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					H: 707.647.2387 C: 707.334.1805 EDUCATION Fall 2006 Fall 1999 Academy of Art University  BFA in Sculpture, Concentration: Special Effects Makeup  Founder & President of Makeup FX Club Napa Valley College  Associate of Arts, Social and Behavioral Science  Associate of Arts, Humanities and Fine Arts  Phi Theta Kappa and Filipino-American Club New Technology High School   RELEVANT CLASSES SKILLS EXPERIENCE August 2007 July 2007 May 2007 August-September 2006 SFO, CA

Napa, CA

Spring 1998

Napa, CA

Diploma, 2-yr Internship program, Certificate: Computer Applications, MS Office 97 and Keyboarding Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Frank Riggs

Makeup 1&2: Beauty and Street FX; Color & Design; Figure Modeling; Art of Casting and Moldmaking 1; Introduction to Anatomy; Portrait Sculpture; Sculpture 1&2; Perspective; Ecorche 1&2 Drawing, Painting, Color, Design, Composition, Moldmaking, Casting, Sculpture, Prosthetic application, Laying hair Makeup Artist TantraTV Not Fade Away, Independent Feature Adina’s Deck, TV Pilot


3 principals + audience Makeup Artist

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Cover principals and extras Key Makeup Artist

Managed 130 youth, a majority of females, 5 assistants, straight and light beauty Key Makeup Artist Harrison Montgomery, Independent Feature Full breakdowns, six assistants, name talent: Academy Award winner Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Diane Baker (Silence of the Lambs), and Melora Walters (Magnolia)  Straight, beauty, street fx, bruises, blood, prosthetic, fake teeth Makeup Artist M3: Man, Moment, Machine- Edelman Productions

May 2006-Sept 2006

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June 2006 May 2006 September 2005 July 2005 June 2005

2 Episodes: Al Capone, Alexander Graham Bell Blood effects, wounds, laying hair, applying beards Makeup Artist Atropa Belladonna, Music Video for Childhood Dilemma

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Gothic makeup on band; straight, beauty, and street fx on supporting and extras Makeup Artist Straight makeup for principal and 26 extras Makeup Artist  Beauty and straight makeup, 2 videos Makeup Assistant Purple Ring, Music Video, MTV Taiwan One Way to Valhalla, Independent Feature

 Extras and crowds up to 60: Beauty, Straight. Dept Head: Lisa Zomer Makeup/Fabrication Assistant Expel, Independent Horror Feature  Assisting Special Effects Makeup Artist with making prosthetics/props of foreheads and torsos  Body casting, moldmaking, sculpture: alginate, FGR, silicone, sculpt details on castings Makeup Artist Fly, Music Video for Efata  Prosthetic wounds at various stages, life-size cocoon, fake bug infested arm  Best Music Video, WYSIWIG Film Festival 2006 to Director Jonathan Fung Makeup Artist Paradox Time, Short  Casualty effects: prosthetics, rigging blood, bruises Key Makeup Artist Fear of Falling, Short

May 2005

December 2004 November 2004

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October 2004 REFERENCES    

Prosthetics, teeth, hair, blood, bruises, tubing, body makeup Best Special Effects Makeup in a Short: MovieNation Film Festival 2006 to Margaret Caragan Makeup Artist The Last of Our Kind, Music Video Executed Sunburn, peeling skin, gaunt/starved/weary, dirtied down, wound, blisters, bloods Lisa Zomer, Makeup Artist, Freelance 1.415.517.0048 Gretchen Davis, Makeup Artist, Freelance Phone: 1.415.640.7085 Devon Ryan, Special Effects Makeup Artist (SMA), private studio 1.831.659.1810