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					Claverack REC
One of 14 electric cooperatives One of 14 electric cooperatives serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey

PRESIDENT & CEO: Bob Toombs BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Thomas Elliott, Donald Kannenberg, Robert Hess, Steven Sliwinski, J.W. “Bill” Bride, Albert Wyda, James Zick, Leo Griffith, John McNamara

EMPLOYEES: Fred Allis, Art Allyn, Deborah Allyn, James Altemus, Stacey Ammerman, Larry Beebe, David Benninger, Tommy Blair, William Burnside, John Camburn, Linsday Chamberlain, Bonnie Comstock, John Cowles, Scott Custer, Brian Decker, Randy Fekette, Jeff Fetzer, Annette Fowler, Bonnie Fox, Charles Goodwin, James Griffiths, Robert Herda, Stephen Herrington, Kylie Hulslander, Searl Johnson, Bobbi Kilmer, Robert Kunkle, Mike LaDue, Ashley Phone numbers Lantz, Jacquelyn Lawrence, Robert Miller, Lois 570/265-2167 Newton, Nicole Newton, Doug Nichols, Ralph 1-800-326-9799 Park, Harold Perry, Brent Raupers, Allen Scott, Neil Outage number Snyder, Anetta Soper, Sharon Spencer, Dennis States, 570/268-1370 1-800-356-9799 Jody Stroud, Jeff Truesdale, Greg Wilcox, Shelley Young
24-hours a day E-mail Address Home Page address

Board of Directors
Thomas J. Elliott ......................570/265-5310 Chairman Zone 4 Donald Kannenberg................570/623-3371 Vice Chairman Zone 5 Robert A. Hess..........................570/278-3285 Secretary/Treasurer Zone 7 Steven Sliwinski ........................570/364-5250 Vice Secretary/Treasurer Zone 9 John “Bill” Bride, Zone 1 ........570/265-4022 Albert J. Wyda, Zone 2 ............570/333-4547 James W. Zick, Zone 3.............570/434-9092 Leo J. Griffith, Zone 6.............570/833-5462 John C. McNamara, Zone 8 ...570/663-2150

Robert O.Toombs
President & CEO

People you can count on.TM

Bobbi Jo Kilmer .............Executive Assistant Ralph Park ..............Sr. Director, Engineering Services Brent Raupers .......Director, Member Services Michael W. VanBergen ..............Sr. Director, Electric Operations Shelley Young .....................Director, Financial Services

Office Hours Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
2002 10a

Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative

Vintage Villages
by Jeff Fetzer

What does it take to set the Christmas spirit aglow? For some, it’s the sight of St. Nick or fresh-fallen snow. For others, it’s decked trees with angels on top, Nativities, gift wrap, shopping ’til you drop. But for Claverack member Sheila McNeal, It takes but a village to raise that warm, holiday feel. ake that collection from Department 56.The layout is designed to reflect life in a Northeastern town during villages, the 1800s. as in the Nearly all of the homes, shops and handcrafted porcelain buildings and series. On a snow-covered landscape, other buildings that make up her colaccessories produced by Department children carol in front of the town lection contain small incandescent 56, the Eden Prairie, Minn., maker steeple, villagers chat outside Steen’s bulbs, illuminating nostalgia-inducing of giftware, collectibles and holiday Maple House, and a sailboat merrily settings of bygone eras. decorating products. floats near the Craggy Cove LightAlthough her collection is mostly During the holiday season each house. On the outskirts of the 19th comprised of Department 56 items, it year, the dining room and living room century hamlet, the lights in Semple’s didn’t start out that way. of Sheila and Phillip McNeal’s rural Smokehouse glow warmly as a gentle “My daughter bought me a lighted home in Burlington Township, snow falls behind it — out in the real village set from Ames about 12 years Bradford County, comes alive with world, on the other side of the bay ago,” she remembers, “and that kind the quaint villages she creates with her window’s glass. of got me interested in collecting. I Christmas collectibles. “I love to turn off all the lights in just started buying pieces and adding In front of the bay window there’s the room and enjoy my collection,” on.” the New England Village, her largest Sheila comments. “I just really like Then she discovered the PA-NY collection of a single Department 56 that fantasy look.” Villagers Club, a group based in Elmira., N.Y., that had about 50 members -- all Department 56 devotees. Although the club may have disIn addition banded earlier this year, Sheila notes to collecting village that participating in the group greatly pieces, Sheila added to her enjoyment of the colMcNeal also lectibles hobby. enjoys creatSheila, two of her sisters and a sistering items to in-law all belonged to the club, which add to her display. At met at a church in Elmira once a far right is month. There they would make accesa miniature sories — fences, outhouses, wood outhouse she piles, trees, etc. — for their villages constructed. and share ideas about creative ways to display the tiny towns. The club also organized house tours for members each year during the holidays.


VILLAGE PERSON. Sheila McNeal of Towanda, Pa., displays her 30-building New England Village

Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative

“I like to see other people’s villages because you get a lot of new ideas about how you can set up your own village,” she explains. “Everyone does it a little bit differently, but they all turn out really nice. You get a lot of compliments on them.” Sheila enjoys having family and friends visit and view her village displays. “I just love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year,” she says. “And it’s about the only time I decorate all year.” Setting up the village display takes several weeks, so she’s not usually in much of a hurry to tear it down after the holidays pass.

Isn’t that sweet? — Steen’s Maple House, one of Sheila McNeal’s Department 56 buildings.

“I usually start setting up right after Thanksgiving and keep it up until April or May,” Sheila remarks. “It’s a lot of work taking it down. It’s worse than setting up.” The problem, she admits, is the size of her
Semple’s Smokehouse, part of the New England Village collection.

collection. She owns about 65 buildings, which cost from $35 to $100 each, as well as hundreds of accessories. Sheila reports that she has stopped adding pieces to her village collection. “I’ve run out of room,” she says with a laugh. “It has to be a real special piece now. It really has to catch my eye.”

Interested in going green? Give Claverack a call
Electric cooperative consumers in Pennsylvania — including Claverack Rural Electric members — may soon be able to purchase green power. Claverack’s wholesale power supplier, Continental Cooperative Services member Allegheny Electric Cooperative (CCS/Allegheny), has given the green light to EcoEnergy, a program that will allow co-op members to purchase renewable energy produced in Pennsylvania. Under the program, CCS/Allegheny will purchase green energy certificates from Community Energy Inc., a Wayne, Pa.-based renewable energy marketer. CCS/Allegheny-affiliated electric distribution co-ops, including Claverack, could then resell the certificates or “green tickets” to interested members. Members would be able to purchase the tickets for either a 100-percent wind energy product or a 50/50 blend of wind and hydro power. The wind energy will be supplied from generating facilities at the Mill Run Wind Farm in Fayette County, the Somerset Wind Farm in Somerset County and the planned Pocono Wind Farm in Wayne County. Hydroelectric generation will come from CCS/Allegheny’s Raystown Hydroelectric Project. The Green-e certified renewable energy certificates will be available in blocks of 200, 300 or 400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) at a price of approximately 7.35 cents per kWh for the wind/hydro blend and 7.6 cents/kWh for the 100 percent wind product. That’s about 3 cents per kWh higher than Claverack’s current price-to-compare for electric generation. The EcoEnergy program, which is expected to be implemented in 2003, gives co-op members the option of buying environmentally friendly generation without needing to switch their electric generation supplier. And EcoEnergy’s prices are comparable to those offered by Green Mountain Energy, an electric generation supplier that markets renewable energy to private power company customers in Pennsylvania but has yet to make it available to cooperative consumers. Claverack’s involvement with the EcoEnergy program will be based on the level of interest expressed by the co-op’s consumer-members. Members who are interested in participating in the renewable energy program are urged to contact the member services department by calling 570/265-2167 or 800/326-9799.




Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative

Give your family the gift of a safe Yuletide
ooking for a great Christmas gift idea that’s inexpensive and will disappoint absolutely no one? Consider giving your family the gift of a safe holiday season. You can wrap up a safe Yuletide by taking a few precautions when decorating your home for the holidays. We all know that Christmas trees embody the warmth and beauty of the holiday season, yet they can also be a potential fire hazard. Christmas trees are the source of about 600 fires in the United States each year, according to the Iowa State University Fire Service Institute. These


fires cause an average of 33 deaths and over $21 million in property damage. We’re offering the following simple safety tips designed to keep the holidays safe and bright for you and yours this Christmas: If using a natural tree, consider having it sprayed with an approved flame-retardant chemical. Make sure your tree is fresh. Don’t purchase a tree with brown needles or dry limbs. Saw at least an inch off the base of your tree before putting it in its stand. Water the tree frequently, making

Know Someone Who Could Use Some Energy For The Holidays?
Claverack Rural Electric gift certificate could brighten the holidays for someone in your life. If you are looking for something unique for that hard-to-buy-for relative or just want to help out a neighbor who’s struggling to make ends


meet, consider purchasing a gift certificate from the co-op. It’s the perfect holiday gift for someone who could use a little extra holiday energy. Simply fill out this form and return it to Claverack with your check for the amount of the gift.

sure to keep the water level above the cut. If you use an artificial Christmas tree, make sure it is fire resistant. Inspect tree lights for broken or frayed wires and loose connections. Use no more than three sets of lights per extension cord, and do not place the cords under rugs or in paths of travel. Don’t place lighted candles on or near the tree. Turn off tree lights overnight and when you’re away from home. Keep all Christmas trees away from walkways and heat sources, such as fireplaces, heaters, stoves and radiators. Install an automatic timer on holiday lights for safety and efficiency. Try to keep bulbs from touching tree branches. Keep tinsel and paper decorations away from hot lights. Light strings and other electrical decorations should be kept out of children’s reach. Be sure your smoke detectors are in working order and contain fresh batteries. Make sure your fire extinguisher is fully charged and in good working condition.

Recipient’s Name: ____________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Claverack Account Number: ___________________________________ Amount of Gift: ______________________________________________ From: _______________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Phone Number: ______________________________________________ Mail the certificate to:_________________________________________

Holiday Closings
All Claverack offices will be closed the following days: December 24 and 25 – Christmas January 1 – New Year’s Day




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