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Since the birthday party, the Committee has decorated the front window of Summer Delights and left a donation box there. The decorations have a tropical theme and are accompanied by two posters: one about why we need to save the rainforests and the other about HSTRC. ‘We don't have an exact count but it's enough to buy over 40 acres', Jeremy said of their fundraising efforts at Summer Delights. So thanks again to HSTRC, a pat on the back for our own website compilers and also thanks to the Takoma Voice who told the full story. And to the unsung and anonymous owner of Summer Delights!
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Introducing the Takoma Park Rainforest Committee
Pictured outside their strategic headquarters and fund raising centre, the Summer Delights Ice Cream Parlour, Takoma Park, Maryland, US. is the Takoma Help Save the Rainforest Committee (HSTRC). From left to right; Michelle Morris (Researcher); Seth Halper (Treasurer); Jeremy Gradwohl (President, aged 9); Charlie Redd (Secretary); and Hannah Raskin (Vice-President).

Volume 7 November 2002
Editor: Roger Littlewood

Help with the Science Class Project…
Jen and Chloe from Winnipeg sent us the following E-mail message on 25th October 2001. ‘Thankyou so much. Your website was so helpful to us. We are doing a project for science class on tropical rainforests and we had been searching the Internet for information all night and could not find anything we were looking for. Your site provided us with simple yet valuable information, exactly what we were looking for!!!! Keep up the good work!’

This baby three-toed Sloth in the arms of its mother, should have every chance to thrive in the 250,000 hectares of the pristine Amazon rainforest protected by the Uwasu Reserve

250,000 hectares effectively protected
Since December 1999, when the first 2,000 hectare (5,000 acre) tract of the Uwasu Rainforest Reserve in central Amazonian Brazil was purchased by funding from Dutch conservation philanthropist, Harry Ryken via Childrens' Tropical Forests UK, the Uwasu Reserve has expanded dramatically – and vastly. During 2001, a private donation from a British source of £100,000 enabled further forest purchase of 11,759 hectares, pushing the total area of the Uwasu Reserve up to 13,759 hectares (35,000 acres). Plans and funding are in place to purchase Dona Rosa’s land, a further 5,805 hectares (14,350 acres) on the North-Eastern shore of Lake Uauacu in 2002. Meanwhile, negotiations with the current owner of an area known as the Aiapua Lake Inlet to the South East of the Reserve – a total of 6,000 hectares (15,000 acres) – are also under way. CTF UK could play a crucial role in the acquisition of this tract of forest! As a result of your very generous donations to the Uwasu Project, we have been able to earmark US$17,000 for the Aiapua purchases. Further donations from CTF supporters for Uwasu will also be allotted to Aiapua.

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‘No-man’s Land’
But even more exciting and dramatic than this rapid Reserve expansion, is the news from AAP that the area of forest effectively protected by the new Reserve is actually 250,000 hectares (a staggering 620,000 acres!). AAP is the Brazilian Conservation Trust that owns the Uwasu Reserve. To the North and West of the tracts of forest to which AAP now holds legal titles is Terras devolutas or No-man’s Land. Pristine forest contiguous with Uwasu, but land which has never been legally owned. By the application of Brazilian land law, there is a ten-kilometer sphere of influence out in all directions from the boundaries of titled lands, so long as the land beyond the boundaries is untitled No-man’s Land. In the case of Uwasu, AAP calculates that the total area of influence of its titled land is now about 250,000 hectares – a huge area of lakes, rivers and virgin rainforest! Astonishing progress in under three years!

…and with Donations
Young people are also starting to use our Website Donation Form, which can be printed off to accompany donations, and enable donors to choose the project or projects they wish to support. Typical was a very young lady, Sara Monts, from Saranac Lake, New York, who raised $50, using our Website Donation Form to send us the money.

Jeremy started the Committee in November 2000 because of what he learned in class. ‘I read stuff on the Internet that you lose (rainforest) double the size of Washington D.C. everyday’. For his birthday on February 27th, 2001, he opted for donations for rainforest preservation rather than birthday presents. Sum raised – $153. (We wondered if he got any pressies as well). After the party, the Committee researched the Web and decided to donate their money to one of Children's Tropical Forests – UK's major projects – the Uwasu Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon. And so saved their first 37 acres of rainforest. The local newspaper, the Takoma Voice, reported that Jeremy received a letter from Robin Jolliffe, Chairman of CTF-UK, thanking him for his donation.

Education expertise from New Trustee
Ginny Duncanson was welcomed as a new trustee of CTF-UK at the AGM on 17th July 2002. Ginny is an ex-Council Member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and is currently a Leader of one of the RSPB Junior Explorers Clubs. The expertise she brings to CTF is particularly in the field of children's education.

No other like it
To reinforce the security and integrity of the Uwasu Reserve, AAP is also steadily working away at the certification of the newly purchased land as an RPPN (Reserva Particular do Patrimonia Natural), which it hopes to complete during 2002. ‘To our knowledge’ says AAP ‘there is no other set of titles in the Brazilian Amazon that has ever cleared the many complex hurdles to be so certified’. With the RPPN designation comes an undertaking from the Brazilian Government of ‘assured protection’ of the integrity of the Reserve, both legal and practical, with military support if necessary.

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ur website…CTF receives a donation every time you buy one of our recommended books from our website…CTF receives a donation every time you buy one of our recommended books from our website…CTF receives a donation every time you buy one of our recommended books f

EXPANSION continued EXPANSION continued
Meanwhile, grants to AAP from the US-based Amazon Conservation Team Charity have funded the purchase of two more Floating Research Stations, in addition to the original Abess Floating Research Station, and an Amazon River vessel, which serves as a full-time research and supply boat. These acquisitions have greatly strengthened Uwasu's ability to serve as a leading Amazon research site. Because the Uwasu Reserve combines all different Amazon forest types in a relatively small area, it allows researchers to get a better understanding of the migration of wildlife during the year from one forest type to another. This research will play a crucial role in the design of future reserves. It is currently focussing on the migration patterns of large fruit-eating mammals.

Bilsa funds on hold now released for re-forestation
In the April 2001 Issue of CTF News, we reported our decision to hold in reserve funds donated by our supporters for purchase of additional rainforest at the Bilsa Biological Station in North-Western Ecuador. These forests have been identified as one of the World's three top conservation priorities. But a decision by the Ecuadorian Government to extend the 45,000 hectare Mache-Chindul Reserve in the same area has prevented the Jatun Sacha Foundation from consolidating its Bilsa Rainforest Reserve by further land purchase. And it appears impossible to reverse this situation in the foreseeable future. So, at the request of the Jatun Sacha Foundation, one of CTF-UK's closest partners in rainforest conservation, we have now released the funds being held to finance re-forestation of degraded areas within existing Jatun Sacha landholdings at Bilsa. The reforestation will concentrate particularly on the re-establishment of tracts of native fruiting trees.

Two legacies totalling £8,500, both donated by beneficiaries of wills, have enabled CTF-UK to provide ongoing support for two existing projects, including Uwasu, Brazil – and to make a first donation to a new rainforest rescue plan. the refuge for part of the year for the exotic but endangered Three-Wattled Bellbird and many other resident and altitudinal migrant species, including the fabulous Resplendent Quetzal. In response to our $5,250 donation, we received the following E-mail response from George Powell, Senior Conservation Scientist with the World Wildlife Fund in Costa Rica and biodiversity conservation specialist, Suzanne Palminteri, both Terrenos Verdes Trustees: To Robin Jolliffe, Chairman, CTF-UK Hi Robin, Thank you for your message (advising availability of CTF funds). Great news! With regards to the donation, we are just about to purchase a piece of land with some nice forest fragments here on the Pacific slope and have almost enough to meet the asking price. CTF’s donation brings us very close to the full amount (we are negotiating around US$30,000) so it is most welcome. 18th February 2002

Rincon Rainforest, Costa Rica – two for the price of one
In providing further support to save the Rincon Rainforest in north-western Costa Rica, CTF got double value for the $4,320 it donated from its legacy fund. Dan Janzen, the livewire American academic leading the Rincon fight, wrote to us on 18th June 2002: ‘This is my deep thanks for your donation for Rincon Rainforest land purchase. 100% of your donation will be used for that. The great news is that the Wege Foundation 1:1 Challenge Grant means that your donation has been matched by an equal amount for land purchase from them.’ The Wege Foundation is a large American conservation charity and a major supporter of the Rincon campaign. Janzen reports that 3,462.5 hectares (8,818 acres) of the 5,000 hectare rainforest have been bought and paid for, to date. The Wege Foundation has also established a $500,000 endowment fund for the ongoing management of Rincon. The Reserve also benefits from the Costa Rican Government’s system of payments for environmental services. $50 per hectare for five years for 400 hectares is currently covering the staff costs for Rincon. ‘The more grim news’ says Janzen ‘is that we are still in a race with the sawmills, and there are 1,300 hectares yet to purchase. But your support is very encouraging. Since January 1999, there have been 626 individual contributions to the Rincon Rainforest, plus group contributions by literally hundreds of schoolchildren. If we can hold this pace and meet the Wege Challenge Grant, we even have the chance of finishing by the end of this year!’

Black Caymen flourish under protection at Uwasu Reserve

Dream come true
Uwasu is a place to fire the imagination. An E-mail dated 15th September 2001, from Harry Ryken to Robin Jolliffe, the Chairman of CTF-UK, the two men who made the ground-breaking exploratory visit to Uwasu in August 1999, conveys the feeling of excitement. Dear Robin, A dream has come true. Uwasu exists as we planned two years ago – 80% of all land around Lake Uauacu has been purchased. What a story! I went on a 9 hour trip up the River Uwasu. I cannot tell you the number of macaws, toucans, aracaris, snakes, dolphins and monkeys we saw. The trip was for me the ultimate experience! Kind Regards, Harry Ryken.

Left Resplendent Quetzals find refuge in the fragmented forests for part of the year Top right Rincon rainforest Bottom right Tapir, a shy forest mammal, starts to return

If you would like further information about the Uwasu Reserve, visit the Website, which has plenty of pictures, at

Above Jatun Sachaa director Michael McColun trains students in reforestation at Bilsa Right The huge Caligo butterfly, common in reforested areas at Bilsa

The Monteverde Bellbird Conservation Project, Costa Rica
Contributions from both of the legacies recently received by CTF-UK have enabled us to provide our first tangible support to a new Costa Rican conservation organisation, Terrenos Verdes del Pacifico (CTF News, Vol 6, Apr 2001, Page 2). Terrenos Verdes has been set up specifically to purchase and protect the forests of the mid-elevation Pacific slopes of the mountain cordilleras in the Monteverde district of Costa Rica. These already fragmented forests, under further severe threat from agricultural and residential property development, are

Terrenos Verdes has already made some land acquisitions in the greater Monteverde area including a 27 hectare block with a valuable forest fragment but, even more importantly, with a central location amongst the best remaining fragments. In future issues of CTF News we hope to give you more details of the Terrenos Verdes acquisitions as well as their planned progress with re-afforestation. Perhaps even a map! In the meantime, Terrenos Verdes has made an agreement with the locally based Monteverde Institute for them to become stewards of the land in exchange for the right to use parts for scientific research and teaching. The Institute is planning to build a field station in the area and is particularly interested in establishing courses for students from overseas countries focussed on studies of forest fragmentation and restoration ecology. Hence their obvious interest in Terrenos Verdes. For Terrenos, it means that they have a reliable entity that will ensure that the land purchased is well protected – and potentially valuable feedback from the research.

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