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					Section Activity Ideas - Member Appreciation http://www.awwa.org/memberappreciation Member Appreciation is an annual celebration to thank AWWA members and is held during the fourth quarter. It is a retention activity, and the purpose is to reinforce the value of membership and provide personal recognition to all members. AWWA has the highest number of renewals during the fourth quarter and it is a good time to let members know they are appreciated. Section involvement is critical to the success of this event, and Membership Marketing appreciates your efforts. We’ve provided a section toolbox for your information. Here are several ideas to help you start planning your event:       Hold a social event (breakfast, mixer, etc.) that week, and ask members to bring a friend. Request time at your next Board meeting/conference call to discuss section activities. Solicit quotes from Board members for use in newsletters, Web site, etc. Hold a giveaway/drawing for members. Recognize long-term and/or new members in newsletter or Web site. Create a mentoring program in which seasoned members mentor a new member for 6 months/one year.

Membership Marketing had a successful Member Appreciation celebration last year, including great section participation. Following is a list of activities:  The Alaska Section held a free lunch for members only, and encouraged those who weren’t members to join. 30 people attended the South Central Region meeting; they also held a Northern Region meeting. The section showed the 18-minute clip “Liquid Assets” and had a very lively discussion. Atlantic Canada sent out a thank you letter and enclosed a pen. California-Nevada sent a thank you email to all the members in their section database. The Chesapeake Section held a daily drawing for their members. Connecticut sent letters to all of their members. Intermountain sent letters to all of their members. Iowa held a potluck for members and nonmembers. The Kentucky-Tennessee Section provided a member discount for their training. Michigan held a new member luncheon. The Nebraska Section sent thank you letters, had door prizes at conferences, and mailed special thanks to utilities. New England held a member meeting, had a banner on display, and gave out pins. The New Jersey Section held a random drawing for three prizes, and had two dinner events. Ohio sent thank you emails to all members in the section database. The Ontario Section lists new members in their newsletter throughout the year. The Puerto Rico Section sent the new Member Appreciation video to all of their members. Rocky Mountain held a special member night at a local brewpub. Texas sent letters from the chair to each of more than 3400 members. The Virginia Section sent letters to all members celebrating anniversaries, listing their names in the section newsletter.

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NEW THIS YEAR – SECTION CONTEST Any section that participates in Member Appreciation can enter the contest. The section with the highest increase in their retention rate from October through December will win the prize. AWWA will pay all travel and hotel expenses to send one representative from your section to the Membership Matters 2010 Summit February 4-6, located at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort, Nevada. 1. The contest is only open to sections that hold an activity for Member Appreciation. To enter, simply email a description of your section activities to Laurie Nelson, lnelson@awwa.org by December 31, 2009. 2. Prize will be awarded to the section who has the highest increase in their retention rate from October through December. 3. The winner will be featured in the January issue of Section Direction. For more information about Member Appreciation, contact Laurie Nelson, Membership Marketing Manager, at lnelson@awwa.org or 303.347.6226, or visit www.awwa.org/memberappreciation.

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