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					DANIEL’S BIRTHDAY PARTY Module Me, My Family and Friends Unit Making Friends Key Stage Targets To develop an ever-improving capability to use English to establish and maintain relationships (I.D. a) to exchange short simple messages such as writing greeting cards (I.D. c) to respond to characters and events in simple imaginative and other narrative texts through oral, written and performative means such as making simple evaluative remarks and describing one’s related experiences (E.D.b) Programme Outline Daniel will be eight years old in two days’ time. He is very happy because he believes that being eight years old means he is “a big boy”. His sister, Sally, does not believe that he has grown up with age. She thinks Daniel still behaves like a baby. Daniel does not think of others and grabs everything for himself. When they have afternoon tea, Daniel always wants more jelly than Sally and fights for a bigger piece of cake for himself. Sally thinks her “little” brother has yet to learn to be polite and mend his selfish ways to deserve to be called a “big” boy. Dad and Mum are watching. They have a plan to teach Daniel how to share with others. Here comes Daniel’s birthday party. Dad and Mum have prepared a big present for him! What is the present? What will Daniel learn from his present? Communicative Functions 1. Greet others and respond to greetings 2. Give a simple description of oneself and others in terms of age and members of the family 3. Express good wishes 4. Make simple requests 5. Express and respond to an apology Pre-viewing Activities 1. Motivate the class by asking if they have brothers and sisters and how old their brothers and sisters are. 2. Brainstorm for ideas. Do they do things together with their brothers and sisters? What are they? How about friends? What kinds of things do they share with friends? Playing games? Singing songs? Having lunch together? 3. Briefly introduce the programme. 4. Look at the lyrics of the song “A Friend” together with the class and encourage them to sing along while they are watching the programme. 5. Write out the key expressions for the class to see. For example, “How old are you?”

“Can I have this piece of cake, please?” “Yes, here you are.” “Here’s a present for you.” “Thank you.” “I’m sorry, Mark.” “Oh, all right, then.” “Happy birthday, Daniel.” “When is your birthday?” While-viewing Activity 1. Pupils watch the programme. 2. Pupils answer the questions in Part A of COPYMASTER 1 while watching the programme. 3. Pupils sing along the song “A Friend”. (Please see lyrics attached) 4. Pupils go to Part B of COPYMASTER 1 and answer the questions asked by Sally at the end of the programme. Post-viewing Activity 1. Check Part B of COPYMASTER 1 Ask pupils to ask and tell the following in pairs: A: “How old are you?” B: “I am ____ years old.” A: “When is your birthday?” B: “It is on __________.” 2. 3. 4. 5. Go to COPYMASTER 2 Look at Daniel’s invitation card. Go through the content with the class. Ask individual pupils to list the expressions and language items required for the card. Ask pupils to design and write their own invitation card.

COPYMASTER 1 While-viewing Activity

Part A


Listen carefully while you are watching the programme.

Choose the most appropriate response to each question: a. Okay c. Thank you. b. Yes, here you are. d. Oh, all right, then.

1. Question: Can I have this piece of cake, please? Response: _____________________________

2. Question: I am sorry, Mark. Response: _____________________________

3. Question: Here’s a present for you. Response: _____________________________

Part B

Answer the questions when you finish the programme.

1. How old are you? ____________________________________________________ 2. When is your birthday? ____________________________________________________

COPYMASTER 2 Post-viewing Activity Daniel’s invitation card:

Dear Mark, Come to Daniel’s Birthday Party 2 o’clock Saturday, 10th June Daniel

Now invite your friend to your birthday party. Write your own invitation card:

Song Lyrics A Friend Do you want a friend to talk with, to play with, to sing with, to eat with, to laugh with, to cry with? A friend to care, A friend to share, And I am such a friend.

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