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Job Search

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									Job Search
Career Services University of La Verne

 Job

Searching is hard work


If you are unemployed, you should be putting in 40 hours per week search It can take up to 6 months to find the right job

of fear, anxiety discouragement are NORMAL!  Get organized  Be patient and persistent

 Feelings

Where to start?
 Get

to know yourself

• Skills • Values

 Learn
  

about the field you are interested in

Research Informational Interviews Internships

Who do you want to work for?
 Get
    

to know the Company

What are their mission/goals? How long have they been in business? What type of people do they hire? What product/services do they provide? How are they coping with the current economy?

Structure your Job Search
ORGANIZED…record everything.  Set goals for yourself.  Keep a log- list the organization's name, address, phone number, dates you sent resumes, letters and applications, phone calls, etc.  Make a Calendar- for all appointments, interviews, phone calls, and deadlines for goals.
 Be

Where and how to find the right job…
      

Networking is the #1 way to get a job

Only 20% of job vacancies are ever posted, 80% of all openings are never listed anywhere.*

Internships Career Services listings Online- search for niche boards

(for example: for IT jobs and for social work and human services positions)

Job fairs Employment and temporary agencies Trade journals and publications
*Information from Biola University Career Services

A Few Words about Resumes

Update it monthly  Tailor each resume to each job- be sure to include key words from the description in your resume  Proofread, proofread, proofread!  Don’t forget a cover letter

86% of Senior Executives from Large Corporations said cover letters are valuable in evaluating candidates. One director stated, “Submitting a resume without a cover letter is like not shaking hands when meeting someone for the first time.”**
**OfficeTeam news release, June 25, 2008

Common Job Search Mistakes
      


Making excuses Procrastinating or not committing to the process Taking the first job that comes your way Not emphasizing your skills and experience Not taking advantage of all of your resources Not understanding or empathizing with employers’ timelines and specific needs Being unprepared for interviews Not following-up in a professional manner- not sending thank you letters, even after rejections

$ Let’s talk salary $

Be prepared for the interview
 

 

Know the salary range of the position for which you are applying Ask individuals in the field for information on salary scales (also see,, and ONET Do not include salary requirements on your resume If a job application requires desired salary, write "negotiable" or "open" Give a range you are comfortable with Don’t feel like you have to agree right away- ask for 24 hours to consider the offer Get any salary agreement in writing


During the interview
 


Can you come for an interview?

You can never be too prepared for a job interview. Prepare yourself:
  

Research the company Practice with mock interviews Dress appropriately


Ask yourself, why would the employer want to hire you over other candidates?  Be sure to send a thank you letter after your interview.

Interviewing Hazards
handshake  Dressing inappropriately  Strong perfume- do not wear scented lotion, aftershave, cologne, etc.  Lack of motivation or excitement about the job  Dishonesty or exaggeration  Complaining about previous jobs/employers or blaming others
 Limp

Didn’t Get the Job? Don’t Get Discouraged
 Remember:

no one owes you a job…don’t let your attitude tell them otherwise. yourself: Do you fit in with the culture or climate of the company? Why/why not? Is there any way to improve your interviewing skills? Follow up with the hiring manager to ask for his/her feedback.

 Check

Location and Hours

Location: nd floor  Campus Center, 2
• We are located next to Undergraduate Admissions and the Learning Enhancement Center



8am-5pm Monday thru Friday
• Evening hours available by appointment, please call the Career Center, (909)593-3511 ext. 4054.

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