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					The voice of north Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood


Temescal News &Views
Published by Temescal Neighbors Together with the support of Temescal merchants Temescal News & Views is published bimonthly and distributed to 3,000 households, schools and businesses. Our Mission The mission of TNT is to enhance the quality of life within our diverse community and revitalizing our homes, schools, businesses and public services by providing access to an ongoing forum for interaction, education and empowerment. EDITORS Viki Maxwell Seana Tilton Michealle Rogers temescal_news@yahoo.com DISTRIBUTION Clint Powell 658-7345 Tomi Kobara 420-1197 Printed on Recycled Paper by KRW Printing 3905 Broadway 420-1791 The Best of the Eastbay Express in Temescal The East Bay Express announced picks for the Best of the East Bay, and our Temescal was well represented. Restaurants: Best Korean: Sahn Maru, 4315 Telegraph (winner for the second time); Tastiest Non-Euro Breakfast Entrée : Alem Café, 5353 Claremont; Best Parental Reprieve: Tumble and Tea Café,4210 Telegraph (toddlers play while you recuperate); Best Free-Range Treat: Bakesale Betty, 5098 Telegraph (chicken potpie); Best Pizza: Pizzaiolo, 5008 Telegraph; Best Coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee, 5002 Telegraph. Retail Stores: Best Knitting Store: Article Pract, 5010 Telegraph; Best Ethnic Gift Shop: Desa Arts, 4810 Telegraph; Best Art Supplier: East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, 4695 Telegraph; Best Kids' Clothes and Flower Boutique: Ruby's Garden Kidwear & Flower Shop, 4925 Shattuck; Best Thrift Shop: Clausen House Thrift Shop, 4834 Telegraph. Active Community : Tom Prince was named Best Literacy Champion for 25+ years of literacy advocacy work in local public schools. Jeff Norman was named Best Neighborhood Activist for 10 years of creating community art/history projects created for Temescal under the name of Shared Ground. -Deborah Quay, Economic Development Committee, BID Temescal Creek Clean-up Please join your neighbors in a volunteer clean-up of Temescal Creek Saturday, July 22, 9-12. We'll meet at 9 am in the DMV parking lot, but please join us anytime until noon. Clean-up will consist mainly of litter removal, weed-pulling and ivyclearing. We will be working on the two blocks between Cavour St. and Clarke St., and will cleanup the park and creek bed along Redondo, and the path through the DMV. City of Oakland Public Works Environmental Services Division provides tools, including garbage bags, loppers, rakes, hoes, brooms, litter pickup sticks, gloves, etc. We can always use wheelbarrows. Please bring your own favorite tools, marked well to identify it as yours. Sponsored by the DMV Neighbors Association and the City of Oakland Environmental Services Department. 655-1767. -Margaret Pinter, DMV Neighbors Association Park Day Summer Arts Camp For 18 years, Park Day Summer Arts Camp has been providing an arts-filled program for children in the heart of the Temescal community. Held on the campus of Park Day School, the camp provides visual and performing arts programs for children, ages 6-13, as well as a Counselor in Training program for teens, ages 13-16. Classes are taught by local artists with diverse backgrounds. Course offerings include: dance, yoga, photography, sewing, circus arts, clay, woodworking, painting, cartooning, origami and sculpture. Full day and 3/4 day programs available. Call 719-8652 for a brochure, or visit www.ParkDaySummerArtsCamp.com. -Moses LaSabra, Park Day Summer Arts Camp Apple Cider Community Get-together Spring has got my juices flowing, and buds on my apple tree remind me I have been wanting to make apple cider. And I know many of you with apple trees are at a loss for what to do with all those fruits. I propose a community apple cider! Apples were important to early American settlements for their edibility, sweetness and fermentability. In many places, fermented apple juice was safer to drink than water, and most towns had a cider maker to meet the needs of its’ people. Johnny Appleseed spread seeds of cider across the land, not apple pie. I am calling all neighbors interested in fermentation, and with apple trees, equipment (carboys, air traps, cleaning supplies, bottle-cappers), experience in beer/wine/cider making, and people who just want to get together and make something from scratch. On July 15, a meeting will be held at 4822 Clarke St., in my backyard. We will lay our plan of action for gathering materials, estimating costs, harvest dates, cleaning/pressing/juicing the apples, beginning the fermentation process. Our reward will be a bottling and tasting party later in the Fall. wagner@lmi.net 653-8581. -D Russell Wagner, Editor, Cactus and Succulent Journal

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Neighborhood Block Party, details on page 4

5179 & 5199 Telegraph Ave In the Temescal Triangle

2 Summer Reading Program for Children at Temescal Branch Library Participants read 8 hours during the summer and win a free book and other prizes. Joy, our Children’s Librarian planned these shows for family fun: Tuesday July 17, 3:30 pm Harry Potter Crafts: make a dragon with MOCHA Monday July 23, 7 pm Puppet Art Theater presents “Tommy’s Train Trouble” Monday July 30, 7 pm Jean Paul Valjean: juggling, tricks, magic Wednesday, August 1, 10:30 am Early Reading Fun Tuesday, August 7, 10:30 am Bitzy the Clown For parents rining their children to the library, we would like to remind you of the many wonderful places to go here in the neighborhood, including: Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt Playgrounds: Redondo Playground “tot lot” (children 2-5) at Redondo St and Clarke St. Hardy Playground, (children 5-12) near Miles St and Hardy Circle. It’s Your Move: tables where kids (8 and up) and adults can hangout and play games, a wide selection of board games for sale and summer workshops. 4920 Telegraph / www.itsyourmovegames.com. Here in the library: books, books on tape and CD, magazines, newspapers, music on CD, movies on VHS and DVD and last, but not least, tools for your home improvement projects! -Sally Bean, Temescal Branch Manager Community Art Gallery and Import Boutique Désa Arts is a community art gallery and import boutique celebrating the rich artistic traditions of Southeast Asia while incorporating the diversity of the Bay Area's thriving art scene. Check their calendar for rotating Art Galleries, special events, workshops and cultural programs. Submissions from artists and suggestions for speakers and programs that would spark interest and engage the community are welcome. 4810 Telegraph 595-1669 TNV Editor TakesA Hike! TNV’s Senior Editor, Viki Maxwell hiked more than 900 miles so far along the 2,700 mile Pacific Crest Trail! In her PCT journal, she writes “I wish I could share the beauty I'm experiencing with everyone at home. It really is incredible and the pictures don't do it justice.” Happy Trails, Viki! -TNV

July/August 2007 Welcome to Temescal! New Walking Officer Please welcome Officer V. Le (pronounced “Vee”) to the Temescal area. Since accepting his assignment as Temescal’s walking officer in early June, Officer Le is busy familiarizing himself with the local neighborhood, and its’ merchants. The Wine Mine A growing selection of interesting wines, with better prices than BevMo and Vino. 5427 Telegraph Suite D1 (Entry is at the side, near Leo's Pro Audio). MonArt forArtistic Expression Experience the joy and magic of your artistic expression. Summer art camps, art classes, and more. 5427 Telegraph. Visit on-line oakland.monart.com East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use Prompt your creativity while you peruse an array of available materials. A valuable resource for parents, teachers, and kids; an asset to artists, home decorators and do-ityourselfers. 4695 Telegraph Water ShortageAnnounced In April, EBMUD declared a water shortage after experiencing one of the driest years in its 84-year history. Despite wet weather is 2006, they predict the half of average runoff from the Sierra will put them at only 80 perecent water storage capacity in the fall. If next season is dry, dwindling water supply could lead to mandatory water rationing in 2008. As a preemptory effort, EBMUD is asking its 1.3 million customers to cut water usage by 10 percent. Here are some things you can do to reduce your water consumption: -Wash your car at a carwash that uses recaptured water -Maintain your irrigation system -Check pipes for leaks, breaks and clogs -Water lawn once a week, at dusk or dawn -Take shorter showers (one minute equals 2.5 gallons of water!) -Install aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets -Plant drought tolerant gardens -Replace water-guzzling toilets and washing machines -Turn off faucet when brushing teeth or doing dishes -Use a broom to clean sidewalks-not a hose -Was full loads of dishes/laundry -Liz Anders

Forcing Cinderella i spent 100 consecutive days grunting huffing straining to force my hefty toes into those tiny little cinderella slippers lathered them up with crisco smothered and covered them with vaseline made my friend ride me piggyback while i jumped up and down hoping gravity and doublepressure might do the trick when that didn't work i resorted to hammer and chisel hacking away pieces for that cozy cushy fit but despite the sweat tears heave ho push pull tug that little glass slipper didn't want to budge it took a whole lot of blisters and even more bruises to figure out that maybe just maybe i wasn't quite the little cinderella i thought i was -Teresa Brazen


Happening Now at Studio One Hands-on art classes, monitor-assisted labs and activities for children, teens, adults and seniors at all skill levels for a moderate fee. Classes are scheduled as eight-to-nine week seasonal quarters, register Monday-Saturday. Summer youth art classes, Monday-Wednesday 10am-3pm. Adult classes offered yearround. Call for schedules. 597-5027 or www.oaklandnet.com/parks

Temescal News & Views Local Development Strong Support for Bus Rapid Transit System The Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District (BID) voted at its last monthly Board meeting to strongly support a BRT system on Telegraph, yet aggressively address the plan’s deficiencies. BID is committed to making our District and the Avenue more transit friendly and pedestrian oriented. Unfortunately, AC Transit has designed BRT so that it will strangle the growing commercial areas on Telegraph in the Temescal and at Alcatraz Ave. For two years, BID and TMA have asked AC Transit to consider the following, so BRT will work in our neighborhood: -Shared center lanes the Temescal Commercial District and at Alcatraz -Replace public parking lost under the plan, i.e. a build new parking lot. -Conduct a study on effects of the proposed system at Alcatraz, 51st, 50th and 45th St. E-mail comments to AC Transit: www.actransit.org/riderinfo/brtcomment.wu cc: ttbid@california.com or mail to: East Bay Rapid Transit Project, AC Transit, 1600 Franklin St. 94612 cc: Temescal Telegraph BID, 4430 Telegraph Ave #49 94609. -Temescal Telegraph B.I.D. & the Temescal Merchants Association Unanimous Approval Of Residential Project Proposal: 4801 Shattuck On April 4, the Oakland Planning Commission unanimously approved a residential project proposed for the northwest corner of 48th St and Shattuck. The project, 44 residential condos, will be located on Shattuck and extend down 48th St, toward “Gate 48”. A dozen letters of support for the project were submitted from most of the immediate neighbors on 48th St and Shattuck. Nevertheless, opponents of larger developments appealed the Commission’s favorable vote. Those appeals are set to be heard before City Council Tuesday, July 17th. City Council hearings are in City Hall and the public hearings start after 7PM. www.shastapros.com -Bill Lambert, Shasta Pros Zoning Update Committee Hearing Held June 20: Proposed Zoning Changes Next scheduled hearing is set for August 15th, 6 pm. The City Planning Department's proposal includes: increases to building height for "neighborhood defining" on Telegraph’s east side and 30 percent “density bonuses" to developers for providing one "community benefit," i.e. underground parking. To demonstrate that the “neighborhood defining” buildings honor the length of the corridor, Jeff Norman displayed photographs of every building on Telegraph Avenue. Others’ points of view: Maximum density saves outlying open land and fuel’...this assertion ignores the "carbon footprint" expansion in moving goods in to more people. Preserving well-built structures is often greener than creating new buildings. Jane Brunner and Planners invited participation, and hundreds of residents worked hard to clarify their vision for the area. Many now feel betrayed by a proposal little different from that presented last year. Affordable housing is urged by both ULTRA and STAND. ULTRA says building densely will incentivize developers to create "affordable" units. STAND points to wellmaintained rentals in distinctive redwood buildings already approved for demolition, and to dramatically increased land prices without a reasonable density cap as developers propose as much as they can profit from. The complete proposal is available on-line: www.oaklandnet.com. -Virginia Browning “Global” Concerns Over Creekside Project Recently the ironically named “Creekside” proposal for the Global Video site came before the Design Review sub-committee of the Oakland Planning Commission. Darin Ranelletti, the city’s planner on the project, urged the Design Review Commission to listen to community concerns, and submitted our many thoughtful comments to them. standnorthoakland@gmail.com -Virginia Browning, STAND
E-mail your 200 word articles to the Editor! fredrickapartments@yahoo.com

3 Creekside Proposal: 5132 Telegraph View the original version of the news story below at www.rockridgenews.org The City’s Design Review Committee decided on May 23 that Hauser Architects proposal for the Global Video site sufficiently addresses concerns raised by the Committee and public, and that the proposal may proceed to a hearing before the full Planning Commission. Many elements of the project do not comply with zoning regulations, both current and proposed, for the Temescal corridor. In its proposed location at the corner of Telegraph and Claremont , the 65-foot building exceeds existing height limits, as does the stepped-back 45-foot high Clarke street building. A small front setback at the proposed Clarke building does not meet code requirements, nor provide space for adequate landscaping/ screening. Other issues with the 105-unit project include: excessive densities; insufficient parking; and inadequate pedestrian safety. The project requires at least four variances. Recent revisions include increased building articulation, upper floor setbacks, and removing the faux creek element. Hauser also proposes a pedestrian plaza on 51st St adjoining the approved CIVIQ Plaza, a 10-foot greenway, inclusion of affordable housing units (terms unknown), and rental office space for a non-profit organization. While the project can proceed to the next stage of review, committee members urged the applicant to work with the community. -Ronnie Spitzer, Rockridge News (con-

Volunteers Needed for Newsletter Distribution Please contact us if you are interested in helping out with distributing newsletters in the neighborhood. Every issue (bimonthly) we drop off newsletters where people live and work in the Temescal. If you like walking and meeting your neighbors, we would love to have you join our team of volunteers. Contact Tomi at 420.1197 or tomiskye@gmail.com

Temescal News & Views
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July / August 2007

Temescal Calendar
Wednesday, July 11, 6 PM Temescal Merchants Association monthly meeting. Temescal Library, 5205 Telegraph 653-7196 Please call to confirm location and time. Thursday, July 12, 7 PM Temescal Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Steering Committee meeting. Faith Presbyterian Church, 49th and Webster. 420-6974 Friday, July 13, 7:30 PM Poetry Saloon. Bring poems to share, or come to enjoy. 472 44th St. 654-6495 Sunday, July 15, 9 am-1 pm 10th Annual Bay to Barkers Dog Walk & Festival. Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley. Registry and event details 845-7735 www.berkeleyhumane.org Tuesday, July 17, 6 pm Oakland City Planning Commission hearing: Project Kingfish. One Frank Ogawa Plaza, Hearing Room One. Saturday, July 21, 10:30 AM Friends of Temescal Creek. Water quality monitoring at Lake Temescal. temcrk@mountaincurrent.net 459-3967 Thursday, August 16, 7 PM Temescal Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Steering Committee meeting. Faith Presbyterian Church, 49th and Webster. 420-6974. Wednesday, August 15, 6 pm Zoning Update Committee follow-up meeting: Zoning Changes Saturday, August 18, 10:30 AM Friends of Temescal Creek. Water quality monitoring at Lake Temescal. E-mail first temcrk@mountaincurrent.net 459-3967 Weekly Event: Mondays, 7 pm East Bay Toastmasters Club meeting. 4130 Telegraph. 652-5912

When neighbors know each other, Neighborhoods are safer. America’s Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday • August 7, 2007 • 7–9 pm Organize a block party, barbeque, ice cream social or other outdoor event that brings your neighbors together. Each registered block party will receive a visit from city staff, give-away items for the kids and a special gift for the host. For information or on-line registration: www.oaklandnet.com/nno2007.html 238-3091

13th Annual Brainwash Outdoor Movie Festival Friday, July 6 & Saturday, July 7 1357 5th St. Park your car or pull up your lawn chair and watch movies "magically" projected onto a giantscreen. Enjoy the broadcast sound from your car speakers or boom-box in FM stereo! Featuring the rhythmic revolution and first rate first run run movies from all over the world! $8/night Details: 415-273-154 shelby@brainwashm.com -Shelby Toland

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