MINUTES OF DIRECTORS MEETING Canadian Institute of Geomatics - Vancouver Branch
Date: Location: Present: October 7, 2003, 6:00 PM ESRI Canada, #404 – 1200 West Pender St, Vancouver Don Watson (President), Mike Thompson (Treasurer), Lloyd Hume, Brian Greening, John Ogundare, Piet Nooij (Minutes) Peter Burns (Sec’t), Noelle Beaudoin, Steve Robertson, John Shortreid, Scott Rhodes



Minutes from Directors Meeting May 27, 2003 Minutes approved.


Financial Report Mike Thompson presents financial report August 29, 2003.  Bank statements don’t show Mike Thompson’s address. No interest is shown on bank statements. Mike will research.  We are in good shape: balance $ 11,349.67.  Financial Report approved.


Business Arising from the Minutes 3.1 CIG National Website Brian Greening has received biographies of most of the directors. Brian is compiling the bio and photos and will submit to Tammy for publishing on the website. Action: send in bio’s and photos to Brian if you haven’t done yet. Don Watson conferred with CIG to publish abstracts of past Geomatics articles on the CIG website. Good idea but CIG does not have the resources at this stage to work on this.


Cadastral Law Seminar June 6 , 2003 The seminar was a combined seminar of CIG and BCLS. Don Watson was part of the organizing committee. There were 83 attendants but unfortunately they had to turn down at least 20 people because of lack of space.


CIG Branch Meeting Locations Brian Greening has researched possible locations for CIG events:  Railway Club at Dunsmuir and Seymour; up to 50 people



Alibi Room at Main and Alexander; 40-50 people


Sustaining Members The number of sustaining members (companies) has been diminishing. Mike Thompson has contacted CIG National to provide an overview. There are currently six sustaining members in British Columbia. Action: All; define action plan to increase sustaining membership.


CIG Vancouver Branch Meeting Topics Possible topics for Branch Meetings could be:  Millennium Line / RAV Line  2010 Projects  GIS and Surveying at Utility Companies e.g. Terasen, BC Hydro and Telus


BCIT / CIG Partnership Peter Burns has sent letter of intent to develop partnerships with BCIT to Geomatics Department Head. Action: Don Watson to follow up regarding letter and organize luncheon with BCIT.


BCIT / CIG Awards Banquet Brian Greening attended a Donor appreciation dinner meeting in June. John Ogundare attended the Award Ceremony in July and presented this years CIG award to a student.


Business Plan Audit Business Plan will be published on the CIG Website. Thanks to Brian Greening. Action: Brian to send Business Plan to Tammy for publishing.


Golf Tournament, September 27, 2003 The Golf Tournament was this year held in Whistler. 32 people attended the round of golf. The dinner drew 38 people. There were lots of prizes. Thanks to Lloyd Hume for organizing. Lloyd will send a few snapshots to Tammy to be published on the CIG Web Site. Action: Lloyd to send photos to Tammy for publishing.


Geomatics Meeting Calgary, October 17, 2003 The Directors express concerns that CIG National does not support the Branches and does not provide direction. The Vancouver Branch expects leadership from the CIG to develop programs for professional development seminars, organize meetings and support the branches. Don Watson would like to attend the Geomatics Meeting but is not sure which


Branches (if any) will attend. Don will send out an email to all Branch Chairs to see who is attending the meeting. The Directors approve a budget of $ 1,000 for Don to attend the meeting in Calgary.


Vancouver Branch 2002/2003 Annual Report Don Watson presents Annual Report.


Next Meeting TBA


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