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					ACDFA Southwest Region Conference Theater and Technical Information Kyle Lemoi, Production Manager Department of Theatre and Dance Sacramento State Phone: 916-278-6325 Fax: 916-278-5681 Office Hours: M 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. and T 10:00-11:45 a.m. University Theatre — technical information University Theater, located in Shasta Hall, is a 400-seat house with proscenium stage. Stage Specifications: Dance floor dimensions: 36'-0 wide x 24'-0 deep Dance Floor Surface: Rosco Dance Floor over wood No rosin or talc or similar substances may be used on this floor Wings: 3 per side, approximately 7'-0 wide each Note: University Theatre has sightline problems. Performers may be seen in the wings from the extreme seats. Loading dock: The entrance to the dock is located State University Drive East is directly across from the entrance to parking lot 2 on the back of Shasta Hall. There is space for one vehicle at a time. No parking is allowed in the loading dock at anytime. Sound: Each CD or Mini-disc should be in a box labeled with the following: Title of Dance Name of Institution Name of choreographer Length of music/sound in minutes and seconds Only one dance should be on each CD or Mini-disc Equipment: 2 - Mini-disc 2 CD players 1 mixer Lighting: See conference lighting plan and magic sheet for details. # of cues per dance:10 Light board: ETC obsession

Scenery/Props: All props and scenic elements are the responsibility of your Stage Manager/Technician. There is ample storage room in the stage left for these items. Rigging and flying of scenery must be minimal. There are very few available line sets for this. Each group performing must complete all rigging and flying during its tech/spacing time, 20 minutes total. Please notify Kyle Lemoi, as soon as possible, if you intend to fly anything. It is strongly suggested that all scenic elements be ground supported, that is, sit on the floor. Nothing can be nailed or screwed into the floor. Stage Manager/Technician: Each school must provide a person who will be responsible for the props and/or scenic elements, CD or Mini-disc, setting audio levels, adjusting lighting levels. A technical support staff is provided in the University Theatre, your Stage Manager/Technician is responsible for each piece and must be present during the spacing rehearsals and adjudication performance to call the cues. Dressing Rooms and Facilities: There are 2 dressing rooms located on SL of stage level. Both have toilets and showers. Additionally due to space limitations, other rooms in Shasta Hall may be used for dressing rooms. Details to follow. Dressing rooms will be heavily taxed at all times. Be prepared to share a small space with many other people. Rapid clearing of costumes, makeup, and other personal belongings as soon as you are through on stage is strongly recommended. For your information, you must supply your own towels, makeup, hygienic and first-aid supplies. Also note that performers are not allowed in the seating area of the theater in costume or makeup. Food, Drink (except water) and Smoking also are not allowed in the theater at any time. General Notes: At Sac State Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any building or on major walkways. Monitors are in the Green Room, Dressing Rooms, Make-up Room, and Control Booth. The Green Room has chairs, a microwave and soda and snack machines are available. The Green Room can easily accommodate fifteen people, and is connected to the stage by a monitor. Security: Please do not bring any unneeded valuables to the theater or provide a person with your company to collect and secure all valuables. Only performers, choreographers and technicians are allowed backstage. Sac State is not liable for theft or loss of personal property.

ADJUDICATION I, II, III and GALA CONCERTS— UNIVERSITY THEATRE Spacing/technical rehearsals   Spacing/technical rehearsals begin at 9:00 a.m. on the each day of the Adjudication Concerts. Each school will be given 20 minutes on stage for technical rehearsal and spacing. The schedule is tight and must be strictly followed. A more detailed schedule will be given at a later date. Report to the Playwrights’ Theatre in Shasta Hall thirty minutes prior to your on stage call. Please remember that due to severe scheduling problems, your lighting design is limited to ten (10) lighting cues so that your tech time can be used effectively. Have your CD or Mini-disc ready to go and please label it clearly. The group will have five minutes to move into the house or to leave the theater through the house. Dancers should not plan on staying backstage or in the dressing rooms.

   

Performances  Dancers in each adjudication performance should report to dressing rooms 30 minutes prior your time. It is assumed that in each dressing room, groups will work out their own schedules of using mirror spaces for make up. Dressing rooms will be assigned and posted. Pick up your CD or Mini-disc after the concert concludes.


THE INFORMAL CONCERT - MUSIC RECITAL HALL in CAPISTRANO HALL Music Recital Hall - technical information     The Recital Hall has 300 seats. The technical capabilities are limited. The dance floor size is approximately 40’ wide by 21’ deep. Sound — CD or Mini-disc o Each CD or Mini-disc should be in a box labeled with the following:      Title of Dance Name of Institution Name of choreographer Length of music/sound in minutes and seconds Only one dance should be on each CD or Mini-disc


Lighting — “lights up” and “lights down”

Informal Concert - scheduling/ spacing/ run-through Spacing for the informal concerts is as follows: Schedule: morning concerts 10:00-10:30 a.m. afternoon concerts 2:00-2:30 p.m.

Time allowed for spacing: two minutes for each group (first come, first served) SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS It is our intention to oversee all activity in the shop and on the stage in order to protect everyone involved. This is not intended as any kind of competency question, it is simply a standard policy of the California State University, Sacramento. For the faculty and staff of Sac State our first concern is the safety of the people working in the theater and preserving the integrity of the facility. Please weigh your requests for special consideration carefully, as each request for exceptions to the rules will have to be considered in light of its effect on all of the participating productions. All Costumes, Scenery, Props, Personal Property, Etc. MUST BE REMOVED from the University Theatre after the GALA Concert. There will be no staff available the next day to unlock for the removal of these articles. If there are any questions or problems concerning the information in this package, please contact us in advance so that we may discuss them. Kyle Lemoi Prodcution Manager Department of Theatre and Dance Sacramento State 6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819-6069 916-278-6325 916-278-5681(f)