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back at the hospice –
see inside to dedicate a light on the St Joseph’s Tree The new Education Centre and Finding Space are ready New partnership with Sainsbury’s Reaching out with the Guardian Angels School

Finding Space and Education Centre building work is finished

Education Reception

In recent newsletters we have updated our readers on the progress of our Finding Space and Education building projects. We are delighted to report that the building work is now finished and we share with you in this article some pictures of the new spaces we have created together with news of some of the ways the spaces have been used in their first few weeks.
The finished project has transformed dull, aged, drab and under utilised spaces into bright, light, contemporary and flexible spaces which have many different uses. Below, we reflect back on the history to this project: directly as a patient or indirectly as a family member or friend, fear of the unknown is often prevalent. Sometimes, this fear stops people from seeking help and support. We know this from first hand experience. Often people are hesitant to be referred to the Hospice, yet when they do make contact with us, the overwhelming comment we receive is that they wish they had contacted us earlier. It is with this thought in mind that the idea for Finding Space was created in late 2006. We had an opportunity to bid for a considerable sum of money to the Department of Health and we were successful in being awarded £564,000 as a contribution towards the capital costs of this project. Our project aims to engage people earlier in their diagnoses and enables them to access information and support. It also aims to engage community groups to raise awareness of end of life issues in all local communities. Access to information - face to face, via the internet or books, journals, leaflets or other sources. Access to support for patients delivered one to one or in group settings or by referral to specialists such as nurses, doctors, benefits advisors etc. Access to support for carers delivered in the form of support groups, access to specialist advice and also access to complementary therapies. Access to support for community groups - to raise awareness of end of life issues and to build links with the community and those who are part of it.
Hospice trustees are pictured with representatives from Woodhouse Contracts and our own professional advisors

Finding Space
Death and dying is not a subject that many people like to talk about. For those who are experiencing this


Life Enhancing Care Caring for patients in their own homes
St Joseph’s always aims to give our patients the choice of where to be cared for and effort is always made to care for our patients where they feel most comfortable. Understandably this is often at home.
The staff of our Community Palliative Care Teams look after patients in their own homes. We provide specialist palliative care advice and support to people facing a serious illness - usually an illness which is advanced and long-term. The teams include a number of professionals including clinical nurse specialists, doctors, social workers, therapists and others. The service we provide to patients, their families and friends are normally available to anyone registered with a General Practitioner working in City and Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Roxanne Vieira-Moreno, who is the Manager of the Newham Team tells us a little about what she does and how she uses her day to visit her patients.
Jason Davidson a Social Worker for the Newham team visiting a bereaved mother in her home

Refreshment point

Education and learning has always been at the heart of all that we have done. During 2007, as a result of wider site changes, we took the opportunity to relocate our education facilities physically at the heart of the Hospice site. The new education facilities provide modern and adaptable spaces which enable flexible learning using the very latest techniques. The space we have created includes an 80 seat lecture theatre, three break out rooms which are capable of being used individually or joined via moveable sound-proof walls. There is also an extensive library/ resource area and space for one-to-one support. The entire area has wi fi access to the internet, and we have purchased some innovative computer terminals and enable people attending conferences and courses to access their e mails and stay in touch with their work places.

“We make the best use of our time and plan our journeys, but even so every day we travel quite far distances and traffic can be a problem. We cover the borough of Newham which comprises of Beckton, Stratford, East Ham, West Ham, Little Ilford and Plaistow. All our nurses are Clinical Nurse Specialists and we work alongside GPs and District Nurses to make sure that our patients get the best possible treatment. Our first assessment is holistic, which means that we take into account not only their physical needs, but also their psychosocial and spiritual needs. We also would like to know the patient’s preferred place of care; whether they would wish to be cared for in the Hospice as their illness progresses or whether they want to remain at home. We support them in whatever decision they make and do all we can to make sure their wishes are carried out. Most days, we could stay out all day. As you can imagine, the distance is too long to keep coming back to the Hospice, so we might grab a sandwich in our car at lunchtime. I try and return to St Joseph’s by 4p.m., the reason being that we need to write to the GPs and inform them of our action plan and recommendations. GPs need that information as soon as possible so they can act on it. A copy of that letter is also sent to the referrer as this may not be the GP. We also make referrals to other professionals, for example we could refer a patient for physiotherapy, counselling or for complementary therapies.”
The Community Palliative Care Teams also support other professionals in the community setting such as Nursing Home staff and District Nurses by carrying out workshop training in relation to End of Life Care. Our team is passionate about the work we do, and we try to meet the needs of the individual patients in the diverse communities we serve.

How can you help?
Overall these building projects cost £1.8m, of which we raised £564,000 from the Department of Health. Our own financial position over the last year has deteriorated predominantly because of a fall in legacy income due to falling share prices and property prices. Therefore, one practical way you can help is by donating towards the capital cost of this important work. Here are some examples of items purchased to help people learn in the new space: Multi Media projectors for the education department – each costs £3,000 and we have purchased 4 of them in total. Books and DVDs for the library and resource area – we have taken this as an opportunity to update our books and resources and this will cost in excess of £15,000. Donors may wish to make a specific contribution from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. For more information on how to support this project by making a donation, please contact Lisa Brooker on 0208 525 6080.


Reaching Out Project

The Speaker of Hackney
Each year the Speaker of Hackney promotes and raises funds for a number of local charitable causes throughout their term of office. We are delighted that this year the Speaker, Councillor Müttalip Ünüler has chosen St Joseph’s Hospice as one of his nominated charities. We are looking forward to working with the Speaker and his staff over the coming year.

St Joseph’s Hospice is committed to working with a range of community groups and hospice service users to dispel myths and to enable an informed response to death and dying. Our Reaching Out Project, based on a model developed by St Christopher’s Hospice in 2006, has been an effective way of addressing these issues. The project began on 2nd June 2009 and was developed by the Education department and Sister Hilary Thompson (Director of Mission) in collaboration with the staff, volunteers and patients of the Day Hospice, and the teachers and children of Guardian Angels School, a local junior school in Mile End.

came to the Hospice in December to sing Carols and since then we have established a strong relationship with the children and teachers of the school.
A pupil at Guardian Angels with a patient The Speaker of Hackney, Councillor Müttalip Ünlüer

Dr Sheila Collins OBE
It is with sadness we report the death of Sheila Collins, first chair of St Joseph’s Hospice Board of Management who died in March this year. The aim of our ‘Reaching Out’ project is to enable the children and their teachers to come to the Hospice and meet, chat and work with patients to develop a variety of artwork. Working together to create art work has enabled the children and patients to chat and have fun whilst sharing ideas and experiences. Patients shared their life stories - one shared her experience of being a child in World War 2 and another showed the children photographs of her grandparents and family. On completion of the seven week project the art work, which consists of a wonderful variety of paintings and models, was displayed in the Hospice, and will subsequently be displayed in the School. A tea party was given by the Hospice for the children and their parents and teachers and for the patients, staff and volunteers of the Day Hospice and was enjoyed by all. We hope to build on this wonderful experience and develop our work with Guardian Angels and other local schools in the future.
Front cover features The Guardian Angels children using Finding Space

Learning about loss and transition is part of the National School Curriculum. Many schools often find it difficult to approach these subjects and welcome working in partnership with a local hospice to help address the subject of death and dying. Children are receptive to new ideas and experiences and we wanted to help them experience what a Hospice is like and to meet and make relationships with some of our Day Hospice patients. We developed the project with Guardian Angels School. Why did we choose this school? Well, they chose us – the staff and children

A well known and respected nurse educationalist, Sheila was a great supporter of the work of the Hospice. Her early involvement with St Joseph’s saw her advise Sr Paula Gleeson about nurse education at the Hospice and in 1990, she was a key member of the steering committee which set up the Board of Management which she later went on to chair. The work of the Board advised the Trustees of the Hospice and ensures that the Sisters are fully briefed in all key matters relating to the work of the Hospice. We remember Sheila for her significant contribution to our work.


The YAGs come to St Joseph’s Hospice
An increasing number of children with chronic illnesses are surviving into young adulthood. There is a growing need for a seamless transition from children’s services to adult care services.
This must also allow for the fact that adolescents are undergoing changes far broader than just their clinical needs. Often due to the nature of the illness and treatment these adolescents miss out on life experiences we take for granted. Neil Williamson, team leader at Richard House Children’s Hospice in Newham identified this need within his own patient group and initiated Young Adults Group (YAG) evenings. The aim of the group was to give the YAGs an opportunity to meet away from parents, develop social skills with peers and be able to have open discussions with staff or each other about anything. Neil was kind enough to come to St Joseph’s and explain his project. Through this, we identified an excellent opportunity to work together. On Monday 15th June St Joseph’s hosted a party for the YAGs. Neil and his group of volunteers from Richard House arrived mid afternoon to transform our day hospice into a place where the YAGs could relax. The YAGs started arriving at 4pm and they were really pleased to see their friends. There was a range of activities on offer, e.g. karaoke, playstations & computer games, surfing the internet. The heavy rain unfortunately prevented the YAGs from going out to explore the local pleasures of Hackney but this did not seem to spoil the general atmosphere. Nor did it stop some of the parents who had brought the YAGs from sampling local nightlife! The evening was enhanced by a well stocked ‘cocktail bar’ and a mix of Indian, Chinese & pizza takeaway. Naveed Iqbal (Physiotherapist) and Di Laverty (Nurse Consultant) – who hosted the party – had a great time getting to know the young people and gave guided tours of our facilities here on request. Many of the young people were impressed by the space available and the flexibility around which we worked. Our hope is to share the monthly parties with Richard House so that the young people can get used to us here. We will work closely with Richard House to forge strong links & ensure the young people feel comfortable and welcome at St Joseph’s. Hopefully making any transition from Richard House children services to St Joseph’s adult services smooth for the young adults, families and staff who have looked after them for years.

Our Corporate Friends
Winning Support from

In May, supermarket chain Sainsbury’s invited customers and staff to nominate a local voluntary organisation to be a charity partner for each of its stores and divisions in the UK.
Voting boxes were installed in every Sainsbury’s branch with a view to creating a shortlist of three organisations. The top three charities were then asked to give a presentation from which the company and its employees chose one which they felt they could help the most. St Joseph’s is thrilled to announce that Sainsbury’s Dalston, Sainsbury’s Whitechapel and Sainsbury’s Property Division (based at the Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre in Holborn) all chose to support St Joseph’s over the coming year. The Local Charity of the Year scheme will see chosen charities work closely with Sainsbury’s employees to put on fundraising events, encourage volunteering and help to raise awareness of the charity. The initiative is part of the firm’s 140th birthday celebrations – it was established by John Sainsbury in 1869. Vicky Shaw, Sainsbury’s Development Surveyor, who was involved in the selection process, said: “St Joseph’s Hospice really stood out as a local charity that we could really benefit through volunteering and fundraising. It’s great to be supporting the hospice help local people.” John Rogers, Sainsbury’s Property Director said, “We are really pleased and excited to support St Joseph’s. The hard work starts now, but I can definitely see the team building a strong relationship with the hospice and making a difference to their work.” Staff across the various branches have been busy holding bucket collections, selling sunflower badges, signing up for the parachute jump and volunteering at the hospice.

A Tribute Hackney in Bloom
For the second year running, St Joseph’s Hospice has won the business premises section of Hackney in Bloom.
The judges were very impressed and special commendation was given to the garden which we exhibited last year at Chelsea Flower Show. This garden was transferred to a spot behind the nurses’ home and the lavenders and verbenas have attracted a host of butterflies and bees this year. As winners of a section, St Joseph’s garden was chosen to represent Hackney in the London in Bloom competition. It was a pleasure to show such distinguished judges around and to be given advice on various aspects of gardening. We have yet to hear the results of London in Bloom….


Back at the Hospice, on a new day. Celebrate and Remember a Life Thursday 3rd December at 7pm
Join us at St Joseph’s in remembering the life of those people that were so special to us and shine a light out in memory of those that we have loved and who have died.
This special evening will give people the chance to remember someone special who has died and see the tree light brighten up the darkness. The evening will give you a chance to think of loved ones who have died, to celebrate their lives and to dedicate a light on the St Joseph’s tree in their names. Please complete the form attached and return it to us. If you’d like to include a donation to support continuing care and life enhancing work, we’d be very grateful. You can leave a personal message with the name of your loved one, by completing the dedication card. This message will be displayed in St Joseph’s throughout December and January on our Memory Wall. We would be delighted to welcome you to visit and see the Memory Wall at our ‘Celebrate and Remember A Life’, Light Up a Life Service or at a convenient time to you.
Hackney Downs

St Joseph’s Hospice is easy to find on the A107



Cambridge Heath





Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green








Stepney Green







London Fields







’S R






Kavin Ashby who has attended the services for many years wrote:
"For thirteen years I have been dedicating a light and coming to the Light Up a Life evening. It does bring great help to people who have lost someone in the year or in the past, as Christmas is always a hard time. The multicultural service is very moving and brings together all types of people for a wonderful evening in the hospice. I’m very pleased that the service has come back to St Joseph’s, now that we have so much more space. It will make the evening so much nicer and have a wonderful atmosphere. What is so special to me and many of the people that come to the evening is that the patients and staff will also be able to watch out of their windows. I’m glad to say that since the start of Light Up a Life, more and more people attend every year and I hope that this year everyone will come and light a candle and remember and pray for all the people that have gone and we all love. Also, one of the best things of the evening is when it’s all finished we have refreshments and mince pies. So if you’ve never been to this evening please, please try to attend."

Josie Joy whose husband died in the hospice 13 years ago said of Light Up a Life:
"…It’s how I feel, a lot of people get emotional but I have to do it my way. I love to see the tree all lit up. I come to the hospice for my Freddie and it feels like I’m doing something for him.”

Jenny Bennett attended her first service in 2007 in memory of her Mum and wrote to us about her experience of Light Up a Life:
"… I had a lovely welcome, many smiles and the lady who helped me choose my seat seemed to instinctively sense that I felt a bit lost and was so warm and kind. I ended up next to a lady whose husband you had cared for in St Ann’s ward, she told me that she didn’t know how she would cope without you. Thank you for all the trouble you took and for making it possible for us to come at this time of year when the memories can be hard to take and to turn it all around into thanks giving."

Ellen Wallis who has attended Light Up a Life three times wrote to us:
''We all know that Christmas time brings memories of our loved ones, those who are still with us and especially our dearly departed. I get great comfort from St Joseph's Light Up a Life service. One doesn't feel alone as the people who are gathered together all have their loved ones in their minds and hearts. We are able to comfort one another. When the tree is lit up it is very emotional and at the same time there is a serenity that comes over me."

Canary Wharf Contractors
The Canary Wharf Contractors have for many years supported St Joseph’s and have helped us fund some very important projects. Once again they chose to support St Joseph’s this year at their Annual Charity Golf Day at Moor Park Golf Club. They donated half of the proceeds to the hospice and added an extra corporate donation, making a total of £25,000. Canary Wharf Contactors have agreed to part fund the new role of Development Triage Nurse with this donation. The Development Triage Nurse will support a well established service that accesses referrals for inpatient care and community support. If your company would like to support St Joseph’s in anyway, please contact Melanie Levy on 0208 525 6040 or

Cormac MacCrann, Executive Director of Canary Wharf Contractors (far left) pictured with guests at the Canary Wharf Contractors annual charity golf day.

Employees of National Australia Bank have participated in a number of fundraising events including cake sales, step challenges, relay races, payroll giving and running the London Marathon. So far this year, through employee fundraising they have managed to raise an incredible £21,579.

The Wholesale Banking team at National Australia Bank pledge to support St Joseph’s for a 2nd Year
At the end of July, the Wholesale Banking team at National Australia Bank, one of St Joseph’s corporate partners, generously made a donation of £50,000 to the hospice.
Bruce Rose, Head of Wholesale Banking Europe said, “Our community partnership with St Joseph’s Hospice is, quite justifiably, a source of pride to all of us and whenever I talk to my colleagues about our partnership I am struck by the tangible sense of ownership we share. This is evidenced by the terrific support and enthusiasm for volunteering opportunities and for a wide variety of fundraising activities organised around the branch. In support of these great fundraising efforts, Wholesale Banking has now made a corporate donation to the hospice of £50,000 for this year. We well appreciate the massive amount of money that St Joseph’s needs to find each year to fund its work and are glad to make a contribution towards running costs so that it can continue to provide the best care possible to people in need from all ethnicities, whatever their social and economic status. I encourage all my colleagues to keep volunteering and thinking of ways to raise money so that we can keep making a difference." Thanking Bruce for their donation, Michael Kerin, Chief Executive of St Joseph’s Hospice said, “I know how difficult it has been for the banking world in recent months and it is great that you and your team have remained focused on the relationship with us. We truly value your support. We certainly do benefit from the partnership, not least from knowing that you and your colleagues value our work and want to help us deliver high quality care for people in this part of London.” Groups of staff from the Wholesale Banking team at National Australia Bank can regularly be found at St Joseph’s helping out on a number of team challenges. These involve between 12 - 18 volunteers participating in various activities around the hospice. So far this year these have included; washing and valeting the ambulances and hospice vehicles, jet hosing the courtyard, helping with the newsletter mail-out, bedding plants in the gardens, cleaning the ponds and painting a number of walls to name but a few.
Staff from the Wholesale Banking team at National Australia Bank helping in the hospice gardens


Our Local Community Supporting Us
This summer we have had an amazing amount of support from our community, whether grabbing a bargain at the Summer Fete, volunteering or taking part in a challenge.
On a sunny Saturday in June, we welcomed over 850 people to St Joseph’s annual Summer Fete! Everyone enjoyed hunting out bargains in the Aladdin’s Cave, eating ice-creams, cakes and sweets, having a go in the hook a duck, the bottle tombola and choosing jewellery and new clothes and shoes and buying the wide variety of plants on sale! Without the tremendous support of our community, staff, patients and volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to raise the fantastic £18,036.17! Thank you to everyone who came, who spent their hard earned money, and who volunteered! The next chance to grab a bargain and raise money for us is the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 21st November 2009. Apart from all the usual stalls, the Christmas Bazaar is a great opportunity to buy Christmas Decorations and Cards, Light Up a Life Candles and lots more. We look forward to welcoming you. We accept donated items throughout the year, for more information please call Marlene on 020 8525 6076.

Friends of the Hospice Groups
We are looking for fundraising support groups through out our catchment area that will raise much-needed funds in their own communities throughout the year.
You can do this in a number of ways, such as hosting fairs and bazaars, coffee mornings, balls, quiz nights, suppers and raffles. St Jospeh’s are looking for enthusiastic new members to join in and help with fundraising ventures by putting together Friends of the Hospice Groups and committees. You can help by organising events, selling tickets, publicising our activities, attending events and offering ideas. Would you be interested in starting or being a member of a Friends of the Hospice Group in your area? All you need is a belief in our work, a sense of humour and to be able to spare a few hours a month, or even a year. If you would be interested in joining a group to help raise money for St Joseph’s, please contact Melanie Levy on 0208 525 6040 or email


Challenges for St Joseph’s
A massive thank you for the incredible efforts made by our brilliant supporters.
Since our last Newsletter our supporters have been extremely busy taking part in fundraising activities and challenges; running, swimming and cycling in Triathlons, running 26.2 miles in the Flora London Marathon, Parachute Jumps, The Bupa and British 10k runs, 5k runs, Great East End Walkers of all ages and fitness, Football fanatics running around a pitch, playing until they are sick as a parrot to win the tournament and take home the cup, Swimathons and even Car Rallies! Collectively through these fundraising challenges and activities we have raised a huge amount and with even more challenges still going on and the money coming through to us, we hope to raise much much more!
Parachute Jumps

Contact Katie Andrews on 0208 525 6033 or to get innvolved.

Bupa 10k run

Great East End Walk

Swimathon Support for St Joseph’s!
Keith Shuker and Rob Huff, both from Hertfordshire took part in a Swimathon raising a fantastic £1,726 for the hospice. Keith’s Dad, Joe Shuker was terminally ill with cancer 10 years ago and died here. Keith wanted to acknowledge the care we took of Joe. This is the second time Keith has chosen to fundraise in this way for St Joseph’s and we are grateful for his continued support of our work and the generous support Keith and Rob have been shown by family, friends and work colleagues. A massive well done to both Keith and Rob for fundraising such an amazing amount and completing the swimathon! Contact Louise Cheung to organise your own community event on 0208 525 6070.


Kevin Stoney’s Gift
Kevin Stoney was voted the Daily Mail’s ‘Villain of the year’ in 1965 for his portrayal of Mavic Chen, a character from the popular science fiction series Doctor Who. However, since his death last year, Kevin has been nothing but a hero to St Joseph’s.
Kevin Stoney died on 22th January 2008, the day of his 87th birthday, in Chiswick, after a long battle with skin cancer. He was born in 1921 and started his acting career in theatre. During the Second World War he served in the RAF in the Middle East, but after crashing too many aircraft he was soon moved from pilot to navigator. His acting career started again after this and he became a familiar face in theatre, film and TV over the following 40 years. Kevin left behind not only certain affection in the hearts of British television viewers but a great gift to the hospice. Kevin left a large sum of money in his Will to St Joseph’s as well as a future stream of royalty income over which his legal estate will have the rights for the next 70 years following his recent death. Many successful actors, television presenters, authors and musicians will be used to receiving royalty income long after the initial recording or publication was made and this raises the question of what happens to that income once the creator of the work has died? The answer is that like any other asset in an individual’s estate, the right to receive the royalties can be bequeathed in a Will. This is what Kevin Stoney decided to do. Each time a program Kevin starred in is aired, St Joseph’s Hospice receives a donation from the television company by way of his royalties. Kevin Stoney’s many TV appearances include The Adventures of Robin Hood, Danger Man, The Prisoner, The Avengers, Counterstrike, Out of the Unknown, Doomwatch, Ace of Wands, The Tomorrow People, Space 1999, I Claudius, The New Avengers, Blake’s 7, All Creatures Great and Small, Quatermass and Bergerac. He is most well known for his roles in Doctor Who. After appearing in the highest-rated episode of Inspector Morse in 1993, Kevin retired. He was subsequently a welcoming contributor to Doctor Who fan conventions and projects. Next time you see Kevin Stoney on the television, remember that his kindness allows St Joseph’s to provide patients, now and in the future, with the best treatment and help them live fully until the end. We truly appreciate Kevin’s generosity to St Joseph’s. If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will to St Joseph’s Hospice, please call Melanie Levy on 0208 525 6040

Volunteer’s story by Lyn Vorley
Leaving behind the buzzy world of finance where I not only worked hard but also played extremely hard, on many occasions eating and drinking far too much. This was a world where it was so easy to lose sight of reality and get caught up amongst a crowd heading off to the next new restaurant or club.
I grew up knowing “that place”, St Joseph’s Hospice was the building you didn’t visit as you didn’t leave; always only spoken of in a quiet sad voice. “That place” was where I chose to volunteer. People may wonder why; I asked myself that question many a time, as in my head volunteering was something you did when you got older or had nothing better do on a certain day during the week. You were a do gooder or part of the blue rinse brigade. How wrong can you be! I feel maybe it’s just that St Joseph’s has always been there ready for when I decided to do volunteering, it just drew me. My introduction into the world of a volunteer, the serious side of caring and well being aside was working on the wards. Visiting patients, running errands for them or maybe a walk in the gardens reminiscing along the lines of “in my day there were more nuns” or “hasn’t the old place changed!”. I helped in the admin department updating information files. Next an insight into the world of fundraising, after all we are a charity, so always looking for new ideas to raise some cash. Then onto the jumble sales and Christmas bazaar, with its great rummaging through stuff, bits and pieces ready to coax someone to buy it. Who would have thought “that place” a sometimes sad but always peaceful environment is so often full of light, smiles, jokes and plenty of chatter. I feel so grounded, humbled but then

laughing out loud all in one day. I REALLY do enjoy the time I spend here and I will continue to do so. It’s not just “that hospice anymore”, its so much more! People actually want to spend time talking to me, and are genuinely pleased to see me, you can not substitute that feeling. I had never won anything in my life before but at St Joseph’s I entered into a raffle and I have now won a trip to Paris. So something is smiling on me there. To volunteer contact Raksha Dattani on 0208 525 6032 or


Our Wish List
By popular demand, our Wish List Book is back! We include some really important items that will make a great difference for our patients and their families. The new Finding Space and Education Centre also need much needed items. If supporters prefer, their names will appear in our Wish List Book at the Hospice to acknowledge their gift. The book will be updated just before every newsletter. Your name, and/or a loved one can appear in the Wish List Book. Please call Lisa Brooker if you wish to buy an item and she will go through the process with you. Any additional donations received will automatically be allocated to our General Fund, which is the fund we use to pay for our patients’ day to day needs.

Shower Chairs – Our Ward Staff have told us that our patients need special shower chairs. These waterproof chairs have wheels and are height adjustable. They will be used to assist our patients when they move from their beds to the bathroom. Our patients need 6 shower chairs and they cost £77 each. Equipment for our Community Team – Our Community Team take a range of medical equipment with them and at the moment they need 3 doctors’ bags containing a diagnostic set, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, reflex hammer, thermometer and glucometer. Each bag, filled with essential medical equipment, will cost approximately £500. The Teams’ patients also need one Oximeter which measures blood oxegyn levels and simultaneously takes the patient’s pulse, which will cost about £525.

I.T. workstations / computers – In Finding Space we are planning to install 6 integrated workstation/computer systems, where patients, carers and health care professionals can access the internet. The computers come in a variety of heights to enable full wheelchair access. We need 6 of these systems which cost £1,700 each. Library/Resource Room – Our new library is ready to receive books, DVDs and other resources! The cost of restocking our library with the latest knowledge is £15,000. The library will stock technical reference material for health care professionals, as well as more general information for patients and carers.

Event Calendar- Look out for new events in 2010
Christmas Bazaar Saturday 21st November 2009 Light Up a Life Thursday 3rd December 7pm 2009 Santa 5km Fun Run, London 6th December 2009 Jumble Sale Saturday 30th January 2010. 10am - 1pm Jumble Sale Saturday 10th April 2010. 10am - 1pm Virgin London Marathon Sunday 25th April 2010 Bupa 10k Monday 31st May 2010 Great East End Walk Sunday 19th May 2010 Summer Fete Saturday 19th June 2010. 12 noon - 3pm British 10k Sunday 11th July 2010 Parachute Jump 17th July 2010 Jumble Sale Saturday 11th September 2010. 10am - 1pm Camino Challenge in October 2010, date Tbc Christmas Bazaar Saturday 20th November. 12 noon - 3pm Services held by St Joseph’s Hospice Chaplaincy: November 14th 2009 - 2pm January 10th 2010 - 4pm March 14th 2010 - 4pm May 9th 2010 - 4pm July 11th 2010 - 4pm September 12th 2010 - 4pm November 14th 2010 - 4pm To get involved or to look out for new activities and events go to our website or join our Facebook Group ‘St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney’. For more information on next year’s events, campaigns and challenges please contact the Fundraising Team on 0208 525 6042 or email Contact details: Lisa Brooker, Foundations and Trusts Fundraiser, 0208 525 6080, Louise Cheung, Community Fundraiser, 0208 525 6070, Melanie Levy, Relationship Development Executive, 0208 525 6040,

St Joseph’s Hospice Mare Street Hackney London E8 4SA Tel: 020 8525 6000 Fax: 020 8533 0513

St Joseph’s Hospice. Under the care of the Sisters of Charity
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