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					PRINT SETS 2008-2009
Killip: Kathy Greenwald Africa Corot Da Vinci Dufy Durer Hicks Ito Jean-Gilles Leigh O’Keefe Pirunesi Renoir Rembrandt Sung Dynasty Ucello 774-2201 Wood & Metal Mask River and Ville d’Array Mona Lisa Eiffel Tower Hare Peaceable Kingdom Japanese Iris Haitian Landscape Grand Canyon Pelvis with the Distance View of Campidaglio The Luncheon of the Boating Party Night Watch 100 Children The Battle of San Ramano Knoles Continued: Mondrain Monet Oldenburg Rauschenberg Rembrandt Valadon Van Gogh Wyeth Matisse Namingha O’Keefe Paschal Picasso Rivera Rivera Rembrandt Tanner Tamayo Van Gogh Vasarely Whistler Broadway Boogie Woogie Magpie Spoon Bridge & Cherry Retroactive I Masters of the Cloth Guild Bouquet Iris Detail Christina’s World Flight of Icarus Pottery Mound Mana Yellow Cactus Beulah’s Baby Three Muscians Delfina Flores Mothers Helper Rabbi The Banjo Lesson Two Heads Almond Blossom Zebegan Grey & Black

Kinsey: Lori Scandura 214-8194 Antone Blue Cloud Katchinas Appia Between the Gasps of Memory Bierstadt Valley of the Yosemite Braque Still Life: Le Jour Bronzino Eleanor of Toledo Cassatt The Bath Cezanne Fruit Dawangyuptewa Dancing Clouds Johns Three Flags Medieval France Unicorn Tapestry Monet Japanese Foot Bridge Nevelson Black Wall Picasso Flowers Russell Lost in a Snowstorm Velasquez El Principe Knoles: Gretchen Gee 526-1388 Gerome Thumbs Down Hiroshige Sudden Shower Homer Blue Boat La Capa Sityaki Parrot Blessing La Scaux Cave Horse Lawrence Cabinet Makers Limbourg Brothers Feast of May

Maine: Rebecca Cauthen 773-4688 Ansel Adams Mural Project Bearden Summertime Begay Boldly into the Storm Bonheur Colonel Cody Bruegel Wedding Dance Constable The Haywain Chagall The Acrobat Curtis Gift Bearers De La Tour Joseph the Carpenter Demuth Figure Five Derain London Bridge Escher Concave and Convex Gaugin When do you Marry? Homer Breezing Up Johnson Portrait of Clara Hall

Marshall: Curtis Smith 226-7510 Australian Abo Art Kurtal & Malu Dreaming Mamalitji & Mongrelupa Bahe We Walk with Our Religion Bellows Dempsy & Firpo Colton Sunset Crater Currier & Ives N. American Indians De Forest Country Dog Gentlemen De Hooch Dutch Courtyard Durer Self Portrait Escher Drawing Hands Goya Don Manuel Hockney Nichol’s Canyon Honahnie Flight of the Eagle Boy Hopper Seven A.M. Lawrence Dreams No. 2 Michelangelo Head of David

Puente: Shelly Gussio 853-2875 Begay Boldly into the Storm Homer Veteran in a New Field Huizong Court Ladies La Duke Masai Tree of Life Maktima Winter Offering Marc Two Cats Murillo Two Women at Window Namingha Pottery Mound Picasso Don Quixote Pippin Domino Players Rothco Orange 2 Yellow Russell Sun River War Party Vermeer Young Woman with Water Jug Wilson Field Work Wood American Gothic Sechrist: Jeni Jensen 226-6948 Australian Abo. Art Coolamon Dreaming & Pitiyara Egypt Sphinx and Pyramids Jenks Jazz Masayesva Prayers for New World Michelangelo Erythrean Sibyl Morisot The Cradle Renoir Grand Boulevard Ringgold Sunflower Quilt Rivera The Flower Seller Rockwell The Problems we all Live With Rogers Flagstaff Centennial Russell The Scout Stella Flowers Italy Tamayo Two Figures in Red Thiebaud The Four Ice cream cones Thomas: Kim Seckinger 266-0638 Canaletto Venice Chagall I and the Village Egypt Lector Priest & Mother Escher Reptiles Frankenthaler Blue Atmosphere Hurd Dry River Leibovitz Eileen Collins Modigliani Gypsy Woman Mondrain Broadway Boogie Monet Vase of Flowers Moran Upper Falls Yellowstone Nolde Heavy Seas at Sunset Pippin Domino Players Vivancos Village Feast Whitehorne Tales of the Red Sun

Montessori: Alexandra Carpino 213-8505 Australian Abo. Art Winpu Pula & Palku-Palku Dreaming Begay Boldly into the Storm Dali Persistence of Memory Da Vinci Mona Lisa Hand Billie Holiday Hassam Allies Day Kyosai Tiger Lange Migrant Mother Maseyesva Quail Girl Standing Matisse Beasts of the Sea Monet Nympheas O’Keefe Pelvis with the Distance Van Gogh Starry Night Warhol Campbell Soup Wyeth Christina’s World Mountain: Cami McClusky 266-0962 Climent Kitchen with a view Hiroshige Sudden Shower Hoffman Song of the Nightingale Holbein The Ambassadors Johns Three Flags Kahlo The Frame Magritte The Return Matisse Two Young Girls Metsys The Moneylender & Wife Pollock Painting 1948 Remington The Arizona Cowboy Ringgold Sunflower Quilt Stuart The Skater Van Gogh Fishing Boats on Beach Wegman Walking the Dog

DeMiguel: Heather Cunningham 856-8360 Degas Dancing Class Du Champ Person Descending Stairs Gaugin When Do you Marry Gris Before An Open Window Homer Woodman Klee Sinbad the Sailor Klimt Garden with Sunflowers Leger Poster Lichtenstein Wham! Long Shan Landscape Matisse Horse, Equestrian & Clown Monet The River Picasso Boy with Pipe Siquiero Zapata Tsosie Breath of the Sun

Master Set still in storage for all to use Australian Abo Art Calder Chagall Egypt: Temple of Philae Ghirlandaio Haring Hopper House Klee Magritte Marc Parrish Motherwell Morisot Miro Persia Peto Picasso Remington Rembrandt Renoir Seurat Toulos La Trec Toyohito Tsosie Turner Van Gogh Van Gogh Vermeer Wright Men’s Law & Firestick Sun, Moon and Stars The Acrobat The God Horus Old Man and Grandson Untitled Seven A.M. Yeis in Seattle Head of a Man The Surprise Answer Forest with Squirrel June Skies Mallerme’s Swan The Cradle People with dog in Sun Hunting Scene Letter Rack Mother and Child Herd Boy Self Portrait Dance at Bougival Sunday Afternoon Moulin Rouge Deer, Pine and Bat Breath of the Sun Flight Temeraire Wheat Fields Sunflowers Lace Maker Oasis AZ State Capital

Cromer: Suzanne Edmonds 527-0057 Australian Abo Art Purrunga Dreaming and Larkar Bingham Boatman on the Missouri Daumier The Uprising Hicks Peaceable Kingdom Kadinsky Blue Mountain Klimt Die Musik Kokoschka The Mandrill Lane Boston Harbor Laurencin Mademoiselle Chanel Picket Coryell’s Ferry Renoir By the Seashore Rousseau Tiger in Tropical Storm Stella Brooklyn Bridge T’ang Dynasty Guardian Lion Utrillo Street

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