exploration by rahulbose


									What was Normandy?

How did the establishment of Normandy by the Vikings affect the history of France and England? What were some of the Viking’s greatest discoveries? Why was Christopher Columbus known as the first explorer to discover America when, in reality, it was Leif Ericson?

What and where were some of the most important and prominent Viking settlements? During what time period did the Vikings make the most settlements and where did they make them? What was Vinland? Where was it? What was life like in Vinland? Were there any different customs there than there was in Scandinavia? Who was Leif Ericson? What did he do to make himself so well-known? What was the relationship between Eric the Red and Leif Ericson? Did this have anything to do with why they were both great explorers? Who was Eric the Red? What did he do to make himself so well-known?

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