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									Faculty Senate Minutes Wednesday, April 15, 2009 138 Blackington 4:00 pm Call to order  4:07 p.m. Review of Senate minutes from January  Accepted as posted President Jem Spectar  Thank you to Dr. Lee and all faculty involved in this year’s S.P.A.C.E., including Dr. Bertsch, whose idea to bring community high school students to this year’s symposium was a great success. S.P.A.C.E. continues to serve a great reflection upon the entire academic year, highlighting and showcasing what’s best about our students and faculty.  The entire “Pitt-Johnstown @ Your Service Week”—from the student-faculty basketball fundraiser to the International Service Forum—was a fine way for us to demonstrate our strengths and commitments to the world and to the Johnstown community.  In four to six weeks we should be able to determine with more confidence the size of the upcoming Freshman class. Significant increases in financial aid should help with enrollment.  Congratulations to Dr. John Thompson, recipient of this year’s President’s Award for Teaching Excellence.  This year’s commencement speaker will be Marci Shimoff, international bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. VPAA Alan Teich  “S.P.A.C.E. was wonderful this year, I commend all of you. The high school students in attendance were very appreciative.”  Thank you to all faculty involved in the Laurel Highlands Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference.  Faculty members from all Divisions are encouraged to contact Dr. Teich soon if they are interested in remunerated involvement in the soon-to-be-re-instituted Summer Scholar Program and/or other opportunities involving S.T.E.M. and the Alice Walter Thomas Fund.  “Thank you for helping and supporting me throughout my first year as VPAA.”  Questions submitted by faculty: o Faculty: Are you staying on?

o Teich: Probably. Dr. Spectar has asked me to. I would like to. o Faculty: Any estimates for enrollment for fall and what about tenure cases? o Teich: No word on tenure. Regarding enrollment, estimates are in and they are close to last year’s. Penn Highlands, as expected, is drawing numbers away from us. We’ll know more in two to four weeks. o Faculty: Why did tenure cases go to Pitt so late this year? o Teich: I accept some responsibility for that. Senate Past-President Karen Lee  “Thank you for your support throughout the year.”  [a brief end-of-the-year report was presented; a fuller, formal version to be posted on-line soon] Senate President Valerie Grash  Benchmarking< o Senate Presidents from the other branch campuses have communicated with their campus presidents their unqualified support of the “Greensburg list.” o These Faculty Senate presidents have decided to compose a letter to Dr. Pack in which they submit the list and request a meeting. o Faculty response:  motion to sign the letter  approved President Jem Spectar: I’d just as soon work on an actual salary target rather than argue about a moving target. The II-B list produces as good a result as any. I would say, if asked, that I endorse the II-B list and that it would achieve what you are trying to achieve as regards fairer salaries. Faculty: Do you not feel that supporting the Greensburg list would accomplish the same thing? President Jem Spectar: I demur. Faculty: To fall back on the Greensburg list is the best choice. We’ve already judged the II-B list as flawed. And Pack seems to have rejected it at one time as well. Let’s get a benchmark on record and stop arguing about lists. President Jem Spectar: All the lists I’ve looked at come out pretty much the same.

Faculty: Do I not remember that the Provost asked for a unified agreement from all the branch campuses? President Jem Spectar: That might very well be. I do not wish to interfere in the decisions of this Senate. I would only repeat my position. My understanding is that recommendations from the campus presidents carry a lot of weight. Faculty: So, if we support the Greensburg list, you will oppose it? President Jem Spectar: Oppose is too strong a word. Obviously I would not oppose your position. At the end of the day, my sense is that the II-B list will be more successful. Faculty: With all due respect, this has been a 30-year fight and we’re almost there; why won’t you support this senate? President Jem Spectar: The only interest I have is the advancement of this campus. If I thought I could move forward, I would support any list. I want to advance UPJ’s interests. Senate Past-President Karen Lee: In the past, Dr. Pack has made this a collective issue, asking the three campuses to come up with a unified list. Dr. Samples: It seems obvious that Pack wants the II-B list. He also wants the campuses to be unified. Dr. Spectar’s idea is to move us in the right direction by skipping a step [the inevitable rejection of the Greensburg list]. Faculty: We have worked hard to try to come with some agreement with all the regionals so as to satisfy the demands of Dr. Pack. We carefully did so. We are now all on the same page. Where is Dr. Pack’s rationale? Why hasn’t he been clearer about which list he wants? President Jem Spectar: I would urge us not to personalize this or create antagonism. What we need is a target. I agree with Dr. Samples. Faculty: There has been no official communication that the Provost likes the II-B list. We, on the other hand, are being clear. So signing this letter is following the best procedure.

o Call to question; Voted upon and approved.  Efforts will be made to create password protection for the Faculty Senate on-line site. Appeal for approval of the following incoming Faculty Senate Standing Committee Chairs, 2009-2010: Admissions & Student Affairs—Jim Bilitski; Campus & Library—Marty Rice; Education Policies—Sharon Bertsch; Nominations & Elections—Rich Ulsh; Welfare—Kevin Martin o Move to accept; seconded; passed.


Committee Reports  Nominations and Elections Committee [see link “Nominations and Elections Final Report 2009” under UPJ Faculty Senate Council Meeting Minutes of April 1 2009]  Admission and Student Affairs Committee [see link “Admissions and Student Affairs Final Report 2009” under UPJ Faculty Senate Council Meeting Minutes of April 1 2009]  Ed Policies Committee o Proposal for a New Track in Applied Computer Science within the Existing Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Computer Science [see link “Computer Science proposal to add Tracks to Major” under today’s minutes] o Voted upon and approved. No Old Business No New Business No Announcements Adjourned at 5:13 Those Self-Reporting Their Attendance: Jim Bandstra, Maher Murad, Linda Tully, Elena Constantin, Mike Ferencak, Jim Bilitski, Patricia Hagerich, Greg Dick, Guo Kai, Steven Stern, Matt Burstein, David Magill, Elizabeth Goebe, Carrie Davis Todd, Reece Rahman, Bertsch, Kevin Martin, Ray Wrabley, Dan Santoro, Andy Rose, Jerry Samples, Charles Hinderliter, Bruce Robart,

Steve Kilpatrick, Richard Ulsh, Karen Lee, David Kupas, Jim Langan, Kristen Majocha, Fran Zauhar, Dave Ward, Kim Simmons, Amber Jade Helsel, Elizabeth Bell Loncella.

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