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Job opportunities in the retail flower shop

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									Job opportunities in the retail flower shop
 Present in nearly all towns of any size

throughout the United States.

Working with in the retail florist industry enables people to
 work with flowers as well as the emotions

that they represent.

Flowers add a feeling of warmth and welcome to any room.

Most are individually owned or family operated employing fewer than ten people.

Each flower shop has six distinct roles and responsibilities
Owner Manager

Design- Design Assistant


1. Owner manager –
 responsibilities will include hiring, training,

supervising designer, salespersons, and delivery personnel.  Managers may also plan work schedules, order supplies and flowers, coordinate sales promotion and advertising, and supervise or maintain shop records.

 Pricing of product and profit control is also

a responsibility of the owner – manager.  Owner – managers must have a good business background.  They may also work as a designer and salesperson.  Some managers may not take care of routine sales but may be responsible for pricing of weddings, receptions and large parties.

2. Designer – arranges floral and plant material in an artistic manner.
 Must also have an understanding of basic

design principles with some artistic/ creative ability.
 Knowledge of flowers, their care and the

needed supplies.


Most shops designate one person as the head designer.

That individual is responsible for assigning specific work to other designers.

 The head designer will also be responsible

for making sales that involve special work such as weddings or large parties, order flowers and supplies.  This is a difficult task, as the designer must estimate the amount of materials needed. If too few are ordered the shop will lose sales, if there are too many flowers on hand they must be thrown away.

 Must have a thorough knowledge

of flowers, flower care, plant care, and floral designs. Must be able to offer customers appropriate suggestions.

Designers are critical to the retail business.
 The quality of their work will determine

customer satisfaction. mean repeat business.

Happy customers

Showroom Layout

3. Designer’s Assistant – a person training to become a designer.
 Work with and observe the construction of a

variety of floral designs.  Usually coordinate the designer’s orders and keep all needed materials on hand.  May prepare containers, select and wire flowers, and construct bows for arrangements.

 After the arrangement is complete

the assistant may fill out the card and delivery tag and prepare the product for delivery.

As the assistant gains experience they will be responsible for simple arrangements.

Difficulty of orders will increase with the amount of experience.

4. Salesperson – must deal in telephone and direct face to face sales.

 Effective

salespersons friendly attitude.



5. Delivery Person –
 This

service is a convenience to the customer. It distinguishes full service florists from mass-market florists such as those in some grocery or drug stores.

Duties involved
 packaging orders and loading flowers into

the delivery vehicle.

Delivery people
 should

be able to repair arrangements if necessary.


How do you prepare for a job in a retail shop?

Training for a job in the retail flower shop:
 On the job training

 Designer schools and workshops provided

by the state florist association or wholesale florists.

Necessary skills
 for a career in the floriculture industry include

artistic ability, business background, and a love for working with flowers.

Many designers
 begin their training in high school or post

secondary vocational technical programs. There are a number of floral design schools throughout the nation.

C. Careers Opportunities…(copy list)
 Flower Grader  Horticulturist  Plant Taxonomist  Floral Shop  Plant Breeder  Pest Control

Operator  Plant Geneticist  Plant Nutritionist  Plant Pathologist  Plant Scientist  Greenhouse Manager

Technician  Certified Seed Grower  Agricultural Journalist  Magazine Writer  Beekeeper  Marketing/Advertising Manager  Purchasing Manager

D. FFA Opportunities
 Floriculture Career Development Event (CDE)

 Landscape CDE
 Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) project

involved with flower shops (such as employment or observation) and bedding plants (such as planting flower beds for homes).  Annual Greenbrier FFA Plant Sale  Decorations for the Annual FFA Banquet


Flowers add a feeling of _______ and welcome to any room.
 warmth

Name two FFA opportunities related to floriculture
 Floriculture CDE

 Nursery/Landscape CDE
 SAE at a florist shop  SAE planting and maintaining bedding plants

List some necessary skills for a career in the floriculture industry
 artistic

ability, business background, knowledge of flowers and plants, and a love for working with flowers.

What type of Training is needed for a job in the retail flower shop?
 On the job training

 Designer schools and workshops provided

by the state florist association or wholesale florists.

4. Salesperson – must deal in __________and direct _______ to ________sales.
 Telephone  Face to face

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