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In order for you to be as organized as possible for your special day, we have prepared this outline with all the information you will need to help you in your planning. PRICING We suggest that before the day of the wedding, you make an appointment for a “dry-run.” This will allow you to work out any details before the event. The price for a trial styling begins at $75, and a trial make-up is $50. WEDDING DAY Hair should be clean and dry when you arrive on the day of the event. There will be an additional charge of $30 for washing and drying hair. We also suggest that you provide your own facial foundation. This will ensure a perfect match and prevent any skin irritation that could occur. IN-SALON Hair Bride Bridesmaid Children under 12 Bride Bridesmaid $60 & up $150 & up* $95 & up* $35 & up* $95 & up

Make-up ONSITE** Hair

Bride Bridesmaid Children under 12 Bride Bridesmaid

$210 & up* $125 & up* $40 & up* $105 & up $80 & up


ADDITIONAL CHARGES $50 per person charge if assistants are required (usually for large groups). $50 flat-rate fee for on-site work.*** $30 per hour charge for work done before salon hours or on a non –working day (Sunday or Monday). CANCELLATION POLICY We request a cancellation at least two weeks in advance, so that the stylists may arrange to help with another wedding. You will lose your deposit if the cancellation is made less than two weeks prior to the wedding date. For your protection and ours, we do require your cancellation in writing. DEPOSIT We cannot reserve your wedding date and time until we have a $100 deposit in cash, check or credit card. WEDDING SPECIFICS Name of Bride _____________________________________________________________ Date of Appointment/Wedding _____________________________ Appointment(s) Begin at ________________________ Stylist _____________________________ Deposit Paid? YES NO Form of Payment __________________________ Date Paid________________________

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Credit Card # PRICING WORKSHEET Bride Bridesmaid(s) # of assistants Travel expenses Early work Non-working day ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________________________ Signature of Supervising Stylist ______________________________________________ Signature of Client Exp. Date

ESTIMATE: ____________

*Prices may vary depending upon length of hair and style desired and difficulty of hairstyle. **ONE payment from bride (not from individual bridesmaids) is required on-site. ***Price may increase if excessive travel is required (to be determined by management). Vogue Hair Studio · 5410-4 Sunol Boulevard Pleasanton, CA 94566 Phone: (925) 417-1635 · Fax: (925) 417-1951

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