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					Jorge Torres 603 E. 5th Street Apt #3 C (765) 635-0980 e-mail:


First generation college student majoring in Communication and minor in Management. Junior at New Mexico State University with plans to transfer to Ball State. Vast experience in working with people. Previous positions held have been; Education Assistant, Student Internship with Campus Crusade for Christ, Vocational Trainer at Tresco, Inc., painter of oil on canvas, guitar lesson instructor for 8 years, Bilingual, ability to translate from Spanish to English and vise versa. Articulate and passionate. Have volunteered at nursing homes and jail ministries. Traveled into Mexico to serve orphanages and have led local level food drives. Enjoy working with people and also can work independently. Have worked with people of different backgrounds from business professionals to children and also people with special needs. Presently working at Recording Studio part time “Da Capo” Productions in Anderson, Indiana where I do Voice Over talent and mainly edit recordings, translate scripts. Years experience with Microsoft Office applications, internet uploading, and communication. Have reliable transportation. Further Background: Every summer since Junior High held jobs, which varied from mowing yards, Construction, to working in a Japanese Restaurant in Austin, Texas called “The Teriyaki Temple” where I was a cashier and a cook on the grill where customers were encouraged to be entertained as their food was freshly prepared. Sold breakfast burritos during summer school only to be shut down by administration because I was selling too much and lacked a license.

Jorge Torres’ Experience, jobs and other skills/accomplishments History as of 2006

Jorge Torres Ph: 635-0980 e-mail: address: 603 E. 5th Street Apt. 5 Anderson, Indiana 46012 Education: Texas Public Schools La Feria Texas High School Graduate Class of 2000 New Mexico State University Classification: Junior Major Communication, Minor Management Status: student to transfer to Ball State University

Job History: Job title: Teacher Assistant Conlee Elementary Las Cruces New Mexico USA. Dates: 10-7-02 through 12-20-02 (one semester) Job description: Assist Teachers with curriculum; assist students with assignments, substitute when teachers were unavailable due to meetings or absent. Pay: 7.00 per hour Reason for leaving: Full time student @NMSU and student intern opportunity. Job title: Student Intern for Campus Crusade for Christ Dates: 12-20-02 through 5-22-05 New Mexico State University Job description: Assist staff with student events, lead men’s Bible Studies, worship band leader, live sound set up and tearing down, promoting on/off campus events and community services. Organize community projects, promoting community within student body, One semester as President of Destino, at the time Largest Hispanic Student Organization. Motivate students for volunteering in service for Orphanage in Palomas, Mexico. Student retention by offering campus life opportunities. Pay: 12.00 per hour Reason for Leaving: Concluded Internship Job title: Job Coach Tresco, Inc. Dates: 2-7-04 through 5-26-06 Job description: Assist adults with mental disabilities at different job sites. Teach hands on technique for accomplishing tasks. Encourage different objectives recommended by Behavioral/Physical Therapists. Administer prescribed medications to individuals. Ensure safety of individual and others. Assist in toileting/ feeding/dressing individual. Encourage communication of individual through visual aids/electronic devices/personalized sign language or pictures. Transportation of individuals to their home or job site. Translate for Spanish speaking only individuals/family. Attend Individual Support Meetings. Understand person’s background and needs, input important observations from individuals day to day behavior and accomplishments. Pay: 8.00 per hour Reason for leaving: Reallocation to Indiana Express Personnel: Installer/Warehouse June-August Installing play sets and inventory at warehouse. Pay: 10.00 per hour Through the month of September went on a marketing opportunity Warren International Inc. Great experience yet based only on commission. Decided to pursue other opportunities. -Hopewell 10-10-06 to 12-3-06 -Guitar Lessons Present Presently Part time: Da Capo Productions Studio Voice over talent and studio editor Pro Tools and Sony Sound Forge pay: 8.00 as well as hours in internship. Also work as a guitar teacher several times a week.

Other Interests/experience/background

Arts: Songwriter, written over 100 songs. Sold a couple work for hire. Most recent: for a sweet 16 song titled “Cynthia”. Member of Taxi, my publishing company based in California. Styles of songs are in Alternative Rock/pop styles/contemporary worship. Have been a founder front man of three bands since I began playing guitar in 1997. Started Talent Show in my High School (98’-99’-00’) , still going strong. Self promote band, through typical venues including radio, news paper, word of mouth. News paper clipping available. Have played before live audiences in Bars and Churches. Largest crowd, 2,000 college students at the Adams Mark Hotel Denver Colorado Christmas Conference Most scenic gig, South Padre Island, Texas.

Recording studio at Home. Cakewalk/Pro Tracks mixing/mastering experience. Guitar instructor/ Over 50 students since 1997. Ages 8-72 Graphics: Free hand design logos for shirts. Kiwanis Club of South Texas, La Feria H.S. Band, Senior t-shirt class of 2000, March of Dimes Las Cruces, NM. Coloring book illustrator “Asaba” 1995 coloring book on teaching values to children Oil on Canvas painting “Calla Lilies Velarde” May 2006 sold for a couple of hundred dollars. Speaker, given talks on different subjects relevant to college students. Written several original short plays, have been performed before live audiences. “ Edible?” “Voices in a Freshmen’s Head”

Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish translate on the spot.

Volunteering: Nursing homes in Harlingen, Texas and South Western New Mexico USA. Visited residents, played songs for them, entertainment to worship on Sundays. Jail ministries, visited inmates, lead the music part of the service. Hospice music coordinator, New Mexico

Sports: Cross Country Specialist, La Feria High Duke City Marathon 2001 participant Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Conlee Elementary: (505) 527-9656 Dr.Bill Soules was principal while I was employed there. Campus Crusade for Christ (781) 944-2827 Brett Ogburn Campus Director Tresco, Inc (505) 312-8904 Teresa Opsal Family Support Provider

Express Personnel Carmel, IN (317) 596-9370 Mike Jones: Professional Sound Tech “The Continentals” (505) 571-0525 Rod Smith Da Capo productions 765-608-6177