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					Prepare for Groomsmen Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts
The wedding party, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, do a lot for the bride and the groom in preparation for the wedding. Not only do they help in many pre-wedding functions such as shopping, offering their trusted opinions, attending events, and just trying to keep the bride and groom sane during this whole process, but they participate in the wedding itself.

It really is a lot to ask someone to be a part of your wedding. It takes a big time commitment on their part and they have to put some things in their life on hold so that they can do what you need done for your special day.

Be sure to thank these special friends and relatives. Most brides and grooms do this by giving a modest gift sometime before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is the most convenient time since everyone is together that is in the wedding. And it is the last time before the wedding that everyone will be together in a relaxed setting. You all get your dinners on order. Then, as you're waiting for dinner or during dessert, the bride and groom can hand out the groomsmen gifts and bridesmaids gifts and say a few words of gratitude to their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

These gifts do not need to be overly expensive. Usually if you spend $20 to $50 each, you're right in the zone and can give out nice gifts that you'll be proud of. For the girls, popular gifts are cosmetic cases, slippers, spa robes, pink liquor flasks, jewelry boxes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or small purses. For the guys, sports mugs, lighters, flasks, cufflinks, pocket knives, pocket watches, wallets or electronics will do the trick. Most of the time, the bride and groom will select personalized gifts. This allows you to put a little more fuss and care into the gifts. Everyone loves to feel special and personalized gifts will do the trick.

Be sure that you allow yourself at least two months before the wedding to get these gifts ordered online. That way you'll have plenty of time for the engraving or personalization to occur. You'll also allow plenty of time for your order to arrive via UPS or FEDEX. Be sure to have a list of names ready of those groomsmen and bridesmaids. You want to make sure that you have everyone's formal name. A lot of times someone will go by a nickname for their first name, but that's really not even their name. Make sure you have that list together and find out any preferences of what people go by for their names. You want to have the right first name customized on their gift.

About the Author
Lisa Gunther is owner of Gunther Gifts Inc., a personalized gifts superstore that has been serving brides and grooms online since 1999. Trust your groomsmen gifts and bridesmaids gifts to the professionals. Beautiful engraving, nice gifts and fast shipping are the norm. We handle every order with extreme care and precision.


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