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									Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club
“E Paepae I Luna Loa I Ka Malamalama” “Hold High the Light of Knowledge”
Chartered: April 16, 1964 Editor: Charles Kapua  

Pepeluali 2005

President “Kaipo” Kanahele BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
Tuesday, February 22, 2005; 7:00P.M. Po`alua, Pepeluali, Iwakalua kuma lua, kaukanilua kumalima Hola ehiku ahiahi Uni-Cold Corporation Office 3140 Ualena Street

Thursday, February 24, 2005; 6:30 p.m. Po`aono, Pepeluali Iwakalua kuma ha, kaukanilua kumalima Hapalua Hola`eono ahiahi Salt Lake District Park 1159 Ala Lilikoi Place


Message from the President Aloha mai kakou ka Ohana o Pearl Harbor The Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club has been very busy since the beginning of the year. On January, 2nd, Charles Kapua and Toni Lee represented PHHCC at Queen Emma’s Birthday Celebration at Mauna`ala and Queen Emma Summer Palace. The Oahu District Council had their retreat and first meeting, January 8th and 9th and the Council Meeting was held January 22nd at St Francis High School. The first PHHCC Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 25th. The Association held their retreat and first Meeting, January, 28th and 29th at Camp Mokuleia. Lunalilo Home Fundraiser was Saturday, January 29th where the PHHCC members volunteered to set up for the luau and clean up. King Lunalilo Ali`i Sunday was held January 30th and the PHHCC Installation was held on Sunday, January 30th. Talk about an action packed month…..All of these events happened and we did them ALL! PHHCC members have key leadership positions in both the Oahu Council and the Association levels as Officers and Committee Chairs. PHHCC will be volunteering this Monday with the Great Aloha Run on Monday, February 21st manning the first water station. Those of you that are available and are early raisers come and help us at 5:00 a.m. on Monday. We will be at the corner of Pu`uloa and Nimitz where Harley Davidson is located. Yes, our Club continues to be very busy and I am very Proud to serve as your President. Mahalo to all of you who have given tirelessly to our Club, the Oahu District Council, the Association and our Community. O wau me ka ha`aha`a,


WANT TO HELP AARON MAHI? DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN BAND? Aaron Mahi is no longer the Royal Hawaiian Band Master. Mayor Mufi Hanneman has replaced him with the Pearl City Band Leader, Mr. Nakasone. Your club has voted to support Aaron Mahi and to ask for his re enstatement until the process has been redone. We think the process has been flawed. We will be asking the Council to not confirm Mr. Nakasone on Wednesday, February 23rd until the process has been examined. We want a blue ribbon panel put together of people that have some artistic, language, history and cultural background to make the selection unlike the panel that selected the coroner, the waste water manager and the engineer for the city and the Royal Hawaiian Band Master. The Mayor is saying that Aaron Mahi did not make the top three selected in his process for consideration for the job. How can you lead a Band for 24 years and not qualify at least in the top three? Did you also know that now there are NO Hawaiians in the Royal Hawaiian Band. If you want to help, please call your Councilman or Councilwoman and ask them not to confirm until the process is re-done. Their numbers are: District 1 – Todd Apo – Ewa, Kapolei, Waianae and Makua – 547-7000 District 2 - Donovan Dela Cruz – Mililani Mauka, Wahiawa, North Shore and He`eia – 547-002 District 3 – Barbara Marshall – Kaneohe, Kailua and Waimanalo – 547-7003 District 4 - Charles Djou – Hawai`I Kai, Kahala, Diamohnd Head and Waikiki – 547-7004 District 5 – Ann Kobayashi – Palolo, Manoa, McCully and Makiki – 547-7005 District 6 – Rod Tam – Makiki, Downtown, Nu`uanu, Kalihi Valley – 547-7006 District 7 – Romy Cachola – Kalihi, Salt Lake, Mapunapuna, Foster Village, 547-7007 District 8 – Gary Okino – Moanalua, Aiea, Pearl City, Waipio – 547-7008 District 9 – Nestor Garcia – Mililani, Waikele, Waipahu, Makakilo – 547-7009 You can make a difference. Please call not only your council person call them all! You can also send in Testimony if you want to for the hearing. The hearing is going to be held on Wednesday the 23rd at 2:00 p.m. You can fax in your testimony if you want to. Let’s make a difference….Call today! !!! *** GREAT ALOHA RUN Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club prepares to man Water Station #1 for the 21st Annual Great Aloha Run, on Monday February 21st 2005. This run begins at Aloha Tower and ends at Aloha Stadium. We will meet at 5:00 a.m. on the corner of Nimitz Highway and Puuloa Road fronting the new Harley Davidson Dealership. For the 21st year Sam Keli`ia`a will chair this event on behalf of Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club. Don’t forget to bring you pitchers to fill those water cups and your rakes to rake all those cups up. This event is over at about 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. !??! DUES !!?!! The Chinese lunar New Year is the year of the Rooster “Gung Hee Fat Choy!”. We are “crowing” as a reminder for everyone to pay your dues for 2005. Our membership fees are twenty dollars ($20.00) for regular and associate members, and its ten dollars ($10.00) for opio. Make your checks payable to PHHCC – Membership renewal, and send your fees to P. O. Box 66, Aiea, HI, 96701, “ATTN. Treasurer”. ALI`I SUNDAY On January 30th was Ali`i Sunday for the birthday celebration for King Charles Lunalilo. This celebration was held at Kawaiahao Church and members from Pearl Harbor that attended were “Kaipo” Kanahele, Caren Kanahele, Kahi and Mana Kanahele, Barbara Mateo-Kihano and Percy Kihano. Moana Sanders and C. Leinaala Pilares sang with the Kawaiahao Choir and Nola Nahulu led the choir.

LUNALILO HOME LUAU On Saturday January 29th Hawaii Kai was saturated with about five inches of rain, which caused flooding and lots of runoff. Despite this downpour, the 170th Anniversary Birthday lu`au of King William Charles Lunalilo was held at Lunalilo Home in Hawaii Kai. Supporters from all over came and braved the elements to enjoy the good food and the outstanding entertainment. There were many hands that helped to make this event a successful one. Pearl Harbor members in attendance were “Kaipo” Kanahele, Joe Robello, Chrissy Anjo, Leilani Irvine, Maile Puahala and Gladys Crowder AOHCC BOARD MEETING On Friday and Saturday, January 28th & 29th the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs met for a retreat at Camp Mokuleia. At this meeting were all Committee Chairpersons and the Executive Board as well as the various Council Presidents and their Directors. This meeting was very well attended and proved to be very constructive as new chairpersons got a chance to understand their role. Most chairpersons were very happy that they had a chance to ask what was expected of them and what they could contribute. Everyone left this retreat with a better feeling about their role and how their contribution can help to make our Association stronger and more viable. Mahalo, to Tomi Chong, Harriet Roxburgh and Patricia Brandt who spearheaded the plans that made this a very successful retreat. Congratulations to President “Toni” Lee for having such great staff members and making this retreat a “win – win” situation for all that attended. A good time was had by all. “A Very Special Mahalo” to Hilton Hawaiian Village for the generous donation of the linen that supported those who slept over so those attending did not have to bring any towels, blankets, linen and soap. PHHCC INSTALLATION Pearl Harbor held its annual Installation Luncheon at Treetops Restaurant in the lush green valley of Manoa. It was such a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time, the atmosphere was so “nahenahe” and filled with loads of “Aloha”. We had GiGi Kidder, Sherry Kaku and da sista that made up the group Kamalani and added our opio group of Mahi Crabbe and Blaise Ah Sing that made up our entertainment. The food was “ono” and everyone ate and ate. The restaurant even ran out of some things on the menu, so that means everyone was hungry. Club members from Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu, Nanaikapono Hawaiian Civic Club, Prince Kuhio Hawaiian Civic Club and Ewa-Pu`uloa attended our installation luncheon. Mahalo to those clubs who came to celebrate with us. Special “Mahalo” to those who gave of their time and donations, Michael Kapua, Pauline Kahalioumi, Paul and “Sweetie: Suyat, Charles Kapua and a “BIG MAHALO” to Chairperson “Toni” Lee for putting this whole installation together. A very “Special Mahalo” to our opio Keli`ia`a granddaughters and Nicholas Kapua for being our “Lei” greeters and all of you who brought leis. Members installed were Kaipo Kanahele President; Moana Sanders First Vice-President, Valerie Crabbe Second Vice-President, Alberta Low Treasurer, Cheryl Kapua Recording Secretary, “Toni” Lee Corresponding Secretary, C. Leinaala Pilares Chaplain, Barbara Mateo-Kihano Historian, Joseph Robello III, Sergeant At- Arms, Board of Directors “Chrissy” Anjo, Gladys Crowder, Leilani Irvine, Pauline Kahalioumi, Puna Kapua, Maile Puahala and Charles Kapua as Immediate Past-President. Ku`ulei Reyes was not able to attend the luncheon. Installing Officer was Kahu William Kaina who is also a member of Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club. It was also nice to see Sandy Kaina who is also a member of our hui. It was so nice to be back at Treetops Restaurant for our Installation. The Mitchell Pei Award was awarded to Pauline Kahalioumi, Outstanding Member of the year, 2004!

MITCHELL PEI AWARD WINNER 2004 The nominee for the 2004 Mitchell Pei Award is a person who has been active in the activities with Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club and is a paid up regular member. This person was our Historian for the year and captured our activities with a digital camera and arranged pictures and palapala in chronological order in an album to be preserved for posterity. This nominee was assigned to the Information & Technology Committee and was instrumental in starting our web site in May 2004 and keeps activities and pictures on a current basis. This person was also presented with the Helen C. Kane Mahalo Award for 2004 at the Oahu Council Meeting in October. This nominee was always there whenever we had a fund raiser or a club project. The nominee helped with the Family-A-Fair at McKinley High School grounds in December, 2003, the 20th Annual Great Aloha Run in February, the Kuhio Day Parade, Ho`ike`ike, and the Limu Project in March, the Ala Wai Watershed Clean Up in April, the King Kamehameha Hula competition in June and the 70th Anniversary of Papakolea Association in September. This nominee also represented Pearl Harbor club as a Delegate at the 45th Annual AOHCC Convention aboard the Norwegian Cruise Liner “Pride of Aloha” in November and sang with the choir. She attended most Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings, and is friendly, energetic and very sincere in her willingness to help whenever she is needed and is a firm supporter of our club. This nominee is Pauline Kahalioumi. Pauline was honored at the Club’s Installation Luncheon that was held at Tree Tops Restaurant, Sunday, January 30, 2005. Ho`omaika`i Pauline! There were two nominees for this award and the committee members were Alberta Low, Gladys Crowder, Caren Kanahele and Chrissy Anjo with Leilani Irvine as Committee Chairperson. HAWAIIAN COALITION MEETING The Hawaiian Coalition Group will be meeting on Saturday, February 26, 2005, at the top floor of the parking structure above the Hawaiian & Aloha Airlines terminal. Any member who wants to attend this meeting is welcome. This meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. with registration and will probably go until 3:00 p.m. *** ALI`I SUNDAY Ali`i Sunday for Prince Jonah Kuhio which was scheduled for Sunday March 27th has been changed too, Sunday March 20th a week earlier. March 27th is Easter Sunday, please note to make a change on your regular schedules. PRINCE JONAH KUHIO KALANIANA`OLE COMMEMORATIVE PARADE The Prince Kuhio Parade this year is schedule to be on Saturday, March 26th and the start time is at 4:30 p.m. This parade begins at the intersection of Kalakaua Avenue and Saratoga Road and ends at Kapiolani Park. This route is .4 miles long and should take no more than ½ hour to ¾ hour long. We will start to line up at 3:00 p.m. Pearl Harbor will be honoring Aunty Betty and Uncle Sam Keli`ia`a in a decorated vehicle as Pearl Harbor’s entrant into the parade. The Grand Marshall of the Parade will be Aaron Mahi. The Chairman of the Parade is Charles Kapua. The theme of the parade is Ke Ali`i Maka`ainana: The Citizen Prince. REFRESHMENTS For the month of February 2005 will be Alberta Low, she will be calling people to assist her for refreshments at our General Membership Meeting that will be on Thursday, February 24th. You can call her at 455-9400 after 6:00 p.m. if you would like to help and she does need help.

HO`IKE`IKE 2005 The Ho`ike`ike will be held on Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th at Kapiolani Park. Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club has chosen to have a booth on one day, Saturday, March 26th. The Club Chairman for our booths are Pauline Kahalioumi and Joe Robello. The Club has decided to sell Kulolo, Shaved Ice and Poi Mochi. We are taking advanced orders for Kulolo. If you are interested in ordering Kulolo please call the Keli`ia`a’s at 485-5012. You can order the Kulolo by the piece or by the flat. Pearl Harbor will also be featuring a demonstration booth where Moana Eisele, Tapa Expert, will demonstrate the art of tapa making and dyes and Kumula`au Sing will demonstrate Ie`ie. There will be lots of food booths and craft booths. Come and spend an enjoyable day at the Ho`ike`ike. Chrissy Anjo is the Chair for the Ho`ike`ike.

ANNOUNCEMENTS February 20 21st Annual Great Aloha Run February 22 PHHCC Board Meeting February 24 PHHCC General Membership Meeting March 20 Ali`i Sunday Honoring Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole March 22 PHHCC Board Meeting March 24 PHHCC General Membership Meeting March 25/26 Ho`ike`ike 2005 March 26 Prince Kuhio Celebration Parade



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