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1. ODYSSEY PLAZA Located on the west side of Los Angeles Street, between 6th Street and 7th Street, this new construction project is built on a former parking lot. The new structure, featuring wholesale and retail, has updated storefronts and rooftop parking. 2. 726 E. 12TH ST. This three-story new construction project is located on 12th Street, just east of San Pedro Street. The wholesale center features primarily wholesale women’s apparel and is a part of the growing wholesale scene around San Pedro Street. 3. SAN PEDRO WHOLESALE MART ANNEX The 200,000 square foot San Pedro Wholesale Mart Annex features 118 forsale wholesale showrooms that were available for purchase in August 2003. 90% of the building is wholesale apparel. The Annex has six connector bridges to the San Pedro Wholesale Mart, which was the first showroom condo project in Los Angeles and boasts 225,000 square feet and 135 showroom units. 4. 600 E. 8TH ST. Located on the southeast corner of 8th Street and San Julian Street, this renovation project included the removal of inner walls of former textile and trim stores to make way for a retail flower shop that takes up the entire space. 5. CALIFORNIA MARKET CENTER, GIFT AND HOME In 2003, the California Market Center leased one million square feet of the three million square foot building to Dallas Market Center, dmg world media and George Little Management to convert the C Wing into gift and home accessories showrooms. This gift and home addition encourages cross-over buying with the apparel showrooms.



6. MAIN & PICO WHOLESALE MART This new wholesale center located on the southwest corner of Pico Boulevard and Main Street opened at the end of 2003. The building features mostly athletic wear and accessories. 7. 8TH ST. & SAN PEDRO ST. 14,000 square feet of space was converted from textile stores to wholesale and retail flower shops. The stores housed in the converted space add to an area of the Fashion District that is quickly becoming a flourishing flower district, centered around the LA Flower Market. 8. 817 S. SAN PEDRO ST. Located on 8th Street, between San Julian Street and San Pedro Street, this renovated space has transformed into retail space for flower shops, adding to the growing flower area on 8th Street.

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