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The Mindset And The Mastermind
“There is a Life energy that manifests from your mind, throughout your entire being and outwardly to affect and influence your immediate environment and surrounding people. Know the Source of your own intelligence from which Life flows and channel it for your own profitability!”

Nelson Tan

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Foreword………………………………………………………………………….………. . Part One: The Success-7 Series To Have All That You Want! 3

Chapter 1: The Power Of A Dream…………..…….....…………………………….…. 5 Chapter 2: Seeing Is Believing………………………….….…………………………... 6 Chapter 3: For Things To Change, I Must Change…First!…...….……………….…. 8 Chapter 4: How To Optimize Your Off-Peak Performance.…………………………. Chapter 5: How Massive Action Can Determine Your Destiny……………………... Chapter 6: The Greatest Secret To Producing Real SOLID Excellence!..………… Chapter 7: How You Can Apply The Ultimate Success Formula………...………… Part Two: The Art And Science Of Masterminding Chapter 1: The Feeling Is Mutual………………………….…………………………… 20 Chapter 2: The Hidden Key To ‘Chemistry’……………….…………………………... 22 Chapter 3: Loud And Clear!………..…………………………………………………… Chapter 4: Understanding Individual Creativity……..………………………………... Chapter 5: How To Sustain The Manifestations Of Your Individual Creativity……. Chapter 6: Masterminding Magic………………………………………………………. Chapter 7: Benefits Of A Working Partnership……………………………………….. Chapter 8: How Do You Find The Right Partners……………………………………. Chapter 9: The Masterminding Process………………………………………………. 24 26 28 30 32 34 37 10 12 14 16

Final Word………………………………………………………………………………… 42
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Good day, reader! For a start we want to thank you for taking time out to read this special report. You are encouraged to print out the following chapters for future reference. Meanwhile, we must reiterate that the information presented herein is for your true understanding and cannot be merely memorized. You must really allow the principles behind each chapter to take root in your being and work them out. What we suggest is: 1) You go through all the chapters at a glance, 2) Set aside another schedule to re-read them a second time in detail, 3) And then give yourself at least one week's time to REALLY REALLY contemplate and reflect each chapter for their lessons, only referring back to the text whenever you need to. Following these 3 steps will surely gain you an optimal level of understanding because we will be directing you to apply your skills and knowledge in the near future.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

The Right Mindset: How To Have All That You Want!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 1: The Power Of A Dream
Does Dreaming Make You Rich? Back in the good old days of school, the teachers would often catch us for daydreaming in class and not paying attention. "Stop dreaming! Dreaming will get you nowhere," yelled the teacher. Is it really so? Does 'dreaming' really get you nowhere in life? The answer is 'Yes'...and 'No'. If you dream and you took massive action to achieve your dream, your dream could very well come true for you. However, if you dream and take no action, it remains just a powerless dream. Every success in this world always starts off with a dream. A dream to earning passive income from Internet Marketing, a dream to Joint-Venture with well-known gurus and a dream to earn $10,000 a day from a web business. In short, in order to accomplish great things, you need to have a dream. A dream will give you the vision, the drive and the energy to channel all your available resources into it, propelling you to soar to greater heights and towards the fulfillment of your goals. As the saying goes, "If you can see it, you can have it." If you were able to 'see' your dream in your mind, you would be able to work towards it. However, if you are not able to 'see' the dream at all, there is absolutely no dream for you to reach out to. When that happens, you will always remain at where you are and there will not be any significant breakthrough in your life. Not only must you be able to 'see' your dream, you must also see it with clarity. The image that you 'see' in your dream cannot be vague; it must be as clear as crystal so that you know exactly what you want and where you are heading to. Plus, you must be able to see yourself in that place, in that time, attaining or doing that thing which you so desire. The power of a dream will then be fully realized when you have given 'legs' to your dream. As you reach out for your dream, I promise you that as you take massive action towards it, there will be obstacles to meet you along your journey. However, the power of a dream cannot be underestimated. By having an iron will to hold on to your dream, you will always find a way to conquer all obstacles that come in your way. Start dreaming today! And remember, Dreams Do Come True.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 2: Seeing Is Believing
"If you can see it, you can have it." Is it really so simple? The answer is 'Yes'...and 'No'. If you can see it, you already got your first step right but if you can't even see it, your first step would be fatal right from the start. Let me put this in perspective. If you cannot 'see' where you are heading in your direction or 'see' the end results that you want to achieve, most likely you would give up halfway or even if you did have results, you wouldn't reap the maximum result had you first 'seen' it in your mind with maximum clarity. For example, you are driving a car with no destination (not 'seeing') in your mind initially. After hours of driving along the road, you would still be on the road thinking of going back to your starting point (giving up) as you did not have a destination in the first place at all. Or you finally 'see' your destination at the end, but it took you 4 hours to reach the destination when it could have just taken you 1 hour to reach it had you 'seen' the destination right from the beginning. Most people like to use the phrase "seeing is believing", meaning they must see it physically with their naked eye, and only then would they believe. However, if you could embrace this concept of 'seeing' the result in your mind, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Of course, to see the end result in your mind would take a lot of faith and belief to do so. Does that really mean that if I can 'see' money fall from the sky, it would happen? Absolutely not, 'seeing' is the first step; the second step is to take massive action into achieving your end result (if that means one year's worth of prayer to make money fall from the sky). I am going to associate the word 'see' with the word 'visualize'. Suppose you are earning $2,000 per month in your Internet Marketing business and you wanted to achieve $5,000 per month. First of all, see the end result in your mind and connect emotionally to it. You could visualize in your mind that $5,000 is deposited in your Paypal account and that you went to the bank to draw out the money. As you count the money, you wouldn't help but feel the fresh, warm and crispy notes in your hand. That's what I meant by 'seeing': to 'see' and to connect emotionally to it. You could take this further by visualizing the detailed process that helps you to earn $5,000 per month. You could also visualize the type of strategies that you could take and the type of new creative ideas that explode your sales in the Internet Marketing business. For visualization to take place effectively, set aside some time like 15 minutes each day in a conducive, quiet environment to visualize. As you visualize, go deep into it as if you are in it. If you visualize superficially on the surface, you wouldn't be able to reap the full benefit of visualization. Always have a pen and paper ready next to you as any new ideas that you visualized across can be jotted down immediately. I cannot discount how powerful this idea of visualization is as many of our money-making
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

ideas are done in this way. Start visualizing your end result today!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 3: For Things To Change, I Must Change...First!
Do you know that many people feel they cannot achieve what they want in life because they are not in control of their circumstances? Is it really so? How many times have you heard this: "If only I had creativity like him, I would be able to develop innovative Internet Marketing products," or "if only I had the money to start the e-commerce business, then I would be able to set up a business"? Do you know that all these things are within our control the moment we change ourselves? It sounds unbelievable but it's true! This requires a shift in your paradigm of thinking and it moves you from a powerless state to a state where you can actually take control. We will now take a look at 3 ordinary people like you and me who are able to achieve what they want in life through this simple principle. David was a guy in his late 30s who was still actively looking for a partner to settle down. When I ask him why he had not settled down, he replied that he was still looking for his ideal partner. His idea of an ideal partner is a beautiful, smart, elegant and well-mannered lady. I started to ask him, "Would this ideal partner want to take you as her partner?" Immediately, he gets the idea. As David had messy hair, liked to drink and smoke, he realized that his ideal partner would never be attracted to somebody like him. He started to make an effort to comb his hair neatly and kicked his drinking and smoking habits. In a couple of months down the road, he finally found the ideal partner that he was looking for. Mark was in the Internet Marketing business. He was not getting the sales result that he wanted to achieve. After attending a teleconference call by one of the Internet Marketing gurus, he realized the reason why he was not achieving the sales result he wanted was due to lack of planning and insufficient market research for his product. Mark evaluated his methods and began to make a conscious effort to change the way he works. He started to plan well and do sufficient market research before launching his product. The next product that he released was a runaway success! Ken was a new teacher. He was allocated to teach the most mischievous class in the whole school. Many teachers in the school had already given up on this class. Initially, Ken tried the usual approach to teach the class, but it didn't work well. Ken started evaluating his method and decided to change his approach of teaching them. Instead of the usual one-way communication to the student, Ken engaged the students in the class through fun interactions and games. When the exam results were out, the class had dramatically improved their result. Based on the above stories, we saw that in order to change the situation, the first change must come from within ourselves. Very often, we feel powerless to change our situation when we feel that things are not within our control. Through this simple principle of changing ourselves in order to change things, we have the power to
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

take control rather than being a victim of the circumstances. When we take responsibility for what we get and change ourselves, everything and everybody will change with us! For things to change, I must change...FIRST! So… If you want to be the top Internet Marketer, work hard and work smart. If you want to be the best employee, constantly value-add to the company. If you want to find the perfect girlfriend, be that perfect boyfriend first. Take a piece of paper and write down the top 5 things that you want to change and list down the 5 changes that you would take in order to change the situation. If you do not know what the problem is, kindly seek the help of a friend or loved one who can point it out to you. Start changing your life today!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 4: How To Optimize Your Off-Peak Performance
We human beings naturally have two kinds of state that exist in us at any given time: peak state and off-peak state. Peak performance can be defined as "performing at your most optimal best at this time". An off-peak state would mean that we are not performing at the optimal level. So "optimizing your off-peak performance" simply means to convert your nonpeak performance to a peak performance state. Suppose you hold a full-time job and you do Internet Marketing part-time. By the time you got home, you would quite likely be too tired to work on your online venture. At this moment, you are in an off-peak state because you cannot perform at an optimal level as compared to your work rate in your primary job. By using an "off-peak performance optimization" technique, you would be able to perform at your optimal level even though you are tired. In this scenario, a peak state would mean that you would be able to work just as effectively during 'off-hours'. Regardless of any state that you are in, whether you procrastinate or you don't have the mood to write a special report just because you have a bad hair day, you will be ready, set and GO using this technique! Now, let's imagine. If we could achieve X amounts of result during our peak state, what would it be like if we can double or even triple our results just by converting our non-peak state into a peak state? The effect is mind-blowing! This technique is called "anchoring". An anchor is a stimulus that enables you to fire off any state that you want in an instant. A stimulus is anything you see, hear or feel. There are 3 kinds of anchors: visual anchor, auditory anchor and kinesthetic anchor. 1) Visual anchors are visual sights that are neurologically linked to a particular state. Does your nasty supervisor's face makes you feel lousy when you go to work? At the sight of your girlfriend, do you have a wonderful feeling? Do you feel sleepy when you start reading your textbook? 2) Auditory anchors are sounds that are neurologically linked to a particular state. When someone shouts "FIRE" or "FIRE SALE!", does the sound of "FIRE" make you panicky? Does hearing beautiful sounds leave you a romantic feeling? 3) Kinesthetic anchor is when someone touches you in a certain way or you move in a certain way that fires off a particular state. Do you feel loved when your loved ones hug you? Do you feel like laughing when a clown moves in a funny way?
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Whenever you are in an intense associated state, the state will be neurologically linked to the anchor. When this happens, all you have to do is to apply the same anchor repeatedly and you will immediately experience the same state consistently. Here are 4 steps to creating a powerful anchor for any resourceful state: 1) Get into an intense, fully associated state. Think back to a time in the past when you felt a particular intense, fully associated state. Adopt the same physiology you were in. Assuming you wanted to anchor the state of motivation to work in front of your PC (or MAC!). Think of the time you felt totally motivated and adopt the same physiology, e.g. the same kind of sitting posture and breathing pattern when you felt totally motivated. 2) Apply the anchor at the peak of the state! A combination of an auditory and kinesthetic anchor would yield the best results, e.g. you could snap your fingers and shout "YES!" 3) Break the state, then repeat steps 1 & 2 at least five to ten times. Think of something else to break an unwanted state. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for five to ten times until the new anchor is successfully installed. 4) Test the anchor. Test the anchor to see whether it works. Get into the normal state and apply the anchor e.g. snap finger and shout "YES!" If it works, the anchor is installed successfully. The best way to test the anchor would be the time when you are not feeling motivated. In short, "optimizing your off-peak performance" would enable you to access the resourceful state that you want instantly. Write down 5 resourceful states that you would like to have and the 5 anchors associated with it.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 5: How Massive Action Can Determine Your Destiny!
We often hear that "Knowledge is Power". Is it really so? Knowledge that is not put to action remains just knowledge in your head. It is powerless and does not have any form of power at all. To accomplish results, we must couple our knowledge with the necessary action to attain results. From that, we derive this formula: Knowledge × Action = Result That is the formula for achieving results. However when you added in the word 'Massive' into the equation, it had a tremendous impact in your life. It determines your Destiny! Knowledge × Massive Action = Massive Result → Determines Destiny
Massive Results Knowledge × Massive Action

Determines Destiny

Truly, when a person has taken massive action, it often requires him/her to step out of his comfort zone. However, a lot of people are not moving out of their comfort zone because of a basic, underlying fear for unknown or unforeseen challenges, but this is inevitable! The beginning of every possible experience in life requires a first encounter. All of us learn through mistakes. When you made a mistake, you would normally say, "This doesn't work," or "I won't do it again." Mr. Mistake is a good teacher but that doesn't mean you try to commit as many mistakes as possible. Minimize them and move on. Whenever a mistake is made, it helps us to grow as a person. Till a point in time, when you have grown fully, you will be able to contribute to the society.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Massive Action Determines Destiny

Contribute Grow Mistakes Comfort Zone

Everytime you cross a line, it is a breakthrough.

In conclusion, the fact in life is that whether you took action or you took inaction, there are consequences to be faced. If that is the case, why not take action to change your result? If you know that taking massive action can change your destiny, why purely take action when you can take MASSIVE action through immense courage? Reach Out For Your Destiny Today!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 6: The Greatest Secret To Producing Real SOLID Excellence!
One fact stubbornly stays true: while everyone desires to succeed, only those who truly commit to their dreams would be able to attain success. For most people, having MORE money, MORE freedom and MORE success is nothing but a feeble desire. The reality is that they can live without it even though it is great to have it. As a result, they never (and never need to) take enough massive action to achieve their dreams when something else more 'important', 'urgent', 'realistic' or 'down-to-earth' comes to fill up their time. Realize that you have a choice to make every single day but somehow the lesser choice almost always ranks as FIRST priority! I cannot help but stress how important the word commitment is. When you commit to something, you would do whatever it takes to achieve it, no matter how difficult the situation is. When you COMMIT to something, your dream becomes a MUST. When a dream becomes a MUST...You operate from a different mindset. People who truly achieve their dreams make them an absolute MUST to do so. When something becomes an absolute MUST, you would do whatever it takes to get it (within ethical and moral means). Making them a MUST also taps into your potential and unlimited resources to achieve anything you want! Ask yourself: are your dreams and goals an absolute must or just weak desires that you can live without? Almost everything you had ever achieved in the past—believe it or not—was an absolutely MUST. If not, you wouldn't have achieved anything till now. The problem is most of us tend to live a mediocre life based on survival and necessity, and living an exceptional life is not a MUST so long as we never make it a point NOW. The only way to achieve your dreams and live an exceptional life is when you raise your 'level of acceptance'. You may set a dream to earn $10,000 from Internet Marketing but if you are willing to accept $2,000, then $2,000 is what you are going to get because $2,000 is your level of acceptance. Your level of acceptance is $2,000 and the moment it goes below your acceptance level, your mind hits panic mode and you would do whatever it takes to earn $2,000 again. Raising your level of acceptance requires that you get 'dissatisfied' and 'inspired' and one of the best ways to do it is to read about or mix around with people who are much better than you. So if you are earning $2,000, kindly mix around with people who are earning X times as much as you. You are simply taking advantage of a particular environment by planting yourself in it.
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Now go back to Chapter 5 and take a really good look at the "Massive Action Determines Destiny" diagram. Note that each of the 4 zones are separated from the one behind or in front of it by a fine line. And it was typed, "Every time you cross a line, it is a breakthrough." When you are not mixing around with successful people and you are all by yourself, here's the great secret you can apply to produce better and greater results at all times: get 'dissatisfied' and 'inspired' by putting yourself ON THE LINE! In other words, put yourself in a situation where you have absolutely no choice but to step up to the next level. How to put yourself on the line? Make a public declaration of your dreams and establish a commitment so that it will hurt not to do it. When the brain is given a choice to do something or put it off, it will always gravitate towards the easier path. But when you have no choice but to do it, the inherent power of a commitment and a declaration will always help you find a way! Do the following exercises: 1) Write down 5 goals that you MUST achieve. 2) Define your current levels of acceptance and redefine new levels for these 5 goals. 3) For these 5 goals, write at least 2 ways you can put yourself on the line for each of them. 4) Take massive action and DO IT! Remember, in whatever you are doing, be it writing, creating a site, presenting, promoting, selling, forging new relationships etc., put in the x-factor that is Commitment in all your intentions, and all your actions will be executed at a new and higher level in one way or another. Be committed to do whatever it takes, and you will most likely get it.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 7: How You Can Apply The Ultimate Success Formula
When you analyze the traits of successful people, you will notice that they all exhibit a successful pattern. This successful pattern is known as the Ultimate Success Formula which consists of 4 steps: 1) Be very specific about your goals. 2) Develop a strategy. 3) Take consistent actions. 4) Turn failure into feedback. 1) Be very specific about your goals. When you ask people about their goals, some of them would say that they would like to get rich in Internet Marketing. However, the definition of getting rich could be the sum of $100,000 to some and 1,000,0000 to the others. Most people do not achieve their goals in the first place because they do not know EXACTLY what they want. Once they have set a specific goal such as earning $5,000 in the next month, they would be able to direct all the necessary resources that they have towards achieving the goal. Only when there is a specific goal can you develop an effective strategy. 2) Develop a strategy. Once a specific goal has been set, the next step is to develop an EFFECTIVE strategy towards achieving the goal. The strategy of earning $10,000 online is completely different from the strategy of earning $100,000 online. Always learn and study the strategy from the successful. They have already proven what works and doesn't work and there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel by testing it out again. So if you want to be a successful copywriter, model the pattern of the top cats in this industry. If you want to achieve top rankings in search engines, model the strategies of the top 5 websites in search engine ranking. 3) Take consistent actions. There cannot be any result if there is no CONSISTENT action taking place. Many people experience different states (motivation state, fear state, procrastination state, confidence state etc.) when trying to take action. For example, if you are not resolute, you would hold back from taking action. The ability to manage your state well for peak performance will require an amount of consistent action that can take place. Refer back to "How To Optimize Your Off-Peak Performance" on how to maintain a resourceful state. 4) Turn failure into feedback. Once the necessary actions have taken place, we either achieve or don't achieve
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

our goals. People call it 'failure' when they fail to achieve their goals. There are 3 ways people react to failure: a. Keep repeating the same thing again. These people use the same strategy to keep working harder and harder no matter how many times they fail! Internet marketers continue to promote ineffective ads or in websites that don't work. If the strategy is an ineffective one, no matter how hard they tried, the result would be the same—an unfortunate one. b. Give excuses and give up. When these people don't achieve the goals they want, they will give excuses like "I don't have good copywriting skills" or "Internet Marketing is too competitive" and then they will start to give up. c. Get feedback, change strategy and take cor-action till you succeed. This group of people will view their failure as feedback, knowing that current strategies and ideas are not effective. They will continue to modify their strategies, continue to correct their actions and continue to get feedback until they achieve their goals.






As the motivational poster would read, "Success is a journey, not the destination." Your decision and understanding to apply the Ultimate Success Formula not only puts you on the road to success, but on the road of success because you shall surely not fail! We thought that it's really amazing of you to come this far but it is only YOU, dear reader, for keeping on walking, so to speak. There are simply 1001 ways to write and talk about developing and improving the mindset. For now, the Success-7 Series is all that we can tell you because it is ALL that we apply on a daily basis, therefore it's true. We hope that you have gained valuable insights into the workings of your own thinking, actions and behavior so that you can make corrections and then step up to a new and higher level. After all, "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." (Quote by Lao Tzu)

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Moving on, the second part of this special report reveals the idea and required skills of how you can transform your external environment to maximize productivity and profitability. This is stuff that too few people have read, let alone understand. Be sure to tap on these secrets as if your life depends on them!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

The Right Environment: The Art And Science Of Masterminding

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 1: The Feeling Is Mutual

And welcome back! At this checkpoint, you are ready to learn some very crucial and powerful teamwork techniques that have gone into practice for the past 6,000 years! No human beings in their lifetimes would have readily understood these techniques unless they go through a certain personal experience of learning and using them, and we are glad that the techniques have persisted unto this day. Despite having gone through various permutations for the sake of their own relevancy in a certain age and place, its fundamental core remains true to itself and becomes even more well defined up to present time. You are going to have a taste of how working within a Mastermind group is like online and in a most practical manner! T.E.A.M.: Together Everybody Achieves Miracles?

To say that Masterminding is a form of teamwork through which “Together Everybody Achieves Miracles” is a little understatement, especially since we are now adults and think as adults do, along with all the adult baggage and so on. Now, think back to your student days when life was much simpler and the biggest concerns were your grades. Can you recall what was it like to start, work in and complete your very first school project as a group? Memories are short, and you might simply define it as “OK, you do this, I do that, and if any one of us can’t complete a task, we must voice it out and see how the other team members can help you cover as much work as possible.” At first it seems business was business and there’s nothing much personal about that. Admit it: you were only too happy because your project exceeded the 50% pass mark and exclaimed, “Finally…good riddance!” The Big Picture Today, you found yourself a space within a certain workplace, online or off, and since you are now reading this page, chances are you fit into one of our client profiles whereby you are struggling with life and trying to find your life’s purpose…you think
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

we’re joking?! We are only telling you that through the Masterminding process you just might be able to seek out the exact kind of people with the right capabilities and talents who can help you fulfill your life’s endeavor as well as your partners’. Yes, we are speaking not only to you but also to your potential partners. Don’t ever forget that your partners have life goals just as you do and as a partner yourself, you are going to help them fulfill their dreams as much as they are willing to reciprocate for your contribution. The feeling is mutual, much more mutual than it was in your student days, because the adult life revolves around much more things that are at stake and which we still all hold dear in common after all: money, career, relationships, love, self-development, duties, beliefs, personal values, life’s purpose, likes and dislikes, end results, etc. Isn't it true when so many sales presentations you had come across ask you: * Don't you WANT to send your children to college with ease? * Don't you WANT to pay your monthly bills with absolutely no worries? * Don't you WANT to get out of 'survival mode' to live the life you absolutely MUST HAVE? Well, many people don't seem to realize there's so much common ground between themselves and the others. Covering the common ground through the Masterminding process is one initiative you can take yourself closer to a desired destiny, no joke. Nothing is simple as 50-50, but for now, this is the big picture you must have.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 2: The Hidden Key To 'Chemistry'
We let you in on a little background of how the modern Masterminding culture first evolved in the 20th century. Some of you heard of this story before. Nonetheless, it will be a good reminder as you prepare yourself to become a member of a group which you can gratefully call your ‘family’. Napoleon Hill might not have coined the term ‘Mastermind’, but he was definitely the first author to write so extensively and eloquently about it in clearly defined text and popularized it. In the process of writing his transcripts which would eventually form the all-time mega bestseller “Think and Grow Rich”, he observed the lives of over 513 of the world’s wealthiest men for some 20 years, and discovered that they ALL belonged to a Mastermind group. Each had a group of peers with whom they received support, encouragement, contacts, knowledge and advice. Each one of them acknowledged the power and absolute necessity of the Mastermind group for their immense success in life, as Napoleon claimed. Birds Of The Same Feather... The above paragraph is not the story, but which we are going to tell you now and is likely to be true. Napoleon recounted of a time when he spent a number of days living, eating, bathing and sleeping (not on the same bed, please!) with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone (you recognized these billion-dollar brand names, don’t you?) during a retreat in the woods to find out for himself, “When these guys are not masterminding and working together, do they still get together at other times, and what do they do?” So what did they do? They went hunting in the woods of course! Carrying their double-barreled rifles on the lookout for foxes, deer, whatever, and talking and laughing along the way. That’s how they arranged to spend their time in recreation as part of an annual period of rest and recuperation. Apparently, Napoleon took significant note that not once during the hunting trip did they ever mention ‘business’. Business was business and recreation was…recreation. When it came down to business, as Napoleon continued to observe, Henry, Thomas and Harvey were already so ‘into’ one another’s personalities, characters and temperaments that whatever was communicated between them was also perfectly received, and the 3 of them, whether consciously or unconsciously, by accident or design, had blended their minds in such a way that the mind of each had been supplemented by a super-conscious power known as a ‘Mastermind’, and that mind has brought each of them more worldly gain than any person could possibly use to his own advantage. The group of 3 grew with 6 more members and they were Wm. Wrigley Jr., who owned the Wrigley Chewing Gum business and whose income is said to be over $1.5 billion a year, John R. Thompson, who owned the chain of Thompson Self-Help Launch Rooms throughout the country, Mr. Lasker, who owned the Lord & Thomas
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Advertising Agency, Mr. McCullough, who owned the largest Express Business in the world and Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Hertz, who co-owned the Yellow Taxicab business of the country. Did the culture within the Mastermind group grow more complicated with size? Apparently not. It was just as effective as before if not better. Maybe they all went hunting to orientate new members. ...Work And Play Together Herein lies today’s lesson on Masterminding: it’s worth taking time out to speak to your partners about things outside business. That did not mean you all must go on a camping trip or a boot camp, but sometimes verbal communication is all you need to probe further and understand your partners’ concerns, priorities and other aspects of their lives, then with the hindsight you have gained, you can accommodate them and blend in with them in situations where so much more are at stake, like…‘business’.

“How do I start?” you ask. Just pick up the phone and call them, ‘ICQ’ them or ‘MSN’ them and chat wholeheartedly. It does help to de-stress one another and bring about a more relaxed atmosphere. Go one step further by inviting them for a weekly soccer or basketball game. The hidden key is about how you make optimal use of whatever time you have with your partners outside of business dealings. The same principle behind this key also applies to how parents make full use of their time to be with their kids. The common misconception about ‘quality time’ goes like, “If I can make next Sunday the best Sunday my kid will ever have, that’s quality time.” That’s terribly wrong. Time cannot be recouped back, and so is quality itself. You can only channel all your time and energy in specific areas that are dear to you…with whatever it takes.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 3: Loud And Clear!
Imagine 2 very contrasting types of communicators: one, a man of few words, but who can galvanized a whole nation into massive action by speaking out a single sentence with less than 10 words, and the other, who can keep on stressing and emphasizing until he is black in the face and the sun goes down, but still nobody would care. Between these 2 opposite ends of the pole, where do you lie in between? How would you cut down on redundant talk and start to focus on what you want to get out of a round of conversation and at the same time contribute to what the other party wants out of the conversation as well? We do not profess to be communication experts, but if there’s one book we must recommend for your essential reading, then that must be Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends & Influence People”, another age-old classic that stands the test of time and which you can easily find in most bookstores. Within the Masterminding context, there are specific communication protocols to follow but you need not treat “How To Win Friends & Influence People” as a prerequisite. You can read it in your spare time. All Relationships Contain A Common 'Space' In the last chapter, we mentioned that it’s worth taking time out to speak to your partners about things outside business. For every effort that you make to understand your partners’ views and situations, you are basically taking genuine interest in them. Do not think that it’s a waste of time, for no one likes to waste time. There is real progress being made and here’s what happened. When a person makes friend with another and cares to speak to him/her long enough, they gradually create and share a common ‘space’ and lingo inside which only the 2 of them can understand and feel comfortable. That’s why a man and a woman can be married for 50 years because they took the time to build a common comfort zone for one another, and this is not a matter of ‘somehow’. From the outsiders’ point of view, this is privacy space and they cannot gain access into it, until they are invited.

About the lingo, well, like we said, most of us are no communication experts. The
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

best way to establish a common lingo is to keep talking but more importantly, keep listening twice as much until you find out what makes the other person tick or react in a certain way. You may not know his/her full set of beliefs, personal values or how he/she was brought up; you only need to appreciate on hindsight these are but a few of some crucial factors that determine what ‘psychological triggers’ affect a person the most. With a good degree of observation, you can gauge a specific pattern of the person’s reactions and behaviors, and out of this pattern, how the person processes his/her thoughts, and what thoughts are these. Besides lingo, there are also the non-verbal parts of communication to pay attention to, like the way the person dresses up, the manner in which he/she carries his/her presence, how he/she projects a certain kind of image he/she wants other people to see, physiology (facial expression, posture, breathing, general body language) etc. Never Fill This Common Space With Individual Obstacles This sounds like you can get rather personal with the other guy. On the contrary, all you need is hindsight and a sense of mutual respect for him/her. At the very least, Masterminding techniques do not strictly concern themselves with the personality makeup. You see, today’s lesson is this: Your job to yourself is not to let not just your personality, but also your very concerns for the day and other ‘matters of the moment’, obstruct or get in the way of the Masterminding process. You are required to put your whole heart and mind into one round of Masterminding. Have we made ourselves clear? Good! Store this very important chapter at the back on your mind and move on. With regards to the question of how you can be a ‘man of few words’, we leave the answer to another chapter. Stay tuned.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 4: Understanding Individual Creativity
Now, creativity in business context tends to come from conscious and purposeful searching for solutions to problems and for ways and means of capitalizing on opportunities to fulfill demands with supplies. This implies that changes in the environment do have an impact or influence on the curious mind. Once the human mind comprehends the impact, it begins to create ‘awareness’ in various forms: 1) Awareness of a problem or fault. A problem is a very obvious invitation to innovate ways to overcome it. The observation and recognition of a problem is the No. 1 stage before ideas and inventions. 2) Awareness of a process need. Without a workflow, no business can achieve its goals. The workflow comprises of a variety of jobs made up of a number of specific and sequential tasks or operations. 3) Awareness of an opportunity. An opportunity is a chance opening offered under a set of favorable circumstances leading to more sales, improved stature in the competition or genuinely approved innovations. An opportunity must be thoroughly evaluated. 4) Awareness of competitor activity. It is essential that every business methodically and consistently monitors what major competitors are doing and takes action to counter those moves. Any delays only serve to give them a longer lead time and stronger competitive advantage. 5) Awareness of trends. We recommend that businessmen and companies do their own research. Nonetheless, you may take note that ‘futurologists’ or ‘trend trackers’ are earning serious dollars from marketing their ideas about likely social, economic, lifestyle and consumption patterns in the years ahead. Virtually everyday most people are confronted with situations in which it is possible to think about better ways of doing something or improving how things work. The starting point is to become curious and ask not "Why?" but "Hey, why not!" Question everything that is, and everything that is not what it should be. Here is a list of ideas for exercising your creativity: $ Keep looking for new ideas. $ Keep an open mind. Don’t say, “It can’t be done,” “Silly,” or “Impossible.” $ Keep your goals in mind. $ Keep your mind alert and active. $ Don’t always go it alone. Sharing a problem with someone else may throw up an unexpected solution. $ When your mind says, “Enough”, take a break and get some fresh air. $ When you reach a dead end, back up and try a new approach.
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

$ Break a problem down to logical parts. How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit. $ Work on the problem systematically. Don’t cut corners. $ Write any useful ideas down when inspired and before you forget. $ In the early stages, don’t commit yourself to a single idea. $ Get into a ‘Mastermind’ group to generate many ideas for evaluation later. Awareness → Problem → Mastermind → Solution

Take an active approach to solving problems and you will most definitely find a solution—a commercial one that can give you the ‘big break’ and a sales record. The challenge is: do you believe you are called to the right thing, and if so, can you persist to see the light of day at the end? Masterminding will not work the moment you waver in your faith towards the marketplace. You will only let yourself and your partners down if you even begin to think of changing directions.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 5: How To Sustain The Manifestations Of Your Individual Creativity
Socrates famously said, “He who wants to move the world must first move himself.” Someone else also said, “For things to change, I must change.” Almost all self-development books have their text based on this foundation which spoke of human initiative from the inside out. For a person to change his destiny and his world and influence the people around him (remember, you can’t change people…only yourself), he and no one else must take control and activate the special keys that manifest in his wonderful mind. This requires the person to become a master instead of a slave. Passivity and reactions will never put the person in the lead. Taking charge demands a person of his courage, a willing spirit, a proactive attitude and pro-actions. A business owner who must make the world feel glad of paying him his worth can only surmount all his energy to do immediately and according to plan. Let yourself blossom! Let yourself flourish! Take yourself to the next level of responsibility so that you can achieve greater heights by accomplishing nobler tasks. This One Word Can Make YOU Rich And Fulfill All Your Dreams And Desires In Life, Even If You Are Not ‘Focused’! The question “How to sustain the manifestations of your individual creativity?” has an answer in a 10-letter word that forever separates the human civilization between 5% and 95%. ‘Goals’ or ‘Passion’ are not exactly the words to look at because they mainly denote the bright spark in the beginning. ‘Wealth’ is not the point, because it is the end result you never begin with. ‘Focus’ has a meaning associated with ‘shortterm’, in that you pay all your attention into the moment of doing ONE thing. Once that thing is completed, it’s time to change ‘focus’. This 10-letter word is about the ‘long-term’ and you can’t change it as frequently as you change ‘focus’. It won’t cost you your attention, but it can cost you your WHOLE LIFE. For centuries, a great many men and women searched high and low for this separator of human civilization. The irony is that even if they, on their deathbeds, thought they ultimately failed to find the answer, it was already proven in their actions, because they have put their whole lives on the line for this single-minded purpose. All they need is someone else to point out the answer because they couldn’t see it. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you happened to be married for 20, even 30-odd years, have you ever wondered how your wedding ring got stuck around your finger? Or do you need someone outside of you to tell you how much you have been blessed with a family of your own when you don’t even know it? By all objective standards, you are truly blessed because of this 10-letter word…
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

COMMITMENT! Preparing Your Commitment Statement And so, in order to establish the foundation for human initiative from inside out, decide today that you are going to put yourself in utmost commitment to complete the mission and write your declaration down on paper or have a friend hold you accountable for it. Download this PDF file and hand-write on it. Don’t type it! This is how you write a commitment statement to yourself. It need not always be a business goal. It can be about mending a relationship, improving oneself, an affirmation, etc. It must contain a specific objective, the kind of action needed to complete the objective (the exact practical action is the solution, which you may not have an idea about now. ‘Action’ here means a certain ‘intention’ e.g. to solve, to seek help, to learn, to accumulate resources etc.), the dateline and the definition of the result desired out of completion.

An example would be: “I must reach a consistent income level of $5,000 per month by 16 Aug 2005 and within this next 7 months, my online business must gather and maintain momentum for me to reach that income level.” Once you are done, tape the paper to a wall in your office so that when you glance at it ‘accidentally’, it can remind you from time to time especially when you are least aware of your commitment.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 6: Masterminding Magic
Be patient! You will learn the Masterminding skills very soon. Napoleon Hill was able to define the kind of principles, both logical and emotional, that individuals must bring into a masterminding session for maximum productivity and effect. In his words, “Masterminding is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

When you believe that the brain has no limitations, when you believe in limitless individual creativity, you will also believe that when you take a burning candle and touch the flame of another candle, the power of two together is so much brighter than the two operating singularly. The super-consciousness is likened to a ‘third mind’—an invisible, intangible force which no two minds can come together without creating as a result of interaction. Leveraging On The Exponential Power Of The Third Mind Interestingly, when Napoleon wrote, “The accumulation of great fortunes calls for power, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge, but that knowledge does not necessarily have to be in the possession of the man who accumulates the fortune,” he went on to prove actual case studies in which the rich men did not know every knowledge of the industry they worked in, nor did they need to. Henry Ford surely did not know the nitty-gritty details which the engineer was supposed to know and vice versa. Each has his own role to play in the organization. It so happened that being the ‘president’ is a much larger role than being the ‘engineer’. Being an ‘engineer’ is also a larger role than being the ‘assistant engineer’. What this means to you is this: you can get all the knowledge in this world not by cramming knowledge into your head, which should take another lifetime, but by finding
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

the right person. Mathematically speaking, it is said that all it takes is but 4 people to reach just about any living person on the planet. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Nelson Mandela. It also takes just 6 e-mails to reach any one of the billions of accounts out there under equal probabilities. The Masterminding process is the best, if not the only way to help you gain unexpected leads, resources and knowledge with which you can convert into a certain monetary result because of this shared super-consciousness that gives back to you abundantly and endlessly. What beauty and magic it is!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 7: Benefits Of A Working Partnership
We present 8 immediate advantages to working in twos: 1) Having a like-minded individual to share common goals and purposes. 2) Multiplying the resources, knowledge, expertise, skills and productivity of 2 human beings. 3) Bringing clarity into one’s own understanding based on the partner’s stipulation of judgment. 4) Chemistry always opens up a greater access to new ideas through in-depth discussions. For this to happen, alternative options must be encouraged. 5) Having someone to encourage you and give you a boost of morale and energy to forge forward. 6) Greater mutual accountability on work performance. 7) Cutting down time and cost. 8) Knowing that you are committed/accountable to a partner, you are less likely to procrastinate. During the course of your teamwork, obstacles are bound to crop up. Then again, obstacles are present because they begin with ourselves. There are at least 3 fundamental challenges that team players must fulfill at all times: 1) Respect differences. 2) Agree to disagree. 3) Be responsible and accountable to what we say and do. The moment the above 3 points are constantly projected through your thinking and communication with your working partner, you will be amazed just how synergistic your partnership can become and no doubt you will enjoy your new-found position in this relationship. Of course, complications naturally arise if the team size consists of more than 2 members, but we are only asking you to get in pairs, which is just fine, though you are most encouraged to increase your team size when necessary. The advantages of working together are ever ready to show themselves up once you are willing to put yourself into a partnership and cultivate it. Recall in Chapter 3 how you can best establish a common lingo with your
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

partners. Quite simply, by admitting that you don’t know as much as your partner, you will then be able to listen, value and revere your partner’s words. What makes the interaction worth revering is the quality of words you and your partners put into it. It’s about how much VALUE you can add into one sentence. It’s how you can train yourself to be a ‘man of few words’. Today's lesson: Listen often and speak preciously.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 8: How Do You Find The Right Partners
It’s a good thing you have gone through all that mental treatment in the past 7 chapters, because now that you are done and got over with all issues concerning the mindset, character, personality and such, choosing the right partners has only become a matter of knowing what technical expertise these people and you yourself have with which all of you can fruitfully contribute into the work and the business. By the way, we want to highlight there are 2 types of partners involved. Your Masterminding partners may get together for a brainstorming session, but they won’t necessarily work with you. Your working partners are your business partners and brothers-in-arms. When your Masterminding partners are also your working partners, you all will go through thick and thin happily. Okay, the ‘Who you are’ matters are settled. Now it’s about ‘What you have’. 4 Types Of Things You Always Have What you have can be broken down into 4 categories, short for R.I.C.E. Based on a popular Chinese quote, “Those who have capital, contribute capital; those who have effort, contribute effort,” we can further break down what you have as both tangible and intangible. So ‘I’, very easily, stands for ‘Investment’. When some of your partners do not have the monetary means to take up the role of an investor, can you take over? Do you know someone out there who may have the interest to take over? It’s a good guess you think ‘R’ stands for ‘Resources’. All your resources comprise of not just tools, but also your creativity (ideas) and availability (time), for without your availability, you won’t have the time to harness the tools. Without creativity, you can’t discover new tools and methods. What resources do you have? Are they relevant to your Masterminding project? What about your partners? ‘E’ might as well represents ‘Effort’. It also stands for ‘Expertise’. All the tools can be laid in front of you but they are useless if you don’t know how to operate them. Can you take the necessary timeout to learn? If progress is imperative, can you find the right partner to do the task for you? ‘C’ stands for ‘Contacts’. If there is anything lacking in ‘R’, ‘I’ and ‘E’ and you can’t solve it on your own, you must immediately seek the assistance of someone, even possibly outside the Masterminding group, to help you get the job done on an impromptu basis. Your partners will know this ‘someone’ (who knows someone…) and can offer some recommendations.
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Time Vs. Money Now people commonly say that ‘time is money’. There are 4 types of intricate relationships between ‘time’ and ‘money’ and they can be represented as 4 types of people in a quadrant.

Have money, have time

Have money, no time

No money, have time

No money, no time

If this sounds funny, it must be you…Anyway, it’s good to check, according to the quadrant, which situations your potential working partners are in right now, so that you have the hindsight to plan the roles of who can do what most effectively in the long term. Chemistry Vs. Synergy We wrote about ‘Chemistry’ in Chapter 2, and then there is ‘Synergy’ in the technical sense: the seamless coordination between partners with different skillsets and expertise.

My strength, your strength

Not my strength, your strength

My strength, not your strength

Not my strength, not your strength

When my strength and your strength combine, we attain synergy. When both of us are mediocre at doing things, we reach disaster! So it is during work, in the daily running of the business, that you and your working partners begin to find out from one another how each one have performed in his/her assigned task or whether you can detect grouchiness or consistent enjoyment. Prepare to form a suitable role for your partners.
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Ultimately, sometimes when it comes to getting a job done, we all just have to roll up our sleeves and get out of our comfort zones and get our hands dirty. It’s just that this undeniable fact works behind the scene and doesn’t normally reflect in those marketing messages that flood your Inbox… And you think reaching a five-figure-per-month income, online or off, within your first 90 days is easy? Well, for some geniuses, they can work out the formulas. For ordinary folks like us, Masterminding is surely the most favorable ‘get-rich-slow’ method employed by Humankind.

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Chapter 9: The Masterminding Process
You are now ready to mastermind! This is the format of the process. Prepare Your Mastermind Worksheet 1) Download this PDF file. 2) Prior to every commencement of the meeting, all partners who have an objective to fulfill must fill in their commitment statements in the Mastermind Worksheet in the same manner as it is advised in Chapter 5. If you have several objectives, write them as 1 for every sheet to keep matters clear and focused.

3) Bring all worksheets for the meeting. Start The Meeting By Reading These 9 Rules 4) Before the meeting proper begins, get into your group of like-minded individuals and before any masterminding can happen, read out loud together the 9 rules so as to instill the proper atmosphere needed for creativity. Insist on honesty, confidentiality, non-competition, non-rejection, active participation, fairness, openness, accountability, humor, positive mental attitude and flexibility…not taking things personally!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Rule #1: I participate 100% in this masterminding session. Rule #2: I hold back nothing and give everything, including my abilities and resources. Rule #3: I am willing to assist and encourage my partner unconditionally. Rule #4: I listen, value, revere and trust my partner's words. Rule #5: I can contribute countless constructive ideas. My creativity knows no bounds. Rule #6: I agree to support the common goals and objectives of my partnership. Rule #7: I am responsible and accountable to what I say and do. Rule #8: I am optimistic and affirmative. I stand on the bright side of things and work for a positive cause. Rule #9: I am all set to mastermind—right here, right now. (Copy these rules somewhere.) We can’t help but vouch that reading these 9 rules always works in getting the right Masterminding environment. Let’s suffice to say that it does get partners into a ‘correct mental mode’, giving them the confidence of knowing that the other person is having the same thinking pattern as him/herself. The Masterminding Connection 5) Now, arrange among yourselves such that the group will mastermind for every person that has an objective in a round robin manner. When someone takes his/her turn, he/she must read out his commitment statement (it helps to affirm it anyway) so that all other partners can understand what help you need.

Ready? Time starts! 6) In the process of masterminding, move quickly and keep the ideas flowing. The person whose objective is masterminded on must fill up his/her Mastermind Worksheet as fast as he/she could while listening to the bombardment of ideas. HOW, WHEN, WHO and WHAT must be identified: Step 1: State clearly the commitment statement in real, substantial terms. What are
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

the goals in terms of ‘How many?’, ‘How much?’ and ‘When is the deadline?’ Step 2: Create a list of WHAT resources, expertise and knowledge are needed. Step 3: Determine HOW to go about looking for and using these resources, expertise and knowledge. Step 4: Provide contacts WHO own these resources, expertise and knowledge. Step 5: Evaluate and prioritize the ideas. You only ask WHY now. Step 6: Assign tasks and move into action…MASSIVE ACTION.

7) Between steps 1 and 4, as a masterminding partner, if you have to silently repeat this statement to yourself, please do so. “Move quickly and keep the ideas flowing!” Conjure new, outrageous ideas, for no ideas are stupid. Unleash your imagination. Think BIG for others and receive BIG from others. When suggesting ideas, cut in as soon as no one else is talking. 8) The best way to train yourself to think fast and put it in regular practice is to impose a ‘quota’ for the number of ideas required for each step and time the Masterminding process in 60 seconds to test all partners whether they can fulfill the quota within the period. We guarantee it’s fast-paced but fun! Initially, you may find this a little trying and getting used to, but once you achieve it as a habit, there’s no stopping you and what some others called your ‘fate’. It’s all in the mind. 9) At the end of 60 seconds, let the person finish up his/her writing on the worksheet. If he/she has a 2nd or 3rd objective, let him/her take a breather first and wait for the round robin to complete. 10) Once steps 1 to 4 are completed, don’t just pack up and go home to rest; the
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

meeting’s not over yet. Take out your Accountability Sheet and fill it in as you sort out and qualify firm leads and ideas. 11) If you have always been involved with a working partner then that’s great! Discuss with him/her all the new ideas. Prioritize the tasks needed to get done within a stipulated dateline and impose a penalty for completion failure. Penalties always work in a fine country like ours, and they can be anything from a treat to threat…just joking. 12) Finally sign on every Accountability Sheet depending on whether it has your objective or you are asked to be the ‘supervisor’. 13) Arrange the date for the next follow-up meeting, put it down in the Progress Report Sheet and end the present one. The Mastermind meeting becomes a success! The Masterminding Aftermath 14) As you and your working partner work on your assigned task, fill in the Progress Report Sheet with a definition of the result as you feel completed. Note down any further actions to be taken but which are not possible for the moment.

15) Before the final dateline is up, discuss with your working partner about the completed tasks. 16) Return for the follow-up session and if you need to mastermind for more leads and ideas pertaining to those tasks, discuss with your masterminding partners. Fill in a new Accountability Sheet for additional tasks and complete them. Otherwise, you are moving on to the next level of work and should be preparing a new commitment statement. And so the Masterminding pattern repeats itself. We try to be as detailed as possible about the Masterminding process but it’s really up to you and your partners to gel things together. ‘Chemistry’ is not something you can explain academically on paper. It takes a certain amount of human experience to go through and feel for the whole set of activities that has already prospered so many rich men and women through the ages. But we hope that we have given you some very solid pointers on the Art and Science of Masterminding
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The Mindset And The Mastermind

so that you can open new doors of opportunities for yourself and the people around you. The good news is you can put into practice what you have learnt thus far by joining the Dollarmakers Joint Venture Forum where you can meet up new friends and fire off your neurons through brainstorm sessions! Anytime now, you can start to mastermind from the moment you perfectly understand how the scenario plays out itself! Feel free to distribute the worksheets to your appointed partners and get them to read through these articles; it will be most beneficial for all of you. We wish you all the very best in your online success, and Happy Masterminding!

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

Final Word
Congratulations! You actually finish the book! To make sure it is a worthy investment: 1) 2) 3) 4) Study it. Understand it. Know what to DO with it. Be organized and have a plan so that you can anticipate what to do next.

Are there textual errors or dead links in this book? Click here to e-mail us. Are there ways we can improve this book? Send your suggestions to us. We love to receive your testimony because you appreciate our product. By doing so we can put up your testimony on our site so that people know who you are and click on your URL. Would you love that? Of course… A testimony should include your name, your URL (if any) and a photograph of yourself (recommended). We hope you immensely enjoy “The Mindset And The Mastermind” and found it useful, to say the least. This is Nelson saying, “HELLO!” To YOUR Virtual Success,

Nelson Tan

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The Mindset And The Mastermind

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