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St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Our Mission:

To be a strong community of faith rich in the Episcopal tradition serving Jesus Christ; welcoming the seeker; providing a caring church family; effecting spiritual change; reaching into the world with the love of Jesus.
Vol. XXIV, No. 5 Universal City, Texas May 2009

A Priest’s Point of View
By Father Tim Vellom
As many of you know, the Vellom family is preparing for a BIG EVENT. Sarah Grace, our younger daughter, will be married on June 20 to a wonderful young man, Scott Bartosh. The wedding will take place at St. Matthew’s, and Sarah’s godfather, the Rev. Bill Cavanaugh, will officiate, assisted by the Rev. Matt Bradley, the longtime boyfriend of Sarah’s sister Hannah. Yours truly expects he will have all he can handle that day as father of the bride! For the last 16 months, our home has been full of Wedding Planning in its many forms: bridesmaids (and their dresses, shoes and other equipment), groomsmen (and their outfits), menus, cakes, gifts, flowers, music, service planning, travel and lodging arrangements for outof-town family and friends, invitations and, of course, the Guest List. Well, I have conducted a few weddings and prepared a couple or two for their marriages in almost 24 years of ordained ministry, and I have noticed that in the journey from the initial concept (“We just want a small, simple wedding”) to the Big Day, the size and content of the Guest List is sometimes reported to be a little bit of a challenge. Knowing this, I was ready. I had no clue. Negotiating the intersection between the desires of the bride and groom (and their families) on the one hand, and the realities of the seating capacity of St. Matthew’s and of our budget on the other, has been one of the hardest joyful tasks we’ve ever undertaken. In my weaker moments, I have understood why some potential fathers of the bride have risked an awful fate by offering to underwrite an elopement! Identifying the friends whom we’d love to have with us that day has been easy. Choosing out of that group the 250 or so that we are actually able to invite has been at times excruciating. By far the most difficult moment for me in this process was the evening that we faced the fact that we could not invite everyone in the St. Matthew’s parish family. This was very hard, because for ten years St. Matthew’s has been Sarah’s spiritual home, and this parish has supported and loved her and our whole family in so many ways. Happily, we identified a way in which Sarah and Scott’s joy and ours can be shared with our whole St. Matthew’s family, so that the love and support that have been given and received here can find proper expression at this blessed time. As soon as possible after Sarah and Scott return from their honeymoon, Ann and I will host a reception for them and the St. Matthew’s family in Creasy Hall. The specific timing of this event cannot now be determined, as we don’t yet know where they will be living, or what they will be doing—please join us in praying for jobs for them after they graduate from college in May! We will broadcast the invitation once we are able to set a date for this event, and Ann and I will rejoice to share our joy with you on that day. Meanwhile, please keep both of these families in your prayers as the wedding day approaches. As ever, we are so very grateful for your love and fellowship in our Lord.

Your servant in Christ Jesus, Tim+

Food drive for RACAP Saturday May 9, 2009
By Kathy Ercoline

World Mission news
By Gary and Marie Howard Yvonne North felt called to mission ministry while teaching in a school with a large Muslim population here in the states. Her first love has always been “serving the Lord through teaching children and counseling wounded women.” Although Yvonne thought she had found an opportunity to do this in Afghanistan, she ended up teaching English to doctors and engineers. On leaving Afghanistan and coming back to the states, she was led to a mission position in Kenya teaching children and evangelizing to the unreached people of the Turkana tribe. Yvonne teaches children in a small village; during the student vacation, she travels for three months ministering to the Turkana tribe. This nomadic tribe travels the Western territory of Kenya looking for food and water while raising camels and goats. During this time, Yvonne and her team provide medical care, literacy training, and friendship evangelism to the tribe. She often writes of her experiences in emails, including pictures of the beautiful people of Kenya and its spectacular sights. If you would like to share Yvonne’s adventures, send your email address to . Along with our prayers, we can help Yvonne by providing school supplies and baby needs. Please visit the Mission Tree, take a leaf, and touch a heart in the wilderness of Kenya.

On Saturday, May 9, letter carriers from Schertz and Cibolo will participate in the national food collection drive. The food collected in these two communities will help to restock the RACAP pantry that hundreds of local families will rely on throughout the summer. Food collected in local communities other than Schertz and Cibolo will go to the San Antonio Food Bank, but if you wish to have your food donated to RACAP, bring it to Creasy Hall on Sunday, May 10th.

Peanut butter & Jelly Boxed Potatoes Hamburger & Tuna Helper Canned Pasta with Meat Muffin Mixes Spaghetti Sauce & Pasta Boxed Rice & Rice Mixes Dried Beans Tomato Products Desert Mixes

“Thank you for helping us help others”

Gifts of reverent beauty . . .
Several members have recently created or restored items that adorn our Sanctuary: Marie Lamberth repaired the linen cloth covering the Credence. Liz Sampson made a new Corporal for the Altar and is working on another one. Wilma Heberling made large wall banners for Advent, Christmas, Easter, and St. Matthew’s and made processional banners for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, and Trinity. Our thanks to each of you for sharing your gifts with us!

Matt’s Missive
The Rev. Tim Vellom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rector Margaret Palmer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Co-editor Hope Ince . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Co-editor MATT’S MISSIVE (USPS 0112718) is published once a month, 12 times a year, by
ST. MATTHEW’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 810 Kitty Hawk Road Universal City, Texas 78148210-658-5956

Periodical postage paid at Universal City, TX 78148 Postmaster: Please send all Forms 3579 to Matt’s Missive, P.O. Box 2337 Universal City, TX 78148

The Vigil was a busy night for the children of the church. In addition to making sun-catchers and crosses and filling “about a million” Easter eggs, they made these step stones as a gift to the church. The stones are in the Memory Garden along with new plants, courtesy of the Youth Group. Thanks to all helped make this night another great memory of Vigil.

Vestry highlights . . .
• • • March Minutes & Finance Report presented and approved. Update provided on organist search efforts. Discussed filling vacancy of Breakfast Coordinator as Wilma Heberling steps down. Approved gift for acquisition of ice maker. Continued discussion of search efforts for new Christian Education Director. Discussed Presiding Bishop’s coming visit in April.

will be with us on May 10 , Mother’s Day. The bishop’s visit is a special time to celebrate our parish family life together. Make plans to join us at the reception as we honor our bishop, the new confirmands, and our mothers.

Bishop thDavid Reed

• • •

The paschal candle
is a large candle that is first lighted at the Great Vigil on Easter Eve and burns in a prominent place in the church at every service during the Easter season. As early as the th 4 century, the celebration of the Resurrection in Jerusalem began with a candle lighted in the Holy Sepulcher and brought out during the night of Easter Eve to the words, “The light of Christ.” The ceremony spread throughout the Christian church many ages ago. The paschal candle (from the word pascha, which means “Passover”) is sometimes decorated with nails representing the wounds from the crucifixion, which the body of our risen Lord still bore. –The Rite Light

The Summer Ladies’ Bible Study will
be The Beloved Disciple, The Life and Ministry of John by Beth Moore. Join us in learning more about the disciple whom Jesus loved. As the book tells us, “John was with Jesus all the years of His ministry, witnessed more miracles than he could count, saw more displays of power than he could comprehend, and experienced more love than he could fathom. John was there when Jesus turned the water to wine, offered living Water to the woman at the well, yielded to His Father’s will in the garden of Gethsemane, and gave His life on a Roman cross. And one unforgettable morning young John outran Peter to his Savior’s empty tomb. Just as Christ took John on a lifelong journey into the depths of His love, He will do the same for you.”
• Cost - $18 • Monday evenings—7 to 9 p.m. • 10 weeks beginning June 1 • Location: Bonnie McKaskle’s Home • Sign up by May 10th with Pat or Bonnie

Coming Events
Saturday, May 2: Singles’ Ministry Formation Meeting, 10 a.m., Creasy Hall. Covered dish luncheon, 12:15 p.m., RACAP ingathering, Creasy Hall. Healing Service, 6:30 p.m., Sanctuary. Lunch Bunch, 12:15 p.m., Creasy Hall. Bishop’s Visit, Confirmation, and Reception. Vestry meeting, 6 p.m., Creasy Hall Dining out, 6:30 p.m., The Lion and the Rose in the Forum.

Sunday, May 3:

Our Easter joys . . .
Sunday, May 3: Thursday, May 7:

Sunday, May 10:

Tuesday, May 19:

Thursday, May 28:

P.O. Box 2337 Universal City, Texas 78148


Ministry Schedule
Altar Guild Cooks 8 a.m. Servers & Readers 10:30 a.m. Servers 10:30 a.m. Readers Acolytes

May 3
Kathy Mulligan Bonnie Bell Suzi Hopkins Wilma Heberling(S) Doreen Armogida (R) Hope Ince David Ince Barbara Duffield John Means Albert San Román Christopher Carter Jacob Mauceri Myia Mauceri Kathy & John Steinbauer Joyce Nollen Jackie Schafer Dorothy Knox Bonnie Bell Loyanne Cope Pat & Tom Perry Jim Cope Barbara Duffield Linda & Fred McClellan Suzi Hopkins

May 10
Luis San Román Wilma & John Heberling Suzi Hopkins (S) Max Hopkins (R) Wilma Heberling Wayne Mudge Tom Perry Olive Salyards Anthony Blumenthal Nick Blumenthal John San Román Kylie Kahn Jan & Alethia Dooling Chuck Swanberg Bonnie McKaskle Joyce Nollen Gary Howard Linda McClellan Barbara Duffield Lisa Charette Barbara Duffield Don Carey Bob Jones Bonnie Bell David Ince

May 17
Hope & David Ince Gudrun Gustin Chuck Swanberg (S) Barbara Duffield (R) Joyce Nollen Kerry McKaskle Gary Howard Mikayla Howard Katie Mayclin Jacob Mauceri Nick Blumenthal Tristen Carter Meredith & Fabian Borrego Don Carey Carole Fox Kathy Mulligan Wilma Heberling Barbara & John Means Bonnie & Kerry McKaskle Don Carey Jim Cope Barbara Duffield Skeeter Powell Cynde Mauceri

May 24
Pat Perry Marie Lamberth No Breakfast Jim Cope (S) Loyanne Cope (R) Jo Ann Quisenberry Barbara Duffield Kori Duke Lisa Charette Jessica Sine Albert San Román Christopher Carter Patti San Román Margaret & Tom Palmer Joyce Nollen Cynde & John Mauceri John Means Jesse Quisenberry Mendell Morgan Joyce Nollen Jim Cope Barbara Duffield Kerry McKaskle Joyce Nollen Jesse Quisenberry

May 31
Audrey & John Blumenthal No Breakfast Suzi Hopkins (S) Memo Bjoring (R) Tom Perry Olive Salyards Wilma Heberling John Heberling Christopher Carter Patti San Román Tristen Carter Myia Mauceri Audrey & John Blumenthal Chuck Swanberg Wanda Hughes Jo Ann Quisenberry Barbara Duffield Bob Jones Loyanne & Jim Cope Barbara Duffield Don Carey Linda & Fred McClellan Luis San Román

Hosts 8 a.m. Greeters 10:30 a.m. Greeters Prayers of the People 9 Bean Soup Ministry Home Communion 8 a.m. OSL Prayer Team 10:30 a.m. OSL Prayer Team Lockup/Security

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