporary Irish poets. Written in a rich, measured style, Ó Searcaigh‘s drama is full of poetic substance.

Mairimid leis na Mistéirí. Cathal Ó Searcaigh
Short, imaginative dramas from the pen of Cathal Ó Searcaigh.

€10.00 €12.70

30 Dráma do Dhaltai Bunscoile. Nóirín Ní Nuadháin

A collection of 30 plays suitable for school children. Plays have been categorised into suitable age groups, with notes on the level of language difficulty, numbers of pupils required and a summary of each storyline.

Gearrdhrámaí an Chéid. (Eag.: Pádraig Ó Siadhail)


Collection of some of the best short dramas in Irish from the last century, chosen by Pádraig Ó Siadail. Includes works by Pádraic Ó Conaire, Máiréad Ní Ghrádaigh, Seán Ó Tuama, Caitlín Maude, and Johnny Choill Mhaidhc. With prologue by the editor.

Drámaí Thús na hAthbheochana. (Eag.: Ní Mhuircheartaigh & Mac Congail)
D‘imir drámaíocht na Gaeilge ról lárnach i gcothú an náisiúnachais chultúrtha i mblianta luatha na haoise seo caite agus bhí sí ar an ghléas bolscaireachta ab éifeachtaí a bhí ag lucht na hAthbheochana riamh. Sa díolaim seo tá réimse fairsing de dhrámaí ilchineálacha na tréimhse sin curtha os comhair an phobail i bhfoirm sholéite le léargas breise a thabhairt ar an am cinniúnach sin.

Seosamh Ó hÉanaí – Nár fhága mé bás choíche. Liam Mac Con Iomaire €35.00
Scéal Joe Éinniú, an t-amhránaí sean-nóis is mó le rá san fhichiú haois. Sa leabhar seo faigheann muid léargas ar an saol a chaith Joe agus mar a chaith an saol sin leis. Saothar téagartha i nGaeilge chraicneach sholéite atá deartha go hálainn agus an t-iliomad grianghrafanna leis. Chomh maith leis sin soláthraítear dlúthdhiosca le 19 amhrán á gceol ag Éinniú féin.

Breandán ó hEithir: Ionramh Aonair. Liam Mac Con Iomaire



Údar, iriseoir, craoltóir, scríbhneoir, tráchtaire géarchúiseach ar chúrsaí a linne – ceann de na daoine ba mhó cáil agus ba mhó ionspioráid a scríobh i nGaeilge ab ea Breandán Ó hEithir. Ba mhór ar fad é mar dhúshlán tabhairt faoi shaol agus faoi shaothar an oileánaigh ildánaigh chasta seo a ríomh agus a mheas. Ach sin díreach atá déanta ag Mac Con Iomaire sa bheathaisnéis chomhthéacsúil seo.

Formation of a Folklorist: The Visit of James Hamilton Delargy to Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia agus Germany. Séamus Ó Cathain


This book traces the process that saw the development of James Hamiltion Delargy (Séamus Ó Duilearga), a promising, young Irish academic with a practical knowledge of aspects of folklore, into a formidable authority on the subject and likewise on the methods and stratagems best suited to its future documentation and study in Ireland.

Céard é English?

Lorcán S. Ó Treasaigh

€12.00 €10.00

Autobiographical fiction in Ó Treasaigh‘s poetic prose, dealing with his youth in a Gaelic household in Dublin City.

Rotha Mór an tSaoil. Micí Mac Gabhann

An important social document, an account of 19th century poverty in the Donegal Gaeltacht, a tale of life on the Yukon during the gold rush, and the invincible spirit of the Irish who emigrated. Above all else, the story of one man's adventure that is incomparable with any other work in English or Irish ever written, recounting the author's journey along Rotha Mór an tSaoil (The Big Wheel of Fortune).

Seosamh Mac Grianna: Míreanna Saoil. Pól Ó Muirí


Sa bheataisnéis seo cíorann Pól Ó Muirí saol agus saothar ‗Rí-éigeas na nGael‘ agus tarraingíonn pictiúr beacht báúil den scríbhneoir éalaitheach, seachantach, tragóideach seo.

Máire Mhic Ghiolla Íosa. Ray Mac Mánais


Oilithreacht phearsanta Mháire Mhic Ghiolla Íosa ó Ard Eoin i mBéal Feirste go tairseach Áras an Uachtaráin atá á ríomh ag Ray Mac Manáis sa bheathaisnéis údaraithe seo. Éiríonn leis an údar léiriú suntasach a thabhairt ar chora a saoil, ó cruálacht agus uafás go maithiúnas agus athmhuintearas, trí agallaimh le Máire, lena muinit, lena comhghleacaithe agus lena lucht aitheantais.

The Road from Ardoyne / The Making of a President. Ray Mac Manáis


English language edition of this authorised biography. In it, Ray Mac Manáis chronicles the life of Mary McAleese from her girlhood in Ardoyne to the threshold of presidency. A story of triumphs and tragedies, self-belief and tenacity.

An áit a n-ólann an t-uan an bainne. John Ghráinne Ó Duibheannaigh


An autobiography of one Rann na Feirste‘s warmest and most interesting persons, rich in the seanchas of the area and experienced in the hardships of life.

Fiche Bliain ag Fás. Muiris Ó Suilleabháin


One of the most charming, lively and engaging stories to emerge from any of the Gaeltacht communities, Fiche Bliain Ag Fás tells the story of the author's life, from growing up in Kerry to much farther afield.

Peig. Peig Sayers.


The famous, often infamous, autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island. Translated into English by Bryan MacMahon.

Éamon Kelly: The Storyteller. Éamon Kelly


The definitve biography of Ireland‘s Master Storyteller. Born in east Kerry in 1914, Kelly was to become one of Ireland‘s leading actors, most notably with the Abbey Theatre. He also wrote and presented, in the role of the traditional seanchaí, a number of story theatre shows.

Éamonn Mac Giolla Iasachta. 1887-1986. Seán Ó Ceallaigh


Ba dhuine ildánach é Éamonn Mac Ghiolla Iasachta. Ba shaineolaí ar ainmneacha agus sloinnte Éireann agus ar chúrsaí Chomharchumannachais é agus bhunaigh sé Nua-Ghaeltacht in oirthear an Chláir. Fuair sé léargas ar an ghineolas nach bhfuil sáraithe ag mórán eile sa ghné sin de stair na tíre.

Bibeanna. Eag.: Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin


Bibeanna is a fascinating bilingual book in which twenty-five women from the Dingle Gaeltacht chart Ireland‘s progress from a poor rural society to the modern, affluent one it is today.

Nally as Maigh Eo. Pádraig Ó Baoighill


Is seo beathaisnéis P.W. Nally a bhfuil Ardán Nally i bPáirc an Chrocaigh ainmnithe ina onóir. Lúthchleasaí mór, é páirteach i gCogadh an Talaimh, an IRB agus tionchar aige ar bhunú Chumann Lúthchleas Gael.


Léirmheas & Taighde/Criticism & Research
Na Buachaillí Dána. Pádraig de Paor €12.00
Leabhar critice ag plé le filíocht Chathail Uí Shearcaigh agus Gabriel Rosenstock. Léamh nua-aimseartha dána atá i gceist ag de Paor, agus é i mbun anailíse ar thionchair agus traidisiúin na bhfilí seo áirithe agus filíocht chomhaimseartha na Gaeilge i gcoitinne.

Go nuige seo.

Eag.: Pádraig Ó Cíobháin


Díolaim den ábhar a tháinig as na léamha agus na ceardlanna a reachtáil Pádraig Ó Cíobháin le linn a chéad bhliain mar Scríbhneoir Cónaitheach Gaeilge in Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh.


Belfast and the Irish Language.

Eag.: Fionntán de Brún


This book explores Belfast‘s relationship with the Irish language over the years – from its earliest roots through to the cultural pioneers of the nineteenth-century revival, the urban Gaeltacht of the 1960s, the Belfast of the Good Friday Agreement and beyond.

Téamaí Taighde Nua-Ghaeilge.

Pádraig A. Breathnach


Staidéir iad seo ar ghnéithe de litríocht na Gaeilge sa tréimhse c.1200-1800, ó na coda is sine d‘fhilíocht na scol go dtí na marbhnaí ar Mhuircheartach Óg Ó Súilleabháin. Tógann an saothar seo ar thaighde bunúsach an údair i réimse fairsing de litríocht stairiúil na Gaeilge.

Cruth na Tíre. Eag.: Wilson McLeod agus Máire Ní Annracháin


Sraith páipéar ó réimse idirdhisiplíneach: an stair, an staidéar liteartha, an eolaíocht shóisialta, an béaloideas, agus an teangeolaíocht. Caitheann an leabhar seo súil ar an bhaint idir na nithe seo agus an tírdhreach in Éirinn agus in Albain.

Ag Samhlú Troda – Máirtín Ó Cadhain. 1905-1970.

Andrias Ó Cathasaigh


Bunaithe ar thaighde na mblianta agus ag tarraingt ar fhoinsí úra, ríomhann an t-údar beatha Uí Chadhain ó bhochtanas a óige go dtí agóidíocht na seascaidí. Don chéad uair tugtar cuntas iomlán ar ghníomhaíocht agus smaointeoireacht Uí Chadhain i ngach gné den saol trodach a chaith sé.

‗Rhetoric of Beauty‘ – An Slabhra gan Bhriseadh. Tom Hodgins


Sa leabhar is déanaí ó Tom Hodgins tá an t-údar ar thóir a shealbha is ar thóir fhréamhacha an dúchais. Léiríonn sé slabhra neamhbhriste an dúchais sin trí léiriú suimiúil a thabhairt dúinn ar fhilíocht, ar sheanchas agus ar chuimhní cinn ó Rann na Feirste.

'Máire': an fear á léiriú féin. Tom Hodgins


Sa leabhar seo tugann an t-údar léargas dúinn ar dhearcadh agus ar stíl Shéamuis Mhic Ghrianna, agus míníonn sé dúinn cad chuige breathnú air mar cheann de na scríbhneoirí is tábhachtaí sa Nua-Ghaeilge.

A Flight from Shadow: The Life and Work of Seosamh Mac Grianna. Pól Ó Muirí €10.50
One of the Irish langauge's most influential prose writers of the twentieth century, Seosamh Mac Grianna's life and work represent a quest to forge a new medium in the Irish language to express the complexity of modern life in Ireland while remaining true to the values of the Gaeltacht. As well as outlining the life of Mac Grianna, this book is also the first in-depth analysis of his work.

Seosamh Mac Grianna: An Mhéin Rúin. Fionntán de Brún


Tugann an leabhar seo léargas úr ar shaothar Mhic Grianna, ar na foinsí a spreag é agus ar an dúshlán a chuir an t-údar roimhe an oidhreacht agus an uaillmhian mheisiach ar a thug sé féin a 'mhéin rúin' air.

Séamas Mac Annaidh agus Macallaí sa Scáthán. Maolmhaodhóg Ó Ruairc


Léirmheas gonta ar shaothar cruthaitheach Shéamais Mhic Annaidh, go háirithe ar Cuaifeach Mon Lon Dubh Buí, an chéad saothar sa triológ cháiliúil. Ní hamháin go léiríonn Ó Ruairc an ghéarintinn is gnách leis, ach tá tuiscint ar leith aige ar an údar eisceachtúil seo.

On the Side of Light: The Poetry of Cathal Ó Searcaigh €12.99 The first collection of critical essays dealing with Ó Searcaigh‘s work. Gathered here are eight essays by Irish, American and Japanese writers; an interview with the poet himself; original poems; and previously unpublished photographs and translations. Ar an taifead: fís, fuaim, focal. Breandán Delap €20.00

An nuacht, na meáin, gairm agus saothar an iriseora faoin spotsholas anseo. Teilifís, raidió agus na meáin chlóite, na príomhimreoirí agus a gcuid spriocanna. An reachtaíocht agus an comhthéacs eiticiúil ina bhfeidhmíonn siad. Beidh tóir ag réimse leathan léitheoirí ar an saothar seo agus go háirithe ag lucht staidéar na meán féin.

An Ród Seo Romham: Saol agus Saothar Phádraic Mhic Piarais. Liam Mac Uistin.


Gníomhaí Gaeilge, iriseoir neamheaglach, ceannródaí oideachais, scríbhneoir ildánach, réabhlóidí tiomanta, múinteoir cneasta, duine duairc aonaránach: sa chuntas seo ar bheatha an Phiarsaigh, an chéad cheann i nGaeilge ó 1938, tugtar léargas ar shaothar an Phiarsaigh i rémsí éagsúla agus pléitear na gnéanna éagsúla dá phearsantacht.

Why Irish? Irish Language and Literature in Academia.


Léiriú rí-shuimiúil ar an Ghaeilge mar ábhar conspóideach agus litríocht na Gaeilge i réimse comhthéacsanna ó scéalta na meánaoiseanna agus filíocht na mbard, go dtí úrscéalta de chuid Alan Titley. An illuminating look at the Irish language and literature. Discussions range from medieval tales and bardic poetry, to the novels


of Alan Titley, and to the promotion and politics both in the past and today.

Reflections: Irish Language Communities in Action.


An English language version of a dozen essays written by language activists in which they describe the work and achievements of committees and groups throughout the country from Derry to Kerry and from Galway to Dublin.

Súil Siar: Cnuasach Aistí le Barra Ó Donnabháin.


Ba scríbhneoir den scoth é Barra Ó Donabháin. Is eol don saol a ghrá don Ghaeilge. Maireann craobh a scéalta grinn, a altanna faisnéiseacha agus a abairtí spreagúla sa leabhar seo. Bilingual collection of stories and essays by the writer Barra Ó Donabháin.

A New View of the Irish Language. Caoilfhionn Nic Pháidín & Seán Ó Cearnaigh Eag.


This book probes beyond the statistics and rhetoric to explore the true situation of Irish in the contemporary world. A New View… covers issues such as language and national identity; the impact of emigration and immigration; music, literature, and the media; the importance of place-names; teaching and learning Irish; attitudes towards Irish; and the state of the Gaeltacht.

Seanchas, Béaloideas agus Scéalaíocht / Folklore & Oral Tradition
Ón tSeanam Anall – Scéalta Mhici Bháin Uí Bheirn. Eag.: Mícheál Mac Giolla Eacbuic €15.00
Ceoltóir, fidléir, file agus seanchaí ab ea Micí Bán Ó Beirn (1899-1980) a rugadh i gCill Charthaigh i gCo. Dhún na nGall. De bharr gurbh ailbíneach é ní fhéadfadh sé ach na cinnteidil a léamh sa pháipéar agus bheadh ar dhuine éigin an chuid eile a léamh dó. Bhí intleacht thar an ghnáth aige agus choinnigh sé a chuid eolais uilig ina chloigeann. Bhí cliú agus cáil air féin agus ar a dheartháir Proinsias mar fhidléirí ar fud na hÉireann. Ba í Bríd Ní Bheirn, máistreás scoile áitiúil, a scríobh na scéalta seo ó bhéal Mhicí Bháin Uí Bheirn i 1930, agus ba í a deirfiúr Mairéad a thug an cnuasach do Mhícheál Mac Giolla Easbuic lena chur i dtoll a chéile.Cúig scéal is fiche atá sa bhailiúchán seo, chomh maith le tréanna, ‗Na Seacht n-Óg' agus píosa filíochta a chum Micí Bán Ó Beirn dar teideal ‗Turas ar Chill Charthaigh'.


Micí Bán Ó Beirn was a fiddler, poet and seanchaí from the Cill Charthaigh area of Donegal. Bríd Ní Bheirn, a local school mistress, realising that the language and the oral culture were in decline, took down these stories from Micí Bán in 1930. The stories lay idle for some time afterwards until her sister, Maireád, in turn passed them to Mícheál Mac Giolla Easbuic that he might edit and compile this publication. There are twenty five stories in total in the book, as well as some triads, the proverbs ‗Na Seacht nÓg' and a piece of poetry by Micí Bán entitled ‗Turas ar Chill Charthaigh'.

Ó Cadhain i dTír Chonaill.

Eag.: Pádraig Ó Baoighill


Leabhar agus dhá CD. Cnuasach dhá scór agus ceithre scéal atá anseo a thaifeadh Máirtín Ó Cadhain agus Pádraig Ó Baoighill i nGaeltacht Thír Chonaill i 1957, a bhfuil athscríobh agus eagar curtha ag Pádraig orthu anois. Tá scéaltaí ó bheagnach achan Ghaeltacht sa chontae, ó Ghleann Cholm Cille go Fánaid. Chomh maith leis sin, tá cuid mhór de na buntaifid a rinne Ó Cadhain de na scéalaithe le fáil ar an dá dhlúthdhiosca leis an leabhar.

Faoi Scáth na Mucaise. Eag.: Pádraig Ó Baoighill


Is cnuasach deich scéal is fiche atá anseo ó Ghaeltachtaí imeallacha Thír Chonaill sa cheantar faoi Scáth an Mucaise ón Tearmann go dtí an Chraoslach agus Corrán Binne. Tá éagsúlacht mhór sna seanscéaltaí béaloidis seo ó scéalta Fiannaíochta, gaisciúla, draíochta, eaglasta, go scéalta grá, taibhsí, síogaí, scéalta áitiúla agus staire.

Cnuasach na Finne. Aindrias Ó Baoill, Eag.: Anraí Mac Giolla Chomhaill


Tá ceithre leabhar sa chnuasach seo. Seanchas agus scéalaíocht den scoth, ag plé le ábhair ar nós ‗Fir mhóra na hÉireann‘, ‗Scéilíní na Finne‘, ‗An Dílí‘, agus ‗An tAiríoch‘.

Beatha Cholm Cille


Sula ndearnadh taoiseach ar Dhálaigh Thír Chonaill de Mhánas Ó Dónaill, chuir sé roimhe féin a raibh d‘eolas agus de sheanchas aige faoina naomhphátrún, Colm Cille, ar fáil san am a bhailiú le chéile. Mar stair nó mar beathaisnéis, níl an saothar intaofa, agus is mar shaothar próis amháin a fhaigheann muid blas anois air. Ceann de na leabhair is spéisiúla, soléite atá a bhfuil againn.

Bróga Páipéir agus Stocaí Bainne Ramhair. Eag. Padraic Breathnach


Is ó Mhicheál Breathnach, nó Michael Phatch, as Conamara, a bailíodh na scéalta seo. Seacht gcinn déag de scéalta atá sa leabhar, scéalta iontais iad seo atá pulctha lán le ríthe, banríonacha, prionsaí, banphrionsaí, dílleachtaí, ainmhithe a bhfuil bua na cainte acu, laochra agus lucht gaisce. Tá dhá dhlúthdhiosca ag dul leis an leabhar a bhfuil na scéalta "Loinnir Mac Leabhair" agus "Gruagach na gCleas" le cloisteáil orthu, á n-aithris ag Michael Phatch. The stories in this book were collected from the storyteller Micheál Breathnach, or Michael Phatch as he was better known, from Connemara. There are seventeen stories in the book, tales of wonder and magic, brimming with kings, queens, princes, princesses, orphans, talking animals, heroes and warriors. The book also includes two audio CDs containing the stories "Loinnir Mac Leabhair" and "Gruagach na gCleas", told by Michael Phatch.

Éamon Kelly: The Storyteller.

Éamon Kelly


The definitve biography of Ireland‘s Master Storyteller. Born in east Kerry in 1914 Kelly was to become one of Ireland‘s leading actors, most notably with the Abbey Theatre. He also wrote and present, in the role of the traditional seanchaí, a number of story theatre shows.

Amhra Choluim Chille – Dallán‘s Elegy for Columba


Edited and translated by P.L. Henry, this remarkable poem was composed soon after St. Colm Cille‘s death in 597 on the island of Iona off the Scottish coast and is the earliest datable work in Gaelic literature. Beautifully illuminated by award-winning artist Brian Ferran.

Leabhair do Pháistí/Children‘s Books Don Naíonra.
Céad Focal / The First 100 words. €6.99
This picture dictionary is a first introduction to the written word in Irish. Contains 14 large detailed pictures, Ag gléasadh, Sa chistin, Sa Pháirc, Ag dul ag snámh, Am codlata 7rl. Above the picture there are illustrations of some of the objects in the picture with the words written underneath, this encourages the direct association of the word with the object, making it easy to learn new words and reinforce words already known.

Céad Focal Sticker Book.


Contains 14 large detailed pictures, e.g. Ag dul ar cuairt, Ag dul ag siopadóireacht, Am folchta 7rl. Above the pictures are the


names of some of the objects shown in the picture, your child will enjoy matching the words on these pages to the word on the picture stickers.

Mo Chéad Leabhair.


Le Focail & Pictiúri. With over 150 familiar objects to spot and name this hard back book provides valuable entertainment for Irish pre-readers.

An Teach S‘againne.
A series of pictures of familiar objects in the house each captioned with the name in Irish.

€3.95 €3.95 €6.35

Mo Chéad Leabhar faoi Ainmithe.
A series of pictures of familiar animals each captioned with the name in Irish.

Cuir Focal Air.

Irish version of My First Oxford Book of Words contains 400 words, illustrated. Contains 15 detailed pictures, e.g. Ag dúl ar Scoil, Nuair a Bheidh mé Mór, Lá Breithe, Fadó, fadó. 7rl. Makes it easy to learn new words and reinforce words already known.

Usbourne Book of Everyday Words in Irish.


A bright and lively Irish Word finder, over 500 simple words. Designed to help children expand their Irish vocabulary in a fun and enjoyable way.

Usbourne Book of Everyday Words in Irish. Sticker Book


Helps children develop their Irish vocabulary and reading skills. Matching the words on the pages to those on the stickers is great fun and encourages active learning as children learn to associate words with objects .

Nollaig / Christmas


The pages of this hard back book are filled with bright and lively images to bring the magic and excitement of Christmas alive. Young children will love spotting all these items and learning the Irish words.

Board books, sraith de 4
with colour pictures of familiar objects in the child‘s world, words are written underneath.

€4.95 an ceann

Céard é Féin? / What‘s This? Sa Teach / In the House An Fheirm / The Farm Sa Pháirc Phoiblí / In the Park Féach agus Abair: An Baile. Féach agus Abair: An Feirm.
Turn the pages of this colourful board book to find out what‘s happening on the farm.

€7.99 €7.99 €4.50 €7.50

A bright and lively board book aimed at teaching young children Irish vocabulary from around the home.

A colourful board book that will help children recognise shapes.

Preab sa Dufair

A Hide and Peek book in which animals can be pulled out from behind bushes, trees, rocks etc by tabs attached to each page. Greann ar dóigh do pháistí.

Cairde na Feirme


Another durable Hide and Peek books in which animals can be pulled out from behind bushes, trees, rocks etc by tabs attached to each page. An-ghreannmhar do pháistí.

An Sicín Beag Buí


A delightful hard back rhyming book for young children in which they familiarise themselves with the animal sounds. Exceptionally unusual and attractive illustrations.

Bran agus a Chairde ag Súgradh. Leabhar greamáin.
Bran and his friends are playing with their toys. With 15 re-usable stickers.

€5.50 €5.50 €4.95

Bran agus a Chairde ag Gléasadh. Leabhar greamáin.
Bran and his friends have great fun dressing up in funny costumes. With 16 re-usable stickers.

Bran agus a Mhamó


Bran loves helping Mamó and reading stories with her.

Bran agus a Dhaideo
Bran loves playing games with Dhaideo.

€4.95 €3.95 an ceann

Bran, Leabhar eile Bosca Bréagán Bhrain / Bran‘s Toy Box Bran ag obair / Bran at work. Codladh sámh a Bhrain / SleepTight Bran. Bran sa Bhaile / Bran at home Bran ar an bhFeirm /Bran on the Farm Sonas is Só. Le Treasa Ní Ailpín. Nursery Rhymes.

Sean chara na bpáistí. Bran books with a great story and strong enough to survive a toddler‘s assault.


4 – 7 mbliana
Céim ar Chéim Sraith leabhar ón Áisaonad Beart de 5 €15.00 Leabhair léitheoireachta ildaite sa tsraith Céim ar Chéim do pháistí bunscoile, aistrithe go Gaeilge ag an Áisaonad Lán-Ghaeilge, Coláiste Ollscoile Naomh Muire, Béal Feirste. Graded reading books in the Step by Step series for primary school children. 20 sets in the series. 5 books in each Step—for example Céim 3 includes ‗Gráinne Gráinneog‘, ‗Ag Fás‘, ‗Múscail‘, ‗An Cat sa Teach‘ agus ‗An Faoileán‘. Buntús Foclóra €9.99
Irish Picture Dictionary with over 1000 words and colour pictures. Perfect for the child who is starting school.

3 illustrated books. Béim ar fhuaimniú agus athrá.
Bhí Ocras ar Oisín. Le Nicola Moffat.
Oisín is very hungry, he eats lots of different food and then falls asleep

€4.00 €4.00 €4.00 €3.00

Niamh amuigh Siúl. Le Nicola Moffat.
Niamh is out walking and sees and hears lots of different things

Bhí Oisín ar Scoil. Le Nicola Moffat.
Oisín‘s day at school.

Síoda. Le P. Ó Briain & P. Howard
Síoda the cat purrs when she is happy, in the house or out in the garden.

Simple versions of classic stories, suitable for children who are learning to read.
Aistrithe go Gailge le Treasa Ní Ailpín.

An Chircín Rua / The Little Red Hen An Sionnach Glic agus an Chircín Rua Cochaillín Dearg / Little Red Riding Hood Cinnín Óir agus na Trí Bhéar / Goldilocks and the Three Bears An Tórnapa Mór Millteach Na Trí Ghabhar Chliste An Lacha Bheag Ghránna / The Ugly Duckling

€4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €4.50 €6.95 an ceann

Mamó. Gearrscéalta le Mary Arrigan.
Series of books about a unique granny who is full of energy and young at heart!

Lá le Mamó. / A day with Granny. Mamó ar an Fheirm. / Granny works on the Farm. Mamó ag an Sorcas. / Granny goes to the Circus. Mamó cois Trá. / Granny at the Seaside Mamó ag an Zú. / Granny goes to the Zoo Bran agus a Chairde ag Spraoi. Le Eric Hill.
10 stories about the fun and games Bran the irrepressible pup has with his friends. One day he is building a tree house, another day he is camping in the garden.


Siúlóid Bhreá. Le Mary Arrigan.



Grandad takes the dog for a walk.

Mo Ghrá Sibh go Léir. Le Sam Mc Bratney.


A delightful bedtime story about three little bears. Are all three equally loved, or is one of them more special. Their parents tell them every night that they are the best bears in the world, but are they really they wonder.

Am Codlata i Lár na Coille. Le Carole Lexa Schaefer
It is time for the baby animals in the wood to go to sleep but they have other ideas .

€7.55 €8.25 €7.50 €8.50

Bronntanas do Mhamaí. Le Vivien French
A wonderfully illustrated tale of one cat‘s efforts to find the perfect present for his Mammy.

Mo Cholainn, Ó Bhaithis go Bonn.
This illustrated glimpse of the body will enrich the child‘s vocabulary and that of his parents.

Asal Usual. Le Heather Henning

The story of the first Christmas as seen through the eyes of Josephs and Mary‘s donkey. The illustrations capture perfectly the mystery and joy of this glorious event.

Cleití Órga. Le Sadb Nic Fhionnbháir.
A delightful story about a young bird that grows up overnight.

€5.00 €7.50 €8.25 €7.50

Mo Bhaile Beag Féin. Le Jonathan Emmett.
The mole finds his home a bit pokey. He and his friends go searching for a new abode.

Eachtra Mhór Lúidín. Le Martin Wadell.
The tale of a little mouse who experiences the first time the wonders of the cornfield.

Micí Meabhrach. Le Simon James
This kid is so brainy it‘s amazing. The cleverest child walking the planet, in fact. The world is his oyster, but is he too young for oysters?

Bríona ag Brionglóideach. Le Dairníne Ní Dhonnchú.


Briona is a bit of a dreamer. She thinks her Mam plays for a football team called Mam Utd, all her family are definetly whacko. Or are they? This book can be used to teach some of the basic action verbs in Irish.

Dathaigh / Colouring Books. Le Fearghas Mac Lochlainn.
Series of colouring books with a simple text with each picture.

€4.50 an ceann

An Fómhar. Autumn. An Baile Beag. The Village. Timpeall na Feirme. Around the Farm. Ainmithe na Cruinne. Animals of the Forest. An Samhradh. Summer. An Nollaig. Christmas Puisín. Sadb Nic Fhionnbhairr.
Pictiúr-leabhar gleoite do pháistí faoin saol rúnda ag an seanchat mór reamhar buí seo… A beatiful picture book for children based on the secret life of an old, yellow, fat cat called Puisín.


Seachain do Bhrístín! Claire Freedman & Ben Cort, Gabriel Rosenstock a d‘aistrigh


Blue ones, red ones, yellow ones — it doesn‘t matter to the goggle-eyed aliens who have come on a mission to seek out and steal lots and lots of underpants. Leave them on the clothes line at your peril! From the simple rhyming text to the quirky bold illustrations, there is much to hold the interest of the young reader in a picturebook with a sense of mischief and fun throughout. Definitely a book to read out loud.

Thugas an Ghealach ag Siúl. Carolyn Curtis agus Alison Jay, Gabriel Rosenstock a d‘aistrigh


Tá draíocht, samhlaíocht agus filíocht fite fuaite ina chéile sa scéal gleoite seo. Tugtar an léitheoir ar turas trastíre agus comhluadar iontach aige feadh na slí. Leabhar aoibhinn le léamh le chéile – gach oíche! This gentle story has a magical and imaginative touch. It tells of a journey by a little boy through a rural landscape with the moon as his companion. Many are the new sights and sounds to be discovered. Contrasting perspectives depicted by the brittle, rustic illustrations. An excellent bedtime choice.


Cén Fáth a bhfuil Cuma Ait Orainn?. Cén Fáth a mBíonn Rudaí Áit ar Bun ag Ainmhithe Deasa?.

€6.50 €6.50

Dhá leabhar eolais do pháistí óga atá lán d‘fhíricí suimiúla agus léaráidí gleoite. Cén fáth a mbíonn srón an-fhada ar eilifint? Cén fáth a mbíonn míolta móra ag spraeáil uisce? Cén fáth a líonn cat é féin? Foghlaim faoi na nósanna neamhghnácha sin a bhíonn ag ainmhithe ó chuile chearn den domhan. Tá gach leathanach maisithe go haoibhinn le léaráidí lán brí agus grinn agus tugtar freagra ar gach ceist sna blúirí eolais faoi ainmhithe ar nós, an Leon, an Eilifint, an Crogall, an Séabra, an Srónbheannach agus tuilleadh nach iad. Why do elephants have long noses? Why do whales spray water in the air? Why do cats lick themselves? The answers to these and other questions about the funny habits and traits of animals from all corners of the earth are presented in a humourous and appealing way. Full colour illustrations and delightful vignettes give these books their sparkle. Who said learning cannot be fun!

6 – 9 mbliana.
Céim ar Chéim Sraith leabhar ón Áisaonad Beart de 5 €15.00
Leabhair léitheoireachta ildaite sa tsraith Céim ar Chéim do pháistí bunscoile, aistrithe go Gaeilge ag an Áisaonad Lán-Ghaeilge, Coláiste Ollscoile Naomh Muire, Béal Feirste. Graded reading books in the Step by Step series for primary school children. 20 sets in the series. 5 books in each Step—for example Céim 16 includes ‗Tá Rúd Éigin Ansin‘, ‗Ar Thóir na nDineasár‘, ‗Ar Thóir na nDragan‘, ‗Luchóg Bheag Chroga‘ agus ‗An Sciobaire Bróg‘.

Liam agus Brid.
Eachtraithe Óga / Young Adventures. Liam and Bríd visit different countries.

€3.50 an ceann

Liam & Brídín i Srí Lanca. Liam and Brid in Sri Lanca. Liam & Bridín sa Bhriotáin. Liam and Brid in Brittany. Lúsaí Lasairéan. Le Heather Henning Scuabtha Chun Siúil. Le Julia Donaldson. €6.95 €7.55
Lucy, a young flamingo tired of life in an African lake sets out to see the world but there are problems with her new lifestyle.

The cat, the dog, the bird and the frog all go for a ride on the witch‘s broom, but the broom breaks and Donnacha the Dragon grabs the witch. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Room on the Broom‘

An Seilide agus an Míol Mór. Le Julia Donaldson.


Subh the snail is unhappy with his life, then he goes on an exciting trip around the world with his friend Mic the whale. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗The Snail and the Whale‘.

Mise agus Tusa, a Bhéirín. Le Martin Waddell.
The adventures of Big Bear and Little Bear. They have great fun playing in the woods.

€7.55 €7.55 €7.55

Maith Thú, a Bhéirín. Le Martin Waddell.
The Little Bear becomes a little too adventurous but Big Bear is there to help him.

Oíche Mhaith, a Bhéirín. Le Martin Waddell.
Little Bear can never get to sleep, he is afraid of the dark but Big Bear comes up with a solution.

An Garbhán. Le Julia Donaldson.


A mouse gets lost in the forest, you are invited to go exploring with him, you never know who might meet. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗The Gruffalo‘

Scéalta ón bhForaois.
CD featuring four stories, ‗Mise agus Tusa, a Bhéirín‘, ‗Maith Thú, a Bhéirín‘, ‗Oíche Mhaith, a Bhéirín‘, agus ‗An Garbhán‘


Naoi agus an Arc. Le Michael Mc Carthy, The story of the deluge retold in verse. Marcas Míol Mór. Le Heather Henning.
Curiosity about his grandfather leads the young whale, Marcas, on a journey of discovery during which he encounters a dolphin, an octopus, a turtle and an albatross.

€7.50 €8.00

Seán Feirmeoir. Le Martina Hegarty.



A delightful collection of little stories, about the joys and trials of modern day farming with Seán the farmer, his wife Máire and their dog Coisí.

Seán agus Coisí. Le Martina Hegarty.
Seán Feirmeoir and Coisí the dog are as busy as ever in the second book in the series.

€8.50 €8.50

Bandraoi Loch an Dúin. Le Seán Beattie.

A new version of a folktale from Southwest Donegal. A druidess lived on an island on Loch Dúin, she had a cow called Donn – the only cow on the island. One day a fisherman accidentally hit Donn with his oar, both were turned into stone statues. The magical nature of the tale is wonderfully expressed in the evocative artwork.

Alberta sa Tóir ar an Ghrá. Le Isabel Abedi:


Alberta, the cutest little field mouse you have ever seen, goes in search of love. But where to start looking? Over the hills and far away? It‘s closer to hand, Alberta.

Lá Breá Baistí. Le Gwyneth Wynn.


A rainy day in Connemara doesn‘t do much for adults but for a lonely young girl, Síle, the afternoon turned out to be one of sheer unadultered enjoyment.

Sraith – Sráid an Iarla. Le Peadar Ó Cualáin.
An Gruagach.

€4.95 an ceann

An chéad eachtra ag Mártan sa tsraith ‗Sráid an Iarla‘. Agus madraí á ngoid ar fud an bhaile tagann fear mór dubh agus bean óg fhionn chun cónaithe in Uimhir 2, Sráid an Gheata Bhig. Nuair a imíonn an madra beal dorais gan tasc gan tuairisc cuireann Mártan speis sna comharsana nua. Cé hé an Gruagach? Cé tá ag fuadach na madraí?

An Gabha agus an Bhean Rua.
Eachtra eile le Mártan sa tsraith ‗Sráid an Iarla‘. Tar éis casadh le cailín beag bricíneach sa tsráid tugtar Mártan ar cuairt ar ghabha mistéireach ina cheárta agus cuirtear in aithn é d‘amhránaí álainn rua. Ach cá bhfuil cónai ar an mbean Rua agus a hiníon? Agus cé hé an gabha a bhfuil ceárta aige taobh thiar den gharáiste?

Gáirdín an Ollaimh
An tríú heachtra ag Mártan sa tsraith ‗Sráid an Iarla‘. Tráthnóna geimhridh ar a bhealach abhaile dó feiceann Mártan reithe mór i lar an bhaile. Ar lorg an reithe dó tagann sé ar ghairdín an Ollaimh, agus ar cheol binn na feadóige. Cé leis an reithe? Céard a thugann go gairdín an Ollaimh é? Agus cé hé an ceoltóir bocht atá ar thóir na feadóige?

Sraith - Scéalta Staire
Toirealach Ó Cearúlláin

€4.95 an ceann

Bhí an cláirseoir dall, Toirealach Ó Cearúlláin, ar dhuine de na ceoltóirí agus cumadóirí ba mhó in Éirinn riamh. Tugann a scéal leargas dúinn ar stair, ar chultúr, agus ar cheol na nGael.

Gráinne Mhaol Ní Mháille
Bean uasal de chuid na Máilleach ar chósta thiar na hÉireann. Bean a phós faoi dhó, agus máthair chlainne. Bhain sí cáil amach ar an bhfarraige. Léargas breá atá sa leabhar seo ar shaol na mban i measc na n-uaisle Gaelacha sa 16ú hAois.

Mánas Ó Dónaill
Taoiseach, saighdiúir, file, agus prionsa Gaelach ar an nós Eorpach ba ea Mánas Ó Dónaill. Tugann a scéal léargas dúinn ar Thír Chonaill agus ar stair na nGael sa 16ú haois.

Seán Ó Néill
Taoiseach dána agus fear troda ba ea Seán Ó Néill. Bhain sé Tír Eoghain amach leis an lámh láidir agus rinne sé pairc chatha de Chúige Uladh. Tugann a scéal leargas dúinnn ar Niallaigh Thír Eoghain agus ar stair na nGael sa 16ú hAois.

Naomh Pádraig
Scéal naomhphátrún ár dtíre, an Breatnach a tugadh go hÉirinn ina sclábhaí, a d‘éalaigh, agus a d‘fhiull arís chun an creideamh Críostaí a thabhairt chuig na Gaeil.

Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn
Bhí Tadhg Dall Ó hUiginn ar dhuine d‘fhilí móra na nGael. Tugann a shaol léargas dúinn ar na filí, ar na huaisle, ar thuaisceart Chonnacht agus ar stair na nGael sa 16ú hAois.

Fiacha mac Aodha Ó Broin
Taoiseach mór mhuintir Bhroin, agus laoch na Laighneach. Taobh amuigh de gheataí Bhaile Átha Cliath thug sé dúshlán na Sasanach, agus ba é a fuair an ceann is fearr ar an Tiarna Grey i gCath Ghleann Maolúra.

Sraith Lúsaí.
Lúsaí is full of fun & devilment, adults think she is too giddy but it is hard to control her.

Amadán Aibreáin. Le Máire Ní Ghallchobhair.
Lúsaí is very happy, today is April 1st, April Fool‘s Day, Lá na nAmadán.



Ciúnas sa Leabharlann. Le Máire Ní Ghallchobhair.
Lúsaí‘s class go to the library, the teacher asks them to be quiet, but will everyone be quiet?

€7.50 €7.50

Níl Cead Snámh sa Loch. Le Máire Ní Ghallchobhair.

Lúsaí‘s class go on a nature walk. They are told not to go into the water. Níl Cead Snámh sa Loch, but will everyone stay out of the water?

5 Leabhar—foilsithe ag an Gúm i gcomhar le Oxfam
These book help teachers and parents describe the different hairstyles, homes etc of children in other countries and give children a better understanding of the world we live in.

An tUisce – Sú na Beatha. Le Beatrice Hollyer Gruaig. Le Kate Perry
Even kid‘s have bad hair days, but not in this book. From Bolivia to Ghana, from Pakistan to Vietnam, fashions weird and wonderful.

€7.50 €6.95 €6.50 €6.50 €6.50

No matter where in the world we are we all need water. Here, six children describe water in their lives in Ethiopia, the USA, Peru, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

Rothair. Le Kate Perry
Bicycles! They bring such joy to young people, all over the world. Prepare for a magical trip to South America, Africa and the Far East.

Sa Bhaile. Le Kate Perry
Pictures and descriptions of the homes children share with their families throughout the world.

Am Spraoi. Le Kate Perry
For children all over the world playing games is a great way of having fun and making friends. Read all about the games children play in Vietnam, Russia and Brazil.

Gaiscíoch na Beilte Uaine. Caitríona Nic Sheáin agus Andrew Whitson.


As tobar an bhéaloidis a thagann an scéal seo a leanann turas laoch an scéil agus é ag taisteal i ndomhan draíochta. A story from the folklore tradition which follows the journey of the hero of the story as he travels through a magical world.

Seanscéalta clasaiceacha do pháistí.
Classic tales for children, aistrithe ag Mairéad Ní Ghráda.

Codladh Céad Bliain. Sleeping Beauty. Rápúnzell. Rapunzell Seán agus an Gas Pónaire. Jack and the Beanstalk. Áille agus Brúid. Beauty and the Beast. Luaithríona. Cinderella. An Píobaire Breac / The Pied Piper.

€5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €4.50

Simple version of a classic story, illustrated for older children. Aistrithe go Gaeilge ag Treasa Ní Ailpín.

Glac Sos, sraith de leabhar simplí.

€5.95 an ceann

Sraith leabhar do létheoirí óga. Bealach fíorspreaguil í an tsraith seo leis an nGaeilge a shaothrú sa seomra rang. Áis iontach í freisin do thuismitheoirí ar mhaith leo léamh na Gaeilge a chuir chun cinn sa bhaile. A series of 14 Books. Ideal for the classroom or at home.

Deirdre agus an Fear Bréige. Le Úna Leavey.
Deirdre wants to be the queen in her school play. She has a fantastic crown. In the morning, it is missing.

Sinéad ag Damhsa. Le Anna Donovan
Sinéad wants to learn dancing, but what type, Irish dancing? Ballet?but she prefers her own unusual dance.

Cáitlín sa Chistin. Le Stephanie Dagg.
Katie finds its not so easy to replace the icing on the cake once you have licked it all off the cake.

Daifní Dineasár. Le Áine Ní Ghlinn.
Niall and Conall love playing tricks especially on Mum. Daffní Dinosaur pays them a visit.

Sailí na Spotaí. Le Anne Marie Herron.
Sally loves spots. Spots on her clothes, spots on her toys, spots on everything. Sally would never be bored with spots, or would she?

Fiacla Mhamó. Le Brianóg Brady Dawson.
Where are Granny‘s teeth? They are in Danny‘s school bag. Danny has great fun when he brings them to school but see what happens when he gets home.

Bróga Thomáis. Le Úna Leavey.
Thomas never wears shoes, prefers to walk barefooted. What will Mum and Dad do?

Moncaí Dána. Le Áine Ní Ghlinn.
Colm comes home from the zoo pretending he is a monkey, bananas are the only food he wants to eat. Mum thinks she has a plan that will make him tired of bananas. Will she succeed?


Drochlá Gruaige. Le Catherine Doolin
Finn is very unhappy with his hair so he goes to the bathroom and mixes all Mums lotions together and puts them on his hair. Then he is really unhappy with his hair.

An tUan Beag Dubh. Le Elizabeth Shaw
The little black lamb is always in trouble with Polo the sheepdog, but when the snowstorm comes the lamb saves the day.

Lámhainní Glasa. Le Áine Ní Ghlinn.
Deirdre is very disappointed when she is given old green gloves but Fionnán loves them. Whats the secret?

Mo Mhadra Beoga. Le Patrick Deeley.
Jenny would love to have her own dog, then she is given a little dog called Beoga as a present for her sixth birthday. Beoga is always in trouble, what will Jenny do?

An Buachaill Bó. Le Gillian Perdue.
Conor loves his cowboy suit, he thinks that it is the best thing in the world, but will he be able to wear it to school.

An Rún Mór. Le Caitriona Ní Mhurchú.
Molly loves cats, but sadly she can‘t have a cat of her own as it would make her family sick, but Molly has a plan……

Éasca Péasca. Áine Ní Ghlinn.


Tá Niamh agus Aonghus ró-mhór le feighlí a bheith acu, nó sin a cheapann siadsan. Ach tá tuairimí eile ag an au pair nua… agus cleasanna nua aici freisin! When Niamh and Aonghus are left in the care of Marie-Claire they are not pleased but they soon find that they‘re no match for Marie-Claire‘s special powers…

8 – 11 mbliana
Atlas Bunscoile €16.00
A new 64 page colour atlas. All the latest political developments are included, facts about each of the continents, colour photos, political and physical features. Deals comprehensively with Ireland from basic elements to detailed maps of the provinces. Suitable for 3rd - 6th class.

Leabhar Mór an Eolais.


Encylopedia with information about the human race, the world around us and the wider world. 190 pages full of interesting facts and illustrated in full colour throughout.

Múinteoir Molly.
Sraith de sé leabhar faoi Mhúinteoir Malaí, carachtar greannmhar a dhéanann rudai nach samhalófa go deo le múinteoir scoile.

Múinteoir Molly agus Coinín na Scoile. Le Heather Henning. Cois Trá le Múinteoir Molly. Le Heather Henning. Ag an Sú le Múinteoir Molly. Le Heather Henning. Múinteoir Molly agus a Rang Ceoil. Le Heather Henning. Múinteoir Molly agus a Rang Ealaíne. Le Heather Henning. Múinteoir Molly agus an Lá Spóirt. Le Heather Henning. `

€7.50 €7.50 €7.50 €7.50 €7.50 €7.50

Laoise‘s little brother is in the cloak room. But why does Teacher Molly think he will eat lettuce and a carrot. Teacher Molly and Micheál go to the beach. They are having such a good time that they do not see the tide coming in around Molly‘s little red car. Teacher Molly and the children are having great fun at the Zoo until a monkey takes a fancy to Molly‘s hat. The school principal is impatient. The school inspector is coming to hear the music class but Teacher Molly is not there to teach it. Its raining and Teacher Molly is unable to bring her art class outside as promised. Síle the school cat leaps through the window, the children draw pictures of her. Strangely no two pictures are the same. Sports Day has finally arrived but with Teacher Molly in charge you can be sure that not all the sport was listed on the events programme.

Rua. Le Meadhbh Ní Eadhra Dhá Chluas Capaill ar Labhraí Loingseach

€6.50 €8.99

Rua, a ginger cat with attitude, thrust into the harsh complexities of the world when her mistress becomes ill.

What is the dreadful secret being kept hidden by Labhraí Loingseach? Only one other person knows, but if he doesn‘t tell someone soon he will go insane. A beautifully written colour edition of this classic Irish tale written by Eithne Ní Ghallchobhair and wittily illustrated by Donal Casey.

Cóisir sa Choill. Le Eithne Ní Ghallchobhair.


An animal party in the wood, invitations by text only! What will they all get up to? Join Laoise Luchóg for a birthday party with a difference!


Crúibín. Le Liam Prút.
A little foal explores his first snowfall and has a funny adventure.

€7.60 €8.50 €8.50 €6.60 €6.60 €8.99

Cara ag Crúibín. Le Liam Prút.
A beautiful second story about Cruibín and how he finds a new friend Seascín.

Crúibín agus an t-Asal. Le Liam Prút.
Third story in this popular series where the little foal Crúibín makes a very unexpected new friend.

Róisín ar Strae. Le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh.
Róisín goes missing on a shopping trip to Dublin.

Róisín agus an Sionnach. Le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh.
Róisín meets a fox.

Dinnéar do Toby. Le Tríona Ní Chinnéide.

After a wonderful dream about a yummy dinner, Toby heads into the kitchen but there‘s no sign of anything tasty. What will he do now? His friend Gus comes up with some ideas….

An Cnámh a Chaill Toby. Le Tríona Ní Chinnéide.


Poor Toby is always feeling hungry. Now if only he could remember where he put that juicy bone a few days ago. He and Gus will have to search for it. But there's lots of other stuff in the garden that's not so nice to eat!

Feargal agus an Fathach. Le Liam Mac Uistín.


Feargal is afraid of the dark but as he is 11 years old, he cannot say that. One night he meets a friendly giant and thus began a series of adventures which changed his life.

Cearc an Phrompa. Le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh
A delightful version of the well known folktale Cearc an Phrompa (Chickin Lickin).

€8.99 €10.00

Céal agus an Buachaill Gorm. Sandy Fitzgerald/Colm Ó Snodaigh a d‘aistrigh
Scéilín draíochtúil do pháistí óga é seo, fá thuras chuig an Tír Gorm. This magical little story for young children involves a trip to the Blue Country.

An Bhanríon Bess agus Gusaí Gaimbín. Biddy Jenkinson & Ribo


Scéal aoibhinn do pháistí fá ghaiscíocht le linn chosaint Lios na gCat ó fhear ghnó ar ab ainm Gusaí Gaimbín. A wonderful tale for children of heroics during the defence of Lios na gCat against an unscrupulous business man.

Adolf sna hArda. Marvin Halleraker.


Gach oíche, bíonn macalla á bhaint as an tsráid ag an cheol uaigneach a sheinneann Adolf agus é i bhfolach go hard sna crainn. Ach ansin buailtear Ramona leis. This is the story of how Adolf‘s world is turned upside-down by a cat in peril and by a cleaning lady called Ramona and of how they turn him into a hero who wins true love.

Sraith Ruarí. Bunoscionn le Ruarí! Le C. Ó Raghallaigh & Anne Marie Carroll. Hé, a Ruairi! Le C. Ó Raghallaigh & Anne Marie Carroll. Rírá le Ruairí! Le C. Ó Raghallaigh & Anne Marie Carroll.

€7.00 €7.00 €7.00

Ruairí bocht. Everything seems to be upside down in his life! And he is always in trouble, three Ruairí stories in one great volume. ‗Drochlá Ruairí‘, ‗Ruairí sa Zú‘ agus ‗Ruairí san Ospidéal‘. Rí-rá agus ruille buaille, sin saol Ruairí in aon abairt amháin. Three more great stories about Ruairí. ‗Cuairt ar an Leabharlann‘, ‗Tríona‘ agus ‗Cáca Milis‘. Bíonn rírá gach áit a dtéann Ruairí. Three more great stories about Ruairí. ‗Ar an bhFeirm‘, ‗Sneachta‘ agus ‗Lá ag Iascaireacht‘

Sraith Chaitlín.
Rósmarie has the usual difficulties to contend with, a silly older brother, a cross school teacher and a mean babysitter and the difficulties of getting onto the school football team.

Ó Lúibíní Lú. Le Caitriona Ní Mhrchú.


Rósmaire is an ordinary young girl, or so she thinks. One night she is visited by a host of magical beings. They tell her she is not, in fact, a mortal but is a member of the Tuatha De Danann and endowed with magical powers. Rósmaire can think of nothing


worse, why has been picked to be a fairy? And what can she do about it?

Cailitín. Le Caitriona Ní Mhrchú.


In this the second book in the series, Rósmáire is waiting patiently for the Tuatha Dé Danann to return, as they promised, to teach her how to use her new magical powers. It seems they have forgotten. The poor fairies are under attack from their enemies, the Fomhóraigh, and are in great danger of extinction

Cití Cailleach. Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas.
A witch who has many problems especially with her cat! Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Winnie the Witch‘

€6.50 €6.50 €6.50 €6.95 €6.95

Cití sa Gheimhreadh. Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas.
Cití and her cat are not very happy with Winter. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Winnie in Winter‘

Cití san Aer Arís.

Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas.

Cití is flying on her magic broom but has a big problem! Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Winnie Flies Again‘

Cití agus a Slaitín Draoichta. Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas Lá Breithe Chití. Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas

Cití is in trouble again. She puts her magic wand into the washing machine by mistake and it is destroyed. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Winnie‘s Magic Wand‘ Cití organises a big birthday party, she blows a trumpet and everyone disappears, What magic trick will she use to get her friends back to the party. Leagan Gaeilge de ‗Happy Birthday Winnie‘

Na Cailleacha Gránna. Colmán Ó Raghallaigh. Fionn Mac Cumhaill – Taoiseach na Féinne. Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin

€8.99 €7.00

A beautiful new edition of this picture book about three nasty witches who snatch the local children from their beds.

Insint nua bhríomhar ar cheann d‘eachtraí móra Fiannaíochta, mar a chuaigh Fionn Mac Cumhaill i gceannas ar na Fianna. Re telling of one of the heroic episodes of the Fenian cycle, Fionn Mac Cumhaill‘s rise to be leader of the Fianna.

Bran agus Sceolán. Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin


Insint nua ar scéal dhá chú cháiliúla Fhinn Mhic Chumhaill. Tá idir eachtraíocht, thruamhéala agus spleodar ag baint leis an scéal seo agus éiríonn go seoigh leis an údar aitheanta, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin, na tréithe sin a chur ag lonrú chugainn tríd an téacs. A new telling of the story of the two legendary hounds of Fionn Mac Cumhaill. A story of adventure, compassion and exuberance confidently told by the well known author, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin. Suitable for independent readers.

Irish Legends for Children. Yvonne Carroll. Small format. Irish Legends for Children. Large format. Irish Legends for Children on CD (Book & CD) Great Irish Legends for Children. Yvonne Carroll. Small Format Great Irish Legends for Children. Large format Great Irish Legends for Children on CD (Book & CD) Great Irish Heroes. Fiona Waters. Great Irish Heroes. Fiona Waters. Small format. Large format.

€4.99 €12.99 €11.99 €4.99 €12.99 €11.99 €4.99 €12.99 €17.00

A delightful collection of traditional legends, beautifully illustrated and simply retold for children of all ages.

A further collection of traditional legends, beautifully illustrated and simply retold for children of all ages.

Great Irish heroes retells the story of six of Irelands best known heroes – Granuaile, St Patrick, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Cu Chulainn, Brendan the Navigator and Brian Boru. Beautifully illustrated.

A Child‘s Treasury of Irish Stories and Poems. Large Format/Hardback

Ireland‘s rich heritahge of traditional story-telling is well represented in this lavishly illustrated collection. The legends and tales are simply retold, to be enjoyed by children of all ages, and there is an enchanting selection of Irish poems to share.

The Story of Ireland. Brendan O‘Brien. Large Format/Hardback


Who said Irish History had to be Boring? From axe man to phone man here is the fascinating history of Ireland.

Do Thuismitheoirí / For Parents
Gaschaint. Úna Lawlor €28.00
A book with 2000 useful phrases for those who wish to speak Irish to their children. The three main dialects are included and these are colour coded for ease of use. All the main areas of conversation and everyday tpoics are covered including – In the


Morning, School, Bathtime, Parties and the Weather. Accompanied by three colour coded CD‘s with all the phrases on them.

CD‘s, CD ROM's & DVD‘s do Pháistí CD’s, CD ROM's & DVD‘s for Children.
Amhrán is Fiche CD Ceoil agus CD Rom. €30.00
Oiriúnach do gach éinne, Scoileanna Gaeltachta, Gaelscoileanna, Coláistí Samhradh agus Foghlaimeoirí Fásta. 21 favourite songs sung by three well known singers from the different Gaeltachtaí. Follow the ‗bouncing ball‘ in this karaoke-style program. Listen to the singers, then play the songs without the voice so that you can sing them yourself. Other features include on screen English translations of the lyrics, printable versions of the lyrics and sample lessons based on the songs for teachers.

Amhrán is Fiche Eile CD Ceoil agus CD Rom.


Another music CD-ROM following on the success of Amhrán is Fiche. 21 new songs sung by three well known singers from the different Gaeltachts. All the lyrics can be read on the screen, and you can "follow the bouncing ball" while the songs are being sung. You can play backing tracks without the singers so you can sing along Karaoke style. Other features on the CD include printable versions of the lyrics, English language translations, and sample lessons based on the songs for teachers .

Amhráin Do Pháistí


CD with songs suitable for primary school children, sung by children‘s choirs. Different sections – Gníomhamhráin, Amhráin Saothair, Amhráin do Chluichí agus Amhráin le haghaidh Imirt Aithrise.

Damhsa na gCoiníní


Sean amhráin agus rannta traidsiúnta le ceol nuachumtha. 32 old songs and traditional verses including ‗Trupall Trapall‘, ‗Lairiín Ó Luartha‘, agus ‗A Phuisín, a Phuisín‘. Words included with the CD.

An tAmhránaí Óg
CD with Irish songs for under sevens. Focail leis an CD.

€15.50 €15.50 €10.50

Canaimis le Chéile
CD with Irish songs for under nine‘s. Words included with the CD.

Maidín sa Naíonra

Amhráin agus rannta do pháistí óga. Songs and rhymes for younger children. Different sections including – Fáiltiú, Glanadh an tSeomra, Glac Sos, Nígh na Lámha, Am Lóin, Ag dúl Abhaille, Ná Seisiúr 7rl.

Láirín Ó Lúrtha


An old favourite now available on CD with accompanying notes. A collection of 16 songs for young children with staff notation and tonic solfa used throughout. In the hands of a teacher or parent this package will provide both the inspiration and support to engage children with music and song.

A Stór is a Stóirín


A unique collection of 36 songs from the Irish tradition, in two parts, for young and old sung by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin. Love songs, lullabies, songs of spring and summer, festivals and fairies, darkness and dreams are presented here with a fresh and innovative approach.

Futa Fata Féasóg, Bliain na nAmhráin.


Fun songs in Irish for children (and former children!) by Tadhg Mhac Dhonnagáin. Songs about a years turning, a lamb learning to dance in a Springtime field, swallows bringing Summer from Southern Africa, a teacher who doesn‘t want to go back to school, a little girl who wonders why the trees are bare.

Futa Fata Féasóg, Ceol na Mara


More fun songs in Irish for children (and former children!) by Tadhg Mhac Dhonnagáin. Songs of the Ocean about dolphins, seals, whales, sharks, penguins, boats, waves, sand, sandcastles, storms and the seashore. Each song is written in simple Irish. Fun phrases are repeated, for ease of listening and learning.

Réimse leathan de cheol agus amhráin ó Altan, Aoife, Niamh de Búrca, Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola, Mise Éire, Éist & Éist Arís agus go leor eile. ABC Anois €19.99
ABC Anois CD-ROM covers the alphabet, numbers 1 – 10 and over 100 curriculum-based words. Children can use the software independently or in groups led by parents or teacher. The printable worksheets and other teacher resources included reinforce learning in the classroom environment. CD-ROM allows you to choose your preferred dialect. Suitable for 4 – 7 year olds.


Is Maith Liom Gaeilge Anois.


Two CD-ROM‘s featuring the season‘s, number‘s, colour‘s, opposites and much more. All aspects of the revised Irish Curriculum are covered in a fun and colourful way, bringing Gaeilge back to life. Suitable for 5 – 8 year olds.

An Chéad Choiscéim. First Steps in Irish.


Interactive multimedia CD-ROM for Children, a fun-filled way to start learning Irish with Oscar and Orla Octopus, 100 common nouns with cartoon illustrations, read in the three dialects. See them and hear them. Colours, numbers and sentences. Games and animations. Aimed primarily at children in early year‘s education.

Boghaisín na bhFocal.


Children love to play games on the computer, with Boghaisín na bhFocal they can play away to their heart‘s content while learning to read Irish the whole time. There are 2 CD‘s in the package. On the Children‘s CD, there are 9 games to play at up to 6 levels, cards, noughts and crosses, shopping and matching. On the teacher‘s CD, there are 7 games to print out including bingo, draughts and word search with games for solitaire play, games for small groups and games for the whole class. Boghaisín na bhFocal is designed for children beginning to learn to read.

Cormac & Órla agus Fionn Mac Cumhaill


Interactive multimedia CD-ROM for Children, in English and in three dialects of Irish. The basic story is a traditional one about Fionn Mac Cumhaill, chosen and arranged with the help of the Irish Folklore Dept at UCD. Learn about Irish History, Archaeology and Nature. Aimed primarily at children in senior classes.

Tíreolaíocht le Cormac & Órla


Geography with Cormac and Órla is a fun-filled way to learn about the geography of Ireland, based on the new primary school curriculum for fifth and sixth classes / on the Program of Study for Geography at Key Stage 2. There is an extensive atlas with a complete section on each county, as well as a section on the countries of Europe. Games, puzzles and quizzes based on the entire content of the CD, with the highligh being Cormac and Órla‘s virtual tour of Ireland with 28 different trips and 141 stops.

Ruairí sa Zú.


Ruairí at the Zoo. Children join Ruairí and his school friends on their trip to the zoo. Interactive multimedia CD-ROM, it is fun and educational and is read in the three dialects. Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and Quizzes about the animals. Aimed primarily at children in the middle classes.

Drochlá Ruairí.


Ruairi‘s Bad Day. Interactive multimedia CD-ROM, it is fun and educational and is read in the three dialects. Games, Colouring and Animations. Dírithe ar dhaltaí sna meán ranganna.

Rabhlaí Rabhlaí


Illustrated book with 31 Traditional Rhymes in Irish for younger children set to music on CD. Lullabies, counting and finger rhymes, play rhyme, riddles, animal dialogues and ladder rhymes .

Scéilín ón Bhéilín


Beautifully illustrated book with 13 Traditional Stories for children of all ages, adults will be transported back to the magic of their childhood. Some stories are accompanied by traditional tunes, pack also includes guidelines for storytelling, notes and glossaries on the stories and an accompanying CD.

Gugalaí Gug.


Gugalaí Gug comprises a fully colour illustrated book accompanied by a CD, featuring performances by the three generations of rhymers, singers and musicians, re-introduces this collection of well loved rhymes and verses to children of the 21st century.

Scéalta ón bhForaois.


CD featuring four stories, ‗Mise agus Tusa, a Bhéirín‘, ‗Maith Thú, a Bhéirín‘, ‗Oíche Mhaith, a Bhéirín‘, agus ‗An Garbhán‘. See the 6 – 9 mbliana d‘aois / 6 – 9 year olds section for more details on these stories.

An Féidir Leat


A CD and booklet to help children learn and enjoy Irish. Through catchy, simple songs and poems children can learn the days of the week, the months, colours as well as every day phrases for home and school. Includes material which ties in with themes from the new curriculum.

Cathal Coinín agus cairde beag eile.


Scéalta ó Ghearoidín Breathnach as Rann na Feirste, reads simple stories for young children which she has written herself. Suitable for children age 3 – 7. Book and CD.

Dánta Duitse. Gabriel Rosenstock.

Leabhar + CD



Verses suitable for young people classified into the following age groups. 4 – 7, 8 – 10 and 11 – 13. The verses are lively, funny, serious and in the language of our time. The collection has an accompanying CD .

Mó Leabhairín Dánta. Cón Ó Tuama.

Leabhar + CD


Poems based on ordinary everyday events in childrens lives, peoms about special occassions, computers, mobile phones, school, animals, the weather and their own feelings. The humour and fun in this collection‘s verses is skillfully captured in the cartoon drawings by Damhnait Ní Thuama.

Sraith Rámhaillín
Three short stories about the people who inhabit the land of Tír Neadar. Tape accompanied by three books.

Ransaí Rábach.
Do you know what Ransai‘s work is? She has to paint the sun yellow and the sky blue .

€3.20 €3.20 €3.20 €6.35

Leochailín Liath.
Leochailín Liath has lost his favourite thing in the world. Will Daoi Draoi be able to help him?

Go Ciúin Fáilí
Who threw a snowball at Daoi Draoi?

Téip fuaime leis an trí scéal. Dora DVD‘s as Gaeilge.

Be enchanted by this bilingual Latina heroine and her monkey friend Boots in a series of escapades that are not only fun to watch but also an interactive learning tool for kids and parents who are encouraging a bilingual environment for their children.

Dora The Explorer- Map Adventures, Dora The Explorer- Big Sister Dora. Dora The Explorer- Dora Saves the Mermaid

€20.00 €20.00 €20.00

Dora, Boots, Backpack and Map are ready for more great adventures together. Four episodes of Dora. Choice of Irish, English, Germann and Italian on the DVD. Dora needs to rush home as her Mami is having a baby! Is it a boy or a girl? Help Dora and Boots find the quickest way home so that they can discover the surprise. Four episodes of Dora plus 1 Backyardian episode. Irish, English, French and Dutch. Dora and Boots need your help to save Mermaid Kingdom from a mean garbage dumping Octopus by bringing a magical mermaid crown back to Mariana the Mermaid. Three episodes of Dora in Irish and English.

Spongebob Squarepants – Friends or Foe? DVD


Eight episodes of the hugely popular kids TV show. Spongebob tries going into business with Mr. Krabs, waits for a special prize in the mail, goes on an undercover spy mission and gets into lots more mischief. In English, German, French and as Gaeilge.

Rock and Bop with the Doodlebops. DVD


Bí ag canadh agus ag foghlam leis an mBanna Ceoil is fearr leat! Sing and learn with your favourite Music Band The Doodlebops. Join them for a musically fun learning adventure. Four episodes in Irish and English.

Fluffy Gardens. DVD


In Fluffy Gardens something unexpected happens everyday. Join clever Paolo the Cat as he takes a holiday on the beach and meet his friends Floella the Fruitbat with her terribly bad eyesight, silly Lola the Mosquito, grumpy George the mean Yellow Dog and many more. Includes 10 episodes in Irish and English

Nick and Perry


Nick and Perry are 2 dogs from the planet DOGMA. Follow their exciting adventures as they get used to a dogs life on earth. Broadcast on TG4. Suitable for 6 – 10 year olds. (Video)

Postaeirí & Fríosanna Balla &rl /Wall Posters & Friezes Etc
Lá Breithe Sona Duit / Birthday Chart €8.50
An A2 poster with balloons in the middle surrounded by clouds. The months of the year are written at the top of the cloud with space to write the name of the children whose birthday‘s fall in that month. The name and age of the birthday boy/girl can be written in the balloons. Is féidir é a úsáid arís agus arís eile.

Éire: Léarscáil Balla / Ireland: Wall Map


Two-sided map ready to hang, based on the Atlas Bunscoile. One side shows the islands, counties, main and some smaller towns. Other side shows the mountains, lakes and rivers.


Sraith Postaeirí do Bhunscoileanna
Postaer den Grianchóras / Poster of the Solar system as Gaeilge An tSúil / The Eye Na Séasúir / The Seasons An Frog / The Lifecycle of the Frog Na Fiacla / Teeth Uisce / Water An Cnámharlach/ The Skeleton An Phéist Talún / The Earthworm Teas / Heat An Córas Díleá / The Digestive System Triantáin / Triangles An Chill / Cells An Ciorcal / Circles An Nítrigin / /Nitrigin Uillinneacha / Angels Dé-ocsaíd charbóin / /Carbon Dioxide Polagáin / Polygons Fan Slán / Safety Codáin / Fractions Dea-nósanna / Good Habits Mapa den Eoraip i nGaeilge Mapa den Domhan i nGaeilge. Póstaer bunaithe ar Sheanfhocail / Fun with Proverbs

€4.00 an ceann

€6.35 an ceann €25.00

Dhá shraith de 10 bpóstaer bunaithe ar sheanfhocail. Two sets of colourful posters based on proverbs. 10 posters in each set .

Béiríní Bríomhara A + B /Action Teddies A + B

A Set of 12 x B4 full colour two sided charts with Teddies in Action, ‘Tá teidí ag ithe’ is backed on Side 2 by ‗Tá ocras ar theidí’, ‘Tá téidí ag ól’ is backed by ‘Tá tart ar théidí’, this helps introduce further and extended conversation. The Action Teddies are accompanied by a workbook suitable for 4 – 6 year olds.

Béiríní Bríomhara 2 + 3 / Action Teddies 2 + 3


Side 1 - 12 Teddies with 12 verbs eg. ag rince, ag dathú, ag caint, ag glanadh, ag siopadóireacht & rl. Side 2 - New Teddies! Introducing colours and places, colours include dearg, glas, gorm, buí & rl, teddies can be ‗mór‘ and ‗beag‘, ‗thuas‘ and ‗thíos‘, ‗istigh‘ and ‗amuigh‘, ‗ar an mbord‘ and ‗faoin mbord‘

Ceistfhocail (Cé/Céard/Cad/Cad é?) / Question Words (Who/What/When?…)


A brilliant aid to help students ask questions! 24 charts, B4, each with a question word accompanied by a picture to clearly illustrate it. Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why? Plus extras!!

Nathanna Cainte / Irish idioms

€29.00 €16.00

Idioms in Irish! Help your spoken Irish sound more natural. 12 banners 64cm x 15cm. Printed both sides .

Fógraí don Seomra Ranga / Signs for the Classroom

Fógraí dháthaobhacha / Two sided signs. 10 bhfógra don Seomra Ranga, lándaite, pictiúir agus focail ar gach ceann. 10 signs for the Classroom or Naíonra, full colour with pictures and words on each one. Side 1 includes Nigh do lámha, Croch do chóta, Fáilte Isteach, Cailíní, Buachaillí &rl. Side 2 – The Cave People, includes Dún an doras i do dhiadh, Ciúnas le do thoill, Slán Abhaile & rl.

Mata Dinnéir / Dinner Mat


Laminated A3 size place mat shows a place setting at the table with a designated area for the plate (pláta), cup (cupán), knife (scian), fork (forc/gabhlóg) and spoon (spúnóg). On the back there are pictures of food around the edge with the Irish name written underneath. In the centre there is a finger puzzle to help children understand where their food comes from. Cad as a dtagann a gcuid bia?

Ag Comháireamh Daoine 1 –12 / Counting People 1-12


12 charts of increasing sizes counting people from 1 to 12, each chart shows a number at the top. This unique chart helps to teach the system of counting in Irish.

Frios Uimhreacha / A Counting Chart


10 gcairt ó 1 - 10 le sreang agus peigíní, reidh le crochadh. A Counting Chart with a difference, 10 cards in the shape of a t-shirt with pictures and numbers from 1 – 10 on them. Ready to hang with string and pegs.

Fríos Balla – Uimhreacha / Wall Frieze – Numbers


Tá an fríos balla seo bunaithe ar na huimhreacha 1 - 10. Familiarisation with numbers, a wall frieze to teach the numbers from 1 - 10.

Fríos Balla na hAibítre/ Wall Frieze – ABC


Tá an fríos balla seo bunaithe ar Mo Leabhar ABC. Familiarisation with the alphabet, a wall frieze based on the book Mo


Leabhar ABC.

Táimse ag Fás -Fríos Balla / Wall Frieze – Height


Tá an fríos balla seo maisithe go hálainn le plandaí agus feithidí. Tá airde 76 orlach/194 ceintiméadar ann ar fad. A wall frieze to measure the growing pupil.

Seanfhocail, Rabhlóga & Tomhais / Proverbs & Riddles.
A pack of 12 long banners with Proverbs on one side and Tongue Twisters/Riddles on the back.

€20.00 €7.99

Usbourne Flashcard Irish

50 cards each with a word and a picture on one side and the same word alone on the other side. Can be used to play games, for self-testing or just prop them up around the house or classroom.

Usbourne Snap as Gaeilge Lató Pictúir is Focal. Picture Word Lotto in Irish.

€7.99 €10.99

Fun game for two or more players. C50 cards including instructions. 12 cárta le pictúir agus focail.

Children will have lots of fun learning Irish words with Poppy and Sam and the animals from Farmyard Tales. Contains 4 bright, double sided, durable boards and 2 sets of matching cards. Play games of varied difficulty according to the age and stage of your child. Detailed parents/teachers‘ notes & rules are included.

Puzail Míreanna Mearaí. Jigsaw Puzzles.
Trí cinn de phuzail Míreanna Mearaí a bheidh ina n-áis foghlama agus spraoi araon ag páistí bunscoile. Three jigsaw puzzles. A source of fun and learning for primary school children. An Eoraip / Europe Éire / Ireland Na Lochlannaigh / The Vikings

€6.50 an ceann

Ábhair Theagaisc Don Mhúinteoir/Teaching Materials For the Teacher
Céim ar Chéim Sraith leabhar ón Áisaonad Beart de 5 €15.00
Leabhair léitheoireachta ildaite sa tsraith Céim ar Chéim do pháistí bunscoile, aistrithe go Gaeilge ag an Áisaonad Lán-Ghaeilge, Coláiste Ollscoile Naomh Muire, Béal Feirste. Graded reading books in the Step by Step series for primary school children. 20 sets in the series. 5 books in each Step—for example Céim 6 includes ‗An Císte‘, ‗An Dtig Leat seo a Dhéanamh‘, ‗Mo Theaghlach‘, ‗Phéinteáil Peadar Pictiúr‘, agus ‗Turas Oscar‘.

Tomás na hOrdóige & Scéalta Eile – Nóirín Ní Nuadháin


An interactive Irish language storytelling pack for primary school children from infants upwards. The ten stories most commonly told to children are included, Cochaillín Dearg, Luaithríona, An Buachaillín Sinséir, An Chircín Rua, Cinnín Óir &rl. There are 6 laminated A4 posters and a short play for each story and patterns for masks and finger puppets included.

Ar Maidin Moch – Nóirín Ní Nuadháin


This teacher‘s resource book is based on teaching verbs in Irish. The ten sequences in this book are based on the centrality of the verb in the sentence and are based on the child‘s morning routine before coming to school. There are six clear illustrations with each sequence, with and without text, vocabulary learning activities, communicative language games, role play, recipes for a healthy breakfast and lunch, intercultural discussion, verb tenses and grammar notes.


Modh an Aoibhnis—Cúrsa Spreagúil Ranga


A proven course in spoken Irish with creative drama being highly emphasized ensuring that children learn Irish in an enjoyable way. This is not just a classroom text but a 250-page teacher manual packed with all the material necessary to ensure confident acquisition of the language by schoolchildren. Divided into sections catering for all classes from Junior infants to sixth class.

An Bosca Beag Buí – Annette Fox 30 Dráma do Dhaltai Bunscoile – Nóirín Ní Nuadháin

€13.95 €12.70

101 creative activities using recyclable materials, from making bookmarks to colourful animals, to hats, signs and flowers.

A collection of 30 plays suitable for school children. Plays have been categorised into suitable age groups, with notes on the level of language difficulty, numbers of pupils required and a summary of each storyline.

Atlas Bunscoile


A new 64 page colour atlas. All the latest political developments are included, facts about each of the continents, colour photos, political and physical features. Deals comprehensively with Ireland from basic elements to detailed maps of the provinces. Oiriúnach do ranganna 3- 6.

Leabhar Mór an Eolais.


Encylopedia with information about the human race, the world around us and the wider world. 190 pages full of interesting facts and illustrated in full colour throughout. A wonderful resource for teachers and pupils alike. Suitable for Third Class and older.

Cúpla Míle Ceist. Eoghan Mac Cormaic.


Cúpla míle ceist, mar a deir sé sa teideal, le freagraí agus cartaí scórala samplacha, fá choinne Thráth na gCeist de shaghas ar bith. A few thousand questions, with answers and sample score cards, this book is suitable for any kind of quiz occasion.

Léargas ar an Cholainn Dhaonna.


Bunús na bitheolaíochta agus léargas glinn ar an taobh istigh den cholainn dhaonna is ábhar don leabhar eolais seo a bhfuil samhail mhór thríthoiseach neadaithe ina lár. Is é bua an leabhair ná go dtugann sé le chéile blúirí eolais, léaráidí trasghearrtha agus samhail le hiomlánú a dhéanamh ar thuiscint agus fheasacht an dalta ar dhéantús agus ar oibriú an choirp: na scamhóga, an t-ae, an bhlaosc, an córas cnámharlaigh, an córas riospráide, an néarchóras, an córas díleá. De réir mar a chastar na leathanaigh fágtar ciseal eile den cholainn gan chlúdach. Dírithe ar lucht na chéad bhliana iar-bhunscoile. An excellent introduction to the internal structure and workings of the human body: the liver, the heart, the lungs, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the skeletal system. A book that is distinguished by the 3D model of the body‘s interior structure that sits in its very centre and around which the various sections have been designed, a new layer being revealed with each turn of a page. This provides a clear visual aid, that added to the cross-sectioned images and lucid text enable the user to easily acquire a knowledge of the body‘s main functions.

Leabhair Eolais/Information Books
Gleann Cholm Cille.
A bi-lingual full-colour guidebook.

€7.00 €40.00

Glencolmcille. A Parish History. Conall Mac Cuinneagáin.

This parish history extends from the arrival of early farmers, whose imposing megalithic tombs and fields, now buried in blanket bogs are such a characteristic feature of the parish to the time of Fr Mc Dyer. A rich collection of black and white and colour photos adds to the appeal of this comprehensive study of this fascinating parish.

Pobal na Gaeltachta: A scéal agus a dhán


Essays based on a series of lectures first broadcast on Raidió na Gaeltachta in 2000. They tell the stories of each of Ireland‘s Gaeltacht communities – their beginnings, their trials, their triumphs.

Glencolumbkille. A History 3000 BC – 1901 AD. Aidan Manning.
Updated version of ―Glencolumbkille. A History 3000 BC – 1885 AD‖.

€11.00 €9.99 €6.50

‗5,000 Years in Stone‘ The Archaeology of Gleann Cholm Cille Fr. McDyer of Glencolumbkille. An autobiography.


Seanfhocail/Irish Proverbs
Seanfhocail - Irish Proverbs on CD-ROM. €30.00
Hear native speakers recite 501 sayings, greetings, blessings and curses in original Irish with English translations and with explanations and grammatical notes. Fully searchable by word or phrase in either language. An unprecedented aid to help you learn Irish.

Irish Proverbs. Laurence Flanagan Gems of Irish Wisdom. Pádraic O‘Farrell

€6.99 €7.60

A wide ranging collection of Irish proverbs, some well known, some obscure, with both Irish and English text.

A fascinating collection of Irish proverbs and sayings. Some of the proverbs are self-explanatory while the author explains any that the reader might find obscure.

Irish Proverbs. Gabriel Rosenstock


Proverbs in Irish with the English translation as an aid to comprehension. Their pithiness, rightness and economy are hard to beat. The compiler has also provided notes that as well as being informative are quirky and irreverent, just like the Irish proverbs.

Seanfhocal. Bannister
Extensive pocket-sized collection of seanfhocail and Irish phrases.



Books of Irish Interest
Irish Place Names. Deirdre & Laurence Flanagan. €11.99
This is the most complete guide to Irish place names published in modern times. It explains the origin and derivation of the names of over 3,000 cities, towns, villages and physical features.

Irish Names for Children. Peg Coughlan


This book provides a list of Irish names taken form the great store of more than of more than 2000 years of Christian and Pre-Christian Ireland. Explanations are provided for the Gaelic names and biographies are included for saint‘s names.

Favourite Irish Names for Children. Laurence Flanagan


The definitive guide to the 200 most popular names with complete lists of alternative spellings and anglicised forms and notes on origins of each name.

A – Z of Irish Names for Children.

Diarmuid O Muirthile

€6.99 €18.99

More than 400 Irish forenames with detailed backgrounds that mix scholarship and wit with quirky snippets of interest.

A Rich and Rare Land – Irish Poetry and Paintings.

A lively new collection of poetry and paintings that celebrates the best in Irish verse and art. Works by artists such as Walter Osborne, William Orphen and Sir John Lavery are placed in harmony alongside poems by Seamus Heany, W.B. Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh, Louis Mac Niece and many more.


The Waves of Tory / Tonnta Thoraí. Jim Hunter.


Cuntas dhátheangach ar Thoraí, oileán ar chósta Dhún na nGall, agus ar an mhuintir ar ar thit cuairteoir i ngrá leis ó thug sé an chéad chuairt i 1957. Maisithe le mórán pictiúirí agus grianghrafanna. A bilingual account of Tory, County Donegal, and of its people by a visitor who fell in love with the island on his first visit in 1957. The book is enriched with many photographs and paintings.

Irish Traditional Cooking. Darina Allen.


With this practical cookbook, Ireland‘s best known cook and the specially commissioned colour photography, you will be inspired to start cooking immediately.

The Irish Cookbook. Carla Blake.


Includes a selection of unusual and traditional recipes to see you through all occasions from family meals and quick and easy snacks to dinner parties.

An Irish Country Kitchen. Mary Kinsella


This book provides a wide ranging introduction to the excellence of traditional Irish cooking, but also a superb pictorial memento of Ireland, in fourteen chapters it gives over 250 recipes.

Irish Folk Medicine.

Patrick Logan


Dr. Logan traces a comprehensive range of country cures, both for people and animals, practised in Ireland throughout the centuries. The entire book is a striking testimony to human ingenuity, optimism and endurance.

Irish Herbal Cures. Christine Scallan.


A simple and practical guide to herbs and their uses, both traditional and modern. Contains a section on food for healthy living, followed by two A – Z sections, one dealing with herbs and the other with ailments.

In Praise of Poteen. John Mc Guffin.


Brings a legendary but little known aspect of Irish history to life. Based upon much personal and anecdotal evidence as well as on documented sources, it is a book, which can never be written again for the old men who gave their reminiscences to the author are no longer with us.

Toss the Feathers. Irish Set Dancing. Pat Murphy.


This book provides a comprehensive approach to set dancing, contains sixty-four complete set dances laid out in conventional set terminology which can be easily followed.

The Flowing Tide. More Irish Set Dancing. Pat Murphy.


The sequel to the highly successful Toss the Feathers, provides a selection of set dances, including some danced in the U.S.A and Canada.

Things Irish. Anthony Bluett.


Offers a blend of genuine cultural information and amusing anecdote and comment, presented in a clear and readable Style. In short, a new way of looking at Ireland and the Irish.

Story of the Claddagh Ring. Sean McMahon.
A memorable account of the myths and history of one of the world‘s oldest love tokens

€6.95 €6.95

The Aran Sweater. Deirdre McQuillan.

Traces the history of what is now an unconquerable symbol of Irish style – the richly cabled and decorated handknit sweater from its beginning as a necessary home craft to its arrival as an inspiration for some of the major international designers.

Ireland‘s Master Storyteller. Collected Stories of Éamon Kelly.


Stories of the real Kerry and the magical past, the heartbreak of emigration, the stations, the priests, the courting and the dancing. An encapsulation of an era that has passed only very recently.

Stone Buildings. Patrick McAfee.
A guide to the construction, conservation and repair of traditional stone buildings.

€25.00 €20.00 €15.00

Irish Stone Walls. Patrick McAfee. Living Under Thatch. Barry O‘Reilly.

A unique history and ‗how to‘ book on one of Ireland‘s most distinctive landscape features – the stone wall.


Living Under Thatch is a wonderfully illustrated celebration of traditional thatched buildings in Ireland, with special emphasis on those in Co. Offaly. It explores the history of thatch, together with tis future in a modern Ireland and examines the problems and joys of living in one of Ireland‘s most recognisable and beloved icons, the thatched house.

Miotaseolaíocht/Folklore & Mythology
Folktales from the Irish Countryside. Kevin Danaher. €9.95
A homely, heart-warming collection of tales from the Irish countryside. Included are stories of giants, of ghosts, of queer happenings and of the great kings of Ireland.

In Ireland Long Ago. Kevin Danaher.


The great classic of Irish Folklore, for over thirty years ‗In Ireland Long Ago‘ has charmed, informed and surprised successive generation of readers.

Irish Country Households. Kevin Danaher.


A fully illustrated book that gives the reader a rare insight into the daily lives of typical Irish rural families, the houses they lived in, their kitchens, bedrooms and utensils.

Ways of Old. Traditional Life in Ireland. Olive Sharkey.


This book brings old Ireland to life with evocative descriptions of the work, activities and material possessions of the past. Includes black and white photographs alongside traditional folk drawings.

Fables and Legends of Ireland. Maureen Donegan.


These fascinating tales were told by word of mouth down through the years. Although they are full of magical creatures and enchanted castles they are also about real people who suffered from indigestion and jealousy: just like us.


Ancient Irish Legends. Padraic O Farrell


Some of the best-loved and most famous tales of ancient Ireland, from the Children of Lir to Diarmuid and Gráinne to the Salmon of Knowledge and Oisín in Tír na nÓg.

Irish Fairy Tales. Edmund Leamy.


No one can read these pages without feeling the charm of a fine and delicate fancy, a rare power of poetic expression and a truly Irish instinct.

Irish Fairy Tales. James Stephens.


As popular now as it was when first published seventy years ago, a feast of fancy for all ages and for the young at heart of every age.

Irish Fairy Tales.

Padraic O Farrell

€6.99 €9.99

Padraic O‘Farrell re-tells some of the finest Irish fairytales, with themes as enduring and fascinating as time itself.

A History of Irish Fairies. Carolyn White

The author deals with the important place of fairies in Irish country folklore and tells us of their mannerisms, clothing, food and love-lives.

Irish Ghost Stories. Patrick Byrne.


There is a strong and ancient tradition of ghostly appearances in Ireland, this book tells of spooky goings-on in almost every part of Ireland..

Irish Superstitions. Dáithí Ó hÓgáin.


This book deals with both traditional and contemporary beliefs concerning the human body and the natural world. Some superstitions are universal, some unique to Ireland. All are fascinating.

Superstitions of the Irish Country People. Padraic O Farrell Celtic Myths and Legends. Eoin Neeson. A Haunted Land. Bob Curran A Bewitched Land. Bob Curran

€9.95 €9.95 €9.99 €9.99

Superstitions of the Irish Country people recalls those customs and beliefs held in fear by the Irish for generations.

Delves into the past and retells the stories with a directness which makes them refreshingly modern.

Stories of supernatural occurences, gathered from all around Ireland, are recounted in this chilling collection.

The stories of four remarkable court cases that took place between the fourteenth and the nineteenth centuries in Ireland are told; other chapter chronicle the extraordinary lives of individuals deemed to be practicioners of the black arts.

Dí-Armáil nó Díothú – Éire, an Eoraip, an Domhan. Risteárd Ó Glaisne. €6.35
Cé chomh sean is atá ár ―seantraidisiún neodrachta‖? Nó an ann dó ar chor ar bith? An tábhachtach traidisiún neodrachais a bheith ag Éirinn inniu agus amach anseo? Cá bhfágann Conradh na Róimhe, Conradh Maastrict, Conradh Amstardam, Conradh Nice sinn? Buncheisteanna iadsan a scrúdaítear go mion géar sa leabhar seo.

Imirce na nIarlaí. Marcus Ó Murchú.

€10.00 €8.99

Aistriúchán agus nótaí ar léacht leis An Cairdinéal Tomás Ó Fiach. Turas na nUaisle Gael as Éireann 1607-8.

A Short History of Modern Ireland.

Richard Killeen.

A concise and a comphrensive account, it combines a strong narrative with explanationness, nterpretation. Locating Ireland within a European context through the period, it also stresses the influence of the Anglo-American world.

A Short History of Ireland.

Seán Mc Mahon.


This concise and even-handed account gives the history of Ireland since the earliest times right up to the autumn of 1995 with the visit of President Clinton and the end of the first year of peace in Northern Ireland.

A Short History of Ulster.

Seán Mc Mahon.


This concise and even-handed account gives the history of Ireland's most fascinating province from pre-history to the establishment of devolved government in 1999 as a result of the current peace process.

Milestones in Irish History.

(Ed.: Liam de Paor)



Milestones in Irish History spans the whole range of Irish history from the megalithic era to the late twentieth century and goes beyond the ‗what‘ and ‗when‘ to elucidate the ‗why‘ of the troubled but fascinating course of Irish history.

Donegal: The Making of a Northern County (Ed.: Jim Mac Laughlin)


This anthology uses extracts from a wide variety of sources to examine social and geographical change in Donegal over the past five centuries. Combining the approaches of the literary anthologist with that of the historian and social geographer, Jim Mac Laughlin focuses on the changes in community life and material culture in Donegal from the pre-colonial period to the late twentieth century.

Ordance Survey Letters Donegal. Michael Herity MRIA Eag.


An edited collection of the 19th century letters which were to form the basis of the modern English ordance survey placenames for the county of Donegal. With preface by Brian Friel and an introduction from the editor.

Ireland‘s Inland Waterways. Ruth Delany.


This absorbing and fully illustrated story of Ireland‘s inland waterways traces their development from the early Acts of 1703, with the builing of the Newry Canal in the 1730s, right up to the present day.

Course of Irish History. Edited by T. W. Moody & F. X. Martin.


A book that has been described as being concise but comprehensive, highly selective but balanced and fair minded, critical but constructive and sympathetic. A distinctive feature is its wealth of illustrations.

An Táin: Cuchulain‘s Saga. Eoin Neeson.


Here for the first time ever Ireland‘s immortal literary epic is fully fleshed out in a complete, resounding narrative for the modern reader by a master story-teller and doyen of his subject. (In English)

Flight of the Earls. John Mc Cavitt.


In 1607, Hugh O‘Neill, Earl of Tyrone, and other Gaelic chieftans, fled to the continent and settled in Rome. Why did they flee? John McCavitt‘s widely praised study provides the answer to this, one of the enduring mysteries of Irish history.

The Irish Act of Union, 1800 Bicentennial Essays. (Ed.: Patrick Mc Geoghan)


Two hundred years after its passing, the Act of Union still continues to excite and provoke, and remains a potent symbol of the divisions in Anglo-Irish history. Eleven leading historians of the period investigate this era in this comprehensive series of essays.

1916 – The Long Revolution. Edited by Gabriel Doherty & Dermot Keogh.


1916 – The Long Revolution seeks to nterpret the events of Easter Week 1916 as the central defining event of a ‗long revolution‘ in Irish history. Among the topics discussed are the European and American contexts for the Rising, the role of the IRB in its planning, the reaction of the Catholic Church to the event, the debate surrounding the morality of the Rising, and the commemoration of the event in both 1966 and 2006.

Green Against Green. The Irish Civil War. Michael Hopkinson.


A major achievement of historical scholarship, putting in proper perspective for the first time a bitter and passionate conflict, the legacy of which continues to divide Irish society even today.

The Irish War of Independence. Michael Hopkinson.


An objective and well researched account of the events that led to the establishment of our state. The perfect companion to ―Green Against Green‖.

Nationalists Revolutionnaries in Ireland 1858 – 1928. Tom Garvan


This book analyses the social origins of the revolutionary politicians who became the rulers of Ireland after 1922 and examines their political preconceptions, ideologies and predjudices. It demonstrates Garvin‘s intellectual and nterpretive daring and his search for trails ignored by others.

Rebel Ireland. Sean Mc Mahon.


In Rebel Ireland, Sean McMahon tells the story of 1916-23, Easter Rising to Civil War, years which were characterised by both marvellous courage and miserable cruelty.

Micheal Collins: ‗The Man who won the War‘. T. Ryle Dwyer.
Who was this Michael Collins and what was his real role in the War of Independence?

€10.95 €9.95

Brother Against Brother. Liam Deasy

A moving and sensitive account of the Civil War, one of Irelands greatest tragedies. Gives a rare and profound insight into the brutal, suicidal war that set father and son against brother and brother.


The Making of the Irish Constitution 1937. Dermot Keogh and Andrew McCarthy.


Few things have shaped and controlled Irish political and legal culture as decisively as the constitution of ireland but the circumstances in which it was created have, until now, remained obscure. The Making of the Irish Constitution is an authoritative account of the drafting of this document in which Ireland‘s fundamental laws are enshrined. It puts the Irish constitution in a clear historical perspective and examines the political context of the beginnings of the constitution in 1930s Ireland.

Ireland in the 1950‘s - The Lost Decade. (Eds.: Keogh, O‘Shea, Quinlan)


A comprehensive volume on a complex and often overlooked decade in Irish history, a decade characterised by high unemployment, mass emigration and a flight from countryside to cities. This series of essays brings to light new research on the literary, social, cultural, economic and political life in the 1950‘s and in the Irish Diaspora.

De Valera‘a Ireland.


De Valera has been made to shoulder personal responsibility for many of the defects of post independence Irish society. The essays in this book seek to re-examine and re-evaluate that charge.

From Union to Union: Nationalism, Democracy and Religion in Ireland – Act of Union to European Union. Brian Girvin. €40.00
From the Act of Union (1800) onward, nationalism was central to Irish life. It reached its apogee between 1922 and 1945 when the Irish Free State was established. Girvin sees the original application by the Republic of Ireland to join the EU in 1961 as the end of one phase of nationalist adventure that had begun 160 years earlier. This book surveys two centuries of Irish life. It brings a cool and provocative analytical eye to the cap between rhetoric and reality.

Joseph Walshe: Irish Foreign Policy 1922-1946. Aengus Nolan.


With only a short time as a diplomat behind him, Walshe accepted the responsibility for building the underdeveloped Irish diplomatic system, and suceeded in constructing a department with vast expertise in foreign policy formation. During the Second World War he was deeply involved in maintaining the state‘s policy of friendly neutrality despite pressure from British and later American diplomats and politicians. Joseph Walshe is a long-overdue and fascinating examination of the career of Ireland‘s longest serving general secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Lusitania, An Irish Tragedy. Senan Molony.


The sinking of the Lusitania, one of the most famous incidents in world history, occurred on 7 May 1915, off the Irish coast. This is the first book to pick up the narrative from the point of the sinking to tell the gripping and tremendous stories which surround this historic event.

The Zulu Fishermen. Pat Conaghan.


For the first time the way of life of the pioneers of the first fishing industry in Donegal areas such as Burtonport, Downings Killybegs, and Teelin, largely ignored by our oral and literary traditions, are recorded here in this illuminating book by Pat Conaghan.

That‘ll Never Work… Success Stories from Private Irish Business. Michael Gaffney and Colin O‘Brien.


From entrepreneurs who have built their own business, to family members inheriting from established forebears, That’ll Never Work… features a collection of contributions from some of Ireland‘s most successful business people.

An Gorta Mór/The Great Famine
Ireland Before the Famine. Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh €12.99
This outstanding survey of Irish History between 1798 and the Famine, looks at the origins, course and consequences of the changes which swept through Irish life in this period.

The Great Irish Famine. The Thomas Davis Lecture Series.


This is the most wide-ranging series of essays ever published on the Great Irish Famine and will prove of lasting interest to the general reader.

The Great Calamity. Irish Famine 1845 – 52. Christine Kinealy.


Analyses how the Famine actually affected local communities, the diversity of its impact and the government‘s response to the disaster.

Robert Whyte‘s 1847 Famine Ship Diary.


Early on the morning of 30 May 1847 the Ajax weighed anchor in Dublin harbour with the passengers facing a six-week crossing


of the North Atlantic to what they hoped would be a land of promise. This is the published diary of Robert Whyte, a professional writer who made this great, and often fatal, journey across the ocean.

Na Ceiltigh/The Celts
Celtic Way of Life. €7.60
The Celts were a warrior society, colourful and adventurous, skilled craft workers and farmers. This book describes and illustrates their lifestyle, customs and culture in the Ireland of around 600 BC.

Handbook of Celtic Ornament. Le John G. Merne.


A complete course in the construction and development of Celtic ornament with over 700 illustrations, takes basic symbols and develops them into a systematised method of construction for most forms of Celtic decoration.

Getting Started with Celtic Calligraphy. Celtic Calligraphy. Vivien Lunniss.

€9.99 €9.99

Taking inspiration from early manuscripts, this book illustrates how to create beautiful letterforms and how to apply rich glowing decoration.

Celtic Illumination. Courtney Davis


Using step by step photographs and a stunning collection of his own work the author shows how to construct and decorate a selection of knot work, spiral, key and zoomorphic patterns.

Celtic Designs. Courtney Davis


A beautifully illustrated photocopiable collection of decorative Celtic designs and motifs, it will inspire craftspeople, artists, needle workers and all those interested in creating their own original ideas and designs.

Celtic Borders & Motifs. Lesley Davis



A beautifully illustrated photocopiable collection of decorative Celtic borders and motifs. These classic illustrations will inspire craftspeople, artists, needleworkers and all those interested in creating their own original ideas and projects.

Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewellery. Susan Millodot


Learn how to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, and earrings using real, three-dimensionaL Celtic knots combined with beads and pendants. Eighteen stunning projects using clear step-by-step photographs show how to create original, stylish designs.

Celtic Motifs. David Balade


Contains a beautiful selection of Celtic symbols that have fascinated and mystified for hundreds of years. Artists will love the illustrations, and can use the patterns included in the back of the book to create their own Celtic art in whatever medium they choose.

Magic of Ireland. Rob Vance.
Experience the magic of Ireland through evocative words and striking photographs.

€8.99 €5.99

Magic of Celtic Spirituality. Rob Vance.

Celtic Spirituality is many things: a time frame, a mode of spiritual understanding, and perhaps a personal encounter in a place of ancient wisdom. This book is about places in Ireland that facilitate that encounter.

Magic of Pagan Ireland. Rob Vance.


What makes a place magical? Visiting ancient sites can be unsettling to the modern ego, awakening something primitive - a vestige of ancient, primal life, awaiting ignition through contact. And then it is a call, perhaps something like a love affair - a promise, a glimpse of something different, an intimation of ecstasy...and it may last. Visit the magical site of Ireland and prepare to be moved.

Ancient Irish Monuments. Peter Harbison.
Essential pocket-guide to the principal national and historic monuments in Ireland.

€5.08 €18.99

Guide to National and Historic Monuments of Ireland. Peter Harbison

This guide has introduced many thousands to the archaeological richness with which the Irish landscape is endowed. Detailed plans and reference maps, reconstructions and illustrations enliven the text, which describes all the monuments in close detail.

Pre-Christian Ireland. From the First Settlers to the Early Celts. Peter Harbison.


An authoritative survey of human settlement in Ireland from its beginnings 10,000 years ago to St Patricks Christianising mission in the fifth century. With 139 illustrations.

The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland. T. B. Barry.


Summary of every excavation and investigation undertaken in Ireland into the earthworks, castles, ecclesiastical buildings and towns of the period from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans to the mid sixteenth century. Accompanied by clear illustrations and maps.

A Dictionary of Irish Archaeology. Laurence Flanagan.


Lists the entire major excavated sites and major finds which are important to the study of Irish archaeology, ranging in time from the Mesolithic period to the end of the Medieval era.

Ancient Ireland. Life Before the Celts. Laurence Flanagan.



This unique book surveys the way ordinary social life was lived in Ireland before the advent of written records and gives a glimpse into a lost world that extended over a vast period of time.

Introduction to Irish High Crosses. H. Richardson & J. Scarry.


This book gives information about the crosses; a general survey is followed by an inventory to accompany the large collection of photographs which illustrate their variety and richness.

Irish Symbols of 3500 B.C. N.L. Thomas.


The riddle of the inscriptions at Newgrange, Knowth and other equally ancient Irish sites in the Boyne Valley has been partly deciphered at last. The inscribed passage mound stones tell of prehistoric man‘s concept of the world; the flat earth with hemispherical bowl overhead, the sun and the moon circling round.

Mórbhealaí agus Cúlbhealaí. Fergus Ó hÍr. €15.00
Tá 189 grianghraif agus tuairiscí anseo ar bhláthanna fiáine atá ag fás in Éireann, san páirceanna, cois bóithre, sna cluainte is eile. Tá na hainmneacha i nGaeilge agus Laidin agus cuideoidh an tuairisc ar gach phlanda le léitheoirí sult a bhaint as an leabhar seo ar a gcuid taistil féin. Tá an leabhar seo dírithe ar dhaoine a bhfuil suim acu ainmneacha a chur ar phlandaí a fheiceann siad agus iad amuigh faoin spéir.

Dúlra agus Dúchas, Our Heritage. Mícheál Mac Ginneá & Mairéad Ní Nuadháin.


Leabhar dhátheangach atá fóirsteanach do pháistí idir 9-14, go gcuirfidh siad spéis i dtimpeallacht bheo agus séadchomharthaí na tíre. This bilingual book was created to help childrenn of ages 9-14 learn about the natural enviornment, habitats and surroundings of Ireland.

Eolaí Póca
Treoirleabhair beaga breátha ag déanamh cur síos ar an dúlra, foilsithe ag An Gúm.

Eolaí Póca Crainn. Pamela Foray Eolaí Póca Bláthanna Fiáine. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Éin. Mike Lambert & Alan Pearson Eolaí Póca Luibheanna Leighis. Pamela Foray & Ruth Lindsay Eolaí Póca An Aimsir. Eleanor Lawrence & Borin Van Loone Eolaí Póca Carraigeacha & Mianraí. E. Fejer, S. Frampton & C. Fitzsimons

€5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50


Eolaí Póca Sliogáin. Eleanor Lawrence & Sue Harniess Eolaí Póca Feithidí. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Ion-Taisí. H. Gee, C. Fitzsimons & S. Mc Cormack Eolaí Póca Mamaigh. Eleanor Lawrence & Ruth Lindsay Eolaí Póca Biaphlandaí. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Cladach & Farraige. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons Eolaí Póca Dúile Fionnuisce. Pamela & Peter Foray Eolaí Póca Rltaí & Pláinéid. Pamela Foray & Cecilia Fitzsimons

€5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50 €5.50

Amhráin & Leabhraí Ceoil/ Songs & Music Books.
Cás Amhrán.
A collection of over one hundred well known Irish songs.

€5.00 €6.30 €6.00 each €6.30

Croch Suas É.
A written collection of 140 popular Gaelic songs.

Ceolta Gael 1 & Ceolta Gael 2.
Collections of 92 and 72 traditional songs as Gaeilge.

Up Seanamhac.

The majority of these Irish songs have been composed in the last 30 years and includes some translations.

Amhráin. Ciarán Ó Fátharta. €12.00 Cnuasach de bhreis is tríocha amhrán ó Chiarán Ó Fátharta as an Mháimín, Leitir Mhóir, ceann de na guthanna is sainiúla agus is cumasaí i gcúrsaí amhránaíochta i gConamara. Ar Chreag i Lár na Farraige. Lillis Ó Laoire. €25.00

Amhráin agus amhránaithe i dToraigh. This book examines the importance of songs and music in the Tory Island community, the manner in which the songs are acquired and how their acquisition affects the musicians.

On a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean. Lillis Ó Laoire.
English language version of Ar Chreag i Lár na Farraige, substantially revised and updated.



‗Mise an fear ceoil‘ – Séamus Ennis 1942-1946 (eag.: Ríonach uí Ógáin)


Dialann taistil Shéamuis Mhic aonghusa le linn dó bheith ina bhailitheoir ceoil agus amhrán ag Coimisiún Béaloidis Éireann. The travel diary of Seamus Ennis, who gathered music and song for Coimisiún Béaloidis Éireann. As well as an insight into his work, his diary is also important document of life in the Gaeltachtaí, especially those of Donegal, Mayo, Conamara, and West Clare, during the second world war. Ennis narrates a personal account of social life at the time, especially the passtimes of the rural peoples.

Caointe agus Seancheolta Eile – Keening and Other Old Irish Musics. Breandán Ó Madagáin


A new bilingual publication that explore the old musical traditions of Ireland. In this analysis are keens, work songs, mararonic songs, religious songs, elegies and political songs. Includes CD.

A Hidden Ulster. People, Songs and Traditions of Oriel. (Padraigín Ní hUallacháin) €29.99
A comprehensive account of the traditions of Oriel, a region that takes in parts of Armagh, Monaghan and Louth. The book contains a wealth of information about the people who made and maintained those traditions, poets, harpers, storytellers and singers and the men and women who wrote down and recorded this material. Contains over 50 songs with translations and it publishes for the first time transcriptions of local dance music. Written by renowned singer Padraigín Ní hUallacháin.

Stone Mad for Music: The Sliabh Luachra Story. Donal Hickey.


In this lively and informative book, Donal Hickey brings together the various strands that make Sliabh Luachra such a unique place: the music, the singing, the dance, the stories, the poetry, the indomitable spirit of the people in good times and bad, a people who were (and still are) ‗stone mad for music‘.

130 Great Irish Ballads. Compiled by Robert Gogan.


In this book you have everything you need to play and sing some of the greatest Irish ballads ever written – the lyrics, guitar chords and simplified music score plus a CD featuring the first verse of each of the ballads .

50 Great Irish Love Songs. Compiled by Robert Gogan.


In this book you have everything you need to play and sing some of the greatest Irish love songs ever written – the lyrics, guitar chords and simplified music score plus a CD featuring the first verse of each of the ballads .

50 Great Irish Drinking Songs. Compiled by Robert Gogan.


In this book you‘ve everything you need to play and sing some of the greatest Irish drinking songs ever written – the lyrics, guitar chords and simplified music score, plus a CD featuring the first verse and chorus of each of the ballads. A virtual ―Irish Balladeer‘s Kit‖!

50 Great Irish Fighting Songs. Compiled by Robert Gogan.


In this book you‘ve everything you need to play and sing some of the greatest Irish fighting songs ever written – the lyrics, guitar chords and simplified music score, plus a CD featuring the first verse and chorus of each of the ballads.

A Collection of Irish Ballads. Volume 1 & Volume 2.


A Collection of some of Irelands most famous ballads, contains the words, music and guitar chords of the songs. The CD has the same running order as the book and contains a portion of each song. Book and CD.

Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland. Volumes 1 – 4.
50 songs in each book with words, music and guitar chords, plus useful notes on each song.

€5.25 each

A Pocketful of Irish Ballads. Volumes 1 – 4.

€3.50 each

A pocket book of some of Irelands most famous ballads, containing words, music and guitar chords .


Liosta Ceoil/Music C.D.s
The entire collection from the early recordings by Mairead Ní Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy to their most recent works.

Aoife Ní Fhearraigh.
One of the new generation of traditional singers from the Donegal Gaeltacht. Aoife Loinneog Cheoil €19.99 €20.49

Skara Brae.


Originally recorded in 1971 and re-released after more than 25 years. A masterpiece of its time, this album brings inventive and modern arrangements to the great songs of the Donegal tradition.

Seoltaí Séidte. Setting Sail.


A historic collection, re-mastered on 2 CD‘s of twenty 78rpm discs first issued by Gael Linn from 1957 to 1961. 43 performances by outstanding solo singers in Irish and solo musicians on fiddle, flute, accordion and uilleann pipes.

Ceiliúradh. 1985 – 1995. Éist. - (Songs in their native language.)
Compilation featuring 14 songs sung in Gaelic by various artists.

€17.75 €20.30 €21.30

Music and Song from top Cló Iar-Chonnachta Artists, celebrating a decade of great music on one CD. Words included.

Éist Arist. - (Songs in their native language.)


Compilation featuring another 14 songs sung in Gaelic by various artists.

Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal
Le blianta anuas thosaigh Cairdeas na bhFidléirí ag eisiúint dlúthdhioscaí a léiríonn saibhreas cheol fidile Thír Chonaill agus atá ina n-áis tacaíochta do dhaoine atá i mbun foghlamtha ar an stíl seo. Over the past number of years Cairdeas na bhFidléirí have released a series of CDs which aim to highlight the richness of the Donegal fiddle tradition as well as providing support to those who are attempting to learn this particular style of playing.

Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume 1. Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume 2. Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume 3.

€18.75 €18.75 €18.75

Fiddle playing in the traditional styles of Donegal, recorded live at the Donegal Fiddlers‘ Summer School in Gleann Cholm Cille in 1995, 1997 and 1999.

Con Cassidy


―A musical glimpse of one of the great Donegal fiddle players of the twentieth century, a generous and warm musician who gladly shared what he had with anyone who showed an interest in his music‖. Includes a beautifully designed booklet full of information and conversation with Con himself.

―Níl gar ann!‖ – played by Frank Cassidy


Described by well-known collector of music and folklore Séamus Ennis as ―the best I ever met‖, Frank Cassidy had a playing style all of his own. This CD, as well as the richly detailed booklet which accompanies it, contains the vast majority of what little recorded material we have of Frank Cassidy. It features Hornpipes, Reels, Jigs, Airs, speech by Frank, Séamus Ennis and local Dr. Mc Closkey, as well as the fiddler in duet with John Doherty.

The Road to Glenlough – James Byrne
Traditional fiddle music from great prolific fiddle player of Gleann Cholm Cille, James Byrne.

€18.50 €18.50 €18.50

The Floating Bow – John Doherty
Traditional fiddle music from one of the masterful exponents of the Donegal style.

The Brass Fiddle – Vincent Campbell, Con Cassidy, James Byrne and Francie Byrne
Featuring four fantastic players from the southwest region of the county.

Ceol a‘ Ghleanna / The Music of the Glen – Ciarán Ó Maonaigh


Ciarán Ó Maonaigh is one of the bright young talents on the traditional music scene. This collection of fiddle music is his first release.

Fidil – Ciarán Ó Maonaigh and Aidan O‘Donnell Ciarán Ó Maonaigh and Aidan O‘Donnell duet in this excellent CD of fiddle music. The Seventh Veil – Theresa Kavanagh
Reels, jigs and waltzes from another brilliant young fiddle player, Theresa Kavanagh.

€18.00 €18.00

Seán Ó Riada
Príomhchumadóir ceoil in Éirinn na fichiú haoise, a stíl shainiúil ag tarraingt ó cheol Claissiceach na Mór-Roinne, ó cheol eaglaise, ó fhoinsí i miotaseolaíocht na hEorpa is ó traidisiún Gaelach na hÉireann. Seán Ó Riada is generally regarded as the finest Irish composer of the 20th century, drawing his unique style from the European classical music, ecclesiastical music, European myth and legend, and the Irish Gaelic tradition. Mise Éire Music composed by Seán Ó Riada for the 1959 Gael Linn film Mise Éire. Ó Riada sa Gaiety Live recording. Performed by Ceolóirí Chualann and Seán Ó Sé. Ceol an Aifrinn & Aifreann 2 Ecclesiatical music composed by Seán Ó Riada. Ó Riada‘s Farewell €20.95 €20.95 €20.95 €18.95


Ceol traidisiúnta á sheinm ag Seán Ó Riada ar an chruitchorda. Seán Ó Riada plays traditional Irish music on the harpsichord.

Geantraí €19.99 Scoth ceoil ón tsraith teilifíse. Traditional music from the TG4 television series Geantraí.

Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola
From the Aran Islands, Lasairfhíona has one of the purest and most unique voices in modern Irish music. An Raicín Álainn Flame of Wine €18.99 €19.99

Roisin Elsafty – Má bhíonn tú liom bí liom Niamh de Búrca – An áit a bhfuil do chroí
Niamh is one of Irish music‘s best-kept secrets. She possesses a voice that stays with the listener.

€19.99 €18.99 €14.99

New and traditional songs from Conamara. Featuring Dónal Lunny, Máirtín O‘Connor, Ronan Browne and more.

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin - A Hidden Ulster CD 1

This is the first of five CD recordings of published songs in A Hidden Ulster – people, songs and traditions of Oriel which include classic compositions by poets and harpers of the 18th century and some light dance songs. They have been unearthed by the author who is also one of Ireland‘s most accomplished traditional singers.

Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin – Raifteirí san Underground
Essential listening for any true Gaeilgeoir!!

€16.75 €19.99

John Spillane and Louis de Paor - The Gaelic Hit Factory

This bilingual CD compounds the writing skill of renowned Irish poet Louis de Paor with the deeply engrained musical sensibilities of longtime singer-songwriter John Spillane.

We also stock many other albums.
Maighréad Ní Dhomhnaill, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Dolores Keane, Mary Black, Áine Uí Cheallaigh, Gearóidín Bhreathnach, Lillis Ó Laoire, Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich, Ann Mulqueen, Nan Tom Teamín, Sharon Shannon, Clannad, De Danann, The Chieftans, Planxty, Kila, Lúnasa, Solas, etc.

Gearrscannáin €20.00
Gearrscannáin - a selection of the best Irish language short films from the Oscailt series, broadcast on TG4. The films are in Irish, with English subtitles and are an excellent language learning aid. DVD EU format PAL, but will play on your computer or a multi-region DVD player.

Mise Éire (1959)


Feictear i Mise Éire cur síos ar na mór-imeachtaí i ndáil le hÉirí Amach 1916, ar an mhéid a tharla lena linn agus faightear radharc ar na mórphearsana a ghlac páirt. Beoléiriú staire atá ann a dtugtar leabhrán mínithe leis anseo, mar aon le neart ábhar scannánaíochta sa bhreis. This film is an historic artistic collaboration: George Morrison‘s pionerring cinematic work, Seán Ó Riada‘s innovative score and Gael Linn‘s film-making experience brought to the public this chronicle of Ireland between the years 1896 and 1918. Mise Éire presents living history through newsreel and archive material and is accompanied by an explanatory booklet together with extensive additional film material.



Very much the successor to Mise Éire, director George Morrison and composer Seán Ó Riada combine their talents once more to depict the Irish struggle for independence in the years 1919-1922, from the founding of the first Dáil to the War of Independence, ending at the outbreak of Civil War at the Four Courts in Dublin. Contains newsreel footage of the major figures of the time – including Michael Collins, Éamon De Valera, Arthur Griffith, Sir James Craig, King George V, David Lloyd Geroge etc.

Máirtín Ó Cadhain – Rí an Fhocail & Ó Cadhain sa gCnocán Glas


Dhá chlár atá sa DVD faoi duine de mhórscríbhneoirí na hÉireann san fhichiú aois. Clár faisnéise é Rí an Fhocail, a bhuaigh gradam IFTA in 2006, ina bpléitear saol agus saothar an Chadhnaigh, iad fite fuaite trína chéile. Tugann leithéidí Ghearóid Denvir, Joe Steve Ó Neachtain agus Louis de Paor a mbreithiúnas féin ar laoch litríochta seo ár linne. Clár ón chartlann é Ó


Cadhain sa gCnocán Glas, a craol in 1967. Tugann an Cadhnach athchuairt ar a cheantar dúchais ann, an Cnocán Glas sa Spidéal.

When Ireland Starved


The widely acclaimed Radharc/RTÉ four part documentary on the Irish Famine in the 1840s is now available on this DVD.

Come West Along the Road 1 & 2
Irish traditional music treasures from the RTÉ TV archives 1960-1980. Songs from singers in Irish and English; jigs; reels; hornpipes and airs from solo musicians and groups; step dances, set dances and céilí dances from exhibition and social dancers – each DVD contains almost two and a half hours of music from across the rich spectrum of Irish traditional music. Come West Along the Road DVD 1 €20.00 Come West Along the Road DVD 2 €25.00

Damhsaí Cúplaí Thír Chonaill / The Couple Dances of Donegal


Produced by well-known fiddler Ciarán Ó Maoinigh for Cairdeas na bhFidléirí in conjunction with Scoil Cheoil Frankie Kennedy. The dances featured on this disc include the Highland, Mazurka, Palais Glide, Father O‘Flynn and the Marine. Dancers and musicians include Cití Seán Ua Chuinneagáin, Bríd Uí Dhomhnaill, Vincent, Jimmy & Peter campbell, Danny Meehan, Clement Gallagher and many more.

Páipéir Scríbhneoireachta/Writing Paper & Notelets
Distinctive Stationary from The Glen Gallery. Newgrange. Spiral. Shamrock. Celtic Season. Fushia. Claddagh Ring. All designs available in both Writing Paper and Notelets. Writing Paper
12 Printed Sheets and 12 Envelopes. Cream Coloured.

Celtic Disc. Lir.

€6.95 €4.60 €4.50 Embossed Knotwork. Embossed Border.

6 notelets and 6 Envelopes. Cream Coloured .

Celtic Writing paper from the Celtic Card Team.
8 Printed Sheets and 8 matching printed Envelopes. Available in 8 designs.

Celtic Border. Celtic Parchment.

Coloured Stripe. Purple Fish.

Night & Day. Herons.

Celtic Computer Mouse Mats
Designed by Rachel Arbuckle, inspired by the Book of Kells and Book of Durrow. €10.00 The natural rubber base is non-skid and anti-static. They measure 178mm x 127mm and are available in 6 designs.


Four Herons. Red-Dogs.

Two Birds. Round Fish.

Fish. Deer & Birds

Cartaí Beannachtaí/Bi-lingual Greeting Cards
Bi-lingual greeting cards for all occasions, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagement, Retirement, Get Well, Congratulations, Birth of a Baby, Thank You, Thinking of You, Mass and Sympathy Cards. €2.60 each

Go Raibh Maith Agat / Thank You Cards
Pack of 8 bi-lingual Thank You Cards with envelopes.


Cartaí Nollag / Christmas Cards
Pack of 6 Assorted bi-lingual Christmas Cards from the Glen Gallery.


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