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					Volona Academy

CeRtifiCate ii MaKe-UP SeRviCeS
➢ Registered Training Organisation ➢ Guaranteed Training to a high level of competency ➢ Over 20 years of Training ➢ All Volona Lecturers hold the relevant qualifications to the same level or higher that they deliver ➢ All Volona Lecturers hold the required qualifications for training and assessment ➢ Close to public transport ➢ Free parking at the College ➢ Easy payment plan Course Overview * introduction to Make-up * tools of the trade and Selection * Design and apply Makeup * OSH & Communication * Skin Preparation * face Shapes * Lips and eyes * foundation / Concealer * Contouring and shading * Colour Coding * Day / evening Make-up * Glamour Make-up * Bridal Make-up * Photographic Make-up * Professional Make-up & More Contact the college for current dates and times. Course Duration
8 weeks part time studying a choice of evenings, days or weekends. Foundation Units workbook must be completed.


Students must purchase and wear a Napoleon T-shirt for the duration of the course (approx $60). Photo shoot is an additional $45 per sitting and a minimum of one sitting is compulsory for assessment. Students must supply their own hand towel and mascara with spare mascara wands (can be purchased at college). On successful completion of this course you will receive: WRB20204 Certificate ii in Makeup Services

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10 Mallard Way CANNINGTON WA 6107 Telephone: 9356 2269 Facsimile: 9458 8376 Email: Website:

WRB20204 CeRtifiCate ii iN MaKe-UP SeRviCeS
CODeS WRBCS201B WRBCS202a WRBCS203B WRRCS1B WRReR1B WRRLP1B WRRM1B WRRM2B WRRS1B WRBfS201B WRBfS202B WRBfS203B WRBfS204B BSBSBM301a BSBeBUS301a UNitS Conduct Financial Transactions Apply Techniques to update beauty industry knowledge Provide service to clients Communicate in the Workplace Work effectively in a retail environment Apply safe working practices Merchandise products Perform routine housekeeping duties Sell products and services Demonstrate retail skin care products Design and apply make-up Design and apply make-up for photography Design and apply remedial camouflage Research Business Opportunities Search and Assess online business information


This is an excellent course for aspiring makeup artists. If you want to learn the very latest fashion and makeup training then this is the course for you. Everything from free-lance makeup work for bridal parties and school balls, cosmetic counters in major department stores, working in chemists or just a great hobby, you will leave with this Nationally Recognised Qualification. assessment: The method of assessment may include any of the following: Practical, Theory, Oral Questioning, Observation, Assignments, Projects/Portfolios timetable: Volona College reserve the right to change timetables. The College reserves the right to update and or alter the training package requirements in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Training Framework guidelines, to ensure valid and current qualifications. Please refer to the timetable for the current dates and times

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