; Fundraiser Checklist In-House Advertising Identify charity
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Fundraiser Checklist In-House Advertising Identify charity


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									Fundraiser Checklist In-House Advertising 1. Identify charity. 2. Contact the charity and discuss your plans. Get permission to use their logo on your flyers and posters 3. Announce the event during each class and encourage sign ups. 4. Announce the event to the parents during class time, parent workshops, and testing. 5. Newsletter announcement. One Month Prior to the Event 1. Set the date for the event and determine the lo cation. 2. Structure the event. We suggest a one hour program including the Kick -AThon. 3. Recruit the Event Committee from parents in your school: 1. Chairperson Maintains the event schedule 2. Printing Coordinator Sees that all printing is done on schedule. Use of bartering is key. Trade lessons for the cost or reduced pricing. 3. Publicity Flyer Distribution Gets the word to the media and flyer distribution. 4. Sponsor Sheet CoordinatorAssists students in signing sponsors and maintains a Master Sponsor Sheet. 5. Refreshments Coordinates the purchase or donation and setup of refreshments for the event. 6. Accounting Coordinator Assists in Sponsor Sheet collection and tabulating all donations. 7. Photography In charge of documenting the event from beginning to end. The more photos the better. Make sure you take color and black & white. 8. Cleanup Coordinator Responsible for organizing and supervising cleanup after the event. Day of the Event 1. Prepare name badges for all participants. 2. Have the photographer(s) arrive early with lots of film. 3. Have the incentive prizes ready to be awarded at the end of the event. 4. Have your information kits, handbooks, patches, schedules and brochures available for display. 5. Cleanup

After 1. 2. 3.

the Event Send thank-you notes to all parents and businesses that helped with the event. Follow-up reminders to prospects who scheduled appointments. Update database.

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