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					Fall, 2007


3 Credit Hours

Course Information
Prerequisite(s) Course Description Learning Outcomes Class days and time Campus and Class location Textbook Last Date of Withdrawal Passed or presently enrolled in ENG 101 This course is designed to increase appreciation of contemporary theatre. Emphasis is given to the theatre as an art form through the study of the history and theory of drama and the contributions of the playwright, actor, director, designer, and technician to modern media. Attendance at theatre productions may be required. Contact division chair for Student Learning Outcomes MWF 11:00 – 11:50am Martin Campus: Room 1944 Brockett, Oscar G. The Essential Theatre. Harcourt Brace College Publishers. 2008, 9th edition December 3, 2007 A makeup TEST will be allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Any student wishing to make up an assignment must petition the instructor in writing. This request should include evidence of a valid excused absence: excused absences include military service, accidents, court appearances, illness of the student or illness of an immediate family member, or the death of an immediate family member. The student must submit appropriate documentation of extenuating circumstances to the instructor and arrange for any make-up work within one week of the last day covered by the excuse. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange with the instructor to make up missed work. Any missed material will not be re-taught by the instructor. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES. If it rings in class, your participation grade will be reduced by 1/3 for the day. You are required to be prepared for each class, this means you must have read the chapters to be covered and be prepared to answer questions and participate fully in activities. You will receive a daily grade for your active participation in this class. Grades for any particular class period may vary depending on the scheduled activities. To receive maximum credit you MUST be prepared and on time for each class. LATENESS: Students arriving after the class has begun will receive an automatic 1/3 reduction in their daily participation grade. CHAPTER QUIZZES: Quiz questions are from the chapter reading assigned for the particular class period and given at the beginning of that class period. Quizzes CANNOT be made up. TESTS: The form of the test will be appropriate to the material covered and will range from multiple choice to short essay to object identification. The material covered on any particular test is noted in the class outline calendar. Students are required to attend and write a performance report on the following plays: Smoke On The Mountain Homecoming Sept. 7-16 Bean-Brown Theatre (SSCC) A Lesson Before Dying Nov. 30-Dec. 9 Bean-Brown Theatre (SSCC) st class period after the close of the show. The report is due the 1 You will receive a guideline sheet outlining the required formatting and content of the report as well as an explanation of the grading criteria.
THR 120 Fall 2007, Michael Carr

Make-up policy

Cell Phones Text Readings Participation 200 points Chapter Quizzes 10 @ 10 points Tests 2 @ 75 points 1 @ 150 points

Performance Reports 2 @ 125 points

Final Project 150 points Final Examination

Students will complete one final project from several options. These options will be determined by what the instructor believes will be most valuable to the students. Examples of projects include performance of a scene, writing a short play, research papers, and many others that allow students to gain deeper knowledge in specific aspects of live theatre. 11:00 – 1:00pm Monday, December 17, 2007

Instructor Information
Instructor E-mail phone Student hours/Office Website Division Chair Michael Carr Phone: 391-2258 MW 10:00am – 11:00pm and TR 2:00pm – 3:00pm Room 2727 Angela Gibson-Wible Office:391-2937

College Policy Information
Academic Misconduct Students are expected to be honorable in all college assignments. Suspected cases of academic misconduct are reported to the Dean of Instructional Services. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND ALL CLASSES for which they are registered. Instructors are required to keep a record of attendance for each class meeting. It is the responsibility of the student to keep a record of his/her absences. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND CLASS ON TIME AND ARE EXPECTED TO REMAIN IN CLASS FOR THE DURATION OF THE PUBLISHED CLASS TIME. Students attending for less than 30 minutes or half the scheduled time for the class, whichever is greater, will be considered absent for that class meeting. Instructors are not required to give additional time to students who are tardy for tests or quizzes. Student absences are calculated from the first day of classes. For the purpose of financial aid, attendance the first day of class is essential. When a student registers late, the classes that the student missed from the first scheduled class date are counted as absences. The Standard College Policies apply to all classes at the college and are a part of every official course syllabus; each student receives a copy when he or she completes the vehicle registration/waiver procedure. It is also available from the College website, It is the responsibility of the student to have a copy of these policies and to abide by them. This class syllabus is intended to give further detail about the policies and expectations in this class. College policies are also published in the Schedule of Classes and the SSCC College Catalog/Student Handbook. Students are expected to be aware of and abide by College policies in every class.

Attendance Policy

Standard College Policies

Activities and Material covered by that Activity
Percentage of Grade Number of Points Student’s Score

PARTICIPATION: See note above. CHAPTER QUIZZES: 10 @ 10 points. See note above. TESTS: 2 @ 75 points, 1 @ 150 points. See class schedule for material covered PRODUCTION REPORTS: 2 @ 125 point. See note above. FINAL EXAM: See note above.
TOTALS Letter grades will be assigned according to the following:
Percentage Grade Letter grade

20% 10% 30% 25% 15% 100%

200 100 300 250 150 1000

90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 59 and below

THR 120 Fall 2007, Michael Carr

Course Outline Calendar – Fall 2007 THR 120 02 Theatre Appreciation
Michael Carr MWF 11:00 – 11:50 Week 1 Day M W F M W F M W F M W F M 5 W F M W F M W F M W F M W F M W F M W F M W F M W F Date 20-Aug 22-Aug 24-Aug 27-Aug 29-Aug 31-Aug 3-Sep 5-Sep 7-Sep 10-Sep 12-Sep 14-Sep 17-Sep 19-Sep 21-Sep 24-Sep 26-Sep 26-Sep 1-Oct 3-Oct 5-Oct 8-Oct 10-Oct 12-Oct 15-Oct 17-Oct 19-Oct 22-Oct 24-Oct 26-Oct 29-Oct 31-Oct 2-Nov 5-Nov 7-Nov 9-Nov 12-Nov 14-Nov 16-Nov Quiz or Test Quiz Chapter 1 Material Readings or other Assignments Due Chapter 1


Quiz Chapter 2


Quiz Chapter 3 Quiz Chapter 11


Introduction Nature of Theatre Nature of Theatre Nature of Theatre The Audience The Audience Labor Day (No class) The Script The Script Theatrical Space Theatrical Space Theatrical Space Discuss Smoke on the Mountain Playwriting Playwriting Directing & Producing Directing & Producing Acting Acting Elements & Principles of Design

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Chapter 11

TEST #1 Chapters 1, 2, 3, 11 Quiz Chapter 12 Quiz Chapter 13 Quiz Chapter 14 TEST #2 Chapters 12, 13, 14 Quiz Chapter 15

Smoke on the Mountain REPORT DUE Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Elements & Principles of Design handout Chapter 15









Elements & Principles of Design Scenic Design Scenic Design Scenic Design Quiz Chapter 17 Lighting & Sound Design Lighting & Sound Design Lighting & Sound Design Quiz Chapter 16 Costume & Make-up Design Costume & Make-up Design Costume & Make-up Design Catch up day Halloween Costume Day Review for Test #3 TEST #3 Elem. & Principles of Design, Chapters 15, 16, 17 Theatre History Theatre History Theatre History Veteran's Day (No class) The Production process The Production process

Chapter 17

Chapter 16

Chapters 4 - 10

THR 120 Fall 2007, Michael Carr





19-Nov 21-Nov 23-Nov 26-Nov 28-Nov 30-Nov 3-Dec 5-Dec 7-Dec 10-Dec

Professional Development (NO CLASS) Professional Development (NO CLASS) Thanksgiving (NO CLASS) Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS Prepare for FINAL PROJECTS A Lesson Before Dying REPORT DUE

17-Dec M 11:00-1:00pm FINAL PROJECTS This course outline and the dates established therein are tentative, and the instructor reserves the right to change them.

THR 120 Fall 2007, Michael Carr

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