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September 2008 Board Meeting October 9, 2008, 9:00 AM Business Meeting October 9, 2008 10:00 AM

Twin Rivers Quilters Guild
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President’s Words of Wisdom
Dear Quilters, Mark your calendar! November 6th! Business Metting! Elections! Change is due to the Fall Retreat and many of the ladies will be out of town.

Inside Story Breaton President- Gini
V/P-Programs-Lynne Rice


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638-2820 Secretary-Pat Mayo


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634-9612 Treasurer- Patty Zach


We thank Linda Re for her program demonstration. Really cute and easy! Her presentation was so easy to follow. Well done!

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AQS Books-Helen Williams

The Quilt Show date is not far away. We thank Laurene and all her team for their efforts to make this show a success. There are still volunteers needed to work the show. Please look over the signup sheets and find something that you’d like to do. The shifts are not long and the jobs are not hard. If you have never entered a show this is the one to try. The judges’ comments are helpful and positive. It’s a great feeling to see your project hanging!

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Coastal Women’s ShelterInside Story Sue Mara—637-2023 &


InsideFinney - 637-2611 Penny Story
Historian- Pat Hampson


300th anniversary Quilt! WOW! ! Amazing! Awesome! The design, the workmanship and the number of ladies that participated all are wonderful. Congratulations! Be very proud of this creation!

634-2318 Lap Robes- Frances Conner 634-4268

I encourage all to finish projects that can be entered into the show. There is still time to send in your entry form.

Librarian- Glenda Godden Membership- Diana Rezab

Now keep those needles moving. Gini Breaton

636-5919 Newsletter Editor & Newsletter Mailings Stephanie Bardwell—637-5176 – Ronald McDonald Quilts-

November 6th—Long Arm Quilt Preparation
The better the quilt top is prepared, the better the finished result will be. Lilly Lucier will help us learn what things to think about before the quilt top is placed on the long arm machine.

Sue Marra – 637-2023 & Pat Hampson - 634-2318 Sunshine- Deborah Brickett 633-9766

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Twin Rivers Quilters Guild

Home of the Brave

First, I want to thank everyone who answered my request for more blocks I got many and a couple of completed quilts. We have a very thoughtful group in our guild. Over the summer, I sent a quilt to a mother who also sent a very nice thank you. These quilts bring much comfort to the families. I have the name of another casualty, a quilt will be sent later this month. He leaves behind a father and twin sister. The U.S. army has sent a commendation to all the state coordinators in the Home of the Brave project. Carol Smith, the coordinator for North Carolina has sent us a copy. She said " I think everybody who made a block) deserves recognition." A copy of the commendation is included in this newsletter. (A copy of the block pattern can be found in earlier letters.) Thanks again for you ongoing support of the Home of the Brave project. Mary Beth Seidenfield

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Block of the Month
September’s block of the month winner was Taffy Marron. The block of the month for October is a great seasonal block and due at the business meeting. Lynne Peck-Collins Phyllis Prideaux

The CWS Angel fund for this month was $70.00, this increases the fund to over $500.00 for the Christmas gifts. Donations for next month will be school snacks, canned or dry packaged goods. Penny Finney

Now that we are back in our regular meeting place please remind yourselves to return any books or magazines you have been holding onto—Thanks. New book added to the library— Convergance Quilts by Ricky Tims. Ricky Tims’ CD’s are available to borrow—see Glenda. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and did a lot of sewing and reading!! Glenda Godden

October Birthdays
Naomi Durkee Betsey McIntyre Gerri Olvaney Marisue Shannon Glenda Godden Rita Dixon-Kent 6 6 9 10 14 17 Lynne Rice Mary O’Neal 18 19 25 30

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear quilters

Brenda Parker Joyce Snader

Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday Ladies! you

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Twin Rivers Quilters Guild

Sunshine Report
We sent a card to Marlene Kuncewitch who lost her husband recently. If you know of anyone who could use a card please let me know. Deborah Brickett 633-9766

Day of Sharing Oct 18th—1604 Arendell St, Morehead City Post Card Contest
The Crystal Coast Quilter’s Guild and The Croatan Quilter’s Guild has extended as invitation to the 2008 Day of Sharing. See Gini for signup. Theme—Sea of Quilts Create a picture of theme the size of 4 X 6. Fuse to a stabilizer such as posterboard, short weight cardboard or #70 weight pellon. Cut a piece of muslin 4 X 6 for post card back. Make design and adhere to stabilizer. This can be quilter. Fuse this to post card back. Binding can be fused or edges stitched with decorative thread. Embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, lace and decorative thread can be added Have fun! Post cards with be displayed at day of sharing. Limit of 2 post cards per person. The post card instructions are:

Ronald McDonald Quilts
Donated by: Diane Stevenson Gerri Olvaney Mary Beth Seidenfield Kay Amend and Ilona Barkley Sandra Cluckey Gail Schiller 1 1 2 1 1 1

Nursing Home Quilts
Donated by: Susan Howard Ruth Powers Janice Peters Sandy Cluckey Cass Sadler Mary Beth Seidenfield 1 1 quilt and 1 crocheted blanket 1 2 1 1

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September guest - Pat Murray was a guest of Barbara Scavuzzo Membership/Directory Changes: Please contact me for correction/changes/addition/birthday’s Carol Burkhardt – address change, 936 Dickinson Ct., NB 28562 We have one new member: Rita Dixon-Kent, 206 Appenzell Ln, NB, email Rita and her husband Dan moved here from northern Virginia. She has been quilting for 15 years. She was introduced to the guild by an article in the New Bern Magazine and neighbors. Welcome to the guild Rita. Diana Rezab

Quilt Show Excuses: Why I'm not putting a quilt in the show…

Today at Stitch and Chat, several quilters expressed their reluctance to enter quilts in the upcoming show. One, who does very creative quilts, said, “My work isn’t good enough.” Another, a fairly new guild member, didn’t want to have her work judged, fearing negative criticism.

In response, I’m encouraging each and every guild member to put something in our show. None of us has ever made a perfect quilt, and some are better at some techniques than others, but that doesn’t keep us from sharing our enthusiasm ( and our quilts) with each other and with our community. Judges are very kind people, who will offer you positive suggestions to make your next quilt even better. The jude’s written critique won’t be seen by anyone except you, and you don’t have to share the information in it. Ot you can display your quilt without having it judged: just write DISPLAY ONLY on your entry form. You know how much fun Show and Tell is at the Business Meetings, and how much you’d like to look at each quilt more closely. This is your chance! It is the variety of quilts, colors, patterns, abilities, styles, and techniques that make for a great show. And the one you think is “not good enough” may be the one quilt that inspires someone to become a quilter, too.

Adah Walker

Fall Retreat - 11/10/08 - 11/14/08
This is a heads—up notice about our fall retreat. Debra Brickett and Bev Nicholson will start taking through the September business meeting. If not paid in full, balance due is at the October business meeting.

The price for the fall retreat is the same as the winter one this past January 2008. Singles $175.00 Doubles $ 88.00 Deposit at sign up $50.00 Deposit at sign up $50.00 Balance due in October $125.00 Balance due in October $ 38.00

If you have any questions call , Bev Nicholson 637.9343 or Debra Brickett 633.9766.

Quilt Show

We are closing in on the show and everything is coming along nicely. So many of you have signed up to help at the various stations and for demos too. Thanks to all for your help. We still need items for the guild booth. This includes all sewing & quilting things such as patterns, fabric, tools, pins & needles, unfinished blocks, unfinished quilts, sewing kits, thread, even knitting and embroidery items. Think Rummage Sale. The ladies would like your items priced if possible. Cass Sadler and Eleanor Bryant will let us know when to bring magazines and books. The ribbons are done and are looking fabulous! Also, please don't forget your fat quarters for the raffle basket. A nice big basket stuffed with good fat quarters is a real steal to the winner and tickets go well, so please help us out with this. We will do a special exhibit of the mystery quilts that were done last year, so bring them in on registration day. These will not be judged, but you still need to fill out the entry form. Lily Lucier will be the vendor for the quilts for sale booth. Her consignment form is ion the website. With her booth we now have 16 vendors for the show! Please turn in any expenses to be reimbursed to Mary Beth Seidenfield. The entry forms are due on Oct. 2. After that date, no changes can be made. Don't forget...all quilts hanging in the show will need an entry form by Oct. 2, whether they will be judged or not. Don't forget entry forms for your challenge quilts and clothing items too. Look for Diana Rezab and Ruth Powers on the Phil Knight show on Oct. 28. They have done a great job with advertising!! Most of all though, we need for you to enter your quilts. As I've said before, you all do such beautiful work, they really need to be displayed for the public to see. So please plan on entering at least one. More is better! Laurene Gaskins

Creative Clutter is better than Idle Neatness

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Twin Rivers Quilters Guild

Workshop Schedule
October 2nd Ricky Timms Convergence You’ve seen him on TV, some of you have heard him at Paducah. Judy Bachaud will be here to teach us his convergence technique. Cost of the class is $15 plus you will need to have his book. You can purchase his book on line or from AQS (see Helen). There may be one in our library soon. October 3rd Japanese Puzzle Quilt Judy Bachaud will teach a great scrape quilt. So go to your stash and start pulling. See pictures on the web for example. This class is $25 ($15 class cost and $10 for pattern). There will be a template available for purchase but it is not required.

Lynne Rice

Cotton Fields Quilt Shop
3 7 5 1 Wharton S tation Road Was hington, NC 2 7 8 8 9 2 5 2 -9 4 8 -0 3 72
Sept. 27 & 28, 2008 “Piecing it Together” Quilt Show Wa shington Civic Center We don't ha ve a booth a t the show, but the store will be open with sa le prices!

S hop Onlin e Anytim e!

w ww.cottonfi

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Twin Rivers Quilters Guild

Date Sept 25 Oct 2 Time 9:30 9:30 Event Stitch and Chat Ricky Tims Convergance Class Supply list on the web Information

Japanese Puzzle by Oct 3 9:30 Judy Bachaud Supply list on the web

Oct 9


Board Meeting

Oct 9 Oct 16

10:00 9:30

Business Meeting Stitch and Chat

Oct 23


Stitch and Chat

Area Quilting Events
Sept 25 – 27, 2008 QuiltFest, Jacksonville, Fl Learn more at Oct 18, 2008 Oct 31– Nov 1 Day of Sharing Crystal Coast and Croatan Quilters’ Guilds, 1604 Arendell St., Morehead City, NC. Contact person Paula Johnson (252) 223-4850 TRQG Quilt Show. 25 years celebration. Riverfront Convention Center Bring your friends and family!!! Nov 1—2, 2008 Peace by Piecing Quilt Show, Wilson, NC

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