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eMED Board Meeting Minutes January 28_ 2009 Rebecca resigns as


									eMED Board Meeting Minutes January 28, 2009  Rebecca resigns as Treasurer o Rebecca is too busy for us, but she is writing, directing, and producing a new play – she will let us know the details. o Nominations – Figure it out now (Sammy vs. Elizabeth) o Operations budget is increased to $270 this semester  Attending Sonya’s leadership sessions increases the budget o Events that we hold have to be submitted as a proposal to ESAC at the beginning of each month and they approve it and provide money for the events. o Fill out all the paperwork at the beginning of every month and there are event evaluations at the end of every month. o Contact Rebecca about more details if interested o ESAC meetings ran by Treasurer to acquaint you with the stuff to do o Interim treasurer can run for something else at Internal Elections in March or keep the position for the next year. o Sammy is the new treasurer by coin flip (heads) Veterans Affairs will be reading our Valentine’s Day cards aloud. Liz’s friend’s idea about a science fair type thing? Doctor Dinner o Reserve Greenberg for the event o Contact Pattaya about catering for the event o Confirm with the doctors once the details are nailed down

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