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									March 2009
Dear Parents, Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter. Here we are again at the end of another busy term in Low Port Primary. There has been lots going on in the last few weeks and the children have all been working extremely hard. We hope that the following newsletter will give you an insight into some of the work which has been going on in our school. Easter Break The school will close to pupils and staff on Friday 3rd April at 12.25pm and will re open to pupils and staff on Monday 20th April at 8.50am. We hope that everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing break. Mrs Caroline Cameron We are delighted to announce that Mrs Cameron gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Wednesday 4th March 2009. The new baby has been named Brodie and weighed in at 7lbs and 1oz. Both mother and baby are doing well and we look forward to their first visit to Low Port. Support for Learning Teacher Following interviews for the Support for Learning Teacher post we are pleased to announce that Mrs Karen Henderson was the successful candidate. Mrs Henderson will be a welcome addition to the team and we look forward to working with her. Winnie’s Raffle The Primary 7 children ran a very successful raffle in aid of Winnie’s Nursery and School in Rwanda. We would like to thank P7 and Mrs McLachlan for the hard work which they put into organising the raffle. The tickets were drawn at assembly and the winners were as follows: 1st – Emma (P2) 2nd – Gaby (P3) 3rd – Andrew (P7) The Primary 7 children would like to thank everyone who bought tickets. They raised a total of £310 which is a fantastic amount.

Car Park We would be grateful if parents would refrain from using the staff car park to drop off and collect their children in the morning and at school closing. A number of concerned parents have asked that a reminder is sent out asking parents to use the Tesco car park if dropping children off at school as the Low Port Centre car park is becoming hazardous for our children. We are sure that you will support us in ensuring the safe arrival and departure of all of our children at school. School Review Members of the West Lothian Education Service visited the school on Monday 16th March and Tuesday 17th March to review our practice as part of their quality assurance procedures. They met with some pupils, staff and parents to discuss the work of the school. They commented on how well behaved, polite and mannerly our children were. They have identified many key strengths in the school and some areas for improvement which they will feedback to the senior management team in the near future. We will share these with our school community in due course. Comic Relief 2009 On Friday 13th March we entered into the spirit of Red Nose Day 2009 by “Doing Something Funny for Money”. We were delighted to see the children in fancy dress, wearing clothes back to front, wearing pyjamas and sporting some weird and wacky hairstyles. We have sent £236.85 to Comic Relief. We would like to thank everyone who took part and made our day so successful. Trust Fund The Trust Fund support the school by providing us with the financial resource to purchase items we would otherwise not be able to buy. If you would be interested in finding out more about our Trust Fund please go to and click on the Trust Fund link. Multi-Cultural Week – Week Beginning 16.03.09 Look out for a front page article written by Primary 6 appearing on the front page of the school website. Evacuees in World War 2 – Primary 6 This term we have been doing a project on World War 2. We have been pretending that we are evacuees in the Second World War and we have been sent to a village called, “Bridge of Forth” to keep us safe. We have been billeted to families in the village who we will be placed with until the end of the war. We have also been learning that some children did not go home to their own families after the war, but stayed with their billeted families. We have also learned that some evacuees returned home before the war ended. As part of our project we had a visitor who showed us lots of artifacts from World War 2. She showed us gas masks, ration books and an evacuees suitcase. We really enjoyed working on our World War 2 personal projects and learning about other things that happened in the war. We have all really enjoyed working on this project. Reporters: Sorley, George, Grahame, Alice, Hannah and Rory (P6)

Our Victorian School Day – Primary 5 This term we had a Victorian School Day when we all became Victorian children for a day. We all dressed up as Victorians and came to school prepared for learning about life as a Victorian school child. When we arrived in class we had to stand up until the teacher had done a hand inspection and had told us to sit down. Then we did a writing lesson with real quill pens which was really tricky. Our hands got in a very big mess because the pens kept leaking. The we had a time tables lesson and some of us made mistakes and we had to write the five times table on slates. The teacher said that the people who had made mistakes might have to stay after school and do some maths practice. We also had an object lesson where we were told that most of us would not have seen an apple before and we were shown how to slice an apple and what the apple was like inside. We didn’t like that the teacher was very strict and that some of us got put in the corner for not behaving well. We really enjoyed our day because we got to dress up and act like Victorian children. Reporters: Sean, Catriona McA, Catriona B, Miles, Ruth and David (P5) Scottish Parliament Visit – Primary 7 On Wednesday 11th March we visited the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. When we arrived we were split into two groups and taken on a tour of the building. We were shown the debating chamber and told all about the architecture of the building. Whilst we were there we learned a lot about the work that the MSP’s do. At the end of our visit, Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Education came to meet with us and answered all of our questions. When we had finished we had a late lunch and then looked around the outside of the building before coming back to school. We all enjoyed the visit as it was great fun, very interesting and the people were very welcoming. Reporters: Fraser, Rachel, Gregor, Katie W, Kirsty and Neil (P7) Roman Soldier Visits Primary 4 On Wednesday 18th March a Roman Soldier came to speak to our class to tell us all about the Roman Army and the weapons that they used. We were given some training on how to march like a Roman soldier. The instructions were given to us in Latin so we had to listen very carefully. We were also pretending that we were having a Roman battle which we thought was great. Our visitor made learning about the Romans good fun and we really enjoyed his visit. Reporters: David, Molly, Kirsty, Pheobe, Alexander M and Zander (P4) Grandparents Day – Primary 1 On Wednesday 11th February we invited grandparents and special people to join us in school for a cup of tea and biscuits and for a tour of our school. We sang “Down in the Jungle”, “Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Aff a Bus” and “Grannies Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow”. We really liked when we were showing our visitors around and when they all sat quietly and listened to us singing our songs. Our grandparents and special people told us that they had really loved their visit. Reporters: Kara, Eve, Nathaniel, Lewis E, Freya and Elinor (P1)

Daffodil Tea – Primary 2 On Wednesday 11th March we had a Daffodil Tea for our families. We sang songs and we went around the stalls which were set up in the hall. There were lots of activity stalls and some people won prizes at them. We had all planted daffodils and decorated the pots which they were in. We then sold these to the people who came along. There were lots of people at the Daffodil Tea. The Primary 6 children helped with the stalls which was a great help. We really liked having our families in the school to hear us singing. We all had a great time. We raised £179.65 which we will use to buy equipment for our school garden. Reporters: Peter, Sam T, Charlotte, Ailis and Nicola (P2) Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon On Wednesday 18th March we had a Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon. This term we have been learning all about Fairtrade and how it helps farmers to get a better price for the foods that they grow and sell. On the day we had stalls selling Fairtrade cakes, a taste test and raffle tickets. We gave young people who came along stickers and the adults a leaflet all about Fairtrade. We had a great time and really enjoyed running the Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along. We have raised £200 which we will send to Fairtrade farmers to help with the work that they do. Fairtrade Goody Bag Winners: Ayesha (P3) Fraser (P7) Mrs Cairns Reporters: Sean, Jasmine, Gavin, Robyn D, Maddie and Sarah (P3) Supergrounds The Supergrounds area has now been opened to the children and they have been enjoying using the Activity Zone and the surrounding areas at breaktime and lunchtime. It is lovely to see them using the traversing wall, climbing on Nessie and performing on the stage. Scots Week On Monday a storyteller came to talk to P2. She told them about Molly Whupey and the children thought the best part of this her great acting and her false voices. During Scots Week we a special Scottish sing-a-long. One of the songs we sang was, “Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Aff A Bus”. In the afternoon the P3’s and P4’s had great fun learning Scottish Country Dances with Mrs McDonald. On Tuesday at lunchtime, some people ate haggis, neeps and tatties. Grace thought the haggis tasted really nice and Callum thought the haggis tasted delicious. On Wednesday P6 went on a visit to St. Michaels Hospital. They sang songs, acted and played music. They sang, “Skyscraper Wean” and “The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede”. On Thursday we all came to school dressed in tartan. Instead of assembly we had our Scots Week Talent Show. I really enjoyed watching all of our great contestants performing. Joshua came first playing his violin, Anna came second playing the piano and singing and Catriona came third. Although everyone performed really well.

Dr. Kidd came to teach the P4’s, P5’s, P6’s and P7’s how to speak Gaelic. We sang a Gaelic song. I learned that the Gaelic name for Scotland is Alba. In the afternoon the House Captains organised a House Rally. Cockleroi and Beecraigs played Half-Court Dodge Ball and had a treasure hunt. Ochiltree played Corners, Nessie Catch and Welly Throw. Cairnpapple made an Irn-Bru advert and had a Haggis Hunt. On Friday P4 and P7 went to visit Annet House in Linithgow. They learned all about the history of Linlithgow, for example, there are only two statues of Mary Queen of Scots in the world. There is one in Paris and one in Linlithgow. On the WOW Wall there is lots of great Scots artwork, including “Ma Haggis” by Callum in P3, Celtic Knot designs by P4 and a thistle by Emma in P2. Everybody had a great Scots Week. Reporter: Grace (P4) Lesley Henderson Lynda Stobie

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