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					October 2009 - AdoptaPlatoon Full Battle Rattle Dear AdoptaPlatoon Supporters, Did you know that there are Soldiers who only receive morale support from AdoptaPlatoon supporters like yourself? If you don’t think you make a large impact on our Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, please think again! You make, in some cases, ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Yes, these are hard times for many of us… We are all pitching in one way or another to lift each other up as Americans. But we must not forget the men and women who serve on our behalf and to whom we thank for all the sacrifices they make, along with their families, in protecting us and keeping us safe in America. We are truly blessed in so many ways. The holidays are right around the corner. BUT, before we even begin to update you on that, PLEASE consider adopting or becoming a pen-pal to another deployed U.S. Service Member deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan who is ASKING AdoptaPlatoon for support! We just had three ships take off filled with Marines and these Marines are asking for our support. We have thousands of newly deployed Troops headed for Iraq and Afghanistan where the terrain is hilly and rocky and the weather is extremely cold at night, and winter hasn’t even set in yet. BUT, our Troops’ safety is the biggest challenge, so helping to keep their minds on their work and their safety is top priority. YOU make a difference in their lives! YOU write to them with cards, notes, letters and send little things from home; YOU send care packages filled with needed toiletries, cookies and snacks, and fun things to play or read when they have time to let their minds rest from the horrific deeds from war. These gifts are truly blessings to our Troops deployed far from home and they thank you with all their hearts! For all current supporters, please forward this e-mail along with your name, address, marital status, to and let us know if you will adopt or pen pal with another deployed U.S. Service Member (giving you up to four total) – and be sure to put CURRENT SUPPORTER in the subject line. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for taking another Soldier or more under your care!

We are just winding down the AAP's TREATS FOR THE TROOPS Campaign! Our headquarters warehouse filled and sent over 50,000 Halloween bags with lots of treats and hygiene supplies to Troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan! We also thank each of you for

participating in this spooky treat filled campaign and for every smile and touch of home you sent to a U.S. deployed Service Member! Our Troops love this one!! THANK YOU!!

quickly. If you are an approved supporter and want to participate in either one of these campaigns, please contact our campaign director, Arline Grant, at Be sure to include all your info - name, age, marital status, address - and put HOLIDAY EAGLE or STOCKINGS FOR SANTA in the subject line. Let her know how many Troops you want to send to for these one-time holiday packages. Click HERE to view the Operations Holiday Eagle Poster Click HERE to view the Stockings From Santa Poster

OPERATION FOOT CARE PATROL is our newest campaign. Because our feet take the
brunt of everything we do, they need to be taken care of. Our Troops do so much walking, climbing and running in their military boots that their feet get wet, dry, cracked, etc. Clean socks, foot powder, foot cream, anti-fungal cream, etc., is not just a comfort, but a necessity for them! Again, contact Arline ( with all your info - name, age, marital status, address - and put Foot Care in the subject line to participate in this campaign. Click HEREto view the Operation Foot Care Patrol Poster Remember, anyone not approved must fill out an application first.

Dear AdoptaPlatoon, On behalf of all the soldiers in our company, I would like to thank you for your generous donation. Our Platoon appreciates your support of our deployment to Iraq. You have made it possible for our Soldiers to have the little things that they need to survive here. It's hard to find some of the things you have sent us and we are very grateful for that. Thanks to you and everyone that is helping making it possible for our deployment to go by without any issues when it comes down to personal hygiene. Thank you for your generous support of our effort to brighten the Soldiers deployment in Iraq. Thank you again and God Bless you and everyone who supports the troops. U.S. Army, Iraq.

In our last email to you, we introduced AAP Walking Wounded Program where we assist our U.S. Troops who have been injured or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our Nation's injured and wounded Troops need extra help for themselves and/or their families financially paying utility bills, rent, car repair costs, or providing groceries for a month or two or helping with school clothes and school supplies for their children or just sending them to a baseball/football game to lift their spirits. Some of these Troops have endured many medical procedures, surgeries, and physical therapy and by extending an AAP helping hand, we are letting our active duty wounded warriors and our wounded veterans (Afghanistan and Iraq wars) know that America will never forget them and they are our HEROES. To learn more about this program and how you can help, please click HERE.

The Roadhouse Band is having their 5th Annual AdoptaPlatoon Chili Cook-Off in Pacific, Missouri and they need your Chili! Each year they send the Troops a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and stockings. For more information email: or call Greg Hart – (636) 458-6941 CLick HERE to view the Poster

A COMMANDER'S WORDS OF THANKS! Please accept our sincere appreciation for all the support over the last year. In total we received well over a thousand packages filled with everything from goodies to personal hygiene items. I am sure the number of letters we received was equal to the number of packages. I am unable to articulate the impact of the overwhelming support our company has received through the last year. In many meetings the topic of mail would come up with concerns about certain Paratroopers not receiving mail. Bravo Company never had a single issue. At one point the company had to detail two Paratroopers to the Post Office to assist sorting mail due to the amount of mail the company was receiving on a regular basis. The support to our Paratroopers helped instill in them the pride our country has for their service. We are extremely touched with the support we continued to receive even though many families struggled due to the economy. I know we tried to send out thank you notes

for all the mail we received as a company. I am sure I missed a few, but it was our attempt to show our support for your organization. Thank you from the Paratroopers and Families of the Bravo Company. CPT Derek Bothern, Commander Bravo Company.

Be sure to check out our website often for changes. We’ve added more photos of our Troops, so check that out as well!

Won't you help by spreading the word that our Nation's Troops need Americans standing behind them? Let your neighbors, friends, and co-workers know that it is easy to reach out and touch a U.S. Service Member deployed on their behalf. All they have to do is go to the AAP website at and sign up to send a word of "THANKS!" to an American Hero!

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for always being there for our Troops.

You make a difference and your efforts contribute to the morale and welfare of our deployed Troops!
Dedicated to the memory of Lois "Rumer" Mills and Jan Williams.