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Fall 09

Piedmont American Indian Association Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC

Chief’s Corner
Dear Tribal Members, Once again another year has come and almost gone. We have worked hard the past 12 months, and we have achieved quite a bit. Our Long House (White Sage Long House) has another section of cement floor; and we will soon be putting on the last section of new roof. We have one building complete in our village, the Grass House, and the Sweat Lodge/Winter Home along with the story telling area are almost complete. We now have our very own cookers and tanks, and large pots for the cooking area. We have a working lawn mower. We are working on our petition with the State again, hoping to have that finished in the near future. We have people all over the country applying for membership; new applications keep coming in on a daily basis. Visit our web site. It was down for a few weeks because the host server crashed, but we have it up and running again. Good things are happening! We have been working hard and it is showing! At our last two tribal council meetings we discussed ways that every tribal member could help the tribe. Not all of us have hidden talents, not all of us live around the corner. Some of us come to all the meetings; some have never been here. Some of you are always here to work when needed. Some of you support the efforts of the tribe with your donated crafts, needed items, and/or your monetary donations. This is not a club; nor is it a game. This is your heritage and your children’s future. We want everyone to enjoy and practice his or her culture. You cannot pull it off and put it on as if it were a coat. We ask on our membership application: Why are you joining and what can you do for the tribe? We get all kinds of answers. Last summer the tribal council voted to require each tribal member 18 years and over to give a minimum of $15.00 a year as a donation toward operating expenses. This donation will go into effect January 1, 2010. It must be paid by December 31, 2010 or you will be removed from the tribal rolls. If you cannot pay the minimum, you may write a letter to the tribal council stating your reason. The deadline is December 1, 2010; and the tribal council will make the decision concerning the future of your membership. I have talked to a lot of the membership and asked if they thought this was unreasonable. Most said no; some said not enough! For those who want to give more, DO, but the minimum amount will remain at $15.00 per year. You have 12 months to come up with the $15.00, which comes out to about $1.25 per month. I hate to beg and talk about money each time I call, and I don’t want you to think each time I call, it’s about money. That’s why the $15.00 donation is important! If all gave, we could have about $6,000.00 in the bank each year to pay bills and buy needed items. This is your tribe; you need to support it!! I want us to grow into the largest tribe in South Carolina. We can do anything we want to if we work together at it. Neither the tribal council nor I want to lose anyone, but we need to keep moving forward. The Indians in this country have been living on handouts since the first white man came here. It’s time we moved away from that practice. I want us to depend on each other and to be self-sufficient, not waiting on government handouts. That $15.00 a year will go a long way. Our Grandmothers and Grandfathers worked together and supported each other. We are not in a race with each other; we are brothers and sisters working together to preserve our history and Cherokee culture. We can have the greatest living village in South Carolina if we can get up off our couches and help out. When you have 400+ members and only 65 members contribute to the PowWow Fund, 3 members contribute money on a monthly basis, and only 30 members donate their time and talents, that’s sad! Our Wish List New telephones New or used computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse (Windows 2000 or XP), new or used printer Internet service – contribute monthly fee Lightweight tables for our craft booth Vacuum Cleaner New Sound System – Microphones, speakers – for our PowWow Important Information – If your address and/or phone number has changed, please call us at 864-967-2713 (my home phone) or 864-683-1421 (Tribal Office) as soon as possible. It is necessary that we have that information so we can update your files for our purposes, and the federal government requires it for Federal Recognition. Also, if you have an email address, let us know so that we can send the newsletter to you electronically. We will not print any more paper copies of the newsletter after this one (Fall 2009). If you don’t have an email address, you can read the newsletter on our web site. If you don’t have internet access, send a letter and request a paper copy.

We had a good PowWow and Kids’ Day; it was a great team effort. The Kids’ Day was so successful that we are thinking about having another Kids’ Day in the spring! There were 250 kids from Fountain Inn and Sue Cleveland Elementary Schools, arriving at 9:30 AM. We had 12 stations set up: I explained our flags; Richard Schrie showed how to make and play flutes; ReneeTurtle McAbee explained the use of herbs; Rick Bird talked about the drum and Nancy Basket did story telling; Ironhorse and Dakota demonstrated dance and regalia; Chief Hatcher and Vice Chief Hayes-Hatcher explained trapping; Touches the Earth explained fire-keeping; Teresa Winter Wolf showed pottery making; Sky Longhair played the flute and told Cherokee stories; Norman, Terressa, and Tanner Nelon showed hide tanning, Vice Chief spoke on Cherokee History; Phillip and Jeff Blackwell demonstrated flint knapping; and Victoria, Daniel, Edwin, and Helena moved the groups of children along from station to station. We have received a pictorial thank-you book from Fountain Inn. It will be available at the tribal house for all to see. If our camera batteries had not failed, we would have great photos on the web site! In spite of the rain, we had a good turnout at our PowWow 2009. We had more vendors and more dancers and more games this year . . . . and more fun! You can view photos on the web site. I want to thank all of you who pulled it all together – volunteered time and talent, and contributed to the PowWow Fund . . . you made it all possible! We are planning a PowWow meeting on October 31st at 10:30 AM in the tribal house to discuss those things that went well and those things that need to be improved. All are invited to attend, even if you did not attend the PowWow. We want all input. We will have the PowWow 2009 Report for all to check out and discuss. For all of you who make my job easier, a big hug and a thank-you come with this newsletter. Thank you for all of your hard work. Next year will be bigger and better!! Chief Norris As most of you know, our daughter, Anna Lynn Morning Star Wiegand, passed away on July 26, 2009. I would like to take this time to thank everyone for the support, condolences, and contributions. My heart was touched at the generosity and compassion of, not only my family, but also my Native American brothers and sisters. It was this support that helped her brother, her sister, her three children, her grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and both her fathers and myself make it through it all. I wish you could have all attended her memorial services on August 2, 2009 held here on our tribal grounds, conducted by Chief Norris. It was so beautiful and poignant that I actually wish I had taped it so, when her eight-year old daughter is older, she would have something beautiful to look back on to remember her by. I want to personally thank Chief Norris, the Red Shirts, and the Women of the Spirit for their help during the services and for the wonderful meal enjoyed by all. The Chief was there for me during it all, taking me places I needed to go that first day. I will always be in debt to him for being there, letting me cry on his shoulder and listening. We would also like to thank the council for honoring her and our family at the PowWow. It meant a great deal to us that day. I would also like to thank our youngest daughter, Melanie, for stepping in and taking care of eight-year old Kayla, while I tended to other pressing business and maybe at times not being able to grieve along with us, for she had the little one. In the name of The Creator/Grandfather, we thank you, Vice Chief Mary Louise Wolf Woman Worthy and Eddy Two Hearts Worthy Cards – Still working on tribal cards and certificates; been extremely busy with Kids’ Day and the PowWow. Thank you for being patient. Census 2010 –One very important thing is to make sure our people know what tribe, group, or association they belong to. For instance, we are Cherokee, but the name of our group is the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC. It will make a big difference if you do not use the correct name. All of you, who have membership cards, should list yourself as a member of the PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC. It is important when we go after grants to let people know how many members we have in our group. It also helps in surveys. If you list yourself just as Cherokee, you will be listed in another Cherokee tribe or group. Another important reminder for all our tribal members: list the Indian spouse as the head of the house so that the household will be listed as an Indian family. The US Census Bureau is looking for qualified applicants to fill more than 15,000 jobs in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia to help prepare for the 2010 Census. Those interested in applying for these jobs can go to for job descriptions, qualifications, and applications. Potential applicants also can call toll free 1-866-861-2010. Applicants must be US citizens, age 18 and older, have a valid Social Security number, and pass a basic aptitude test. Most jobs require a driver’s license and use of a car. The jobs are temporary; both full-time and part-time jobs are available. Census jobs offer flexible schedules and allow close-to-home employment. Education News - This is the last reminder! Any tribal members (young and old) who did not finish high school and would like to acquire a GED, call the tribal office at 864.683.1421 or Chief’s home at 864.967.2713. We are working on getting classes started at the tribal office for those to get their GED. At this time we are trying to find

out how many people would be interested. As soon as we know the class size, we will begin getting the classes organized. A tribal member will be trained to be the teacher. Books will be supplied. Any tribal member who is unemployed (and needs job training) or is underemployed (not making enough money to make ends meet) or any high school student who is interested in attending a community college or technical college, there is tuition and books assistance available for those who qualify. Call the tribal office (864.683.1421) or the Chief (864.967.2713) for more information and to ask questions. There is money available for job retraining and college courses, so please call us now. Victoria Yellow Rose Norris

Red Shirt Warriors Society by Michael Ironhorse There will be a short meeting on Saturday, October 31st, after the PowWow and general meeting. Women of the Spirit by Kim Two Moons: no meeting planned at this time. Attention Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts – Email Vice Chief Mary Louise Worthy at if you are interested in the American Indian Scouting Association. Birthday People: Happy, Happy Birthday from the whole tribal gang to the tribal members born in October, November, and December. Happy, Happy Birthday! Congratulations to our newest tribal members: Kathy Rector, Anna Marie Rector, George Arrowood, Roger Blackstone, Michael Blackstone, Ronny Fort, Stephen Fort, Shelly Fort Blunk, Timmy Allen Moore, William Boyd Moore, Daniel Morotini, Katherine Kirby, Dustin Ash, Helena Rough, Norma Nichols, and Shelia Purkey-Trent. Welcome to our tribal family! WE ARE PROUD OF OUR MEMBERS: Edwin Clement won the Silver Medal (2nd place) in the Brown Belt Division and the Bronze Medal (3 rd place) in the Black Belt Division in the 11 th World Master Judo Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 20, 2009. Please keep Patsy Blank and her family in your prayers. Keep Brenda Mays and her family in your prayers. Keep Rickey Powell’s wife, Sharon in your prayers Tribal Meetings and Upcoming Events Tribal Council Meeting* Saturday, October 31st, 2009 PowWow and General Meeting* Saturday, October 31st @10:30 AM Red Shirt Warrior Society Meeting following general meeting *Everyone is invited to tribal council meetings. If you wish to address the council, contact Vice Chief at 864-6831421, to be placed on the agenda. Waccamaw Pauwau – November 7th & 8th on the tribal grounds in Aynor, SC. Get details at Annual Veterans’ Day Parade – Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 in Columbia, SC. Line-up will begin at 9 AM; Parade starts at 11 AM. RSWS will serve as Color Guard. A light lunch will be served at the Vietnam Memorial following the parade. Christmas Gathering – Saturday, December 19th, 2009. Details to follow. Museum: We are collecting items for our current museum so if you have anything that you would like to donate or let us borrow bring them by the tribal office. We are going to have a bigger and better museum one of these days, and you can be part of that dream. Most of us have items tucked away in boxes and drawers such as arrowheads, beadwork, books, photos, and pottery we had for a long time. Visit our museum some time; it is packed with old and new items dealing with the Cherokee People or other Indian People. Most of the items are tagged so you can learn a lot about Cherokee history with just one visit. Many of our tribal members have donated or lent their most precious possessions to our museum so that we can all learn more about our heritage. Web Site and Newsletter: If you have something you want in the newsletter or on the web site, send it to the tribal office (3688 Warrior Creek Church Road, Gray Court, SC 29645). Let us know what’s happening in your world, so that we can share the news with other tribal members and web site visitors.

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