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					DMD Community Liaison 2007 Final Report Return by Email to: yes Deadline: Friday, November 9, 2007
The Able Trust and the Florida Statewide Planning Committee would like to thank you for your participation as a Community Liaison for Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) 2007! We are gathering data for the statewide report, which will be submitted to the American Association of People with Disabilities. We will also provide each of you with a copy so you can share ideas and resources with each other. Your responses can help improve Disability Mentoring Day to make it an even bigger success next year. This year, we have an exciting opportunity to offer rewards for Liaisons coordinating the most mentor-mentee matches for DMD. Thanks to the support of several in-kind supporters, the Florida committee will be recognizing the Top Community Liaisons each in the small, medium and large-sized markets. To qualify, your final report must be: - Submitted accurately and in its entirety - Submitted electronically either via email or the online report version through the website - Submitted by the deadline date (November 9, 2007) - Each winner will receive an exciting gift certificate and prize. This is an exciting incentive for you to complete your final report! You can use this document and submit it electronically, or visit to use the online version. Your electronic version enables us to compile information for the national report submission to AAPD on your behalf. Reports are due electronically to by Friday, November 9, 2007. Any supplemental materials (photos, videos, newspaper and magazine clippings, etc.) should also be sent with your name on it to: Alana Hill The Able Trust 106 East College Avenue, Suite 820 Tallahassee, FL 32301


Community Liaison Name: Organization Name: Address: City: County or Counties served by your DMD activities: FL Zip:

Phone Number: Fax Number: Email Address:

Please indicate the type of activities your DMD event provided to mentees: One-on-One Job Shadowing Group Shadowing Kickoff Event Other (please indicate): Did you host a kickoff event for DMD? YES NO Please describe the activities involved in your DMD kickoff event:

Were there costs associated with your DMD activities? YES


If YES, please describe the costs you incurred and how you supported them:

Describe any success stories that occurred during your DMD event, including ongoing relationships, internship or job offers for your mentees:

Please submit any testimonials, including text from thank you notes, photos, inspirational stories, etc.


Please indicate the NUMBER of mentees that participated from each sector: # High School Students # Technical Students # College/University Students (Undergraduate) # Graduate Students # Job Seekers # Other, please indicate: # TOTAL number of Mentees What barriers did you face in matching your mentees with mentors (please check all that apply): Not enough mentors Not enough mentors in the mentees’ career field Not enough adequate transportation for mentees Covering the costs of mentee accommodations What resources did you use to overcome these barriers?

What recommendations would you make to improve mentee participation for DMD 2008:

Please indicate the NUMBER of mentors that participated from each sector: # Arts # Education # Technology # Media (Print, Broadcast News, Production) # Law # Banking/Finance # Nonprofit # Government Agency # Retail # Healthcare # Food service/Hospitality

# # #

Utilities Other: Total number of Mentors

What barriers did you face in matching your mentors with mentees (please check all that apply): Not enough mentees Not enough mentees in the mentors’ career field Understanding about the mentees’ disability Ensuring proper accommodations for the mentees What resources did you use in overcoming these barriers:

What recommendations would you make to improve mentor participation for DMD 2008:

Did you work with a Darden restaurant (Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Bahama Breeze)? Please circle your response. If no, please skip to Section IV: Local Committee. YES NO Please list:

Please indicate with an “X” how you worked with Darden:  I helped the restaurant find a disability organization near them because they were too far away to participate in my DMD program.  The restaurant hosted a mentee(s) on or before DMD  The restaurant donated food to my DMD kickoff or hosted my DMD Planning Committee.  Other How would you rate your experience with Darden Restaurants? Please circle your response and comment or explain. Great Average Poor


Please provide any suggestions, constructive criticism or compliments on how we can improve this system for connecting Community Liaisons with Darden Restaurants ___________________

Did your area have a Local Organizing Committee? YES # of committee members NO Who served as your committee chair? (Please provide his or her name & organization)

Please indicate the types of organizations that were represented on your local committee (check all that apply):  Private corporation or business  Service provider of people with disabilities  Elected official  Government agency  Media  College, University, High School  Vocational Rehabilitation  Agency for Persons with Disabilities  Other:

Please indicate the materials provided by the statewide committee that you used in your DMD planning (check all that apply):  Community Liaison Tool Kit  DMD PR Tool Kit  Community Liaison (CL) Conference Calls  DMD General Informational Brochure  Mentee Brochure  Mentor Brochure  Sample Mentor/Mentee Applications  Website:  Email alerts  Save the Date card  AAPD DMD Posters  DMD Promotional Video  Mentor/Mentee Certificates  Governor Proclamation  Employer Resource Kit

 Other: Please provide any suggestions for additions or improvements to DMD 2008 Community Liaison resource materials: ______

Did any media cover your local events? If so, please list the full name of any publications and the call letters and station location of radio or TV stations. Ex.) W-ABC 102.5 FM- My Town, FL Newspaper Magazine Television Radio * Please submit any videos, photos, newspaper or magazine clippings that you may have to The Able Trust at: 106 East College Avenue, Suite 820; Tallahassee, Florida 32301. Did media participate on your local committee or sponsor your DMD activities/kickoff event? YES NO Please explain how they supported your DMD committee/event:

Thank you for your assistance with the DMD 2007 Community Liaison Final Report. We appreciate your help in making DMD 2007 a success! Please submit this report by Friday, November 9, 2007, to For questions or more information, please contact Kristen Knapp ( or Alana Hill at The Able Trust, 888.838.2253

Save the Date for DMD 2008 October 15th!