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									The Best Groomsmen Gifts Are Worth Waiting For
Hours after those infamous words "Will you marry me?" have been uttered, and she agrees, the wedding planning begins. In the early stages you'll want to decide on who your wedding party will be. The earlier you decide, the earlier your friends or relatives can help you. This will help take some of the burden off of you. Your friends and family want to be helpful. Let them help you as much as they are willing so that you can enjoy yourself and not be as stressed during wedding planning. Don't try to do everything yourself. A wedding is a huge feat to pull off. You need the help of others.

As soon as you can, you need to sit down with your beloved and figure out who to ask to participate in your wedding as members of the wedding party. Best friends, longtime friends, brothers of the groom, brothers of the bride, sisters or the groom and sisters of the bride are all obvious choices. These people have been with you for a while and have an interest in your happiness and wedding. They want to help.

Once you have your best man selected and the maid of honor selected (matron of honor if she is married), you can concentrate on the remaining wedding party. You'll want the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids if possible. But, don't feel you have to stick to this rule. You certainly don't want to leave anyone out because of symmetry! 2-3 groomsmen and matching bridesmaids are usually the minimum. I've been to big weddings where they had 12 groomsmen and 12 bridesmaids! That was a huge wedding party.

Since the members of the wedding party will do so much for you, you'll definitely want to thank them all at some point for their service, loyalty and love. The best way to do this is with personalized gifts. A gift that is customized in some way, embroidered with thread or engraved is a gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. It can be a modestly priced gift, but the personalization makes it magical.

Everyone loves to see their own name, initials or monogram. Once you decide on groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts, be sure you have a list of everyone's full name. You'll want to have their first name, middle name and last name handy on a list. You want to make sure you have spelling correct. This way you'll be prepared to wrap up the gift customization since you've planned ahead. Remember, fail to plan and you'll plan to fail!

One thing to remember when it comes to engraving, there is a huge difference between initials and a monogram. Three letter initials are engraved in all capital letters with the letters are done the same height. Initials are done in the order of first name, middle name, last name. A monogram is a different animal. A three letter monogram typically has the first letter and third letter the same size. The middle letter is larger and the focus of the monogram. Beware. The order of letters in a monogram is this: first name, last name, middle name. Keep this in mind as you order your personalized gifts. Engravers engrave in the order the letters are given to them and don't have your list of names in front of them. You don't want to get monograms done and make the mistake of putting the middle name letter in the center! The middle letter in a monogram represents the last name.

Personalization of gifts does take a little time. Give yourself at least two months before the wedding date to get these gifts on order. That way you should have plenty of time to get engraving, embroidery or personalization done. You need to allow a week or so just for shipping time through UPS for your gifts to arrive. The target date to hand out these groomsman gifts and bridesmaid gifts is the night of the rehearsal dinner. Personalized gifts for the wedding party will be appreciated and enjoyed by all. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will love their wedding party gifts if it seems like you put a little thought into it.

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