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entry form flower show by forrests


									Howard Street Community Garden Summer Flower Show Wednesday 19th August Entry Form

Class Number The following categories must have been grown by the entrant (plate can be paper, it is not judged in the competition) 3 Tomatoes on a plate 5 Radishes on plate 3 Potatoes on a plate A plate of any 3 vegetables (one of each) Bowl of mixed salad leaves Single flower stem (any variety) in a jar Flower Arrangement in an unusual container, using home grown OR shop bought flowers. An interesting or funny shaped vegetable (please keep it clean) – this can be home grown or shop bought A vegetable character, carve or dress up any vegetable to make a character – maybe a super hero, a clown or even someone you know A homemade bowl of soup, including the recipe, to include at least 2 vegetables An interesting salad, including a recipe, using home grown or shop bought ingredients A fruit based refreshment with the recipe – this could be a cake, a fruit salad, a juice – the choice is yours. A photograph entitled ‘Nature at it’s Best’ (could be plants, animals, a garden, a view, the sea, the sky etc) Planted container, to include edible plants, eg, herbs, vegetables, etc A poem or limerick about Howard Street Community Garden A picture of wildlife in the garden – this could be a drawing, a painting, a photograph or even a word picture (ie a piece of creative writing) A decorated sun hat entitled ‘I’ll eat my Hat’


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

18 19


The following categories MUST be created by more than one generation, eg child and grandparent, although does not have to be a family member, can be a friend of a different generation. (please specify who has made the entry) A container planted with flowering plants A piece of art or craft entitled ‘An English Summer’ ( could be a model, a card, a poster, a poem, a collage, needlecraft, woodwork, pressed flwers, jewellery…….anything you can imagine) Decorated cake, entitled ‘The Edible Garden’ – this could be a large cake or a plate of no more than 6 small cakes (cake does not need to be home made – just home decorated)

Guidance Notes 1. You may enter as many classes as you wish, but only one entry per class 2. Please pay particular attention to the notes above each set of classes 3. all entries must be handed in by 11.30 on the day of the show (sadly there is no room to store entries before the day of the show) 4. The entries will be displayed in the main hall, but there will be NO ENTRY to the public until AFTER the judging has taken place. 5. Judging will take place between 11.30 and 12.30, with the hall being opened at 1.00pm for public viewing. 6. Winners will be announced and the certificates handed out soon after the judging has been completed. 7. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Name Address Tel No If you need any help or information, please call Donna on 01282 473124

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