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									The different kinds of love
ture and is defiantly worth it By Erin Sass to risk your heart to find true Staff Writer Love. Love is more than a four love,” states junior, Ashley Haletter word and can be shown zelgrove. in a variety of ways. Love is not Frienship love should be always mushy and consisting of cherished. chocolates and Think about “Love is an amazing adventure what your flowers, but it and is definitely worth it to risk life would be can be difficult and confusing. your heart to find true love” without your Love can take on close friends, -Ashley Hazelgrove many forms: royour life just Student mantic, friendwouldn’t be ship and even the same. global. “If I lost all Romantic love can be the most my friends, my party would be confusing of all; it is hard work gone,” states Jose Pinada, while and takes time and energy from he sings One is the Loneliest both parties involved. The two Number. people need to care for one anHaving true friends allows one other, be patient and work hard to take on the world, knowing to make things work out. Ro- they are not alone and they can mantic love should never be tak- always count on each other. en for granted, but cherished. This caring love between friends “Love is an amazing advenis to be cherished and sacred.

Hi Times Issue 5 Vol. 100

February 2009

Global love is what makes the world a better place. People show global love through an array of ways: volunteering, joining a cause, or even a smile to a stranger in the street. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet people and become involved in the community. When one joins a cause you share your views with the world and form a group of people who you belong with and share the same views. Never underestimate the power of smile, a smile to a stranger could make their day. The feeling of love will be returned in tenfold for any efforts. So, this Valentine’s Day whether one’s status is single, in a relationship, remember love can be shared many ways, so go out there and share the love!

Can a drug help ease a broken heart?
By Kaitlin Carlos Editor
Falling in love can be an indescribable bliss, but at times it can hurt like hell. Often times, love is not a choice, but something people get sucked into involuntarily. However, having a guaranteed upper hand over such emotions and infatuations could be riding the horizon. Sometime in the future, it might be possible to have a doctor prescribe a drug that can make a person immune to feelings of attachment. It’s been discovered that oxytocin and vasopressin, two hormones that produce the same neural gratifications as nicotine and cocaine, can create urge and feelings of attachment. Neuroscientist Dr. Larry Young is developing his grand unified theory of love at Emory University by studying prairie voles, one of the few mammals (less than 5%) that share the human monogamy lifestyle. By playing with the vole’s hormone levels by injecting them with oxytocin and vasopressin, Young can take note on the bonding effects these chemicals can have on the voles. Dr. Young stated, “Human love is set off by a biochemical chain of events. Some of our sexuality has evolved to stimulate that same oxytocin system to create male-female bonds.” His theory summarizes that sexual stimulation in women focuses on the same areas that take part in birth and nursing. He believes that oxytocin is released in mother and child during birth and nursing, which creates a strong bond between the two. Young hypothesizes that the explanation of why women desire intercourse even when they aren’t fertile and men are drawn to breasts is derived from the oxytocin released during the birthing period. For instance, if a female vole is given a boost of oxytocin, she tends to cling to the first male in sight and stay nestled by his side. The same goes for a male given a dose of vasopressin. When Young represses the hormones in either sex, the voles will simply hit it and quit it without any external motives of attachment. Drugs with oxytocin have already been administered and seem to augment a person’s feelings of trust and empathy, which could amplify feelings experienced while falling in love. A ‘love vaccine’ could allow people to grab a hold of lusting mind-set and be of help when one is trying to put focus on other areas of life. “It could be nice to push away feelings for someone with a pill, but I’d rather live life than feel numb,” said senior Bethany Bonham. Though this remedy dismisses both romance and pure, human emotion, it has potential to help someone keep their cool in times of need. Marital therapists have already expressed that this could be prescribed to an unhappy couple during a time of distain, and discourage one of them from having a passionate love affair with person they set eyes on.

Love Drug


Photo By Erin Sass

Above, a group of friends join together to celebrate their friendship. Love doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, and many friends choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Last Minute V-Day Gifts
restaurant. Many restaurants have deals for the romantic holiday. Don’t forget to make a Valentine’s Day is right around reservation! You don’t always need to the corner! Have you thought of spend money. Bake some cookwhat to do for your sweetie? ies, or treat February 14 doesn’t have “It’s the thought that counts. them to a home to wipe out I usually just go out and buy cooked meal for two. your bank a box of candy or something. I “I usually account, got flowers from my boyfriend just try to make sometimes my girlfriend the simplest last year.” happy,” junior of things -Amber Gambill Nick Santana can win over Junior said. their hearts. Some last “It’s the minute gift ideas thought that counts. I usually include a simple card and a just go out and buy a box of flower. candy or something. I got flowAlso, if money is really low ers from my boyfriend last year,” you can just promise to spend said junior Amber Gambill. the day together. A day at the Make a card filled with the right words. A simple gesture of park can be romantic and fun, but bundle up it may be chilly, how you feel could do the trick. but that is all the more reason “I think Valentine’s Day to snuggle up together. should be about letting the Lastly, a fun activity would person you’re with know that be to bake a cake with your you love them. The presents are significant other and then share nice too,” said junior Maddie your sweet treat. Consider this Perkins. advice and your Valentine’s Day A box of his/her favorite will be great and remember as sweets, a bouquet of flowers, or long as you spend time with something significant to your the one you love, then you are relationship is also one of the bound to have fun! more popular ideas. Take them to their favorite

By Emily Jorgenson Staff Writer

Love knows no age
By Jamie Kasinger Staff Writer Love is a crazy feeling that no one can fully understand. When love makes its way into the hearts of two people, it’s magic. For some it doesn’t, if the couples are socially accepted or not. In society, age, race, sex and category are the main factors of social acceptance. In the Denver Post, columnist Susan Greene wrote an article of Bob Reschke, 97, and Florence Apodaca, 92, who met and fell in love while living in a nursing home. Reschke, who is dying of prostate cancer, decided to move to Hospice of St. John in Lakewood, Colorado. Apodaca had lived there for a year already when he came to live there. They met in the dining room one night at dinner. He thought she was beautiful. Since they met, they have been inseparable, asking the nurses how the other one would sleep and meet just to take a stroll in their wheel chairs. “When I think of all the ladies I’ve known, you were the best, the nicest person I ever met. You are the love of my life. You’re the one who makes history,” Reschke said to Apodaca.
Just Love can strike at any age, and any time in life. “I know I’m in love with the person I’m dating and not many people can say that. If you’re happy age shouldn’t matter,” said sophomore Josh Sizemore about his girlfriend who is aboutfour years younger then him. Love has many forms, and today many problems. Some get angry stares, harsh words and even physical violence. Junior Heather Howard says she can’t stand immature comments. “People say what is said because they think it’s funny. I get irritated! I thought we were in high school not kindergarten,” said Howard. Some people don’t realize that what they say and do could cause problems with others relationships. “What they do doesn’t make us fight, but we do get embarrassed around other people,” said Howard. “Love shouldn’t be judged by others some who don’t even know you. Regardless of what others think, love can strike anyone at any time… especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner!

There are many stand by gifts that will be available on Valentine’s Day, including flowers, stuffed animals, and cookies.

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