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street  city, state zip  phone  email Qualifications for SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING ANALYST / DEVELOPER Creative, energetic, and results-oriented business leader possessing an M.B.A., and more than 20 years of packaging development experience. Knowledgeable in several printing processes, including digital, offset, flexo and gravure. Serves as a dependable and motivational project manager who skillfully trains and develops cross-functional teams to achieve optimal results. Areas of expertise include: Account Management  Product Development  Promotions  Proposal Preparation  Research/Development Strategic Planning  Writing  Sustainable Packaging Design ACCOMPLISHMENTS  

  

Developed a features and benefits comparison table and a PowerPoint presentation for customers that showcased a company’s competitive advantage. Created one year and three year marketing plans that included media relation tactics, conference details, trade show plans, and government relation goals. Secured $5.2M in new account bidding opportunities. Generated more than $900K from new accounts, and $1.8M in new account bidding opportunities. Achieved high productivity by implementing team building strategies and motivational training. Generated $300K annually in new business opportunities by developing a cross-functional team for process flexo printing and introducing press side tools for measuring color consistency. Developed an improved system for customer proofing and initiated the use of digital plates for holding a 3% dot resolution, giving the customers a higher quality of printing on the corrugated sheets. PROGRESSION

STARCHTECH INC.  CONSULTANT  2007 – PRESENT Researches plant-based starch cushioning peanuts, comparing them to polystyrene peanuts from a manufacturing and disposal or recycling perspective. Determines how packaging and recycling legislation could benefit life-cycle and biodegradable products. Decides whether marketing campaigns should include a CO2 reduction claim. Determines which government agencies, such as the EPA, would be interested in helping to promote 100% biodegradable packing peanuts as a sustainable alternative to petroleum based packing peanuts.  Researched recycling legislation and compiled a list of states where recycling and packaging statues favored sustainable products over disposable products.  Discovered a consultant to potentially support the application for and collection of grant money for product line expansion. ADVANCED WEB  SALES EXECUTIVE  2005 – 2007 Hired as a strategic hunter to secure $1-2M in new accounts annually. Recommended fiber and flexible labeling and rollstock options based on substrate compatibility and conditions of use. Developed prototypes and designed controlled testing procedures for feasibility studies prior to production.  Cultivated fortune 500 companies on a consistent basis to secure business through special projects and specialty promotions.  Led the coordination of plant level testing for new product roll-out. Traveled to the plant location for observation and to offer expertise during initial packaging trials.  Helped to develop and write copy for updating sales brochures. Continues…

(651) 699-1785  PROGRESSION, CONTINUED QUALITY ASSURED LABEL  SALES EXECUTIVE – WEST COAST  2003 – 2005 Secured new account bidding opportunities for the $4.65M pressure sensitive label business. Remained knowledgeable of and developed pricing models for bid packages. Managed all pricing and communicated all pricing increases as needed. Initiated projects with packaging engineers and worked with them to define the construction and produce initial pricing. Demonstrated knowledge of reverse auctions.  Developed flexible booklet labels for the international market.  Completed a marketing presentation for a fortune 100 company, demonstrating how various label designs would decrease costs while maintaining branding and regulatory information.  Provided the marketing department innovative plans and proposals. LIBERTY CARTON  GRAPHICS MANAGER  2000 – 2003 Supervised four full time employees and collaborated with the sales department to produce proofs and suitable artwork for flexo printing on corrugated substrate.  Grew four color press crews into top performing employees by training them in color management by using an X-Rite spectrodensitometer. LIBERTY CARTON  PROJECT MANAGER  1997 – 2000 Outsourced specialty packaging, including folding cartons, corrugated packaging, litho labels, pressure sensitive labels, spiral wound cans, point of purchase displays, and foam inserts for the retail packaging division. Led a cross-functional team for continuous improvement in communications, accuracy, process efficiencies, and quality for the benefit of the customers. Demonstrated knowledge of off-shore outsourcing.  Developed a packaging program for outsourcing that added value for the customer and increased overall sales by 8%. (The division still uses the model for project management.)  Created a coffee packaging program that included nestable coffee cup jackets, disposable coffee carrier, corrugated take out tray and cover, and gift boxes. ROCK TENN  PROJECT MANAGER/SENIOR SALES REPRESENTATIVE  1988 – 1997 Served as the recycling business unit secondary market waste paper buyer for the St. Paul mills. Organized and trained volunteer groups on how to conduct a successful paper drive fundraiser. Scheduled the pick-up and delivery of roll-off equipment for the paper drives with a local freight company. Also performed sales development, growing custom paperboard packaging solutions with specialty barriers, coatings, and susceptors, as dictated by the project. Traveled to a food processing plant to work with the on-site quality team for continuous improvement and efficiency measures.  Exceeded a division’s goal for the paper drives by 165%.  Maintained $4.5M in annual sales with fortune 500 accounts.  Reached sales goals for five consecutive years by bringing in new projects. Decreased costs by $200K by implementing waste reduction, alternative sourcing, and production efficiencies. EDUCATION / AFFILIATIONS M.B.A., Accounting, University of Minnesota Affiliated with the Institute of Packaging Professionals

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