Professional Success Factor by rbkanth


									Apply The Four Professional Success Factors These four objectives span the 3 career paths and enable the 2 core functions of Marketing and

Innovation: 1. Personal Productivity If you cant manage yourself, you won't be able to manage anything else. The Preparation section of this site explains the 7 top productivity secrets of top performers. You can also get a copy of my personal productivity report with video introduction. 2. Team Synergy This area focuses on your own and your teams/companies abilities and skills to plan, decide, and control ever wider and ever more efficient areas of value creation. Get a Training Guide For Your Team's Performance. 3. Business Skill The strategic considerations including what product to get behind, what market to target, by what means, to what ends. An evolution of

company innovation through flexible response to market trends. Plus the operational result of the business strategy, including order fulfilment, product creation, after sales service, customer acquisition and retention. The main site navigation gives you access to the 6 Component New Professionals Matrix of short-cuts to business innovation.

4. Global Experience Let's not lose sight of the wider world that is out there with near limitless possibility for the New Professional.

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