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									Junior College English
COURSE #080551, 080552, 080559

Toni Pursley, PHS Instructor, 2006-2007
Contact Information: ; 841-8711 xt 6210


Welcome to Junior College English! This is an academically challenging course for students planning to
extend their learning at the university level. The focus of this two-semester course is primarily American literature by diverse authors and composition with practice in developing all of your communications skills in reading, writing, vocabulary usage, analytical thinking, oral communications, listening, and teamwork.

We will look for themes in past and present media to find ties to our lives today; the focus theme for 20062007 is justice. The overall content of the course will enhance your understanding of our collective culture. The literature selections we will read include government documents, journals, short stories, novels, drama, poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, and essays. The writing assignments will also be diverse, including literary analysis essays, biographical essays, creative writing, journal writing and reflection pieces, persuasive writing, and a five-page research paper. We will be building your writing portfolio and your senior culminating portfolio.

You can expect your learning experiences in this class to be enjoyable, educational, and I hope, challenging.
Your cooperative and positive attitude and responsible actions will insure all three of the former. It is my job to guide, direct, explain, facilitate, and evaluate as you make progress through the course content; it is your job to read, write, memorize, analyze and question, create, and synthesize – in other words, STUDY – the content as it is introduced to you.

Rule #1: All rules stated in the Student Handbook apply to this class. Rule #2: Follow the Golden Rule – “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you” – thus showing respect for yourself as well as for others. Rule #3: When in doubt, follow rules one and two.

I believe that we should become a trusting, supportive learning group where the teacher facilitates your learning experiences. In order to provide a win-win situation for everyone and a positive and productive environment, all class members will be expected to do the following:  Silence all electronics, including cell phones, and place them in your backpacks, not your pockets or purses, at the beginning of the class period  Participate openly, honestly, and respectfully in classroom discussions  Brainstorm and explore the pros and cons of diverse opinions  Respect others and their opinions and ideas even though they may be different from your own  Respect school property and others’ belongings  Wait your turn to speak; share the discussion time  Learn the class routines and be ready to shift from one activity to another without our having to wait for you  Give only constructive criticism – no put downs  Honor the idea that no question if too “dumb” to be asked and no hypothesis too naïve to be explored

 Refrain from all talking with other students during a testing period  Expect to pay for lost books at replacement costs  Understand and accept the fact the each student is entitled to only one copy of handouts; you must replace lost handouts at your own cost and  Please remove your hats in this classroom: generally caps prevent the good eye contact necessary for attentive learning.

Good attendance is essential for success and maximized learning in this class. Not all that you will learn in this class can be assessed on written assignments and tests; class participation and discussions are other learning opportunities. Thus, excessive absences will surely affect your progress and grade in this course. Each student is personally responsible for inquiring about missed assignments, notes, announcements, and classwork when s/he misses a class. All students must keep daily agendas and extensive notes dated each day; therefore, when a student misses class, his first recourse for missed information in a classmate. Do not ask the teacher what was missed. The procedure for a return after an absence is (1) to present an absence note to the teacher to sign if it is not online; (2) copy from another student the agenda for the day(s) missed; (3) go to the “tickler file” (absence file) on the windowsill to find missing handouts; (4) ask for teacher key to correct your own grammar work or vocabulary packet. It should be clear that seeking missing assignments is your responsibility, not the teacher’s. Admit slips or online verification of excused absences are required for entrance to class after any absence. Not doing assignments is not an option in most cases. Remember that some assignments are required to have a minimum passing grade to earn class credit. If you are absent, under most circumstances you are expected to keep up with the class. A helpful suggestion is to arrange with a classmate to phone you with missed class notes and assignments. Makeup work may not be given for unexcused absences according to the regulations in the Student Handbook. Please direct questions about makeup work to Mrs. Pursley outside of classroom instruction time. To receive full crfedit for makeup work due to an excused absence, you must turn in the assignment on the day you return in the case of long-term assignments or within 48 hours if the assignment was made while you were absent. One exception is the research paper: it must be turned in at the beginning of your class period on the due date whether you are in school or not. No exceptions unless you are hospitalized. If you were in class when a test was announced and then you missed it, you must be prepared to take the test upon your return. I will make exceptions for dire circumstances using my best professional judgment. When it is possible, you may take a makeup test in class, but most likely you will need to take it during your lunch period or before or after school. Generally, unit test makeups must be done within five school days while the curriculum is vivid in your mind and so that the teacher may return tests to students on a timely basis. On regular assignments, for reasonable excuses (Mrs. Pursley will make that decision), I do take papers up to five days late with a 10 percent grade cut per day off the earned grade.

Refer to the Student Handbook for rules regarding class skips and tardies. I do record these meticulously for the attendance officer. Being tardy over ten (10) minutes into the period is recorded as an absence. You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings and begin getting ready for class as we will have a regular routine we follow on specific days. There is no time to waste, for we have more course content than we can cover. That is why a specific routine is essential. Waiting for students to assemble the day’s routine work is a pet peeve of mine! BEWARE!

Students are required to bring their Student Planners to class everyday to record the daily agenda and assignments. Your Student Planner is your only Hall Pass option!

Grading follows the PHS common scale (see syllabus). The school’s grading scale is generous, and I’m sure that with a little effort each of you can earn the grade you set as a realistic goal for yourself. Grading will be based upon participation, written assignments, and tests and may be affected by your attendance and timeliness. Not all assignments will be graded or recorded in my gradebook. Daily work is generally recorded in my gradebook but not usually averaged into your grade. I view daily work assignments as an opportunity for you to practice, advance, stumble and even fail without the anxiety that your grade will be affected. However, it should be obvious that a lack of daily work or failure to seek help following poor daily scores or misunderstandings will affect your grade. I will be glad to give you extra help at lunch or after school. A prior appointment will ensure that I will be in the classroom expecting you and not just in the building somewhere. Since grading points are cumulative toward the semester grade, but still each student receives a formal quarterly report card, I try to plan each quarter so that we cover enough material to balance the learning in the areas of students’ weaknesses and strengths. Expect homework on a regular basis. Also, I will offer you as many different note-taking skills, test preparation and test taking skills, and time management options as I can.

Be prepared daily. Bring to class your English notebook (see next section), notebook paper, pen (true blue or black ink only), pencil, the proper textbook(s) or novels, and assignments. At registration you received both a literature anthology and a writing/grammar text. I have a classroom set of grammar books, so you will not be requested to carry those to school; however, when we do use the anthology, you will need to bring it to school. Assignments must be completed in a neat and legible manner with name, course title, period number, date, and assignment title at the top left-hand side of the paper. All major assignments must be completed satisfactorily in order to receive a passing grade in this class. Daily work may usually be done in pencil. Major assignments must be completed in blue or black ink or be typed. Students are expected to do their own work (unless a cooperative learning experience is assigned). A violation of these ethics will result in zero points for an assignment or test and could result in a failure for the course.

A district-wide goal is for teachers to provide opportunities for students to learn to speak effectively to various groups of people. In fact, a graduation requirement in Puyallup School District #3 involves a public speaking component as part of the culminating project. You will have several opportunities throughout the year to develop and practice the art of public speaking both in small groups and before the whole class. A few of the presentations will be very formal; others will be more informal. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We, the undersigned, have read and understand the requirements for behavior, performance, learning, and credit in this course. Parent______________________________________ Student______________________________________ Date______________

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