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FES Flowers Bridging Body _ Soul


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• Actual shipping to be calculated when your order is processed • We will choose the most economical way of shipping unless otherwise requested • Expedited shipping is available via FedEx: 3-day, 2-day or overnight (AM or PM) • All addresses with P.O. boxes will be shipped by USPS First Class/Priority (not guaranteed without additional fee for insurance) • Orders over $50 shipped via USPS to Hawai’i, Alaska & Puerto Rico will be charged insurance • All international orders pay an insurance fee when available via USPS • $2 service charge for USPS orders over 2 pounds

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p I wish to know the shipping cost before you send my order; p please call me or p email me at the address above p Please send my order via RUSH Service with an additional $3 fee for priority order processing (same day processing & shipping if received by noon) Sales Tax CA orders only, 7.25% (7.375% in Nevada County) Payment To pay by check or money order (made out to FES), please call in advance so that we can prepare a quote and inform you of the total
(Canadian and other foreign checks or money orders must be in U.S. dollars, and include an additional $5 for bank fees)

p Send COD (U.S. only) by FedEx or UPS, $9.00 extra p Charge my Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX Card number: Exp: Cardholder: Signature: Please note when placing your order: There are volume discounts on same size single essence bottles: 12-pack – buy 12, pay for 11, 24-pack – buy 24, pay for 20 15% discount on cases of FFF, YES & Flourish formulas (must be all dropper or all spray)
Your thoughts about our products and service are important to us. Please drop us a line with your order, or speak to one of our sales staff. We welcome your phone orders and questions.

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FES Flowers: Bridging Body & Soul
Flower Essence Services
P.O. Box 1769, Nevada City, CA 95959 USA • Phone 530-265-0258 Fax: 530-265-6467 Order toll free: 800-548-0075 Monday-Thursday, 8 AM to 3:30 PM Pacific Time Online ordering and product information is available at www.fesflowers.com
For more in-depth information on flower essence therapy, please visit the Flower Essence Society website: www.flowersociety.org

Our Commitment

Flower Essence Services is devoted to preparing flower essences and related products with a strong commitment to people and our planet. Our Values at work:
a a a a a a a a a a Dual-certified organic/Demeter Biodynamic, the highest standards worldwide Composting program to regenerate & 'give back' to the soil and plants Limited packaging that emphasizes natural, recycled, and reused materials All printing is on recycled paper Always use glass bottles, and the handmade oak displays are from ecologically harvested wood with natural finishes Support local, national and international environmental and social organizations and donate products to social programs throughout the world Committed to ecological transportation strategies (4-day work-week, carpooling) and energy, water & paper conservation and recycling Preventative, holistic health coverage provided to our staff Only use earth-friendly, non-chemical cleaners Small and locally-owned – we care about people and the world we share

We aim to provide the highest-quality professional products, tested and proven for their health care efficacy and environmental sensitivity. We select only the purest, most vibrant plant species, conscientiously wildcrafted or grown in organic gardens. Our essences are carefully hand-prepared and hand-potentized to protect their extraordinary qualities. We guarantee our products to be safe and effective.
If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any item, we will cheerfully replace it or issue a refund. (Satisfaction guarantee applies within 60 days of purchases made directly from FES.)

Shipping and Payment Information
Orders are processed within 1 to 3 business days of receipt at our office. Please be aware that orders sent by mail can take a week or longer to reach us. RUSH Service ($3 in addition to shipping fees) means your order will be processed the same business day (Monday–Thursday) if received by 12 noon, Pacific Time, or the next business day if received in the afternoon. The Practitioner Discount & Research Program for eligible practitioners: to find out if you qualify for this program, please request an application, or call us for preliminary approval by phone. You may also sign up on our website, www.fesflowers.com. Limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Shipping in the U.S. is by UPS Ground, USPS and FedEx at actual rates. We will choose the most economical way of shipping unless you specify a particular shipping method. Charges depend on weight and location; if requested, we will call or email you with the estimated shipping costs before your order is shipped. UPS service: Transit time varies from one business day in N. California to 7 business days for the Eastern U.S. USPS service: All orders with a post box only will be shipped by USPS. Service by USPS is not guaranteed without an additional insurance fee and does not allow package tracking. All orders sent to Alaska, Hawai'i and Puerto Rico will automatically have an additional insurance fee. There is a $2 service charge for USPS orders over 2 pounds. FedEx (overnight, 2-day or 3-day) is available within the U.S. Overnight delivery is available on request for orders placed by telephone, online or fax before 12 noon, Pacific Time, Mon.-Thurs. A $3 RUSH service fee will be applied to all overnight orders. RUSH service prioritizes your order being processed at our office. Expedited services such as FedEx speed transit time in shipment. For fastest service, choose both RUSH and an expedited method. International shipments: Insurance fees will be applied when not already included in the shipping fee. If paying by check, please call ahead for correct total of your order. Customs arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the customer. Note that in many countries, we have local distributors; please consult our distributor list at www.fesflowers.com. Prepayment or COD is required for all orders. We accept money orders, all major credit cards, and checks received in advance of sending your order. There is a $10 service fee for returned checks. Canadian and other foreign checks and money orders must be in U.S. dollars and include an additional $5 for bank processing fees. COD service is available only in the U.S. via UPS or FedEx, for an additional charge of $9.00 (requires check or money order). Orders may not be sent COD to hotel addresses. Any amounts due or credits will be indicated on your order invoice. If there is a balance due, please send us a check on receipt of the order. Credit may be applied to future orders or refunded.
Prices subject to change without notice.

FES Quintessentials™ 7.5 ml = $7.80
1/4 oz. 7.5 ml 1 oz. 30 ml

30 ml = $12.80
1/4 oz. 7.5 ml 1 oz. 30 ml

Yarrow Environmental Solution 30 ml = $14.80
1/4 oz. 7.5 ml 1 oz. 30 ml

Aloe Vera Alpine Lily Angelica Angel’s Trumpet Arnica Baby Blue Eyes Basil Black Cohosh Black-Eyed Susan Blackberry Bleeding Heart Borage Buttercup Calendula Calif. Pitcher Plant California Poppy Calif. Wild Rose Calla Lily Canyon Dudleya Cayenne Chamomile Chaparral Chrysanthemum Corn Cosmos Dandelion Deerbrush Dill Dogwood Easter Lily Echinacea Evening Primrose Fairy Lantern Fawn Lily Filaree Forget-Me-Not

Fuchsia Garlic Golden Ear Drops Golden Yarrow Goldenrod Hibiscus Hound’s Tongue Indian Paintbrush Indian Pink Iris Lady’s Slipper Larkspur Lavender Lotus Love-Lies-Bleeding Madia Mallow Manzanita Mariposa Lily Milkweed Morning Glory Mtn. Pennyroyal Mountain Pride Mugwort Mullein Nasturtium Nicotiana Oregon Grape Penstemon Peppermint Pink Monkeyflower Pink Yarrow Poison Oak Pomegranate Pretty Face Purple Monkeyflower

Quaking Grass Queen Anne’s Lace Quince Rabbitbrush Red Clover Rosemary Sage Sagebrush Saguaro Saint John’s Wort Scarlet Monkeyflower Scotch Broom Self-Heal Shasta Daisy Shooting Star Snapdragon Star Thistle Star Tulip Sticky Monkeyflower Sunflower Sweet Pea Tansy Tiger Lily Trillium Trumpet Vine Violet Yarrow Yellow Star Tulip Yerba Santa Zinnia Yarrow Environ. Solution YES Spray Miscellaneous Items Animal Rescue Formula Dropper 1 oz. $14.80 Illumine Dropper 1 oz. $14.80 Magenta Mantle Spray 4 oz.

Flourish Flower Essence Formulas 1 oz. spray bottles
1 oz. 30 ml

30 ml = $14.80
1 oz 30 ml

Activ-8 Gaia Green Animal Rescue Formula Grace Fear-Less Grief Relief Discounted case of one each of the Flourish Formulas $150.96

1 oz. 30 ml

Illumine Kinder Garden Magenta Self-Healer

1 oz. 30 ml

Mind-Full Post-Trauma Stabilizer Sacred Heart

Healingherbs™ Flower Essences 7.5 ml = $7.80
1/4 oz. 7.5 ml 1 oz. 30 ml

30 ml = $12.80
Holly Honeysuckle Hornbeam Impatiens Larch Mimulus Mustard Oak Olive Pine Red Chestnut Rock Rose Rock Water Scleranthus

Five-Flower Formula 30 ml = $14.80
1/4 oz. 7.5 ml 1 oz. 30 ml

Agrimony Aspen Beech Centaury Cerato Cherry Plum Chestnut Bud Chicory Clematis Crab Apple Elm Gentian Gorse Heather

1/4 oz. 7.5 ml

1 oz. 30 ml

Star of Bethlehem Sweet Chestnut Vervain Vine Walnut Water Violet White Chestnut Wild Oat Wild Rose Willow Five-Flower Formula FFF SPRAY

FES Range of Light Essences 7.5 ml / 1/4 oz = $7.80
7.5 ml 30 ml 7.5 ml 30 ml

30 ml / 1 oz. = $12.80
7.5 ml 30 ml 7.5 ml 30 ml

Almond Alpine Aster Blazing Star California Peony California Valerian Cassiope Cherry Chocolate Lily Columbine Corn Lily Desert Lily Downy Avens Dune Primrose Explorer’s Gentian

Fiesta Flower Fireweed Glassy Hyacinth
Green Bells of Ireland

Lilac Lungwort Lupine Madrone Monkshood Mt. Forget-Me-Not Ocotillo Pedicularis Pussy Paws Red Larkspur Red Penstemon Redbud Redwood Rue

Scarlet Fritillary Shasta Lily Sierra Primrose
Splendid Mariposa Lily

Green Cross Gentian Green Nicotiana Green Rein Orchid Green Rose Hawthorn Hyssop Joshua Tree Lady’s Mantle Lemon Lewisia

Spreading Phlox Tall Mt. Larkspur

FES Research Essences
7.5 ml 30 ml

7.5 ml / 1/4 oz. = $7.80
7.5 ml 30 ml

30 ml / 1 oz. = $12.80
7.5 ml 30 ml 7.5 ml 30 ml

Acacia Agrimony Alfalfa Apple Apricot Aspen Avocado Banana Bee Balm Belladonna Bloodroot Blue Flag Iris Calif. Fuchsia Carob Cedar (Incense) Centaury Chamomile (Wild) Cherry Plum Chicory Christmas Rose Cinquefoil Clary Sage Clematis Coffee Comfrey Coreopsis Cotton Crab Apple Cranesbill Daffodil

Daphne Eucalyptus Feverfew Fig Five-Spot Foothill Monkeyflower Foxglove Giant Hyssop Gilia Globe Thistle Goldenseal Grapefruit Harvest Brodiaea Holly Hollyhock Honeysuckle Hopi Dye Amaranth Jasmine Magnolia Marian Thistle Mimulus Mistletoe Motherwort Mountain Angelica Mustard Nectarine Noni Oak Olive Onion

Orange Orchid Pansy Papaya Passion Flower Peach Pear Pennyroyal Petunia Pine (Lodgepole) Pink Angel’s Trumpet Plantain Plum Prickly Pear Cactus Red Mountain Heather Rock Water Rose Campion Sacred Datura Sand Verbena Scarlet Gilia Scarlet Pimpernel Scleranthus Sequoia Sierra Iris Skullcap Soap Plant Spice Bush Spikenard Squash (Zucchini) Star Jasmine

Star of Bethlehm Stinging Nettle Strawberry Sulphur Flower Sun Cup Sweet Alyssum Thyme Ti Plant Valerian Vervain Wallflower Walnut Water Lily Watermelon White Clover White Rein Orchid White Rose Wild Oat Willow Wisteria Witch Hazel Wood Betony Wyethia Yampah Yellow Yarrow Yucca

Practitioner Kits
7.5 ml 30 ml

7.5 ml / 1/4 oz

30 ml / 1 oz. 7.5 ml = $595 7.5 ml = $240 7.5 ml = $285 30 ml = $945 30 ml = $395 30 ml = $475

Complete FES Professional Kit (103 essences) Healingherbs Kit (40 essences) Range of Light Kit (48 essences)

Body Therapy Products
Seasons of the Soul Herbal Flower Oils 60 ml / 2 oz. = $10.80 120 ml / 4 oz. = $17.80 Benediction 60 ml / 2 oz. = $16.80 120 ml / 4 oz. = $26.80
60 ml 120 ml 60 ml 120 ml

Self-Heal Cream 50 gr / 1.7 oz. = $8.80 240 gr / 8. 5 oz = $23.80
50 gr. 240 gr.

Arnica Alleve Calendula Caress Dandelion Dynamo Mugwort Moon Magic

St. John’s Shield Benediction Gift box of 6 $58.80

Terra Flora Pure Essential Oils
Price Bargain set of 24 * Set of 35 with Rose Otto Set of 35 with Rose Blend Angelica Basil * 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml Bergamot* Cedarwood * Chamomile Cinnamon * Clary Sage * Cypress * Eucalyptus * Fennel * Frankincense * Geranium (Rose)* Ginger * Helichrysum Jasmine Juniper Lavender * 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 98.00 570.00 450.00 30.00 6.00 35.00 4.50 22.00 8.00 50.00 27.00 3.00 14.00 6.50 40.00 7.50 50.00 7.00 24.00 6.00 36.00 9.00 56.00 8.00 36.00 6.00 34.00 15.00 60.00 11.00 70.00 5.00 27.00

3.7 ml / 1/8 oz.
Quantity Lemon *

30 ml / 1 oz.
Price 3.7 ml 30 ml 2.50 12.00 2.50 14.50 6.50 36.00 85.00 15.00 50.00 2.50 7.50 2.50 12.00 4.50 18.00 6.50 32.00 125.00 4.50 28.00 6.50 40.00 6.50 36.00 30.00 3.00 15.00 11.50 65.00 54.00 7.00 44.00 Quantity

Lemongrass * Marjoram * Melissa Myrrh Neroli Orange * Palmarosa * Patchouli * Peppermint * Rose (Otto) Rose Oil Blend * Rosemary * Rosewood *

3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml

Sandalwood Tea-Tree * Thyme Linalol

3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml

Yarrow Ylang Ylang *

3.7 ml 3.7 ml 30 ml

Assorted Items
Price Quantity

Empty blue dropper bottles 1 - 1 oz. Case of 12 - 1 oz. 12 cases of 12 - 1 oz. Empty blue misting bottles 1 - 1 oz. Case of 12 - 1 oz. 12 cases of 12 - 1 oz. 1 - 4 oz. Case of 12 - 4 oz. Dosage bottle labels Each Pack of 100 Vegetable glycerin 4 oz. / 120 ml 16 oz. / 480 ml Travel bags for 40 - 7.5 oz. bottles Green Purple Blue Beeswax candle White Sage smudge stick Empty boxes Boxes for 12 1/4-oz. bottles Boxes for 12 1-oz. bottles Boxes for 24 1/4-oz. bottles Boxes for 24 1-oz. bottles $4.00 $5.00 $5.00 $6.00 $29.95 $29.95 $29.95 $24.95 $11.95 $3.95 $11.50 $.10 $7.00 $1.50 $15.00 $165.00 $2.00 $21.00 $1.50 $15.00 $165.00

FES Educational Materials Price List
Visit our website for descriptions and photos: www.fesflowers.com Flower Essence Society Publications
Flower Essence Repertory (Kaminski/Katz) Reprint
Calix: Int’l Journal of Fl. Essence Therapy FES Photo Affirmation Card Set (3½”x5”) Bach Photo Affirmation Card Set (3½”x5”) Choose language if not English: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Japanese Choosing Flower Essences; an assessment guide



Las publicaciones en español
Repertorio de essencias florales (Kaminski/Katz) Flores Que Sanan (Kaminski) Seleccionando Esencias Florales (Kaminski) Guía del los Remedios Florales del Dr. Bach



19.95 19.95 59.00 24.00

50.00 15.95 1.95 12.95


Les publications en français
1.95 2.00 2.50 2.50 1.50

Helping Children with ADD (Newsletter reprint) The Healing Art of Aromatherapy (Kaminski) Touching the Soul (Kaminski) Using Flower Essences (Kaminski/Katz)

Répertoire des Élixirs Floraux—Spiral Reprint Comment choisir un élixir floral (Kaminski) Elixirs Floraux: harmonisants de l’âme (Deroide)

24.95 1.95 27.95

Veröffentlichungen in deutsch
Handbuch der Kalifornischen und Englischen 36.00 Blütenessenzen (Kaminski/Katz) Die Wahl der richtigen Blütenessenzen (Kaminski) 1.95

More About Flower Essence Therapy
Audio by Nickie Murray: Fl. Remedies of Dr. Bach (2 cassettes) The Art of Prescribing (CD) Video: A Journey Into Healing (Barnard)
DVD: Searching for Cerato DVD: Seven Helpers DVD: Twelve Healers Bach Flower Herbal Emotional Formulas Bach Remedies: Form & Function (Barnard) Bach Fl. Remedies for Animals (Graham/ Collected Writings of Edward Bach (Barnard) Healing Herbs photo cards (Barnard) Healing Herbs poster (Howden) Healing Herbs poster (Howden) Spanish New Bach Flower Body Maps (Krämer /Wild) Treating Animal Illnesses (Bear/Lewis) The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide (Mesich)
10.69 13.95 9.95 9.95 9.80 9.80 16.50 25.00 12.95 14.95 11.99 7.95 19.95 9.95 9.95 19.95 12.95

Pubblicazioni in italiano
Repertório delle Essenze Floreali (Kaminski/Katz)
32.00 30.00 15.95

Publicações em português
Repertório das Essências Florais (Kaminski/Katz) Flores Que Curam (Kaminski)

Publications in Japanese

Flower Essence Repertory (Kaminski/Katz) with color





Bach Flower Remedies for Children
A Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies


Holistic Health

Flower Essence Services
P.O. Box 1769, Nevada City, CA 95959 USA Phone: 530-265-0258 Fax: 530-265-6467
Issued September, 2008

Printed on recycled paper

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