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February 11, 2002

REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING The Board of Directors of Coos Bay Public Schools met on February 11, 2002 in the Coos Bay City Council Chambers, 500 Central, Coos Bay, Oregon, in regular session. Chairman Tom Bennett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Guests joined the Board and staff in the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members present: Tom Bennett Don Blom Wally Hazen Rob Wall Caddy McKeown Charlie Sharps Sue Walberg

Board members absent:

Also present were: Superintendent Giles Parker, Attorney David Dorsey, Jeremy Lyon, Rod Danielson, Karen Gray, Mary Bjornerud, Paul Swank, Arnie Roblan, Arlene Roblan, Gina Sutherland, Greg Mulkey, Gael Berhow, Dave Laird, Ellen Lyon, Tina Weekly, Marit Pierce, Ruth Greiner, Bill Moriarty, Vicki Goodrich, and Jack GB Christine. CONSENT AGENDA Caddy McKeown moved, Wally Hazen seconded, and the Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda with one correction as indicated below. The vote was unanimous.        Minutes of the December 18, 2001 Special Meeting as submitted. Minutes of the December 21, 2001 Special Meeting as submitted. Minutes of the January 9, 2002 Special Meeting as submitted. Minutes of the January 14, 2002 Executive Session with one correction. The Board reviewed the resignation, not dismissal, of a certified employee. Minutes of the January 14, 2002 Regular Meeting as submitted. Minutes of the January 16, 2002 Workshop as submitted. The hiring of Elementary Music teacher Richard Foust.

PUBLIC INPUT  Coos Bay City Manager Bill Grile said there have been many opportunities for Coos Bay Schools and the City of Coos Bay to partner. He focused on the partnership with technology over the last several years. On behalf of Mayor Benetti and the Coos Bay City Council, Mr. Grile presented a framed Certificate of Appreciation to Tim Enright and the Coos Bay Schools technology team for “demonstrating commitment to excellence and advancing technology partnership between the City of Coos Bay and Coos Bay Public Schools.” He acknowledged their tremendous work, their sharing of knowledge, and their dedication to the

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partnership. Superintendent Parker extended thanks to the City of Coos Bay for the many opportunities to partner together. He also commented on the high school flag that flies in front of City Hall and that the Board has enjoyed holding their regular meetings in the City Council Chambers.  Athletic Director Tom Jenkins introduced the Marshfield High School Cheer team, who just won the State 4A Small Squad Cheerleading State Championship title. Cheer Team Coach Dr. Ellen Lyon thanked the Board for their support and for the heritage and rich tradition built and passed on to these students. Captains Joy Agner and Courtney Bergstrom shared their thoughts about working together, building bonds, dedication to the team, setting and reaching goals, the emotional experience, and how much more than just a sport this activity has been for them.

BOARD ITEMS   Vice Chair Caddy McKeown acknowledged this was a special day by wishing Board Chair Tom Bennett a happy birthday. Caddy shared information about the Resource Advisory Committee, a 20member community group charged with two tasks – recommending a configuration for the district for the next five years considering declining enrollment, and prioritizing cuts considering budgetary constraints. Communityat-large, certified staff, classified staff, site councils, and parents are represented on the committee. The RAC met for the first time Monday, February 4. Shanda Shribbs, City of Coos Bay Community Development Director, is facilitating the group. They plan to meet Wednesday nights in the Board Room and report back to the Board at their April meeting. Wally Hazen reported on the Professional Services Evaluation committee work. He, Caddy McKeown, and Rob Wall met with Jeremy Lyon and Rod Danielson to review the evaluations prepared by administrative staff. The committee recommends putting audit services out for bid. This was last done in 1993. Other professional services will be acted upon later in the meeting. Wally also reported on an insurance workshop he, Caddy McKeown, Tom Bennett, and Rod Danielson attended. The Saturday workshop was put on by the OSBA. Wally commented that it will be very important for school districts to pay attention to what’s going on in the insurance business over the next several years. Sue Walberg reported that she Charlie Sharps, and Rob Wall had met regarding the annual superintendent’s evaluation. Since Superintendent Parker will be leaving the end of June, no annual evaluation will be done. The Board will be providing a letter.




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Tom Bennett said he just spent eight days in Washington D.C. and participated in federal relations networking and lobbying on Capitol Hill. They met with Senator Wyden and Congressman DeFazio. Tom said he was most impressed with a session on stress management, discussing the importance of spending time on what’s right in the world. He has interest in the degree a local board, being somewhat removed, is aware of the national agenda on education. He has hopes of getting a PowerPoint presentation and explaining a few things about education beyond our community. One of the hot topics is IDEA, which was federally mandated 27 years ago and is only receiving 17% of the funding required to meet the mandates. Other subjects discussed included the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, school construction school vouchers, and current legislation in various states.

BUILDING/STAFF PRESENTATIONS  CBEA President Ruth Greiner announced that March 1 is “Read Across America” and everyone to come to school to read with kids. CBEA will be cosponsored with Coos Bay Library a kick-off event with cookies and free books. Chairman Bennett encouraged 100% attendance on the part of Board members. Marshfield High School representative Kaley Sweet gave an update on activities and athletic events at the high school. MHS Assistant Principal Gina Sutherland discussed the letter regarding MHS accreditation. The staff prepares and sends an Annual Report to the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges who then rates the school’s compliance in ten standards. This year Marshfield received a rating of “Approved with Comment,” which means there was only one deviation from the standards. That deviation was that too many teachers had student load over 160 students. There were 17 this year – more than last year’s 11. Budget constraints last year forced a reduction in the number of staff. MHS met or exceeded in every other category. Greg Mulkey gave an update on the Empire Sports Park. They broke ground for the new structure the end of January, and eight footings are in place. They appealed to the Planning commission for a color change to avoid a $3,000+ expense for the special color originally specified. They are still hopeful the structure will be completed by the end of March. Mr. Mulkey also informed the Board they received a $20,000 grant from the Coquille Indian Tribe Foundation, which brings the total of grants and donations for this project to about $160,000.

 


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ACTION ITEMS  Policies for Second Reading/Adoption: Chairman Bennett asked for a motion and second to adopt the policies and then have discussion and make amendments as needed prior to voting on the motion. Caddy McKeown moved the Board adopt revised policies listed as exhibits 5.a.(1)-(9) as presented and listed below. Charlie Sharps seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Revised Policy GBC – Staff Ethics/Conduct -- Superintendent Parker explained that many of the revisions tonight were provided by the periodic OSBA Policy Update publication due to legislative changes, etc. An introductory paragraph has been included covering ethical and competent performance. Sue Walberg questioned why the policy addressed spouses of certified staff and not classified staff. Superintendent Parker explained that the Board approves the hiring of all certified staff but not classified staff. The policy requires a unanimous vote if the certified employee is a spouse of a board member or the superintendent. Caddy expressed concern about requiring a unanimous vote and made a motion to amend the revised policy by removing the requirement for a unanimous vote. The motion died due to a lack of a second. Wally commented on the involvement of the Board at a management level he didn’t feel they should be responsible for. Attorney Dorsey suggested that, if the entire second paragraph under Employment and Supervision of Family Members were deleted, all classifications would be treated the same. Caddy McKeown moved to amend the revised policy by eliminating that paragraph. Sue Walberg seconded the motion. Mr. Dorsey pointed out that the following paragraph referred to family “as defined above.” Caddy moved to further amend the revised policy by deleting the words “as defined above” in the third paragraph of that section. Sue seconded the additional amendment, and the motion passed with Tom Bennett voting “no.” Revised Policy JECD – Transfer and Correspondence Credit – Superintendent Parker said this policy was changed to include alternative programs, credit by challenge, CIM and CAM, and appeals. It also address private or homeschooled students. Revised Policy JFC – Student Conduct – Superintendent Parker explained this was a complete replacement of language and included several relevant case references. Revised Policy JFCG – Student Use or Possession of Tobacco or Alcohol – Dr. Parker said this puts tobacco and alcohol in the same category rather than dealing with them separately. Revised Policy JFCI – Substance/Drug Abuse by Students – Self-explanatory changes in language and legal references.

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Revised Policy JG – Student Discipline – Changes recommended by OSBA relevant to all school districts have been incorporated. Revised Policy JGE – Expulsion – “Housekeeping” changes. Revised Policy LBE and LBE-AR – Public Charter Schools – Changes included were recommendations from the OSBA and numerous legal references. Dr. Parker noted one relevant change was the amount of liability insurance required. Chairman Bennett called for vote on the motion to adopt the revised policies as presented and as amended during discussion. The vote was unanimous.  Resolution 2002-13: Don Blom moved the Board adopt Resolution 2002-13 and gratefully accept the $5,000 donation from the Cow Creek of Umpqua Tribe of Indians to Sunset Middle School. Sue Walberg seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Resolution 2002-14: Don Blom moved the Board adopt Resolution 2002-14 and also gratefully accept the $20,000 donation from the Coquille Tribe of Indians to Sunset Middle School. Sue Walberg seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Chairman Bennett acknowledged the generous donations accepted tonight and asked the superintendent to extend the Board’s thanks. Resolution for 2002-03 ESD Programs: Rod Danielson explained that ESD’s provide certain services more economically and efficiently than being provided by a single school district. Last year they also provided curriculum and consultation services, but their resources are also shrinking, and they can’t cover the services they had before. The district administration recommends contracting ESD services in three areas – classes for severe or multiply-disabled students, augmentative communications, and orthopedic mild and moderate services. Caddy McKeown moved the Board approve the resolution to contract ESD for these three services. Charlie Sharps seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Umbrella Resolution for 2002-03 ESD Services: Rod explained this is a unique resolution. The ESD is requesting authorization to deliver services that are developed in collaboration with the school districts in the event they receive more revenue than expected. The ESD is required to spend 90% of state and local revenues with resolution services. This resolution allows them to come back later and offer more so they can stay in compliance with that requirement. Wally Hazen moved the Board adopt the “Umbrella” Resolution for 2002-03 ESD Services. Don Blom seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Renew Professional Services Agreements for 2002-03: As covered briefly under Board Items, Wally Hazen stated the sub-committee’s recommendation was to renew the professional services agreements for architectural, legal, and doctor of





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record services. Charlie Sharps moved the Board renew those contracts, and Caddy McKeown seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Wally Hazen made a motion the Board request bids for the District’s auditing services for next year. Caddy McKeown seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.  Adopt 2002-03 Budget Calendar: Rod explained the plan is to hold a Board meeting and Budget Hearing on June 26 in order to know as much about expected revenues as possible. The Budget Committee meetings are tentatively scheduled for May 15, May 22, May 29, and June 5, as needed. Those meeting dates will be set officially at the first meeting. March 15 is the first “official” estimate of 2002-03 revenues from the Oregon Department of Education. Charlie Sharps moved they adopt the proposed Budget Calendar as submitted. Wally Hazen seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. Requests for Leaves: Superintendent Parker explained that it has been the Board’s and administration’s desire to authorize leaves to give people opportunity to take care of “life’s business.” He also expressed the need to follow contract allowances and the hesitancy to go beyond the contract. With these considerations, he recommended the Board approve Angela Davis’s request for a 2nd year of leave and Lisa Frost’s request for the 1 st year of leave but not approve Michelle Inskeep’s request for a 3rd year of leave. Don Blom said he supported that recommendation and made a motion to reflect that. Charlie Sharps seconded the motion. Tom Bennett noted that Michelle Inskeep had served the district well and hopes she will return to education and be considered favorably. CBEA president Ruth Greiner asked if Michelle’s leave is not approved, could she choose to come back. The Board assured her that was the case. A vote was taken on the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Board member Charlie Sharps excused himself at 8:27 p.m. to attend to personal business. DISTRICT STAFF PRESENTATIONS  State Report Card Presentation: Jeremy Lyon provided copies of the “2002 District Report Card” and instructions “How to Read the District Report Card.” He briefly went over the results, saying all our schools did very well. Dr. Lyon said this is definitely the kind of indicator we are looking for as to student achievement and aligning our curriculum with state requirements. By March 31, the individual school report cards will be distributed to all families in the District. CDIP 2nd Draft: Dr. Lyon said he had a very productive meeting with several classified staff, certified staff, and administrators, hashing out what the Consolidated District Improvement Plan needed to say and discussing the kinds of activities that needed to be included. The goals and activities included for our District are reasonable, especially in such financially questionable times. Dr.


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Lyon requested the Board give him any input on this draft. The final draft will be presented at March Board meeting before sending it off to the State.  Final Draft of 2002-03 District Calendar: Dr. Lyon presented the final draft of the proposed school calendar for 2002-03 and pointed out significant changes from past practices, most in an effort to bring Coos Bay and North Bend School Districts more into alignment. For the first time, the calendar is presented in a trimester format. The high school and middle schools will operate a trimester schedule. The elementary schools will discuss the schedule at the next administrators’ meeting. Also, for the last several years the District has released students one hour early the day before Thanksgiving. The proposed calendar reflects a full day off for students with teachers working in the schools. The number of inservice days and professional service days remains at 8 and 4, respectively. The final 2002-03 calendar will be presented for approval at the March Board meeting. Financial Report and 2003 Outlook: Rod Danielson said financially the District is doing very well this year with a fund equity balance of $2,682,600 as of the end of January and current carry-over funds of over $800,000. Rod reported that the legislature ended their first special session early this morning. They are dealing with anticipated state revenue shortfall of $800-$900 million, of which about $112 million will be a hit on K-12 education next year. Basically, what they accomplished at the special session was to “pass the buck” to the primary election by placing a measure on the May ballot that would authorize spending $120 million from an educational endowment fund (lottery fund) to balance the budget. If the measure is defeated, then money could be borrowed from a school trust fund. Also, the legislature proposed converting the lottery-financed endowment fund into a permanent “rainy day” fund to be used in the event of future budget problems. This is something that should have been done long ago.   Resource Advisory Committee Update: Superintendent Parker reviewed briefly material and information ready for the RAC meeting Wednesday night. Policies for First Reading: Dr. Parker listed the following revised and new policies presented for first reading. Revised Policy BDDG/BDDK – Minutes of Board Meetings. Revised Policy BDE – Hearings Before the Board, deleting Policy GCPE. Revised Policy CM – School District Annual Assurance Form. Revised Policy GBPD and New Administrative Regulation – Personnel Discipline, Dismissal, Contract Non-Renewal or Non-Extension, deleting former


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Policies GCP and GCPD. Superintendent Parker commented on the trouble in the past with all these subjects because they were contained in so many policies. This is a combined policy and has already been reviewed by Attorney Dorsey, CBEA and OSEA representatives. He encouraged thorough reading and discussion before adopting the revised policy. Revised Policies JFCF and GBNA and New Administrative Regulations – Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing. Revised Policy KB – Public Engagement and Communication Program. Revised Policy KBA and Administrative Regulations – Public Records and Rules. Revised Policy KGB – Public Conduct on School Property. New Policies JHFCA/KGD and KGD/JHFCA – Student Skateboard/Rollerblade/ Scooter Use. Dr. Parker mentioned that all campuses have posted policies, but the District has had no policy to back them up. There are issues of liability if injuries occur. New Policy KAD – Parent Involvement. Chairman Bennett called attention to several events listed on the calendar at the bottom of the Agenda. There being no further business, Chairman Bennett adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.

______________________________ Thomas W. Bennett Board Chairman

______________________________ Mary Bjornerud Board Secretary