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					GLOUCESTER DIOCESAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE STAINED AND ENGRAVED GLASS : A SELECTION OF RECENT WORK IN GLOUCESTER DIOCESE This list is intended to assist those who are considering a new commission. For that reason, I have not included anything by artists who are no longer working. I have indicated whether the churches are normally open. However, before making a special journey, you are recommended to ch eck with someone from the parish - telephone numbers are in the Diocesan Directory. You are invited to discuss your ideas with the Diocesan Advisory Committee at the outset. Also, the DAC strongly recommends that approaches be made to at least two artists. Most will require a nominal fee for producing a preliminary sketch. This expenditure is usually well worth incurring however, because of the value of having several schemes to compare against each other. It is important to think about the character and position of the window for which stained glass is intended. What natural light does it receive, and what light does it give to the interior of the church? On the whole, it is best not to constrain the artist too much – in particular a “shopping list” of things to include in the window makes the artist‟s task harder and the result may not be satisfa ctory. A theological or scriptural approach is usually more satisfactory than an attempt to bring in local themes. As an alternative to commissioning new stained or engraved glass, windows can be reglazed in new handmade glass (usually to replace machine-rolled obscure glass) and a painted or engraved pane (or „quarry‟) of glass can be included as a memorial or as a simple record of the work. There are many examples around the diocese, but particularly at Bibury (1995). If you wish to contact any of the artists named, I can supply current addresses and phone numbers.

Jonathan MacKechnie-Jarvis Secretary, Gloucester DAC June 1998 (revised Sep 2005)

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Location of Church


Scope and Approximate Date of Window 2-light, 1996 2 roundels and two 2-light, 1996 - 2000 Single, 1997 3-light, 1988 Two light W window , 2002 2 light, 2002 4 x single light, 1996 Entire church, approx. 1950s onwards 5 light, 1998 10 x 3 light, 1987-96 church. Virtually the entire

Style and Content

Church Normally Open? N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N? Y

Bussage Gloucester St Mary de Lode Staunton (Near Redmarley) Hartpury Clifford‟s Mesne Randwick Notgrove Moreton (Dorset) Newland Warden Hill (Cheltenham) Upper Slaughter Gloucester Cathedral (SE Ambulatory Chapel) Tewkesbury Abbey Malvern Priory Tarlton Kemble Worcester Cathedral

Anthony Bristow Roy Coomber Roy Coomber Roy Coomber Graham Dowding Graham Dowding Rod Friend Lawrence and Simon Whistler Henry Haig Tom Denny Tom Denny Tom Denny Tom Denny Tom Denny Tom Denny Mark Angus Mark Cazalet

Figurative, traditional Heraldic and figurative Traditional, landscape Contemporary, Ascension Birds of Prey: Isaiah 40:31 Abstract Landscapes, (four seasons) Engraved glass, covering a wide scope of subject matter and style Abstract Semi-abstract, parables in landscape Gradual development of style and handling Semi-abstract, Psalm 23 Semi-abstract, Psalm 148 and St Thomas with Our Lord Semi-abstract Semi-abstract, Psalm 36 Semi-abstract, the four Living Creatures of the Revelation Abstract – The Water of Life Modern figurative, theme of local religious life

2 light plus separate trefoil, 1996 3 x 3 light, 1995 2 x 3 light, 2002 2 x 4 light, 2004 4 x single light, 1997 3 x single light, 2001 5 light in cloisters, engraved

CH 011


Name Anthony Bristow Roy Coomber Tom Denny Graham Dowding Rod Friend Henry Haig Mark Cazalet Simon Whistler Mark Angus

Address Bath Architectural Stained Glass 30 The Circus, Bath, BA1 2EU 39 Vicarage Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol BS13 8ER Lowbrook Cottage, Belchalwell, Blandford, Dorset DT11 0EQ

Telephone Number 01225 428317 0117 964 0643 (Home) 0117 963 2133 (Work) 01258 471569 01453 834712 01453 750919 01258 820268 0208 969 3048 01672 851322

Ruskin Mill, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, Glos. GL6 OLA Starlight Studios, Hilles Cottage, Edge, Stroud, Glos. GL6 6NU Home Farm Studio, Fifehead Magdalen, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5RT 58 Wallingford Avenue, Kilburn, London W10 6PY Browns Cottage, Alton Barnes, Marlborough, Wilts. SN8 4JZ Based in Bath - contact details awaited at time of compilation

CH 011