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12 November 2009


20 November

: School Social – 5.30-6.45pm P-Yr 2 and 7.00-8.30 Yrs 3-6 : 9.15am Junior Assembly – Presented by KAM : Kinder to CMG : Kinder to CMG : Yr 3/4 to Camp at Birrigai : Kinder to CMG : Yr 5/6 FM Skills : 6pm Board Meeting : 7.30pm P&C Meeting : 9.15am Whole School Assembly – Presented by 5/6SN

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From the Principal
AUSSI School Accreditation Congratulations to all our clever students who have shown themselves to be great leaders in looking after our environment. This has resulted in Aranda Primary becoming an accredited sustainable school. Thank you to Ros Webb for leading this change within the school. Vanessa Whelan, Australian Sustainable Schools Coordinator, attended the assembly last week and presented the Award to G-Force representatives, Isabel D‟Cruz and Alex La Salle. Vanessa shared our latest recycling results and we have decreased the amount of waste to landfill by 73% since introducing our recycling stations on World Environment Day 2008! Well done Aranda. ACT Primary Concert Band We were very fortunate to be one of three schools to welcome the ACT Primary Concert Band to perform for us this week. As mentioned previously in the year, ten of our Year 6 students were successful with their audition for this band. This is the largest number of students from one school ever to be selected for the Primary Concert Band. Many ACT Primary Schools were represented by the students playing in the band. It was a magnificent performance and once again our students were a great audience.

World Teachers Day The staff of Aranda Primary would like to thank the P&C and Board for their acknowledgement of the quality teaching in our school by presenting a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a continuous supply of comfort food. It is much appreciated. Multi-Purpose Court Our new court was poured last week and the line markings completed. The next stage is the erection of the shade structure which will begin on Friday. The multipurpose court and the new library have been made possible through the „Building The Educational Revolution‟ grant from the Federal Government. Unfortunately a few trees will have to be removed to allow this work to take place however they will be replaced two-fold by the developer at the conclusion of this work. Pre-School Information Evening The Pre-school was certainly bursting at the seams last night for the information evening. Many enthusiastic parents were introduced to the philosophy of pre-school education and the day to day organisation. Thank you to Guna Malafant, Janelle Kennedy, Angela Myerscough and Ros Webb for once again attending an out of hours function.

School Drop Off and Pick Up Thank you parents/carers for supporting your children‟s learning. Most students are now arriving on time, ready to begin the school day at 9am. A reminder that school finishes at 3pm. Students should be collected promptly, or go directly to After School Care or their After School Music Program classes. Soccer Yesterday a group of Year 3/4 students took part in a combined schools‟ soccer day. They were wonderful ambassadors for our school and demonstrated good sportsmanship in very hot conditions and against strong opposition. Well done to Year 6 game leaders (referees) Alex, Callum, Katherine and Michael. These students volunteered their time on the day. It was a big job and they did really well. Thank you also to Mr Tim Jasprizza and Mrs D‟Este who supported students. Social We are looking forward to tonight‟s social. The current pre-school students have been invited to their very first social. Thank you to Denis for his organisation of this event.

like the phrase “Once upon a time” because it tells us that a story is about to start. We have been doing some work with Nursery Rhymes too. We are hosting the junior assembly tomorrow so please join us if you can.

News from 3/4TJ Challenger
What an exciting time we‟ve been having at school lately. Last week we celebrated Aranda‟s 40th birthday, presented an assembly item and visited Canberra High School to see their musical production of „Alison‟. This week some of us attended a 5a-side soccer tournament, and next week we go to camp at Birrigai. In between all of this we‟ve been looking closely at Indigenous art; discussing artistic style, symbolic meaning and creating our own pieces that tell a story. We‟ve also been learning about and using ochre and have started work on our masterpieces for the week eight art show. We can‟t reveal any details yet but we think they‟re going to be very cool! Some of 3/4TJ‟s thoughts about the term so far and what‟s coming up: -

Cherie Lutton
News from KAM Rockets
This term KAM has been doing Inquiry Based Learning about Art. We have learned about colour mixing through experimentation and have discussed what a piece of art might be. Did you know that art isn‟t just painting? We have discovered that art can be Chalk drawing Sculpture (Clea) Origami (Synnove) Painting (Ryan) Marble Painting (Austin) Hand Printing (William) Crayon (Claire H) Oil Pastels (Claire R) Paper tearing (Olivia) Our Moonscapes for the Calendars (Celeste) Butterfly paint folding (Tom) Bubble painting (Lucy) We are also going on an excursion soon. We are going to the Art Gallery to see art works and to make some of our own in the gallery studio. We have also learned about Fairy tales during Literacy lessons. We have talked about heroes and villains and about the elements of a fairy tale. We especially

I‟m looking forward to camp because I‟ve never been to one. I hope it will be fun and exciting. - Nadeera I am really looking forward to camp. Hopefully I get a cabin with friends. I‟m also keen to get away from my brother for 3 days. I love bushwalking, I can‟t wait. - Alex 3/4 sport is going well and we are all doing our best. There is great team work happening. - Paige This term is good because I‟m looking forward to camp. I hope it will be fun and I hope there are no flies. - Kathy I think this has been the best term this year. We get TJ dollars if we‟re good, if our table group wins or if we do good work. At the end of the term we‟ll have an auction and get prizes. - Anusha TIM JASPRIZZA and CHALLENGER

Helping Arrernte At Christmas


seeing them all at the Social tonight and next year. DENIS MACE - Canteen Manager

Our SRC voted to support the Arrernte (Aranda) children of Central Australia (See newsletter Week 2) at Christmas by adapting the Operation Christmas Child idea and creating Christmas boxes to send to these children. The idea is that families could fill a shoe box or shoe box sized Christmas box with some small gifts for these children. The focus would be for the children of your families to help choose the small gifts to go into the boxes and guidelines can be found on the information sheet that was sent home with the newsletter early in the term. Gift boxes can be left under our Giving Tree which will be erected in Week 6. Gift boxes should be left at school by no later than the end of Week 8 as it is intended that they be dispatched in Week 9 for timely arrival in Alice Springs for Christmas. Please help support the SRC in helping Australian children have a little joy at Christmas time. MARIA REEVES SRC Coordinator

MONEY DUE 13th NOVEMBER Please return forms and money to class teachers in a labelled envelope. We are hoping to have a final school tally (pages and $) ASAP. This will enable the children to be involved in decision making and purchasing of resources prior to the end of the year. Thank you for your support. SUE WITCHALLS, CECILIA JONES and LYNDIE COOKSON

Music Program
Concert dates Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 December, commencing 6.15 in the hall. LEANNE CRAIG - Convenor 0428 515 189 / 6251 5851

Afters News
Accounts - These came out on Monday 9th November. Payment in full is due by 6pm Friday 20th November or late payment fees will apply. Summer School Holiday Program Survey Usually there is a very low demand for care in the first week of January. If you require care during the week of Monday 4th JanuaryFriday 8th January 2010 can you please confirm days you would like to book by calling Lou on 6205 5985 or 0410 620 559 or email Please let us know dates you require by Friday 20th November. If we do not receive enough interest and it is not viable for us to operate the program that week then we will be opening Monday 11th January 2010. Parents can contact me after the 20th November to find out the results of the survey. Hot weather - Please make sure your child has appropriate clothes/hat to play in the hot afternoon sun during their time at Afters. We do provide sunscreen for all children who attend and ask children to apply it at roll call time. It would be helpful if parents could talk to their child about this as it is a routine they haven't done for a while.

Canteen News
With the 40th Birthday Special Lunch out of the way it is now time to focus on the Social (tonight). Hope to see you there and more helpers are required if you can spare the time. On Tuesday I had a great day listening to the combined ACT Primary Schools Band. What a fantastic effort by all concerned. However, Monday was even better. Ever heard of the Buddy program at Aranda? Well I saw a little girl last week and again yesterday, who was very sad when she came to the Canteen to say hi. So on Monday I asked some of the younger children if they knew the little girl and a Year 6 girl standing nearby, said she was her buddy. When the older girl put her arm around her little buddy, the little one‟s smile said it all - what a fantastic sight and a terrific memory that will stay with me for a long time. What a great program! I've also had some visitors from the Pre School over the past couple of weeks and I must say that Aranda is going to get some great little characters next year. The children displayed excellent manners and a healthy appetite for my jelly cups. I look forward to

Thank you to all our wonderful families who continue to support the Afters program. LOU and the AFTERS CREW

Some general principles to assist these children are: Increase children‟s helpful coping skills. Learning about feelings and how they can be managed is a great help. It helps the children to see that the situations they are worried about may not be as bad as they think.  Encourage children to “have-a-go” helps them to get over doubts about their ability to manage. Giving positive feedback for trying can make a big difference.  Teach by example. Showing children how you cope positively with feeling anxious or stressed and remaining calm and positive when they are feeling anxious can help them to feel more confident.  Avoid taking over. Children with anxiety problems are usually very happy for someone else to do things for them. However, if adults take over for them it stops them from learning how to cope for themselves. Children with anxiety problems need to learn about helpful thinking that they can use to encourage themselves to have-a-go and they need to gradually build up their confidence by taking on small challenges. Adults in their world can help by supporting them and teaching them skills for understanding and managing their feelings.
Taken from KidsMatter information for parents and carers on social and emotional learning.

High School Transitions
Going to High School, is a smooth process for most children, a change that is much anticipated and also one that can cause worry for both parents and their children. Some of the changes that are involved in this transition to a new school are coping with a new environment, a variety of teachers with unique styles and expectations for students, social and peer pressures, fear of getting lost, loneliness and the normal changes that adolescence brings. This is a period in their lives when children need structure, a sense of belonging and being valued. Visits to your child‟s new high school have already helped in this process of familiarisation. Another way to support your child is by being available to talk with them about any worries they may have and reassuring them that most children entering High School are experiencing this change. Enlisting the support of older siblings or family friends can enable your child to feel supported and at the same time to deal with any student concerns. Moving to High school although a big challenge is usually managed well and sometimes students may be unsettled for some of the first term of Year 7. Maintain communication about your child‟s progress with their new teachers and the Year 7 Coordinators who are available for support. Encourage your child to have good organisational skills and to keep a diary for the new school year. If you have any queries or concerns about the transition to High school, please contact me or the school Counsellor at your child‟s new school. SHERI BOTTOMLEY - School Counsellor

KidsMatter Team - Denise Bennett

Children Problems



Children with anxiety problems see the world as a scary place. They can be overly sensitive to their feelings and lack confidence in their own ability. They try to avoid situations they see as difficult and as a result do not cope with challenges in their environment.

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