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									LABORATORY SYLLABUS Earth and Environmental Science I (ENVS 101L) Hobbs 223 – Earth and Environmental Science Lab INSTRUCTORS Thomas Shahady, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental Science Office Location: Hobbs 215 Office Telephone: 434-544-8545 E-mail: shahady@lynchburg.edu James Carico, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor in Environmental Science Office Location: Environmental Laboratory – Dr. Carico is not located on campus so please make appointments to meet with him. E-mail: carico@lynchburg.edu Stephen Day, M.S., Adjunct Instructor in Environmental Science Office Location: Environmental Laboratory – Mr. Day is not located on campus so please make appointments to meet with him. E-mail: welincswd@aol.com Dr. Jamey Pavey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Environmental Science Office Location: Hobbs 214 Office Telephone: 434-544-8369 E-mail: pavey@lynchburg.edu


COURSE RATIONAL: ENVS 101L is designed to teach students environmental science through experience. We will conduct field and laboratory exercises to provide scientific literacy and environmental understanding. It is essential that each student understand the scientific approach to environmental problems when completing written assignments. Assignments are graded equally on quality of answers and application of the scientific approach. Course Requirement: ENVS 101L is the laboratory component of the lecture course ENVS 101. This is a required course when enrolled in ENVS 101. If you are not enrolled in ENVS 101 lecture you will be dropped from this course. Your grade in this course is combined with your lecture grade. This course constitutes 25% of your environmental science grade. A student must enroll in both ENVS 101 and ENVS 101L. Failure to enroll will constitute a drop from lecture. Text A general laboratory notebook is required. The notebook is available in laboratory and must be purchased by each student. Dress For the field labs, you must dress according to conditions including appropriate footwear and protection from cold and wet weather. In some labs you will be required to wear boots and will be asked to work in water, woods, mud and/or soil. Check the syllabus outline for dress requirements. If you have any questions or concerns please ask your instructor. Due to changing weather weekly laboratory exercises may change. Every effort will be made to keep you informed of these changes. These changes are generally communicated to you through email. It is the responsibility of each student to check you email regularly and particularly on the day of your laboratory. If you have any questions check with your instructor. If you have any special health concerns/needs please notify your instructor. Laboratory Meeting Laboratory is scheduled to meet for 3 hours. Some laboratories are shorter than three hours and some are longer. Again, check the syllabus outline for length of laboratory. Please do not pester your lab instructor concerning the length of lab. Attendance Attendance in your assigned lab section is required. Upon entering the laboratory each student will be signed into the master sign-in sheet to gain credit for the lab.


Failure to attend a laboratory section will result in a zero for the laboratory. In combined laboratory exercises one-half credit will be issued. Excused Absences An absence will be excused based on the following policy. 1. Student is participating in a school-sponsored activity. Notification from a coach or professor is required. 2. Student has an illness that requires medical attention. Notification from a physician or the wellness center is required. If you do not seek medical care then the absence cannot be excused. 3. Notification from the Office of Advising and Learning Development or Office of Student Affairs. If you have an issue or emergency contact these offices for assistance. 4. Absences that do not meet these criteria will not be excused for any reason. 5. A student with an excused absence must make-up the missed laboratory the week of the absence. Lab Make-up A lab can be made up based on the following policy. 1. Student has obtained an excused absence from section instructor. Without an excused absence verified by your section instructor you cannot make-up the laboratory. The excused absence must be initialed by your section instructor in the master sign-up list. The excused absence must be verified by your section instructor before attending the make-up section. 2. Student has obtained permission from a section instructor to attend section. If you do not secure prior permission from an instructor that instructor has the right to refuse your entrance into the laboratory. Section instructor must initial approval in the master signup list. 3. Student signs in for the section attended. All signatures must be approved to gain credit. Excused Absence from Laboratory A student will be excused entirely from laboratory based on the following policy. 1. A student has secured an excused absence. 2. A student, in writing, has explained to the section instructor why a make-up is not possible. 3. Section instructor initials approval in the master sign-up list. Assessment Assessment of your performance in this course is primarily through written assignments. You must discuss any assessment issues with your assigned instructor. Other instructors cannot assist you with issues in your laboratory section. Assigned Work Assigned work in the course will be evaluated according to the following policy: 1. To receive full credit, work must be given to your assigned laboratory instructor at the beginning of the laboratory when the assignment is due. 5

2. Work must be given to your assigned laboratory instructor. Do not give your work to an instructor in a make-up lab. Your assigned laboratory instructor is not responsible for any work given to any other instructor. 3. Work completed in a make-up lab must be given to your assigned laboratory instructor at the beginning of your assigned laboratory not the make-up laboratory. 4. Each 24-hour delay from the due date and time an assignment is late will result in a deduction of 10% 5. If the assignment is not given to your laboratory instructor within ten (10) days of the due date and time a zero is recorded in the grade book. 6. Any issues with this policy should be addressed with Dr. Shahady and not your laboratory instructor. Progress in Course It is the absolute responsibility of the student to ask the instructor for work not obtained in classes missed. If the student is not in class (due to excused absences or make-up labs) to receive work the student must schedule appointments with the instructor to assess their grade. It is not the responsibility of the instructor to inform a student about their progress on work missed through absences in class. At anytime in this course a student may set an appointment to review and discuss their progress in this course. All work relevant to your grade is available and will be discussed and reviewed. Assignment of Grades Upon return of your assignments questions may arise from answers given and correct answers suggested. Adjustment of credit on a disputed answer will be given according to the following policy. 1. Within one week of the return date of the assignment student notes question(s) of dispute. 2. Using the laboratory handout or other information, student writes explanation of answer explaining why credit is appropriate. 3. Explanation is due within one week of returned work. 4. After evaluating the explanation instructor determines if answer warrants credit. Decision will be returned to student with either a written or verbal explanation. 5. If student is not satisfied with outcome, a meeting can be set up to discuss the issue. In the meeting the student may request another instructor from the environmental science faculty assist our decision-making. 6. Once a suitable outcome is decided upon the grade is final 7. If a question is not raised within one week of the return of an assignment the grade is final. Honor Code Cheating is not tolerated. Check with your instructor if you have any concerns that arise throughout the term or do not fully understand college definitions for cheating such as plagiarism. Be familiar with the Lynchburg College Honor Code in the Hornet Student Handbook.


Letter Grade / Percent Equivalent Letter Grade Percent Equivalent A+ 98-100 A 93-97 A90-92 B+ 87-89 59 and below is an F Letter Grade B BC+ C Percent Equivalent 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 Letter Grade CD+ D DPercent Equivalent 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62

Weighted Grading for Each Laboratory
Scientific Communication – 10% Water Quality Experimentation Scientific Write-up- 40% Bibliography – 5% Introduction – 5% Results – 5% Final Paper 25% Ecosystems (two labs) - 20% Urbanization (two labs) – 20% Human Dimensions – 10%

LABORATORY SCHEDULE Please be aware that this schedule must be flexible due to weather problems or unforeseen problems with outside resource people. During this semester, lab sessions may take place in the field or in the laboratory. Please note that the topics for laboratory exercises do not necessarily match the sequence in the lecture schedule. This is because the field labs must run in the early fall when the weather is still warm enough for reasonable comfort. Because of travel time in some of the field labs, there are occasions when more time than the usual three-hour period will be needed. For those persons who have sports or work schedules that conflict with this situation, you will need to make arrangements to accommodate to the extra time needed to complete the lab. Those labs that may use 3+ hours are noted with an ** Students with Disabilities – The College will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should immediately contact the Support Services Coordinator located in the Academic Advising Office (extension 8419) to make arrangements for their accommodations and faculty notification.


Lab 1 2

Week of: Aug 27 Sept 3

Description Introduction. Scientific Communication Urban Lake Ecology

Location Environmental Lab College Lake



Sept 10

**Rural Lake Ecology


Sept 17

Urban Stream Ecology and Pollution – Use of EPT Taxa Survey **Rural Stream Ecology and Pollution – Use of EPT Taxa Survey Writing Environmental Research Papers Ecosystem Preservation No Labs all Week – Fall Break **Ecosystem Preservation Urbanization – Brownfield and Environmental Justice Urbanization – Greenfield and related issues Human Dimensions


Sept 24 Oct 1 Oct 8

6 7

Oct 15 8 Oct 22


Oct 29


Nov 5


Nov 12


Nov 19 Nov 26 Dec 3

No Labs all Week – Thanksgiving Break Environmental Trial Assignments, Evaluation and Makeup 8

Purchase Lab Notebook Student Driver Sign-up Ms tget wet and muddy. Will use waders so dress appropriately. Scientific Write up Due. Claytor Nature Ms tget wet and muddy. Will Center (1.3 hour use waders so dress round trip) appropriately. Bibliography Due. Lynchburg Ms tget wet and muddy. Will (Target use waders so dress Shopping Area) appropriately. Introduction Due Claytor Nature Ms tget wet and muddy. Will Center (1.3 hour use waders so dress round trip) appropriately. Methods Due.. Environmental Entire Lab Inside. Paper Lab Results Due Lynchburg Be prepared for a hike – please bring a jacket and wear hiking shoes. Final Paper Due. Do not attend labs Wed., Thurs. or Friday. Blue Ridge Be prepared for a hike – please Parkway bring a jacket and wear hiking shoes. Lynchburg and Dress appropriately for weather Surrounding Wear Shoes or Boots. Area Ecosystem Questions Due. Lynchburg and Dress appropriately for weather Surrounding Wear Shoes or Boots Area On Campus This is an indoor lab on campus and will be provided as a handout. Urbanization Questions Due. Do not attend Mon. or Tues. Labs Environmental Entire lab inside. Economics Lab Questions Due Environmental Lab


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