“Thank You” Letter to Corps Scholarship Donors

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					27 February 2009 MEMORANDUM To: Subject: Corps Scholarship Recipients “Thank You” Letters to Corps Scholarship Donors, Spring 2009

1. Requirement: Write a letter to your Corps scholarship donor(s) and turn the letter(s) in to the Corps Scholarship Office, Trigon Basement Rm. 009, no later than Mon 9 Mar 2009. 2. Purpose: to express appreciation for the donors‟ support and to let them know who you are and how you are doing. 3. Instructions: a. Login to CMS to find your donor‟s name and address. b. If desired, you may review a sample letter by clicking one of the following links: Sample Donor Letter for Initial Contact, Sample Donor Letter for Upperclassmen. c. Prepare a typewritten letter to your donor approximately one page in length. d. Do‟s and Don‟ts: i. Do sign your letter and include your complete name and contact information. ii. Don‟t copy the sample letter word-for-word or send the same letter you sent your donor last semester. e. If you have more than one scholarship, prepare a letter to each donor. f. Make a copy of each letter (you may use the copier in the hallway of the Corps Scholarship Office, Trigon basement room 009). g. Turn in original plus one copy of each letter. You may place the original letter in your own stamped envelope addressed to your donor, or you may use one of our office envelopes (with postage paid by our office). 4. Note: Failure to fulfill the requirement by the deadline may result in loss of current and/or future Corps scholarship(s). 5. Point of contact: Ms. Linda Hood, Senior Office Associate, Trigon Rm. 009, 458-1709, lhood@tamu.edu.

WILL SCHRANK „86 Asst. Commandant for Administration