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 TENDERING for Public Sector Contracts
                                         LONDON -19 MARCH 2009

                                                                                                                                                              NB This seminar will
 This popular seminar is designed for all those in                                                                                                              only be held in
                                                                         The invitation to Tender (iTT)                                                        London, no out of
 both private and public* sectors who are bidding for
                                                                         ● The ITT Process                                                                      London venues
 public sector contracts and need an introduction to                                                                                                               SORRY!
                                                                         ● The ITT documents
 the tendering process. The format of the seminar will
 be a combination of presentation, discussion and                        ● Creating the bid team
                                                                         ● The 'do's & 'don'ts' of the tendering process                                                LOnDOn
 case studies. No previous knowledge of tendering or
 contracting will be assumed. The seminar will be run
 as an 'interactive' day with plenty of opportunities                    responding to the iTT
 for questions and discussion. A detailed workbook                       ● Structuring our bid submission
                                                                         ● Pricing our servicesolution                                          0945 registration, 1000 Start,
 accompanies the seminar.
                                                                         ● Presenting to best effect                                            1630 Close, Lunch is included
 *includes public sector bodies, charities, voluntary sector and third
 sector organisations                                                    ● Case study - ITT response                                               Venue - Park Inn Hotel
                                                                                                                                               Southampton row, London WC1
 Procurement in the Public Sector                                        Evaluation meeting & Presentations                                   Nearest Underground Station - Holborn
 ● Understanding the procurement cycle                                   ● The evaluation process                                                   (Piccadilly & Central Lines)
 ● Legislation influencing procurement                                   ● Conduct of evaluation meetings and                                       Fee per delegate
 ● An outline of the EU Public Procurement regime                          presentations                                                  £270.00 plus £47.25 VAT Total £317.25
                                                                         ● Case Study - Presenting the bid submission
 Understanding the Common routes
 for Tendering                                                           Contract negotiation                                                     FAX BOOking LinE
 ● The open process                                                      ● The negotiation cycle                                                 0113 298 2088
 ● The restricted process                                                ● ground rules for negotiation
 ● The negotiated process                                                ● Achieving the 'Win/Win' situation                                        e-mail
 ● The competitive dialogue process                                      ● Case Study - getting to the signed contract                        mail@publicsecta.com
 ● The 'Pros' & 'Cons' from the tenderer viewpoint
                                                                         Challenges & Complaints
 Tendering for Public Sector Projects                                    ● Avoiding challenges from unsuccessful bidders
 ● Qualifying the opportunity before bidding                                                                                             www.publicsecta.com
 ● Case Study - The qualification checklist
                                                                                                                                           ETC is one of the leading providers of short
 ● Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)                                                                                                  course training to the public sector in the UK,
 ● Completing the PQQ to achieve shortlisting                                                                                            Ireland & Europe, with a fifteen year plus track
 ● Case Study - The PQQ                                                          This seminar can also be run in-House                     record of delivering practical, detailed and
                                                                                         Please ask for details
                                                                                                                                              focused training that will help you to
                                                                                                                                                       ‘do your job better’

Presented by: Jeff Collingwood CPFA, regular presenter of this seminar for ETC
Jeff is a regular and well respected presenter for ETC and has successfully delivered this seminar to a wide range of audiences across the UK, Ireland & Europe, both on an open
and in-house basis. He is a CIPFA qualified accountant with enormous practical, 'hands on' experience of advising and training on Tendering, Contracting, Procurement, Service
             Commissioning, Specification Writing, Contract Monitoring, SLAs, CCT and Market Testing in a public sector environment. Jeff has worked extensively
                       within the public sector, as well as for a range of private sector consultancy practices advising the public sector.
                 ETC, PO Box 999, Leeds LS16 0AA Telephone 0113 230 6170

BOOking FOrm                                     TEnDEring for PUBLiC SECTOr COnTrACTS                                                             19 March 2009 - London

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