Napa Ltd Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

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					April 2009

Napa Ltd Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
This year Napa Ltd marks the 20th anniversary of its founding. To honour the occasion, the company arranged a cocktail party for its Finnish clients and cooperation partners. The festivities were held at the House of Nobility in Helsinki on 26 March 2009.
In the beginning Mr Matti Salo, President of Napa Ltd, welcomed the guests. Speeches were also made by Mr Juhani Saarilahti and Mr Ari Elo, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Napa Ltd.

The Polytech Choir
The evening was ‘historical’ in other respects, too. On that day, the book on Napa’s history was released, crowning a year’s work. Each guest received a copy of the book, which is freely available to all during the anniversary year.

Mr Matti Salo, Mr Juhani Saarilahti and Mr Ari Elo
More than 200 guests attended the party. The buzz of cheerful voices filled the hall, and it was a pleasure to see how people enjoyed one another’s company and meeting old acquaintances once again. The buffet dinner table was laid with a wide assortment of delicacies.

Authors and contributors of the NAPA Years book.
“We wish to thank our clients and cooperation partners, who have made it possible for Napa to mark twenty years of operations. We hope that Napa’s smooth sailing will continue for the coming twenty years as well. Our next milestone, though, will be the company’s silver anniversary when we reach the twenty-five year milestone,” Matti Salo says.

Guest enjoying the Choir
During the evening the Polytech Choir entertained the guests with their fine performance. “We hope to enjoy their music some other time, too,” party guests commented.

Norwegian Cruise Line Saves Fuel with NAPA Power
NAPA Power once again proves its importance to ship operations. Over the years NAPA Power has made it possible to achieve substantial savings during ship voyages.
Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), an innovative cruise operator based in Miami, has completed fleet installation of the NAPA Power fuel economy system developed by Onboard-Napa Ltd. At NCL, initial piloting of NAPA Power yielded such positive results that the company decided to expand the use of NAPA Power throughout its fleet in order to maximise the benefits. The system is installed with the Speed Pilot module, which allows automatic control of optimised speed. Precise speed control enables maximised savings and reduces the workload on the bridge. “Conserving fuel on our ships sailing around the world is particularly important,” says Captain Niklas Peterstam, Vice President, Nautical Operations. “NAPA Power has enabled us to optimise speed, and in doing so, we are minimising our fuel consumption.”

The calculation engine of NAPA Power is based on the same technology as utilised by the NAPA ship design system used by major shipyards, ship design consultancies, navies and classification societies. In addition to the NAPA model, all available model test data and full-scale trial data are used to perfect NAPA Power’s accuracy.

NAPA Office

Coming NAPA In-house Initial Trainings
NAPA In-house Initial Training, or NIIT, is a five-day course that covers the basics of using NAPA. It is intended for engineers who have no or very little knowledge of NAPA.
NAPA In-house Initial Training (NIIT) - 5 days • Week 24, 8-12 June 2009 Introduction to Probabilistic Damage Stability Calculations – 2 days • Week 25, 16-17 June 2009

NAPA Power
NAPA Power for cost-efficient ship operation NAPA Power is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for efficient operation of single ships and for monitoring of large fleets. The system assists the Master in planning and executing voyages, the aim being to reach the destination on time at the lowest possible cost. NAPA Power finds the optimal way to operate the vessel by optimising the route, speed profile and propulsion mode for each part of the voyage. With strong sea currents, varying wind, waves, and water depth and diesel electric propulsion with multiple main engines, many parameters need to be taken into account in order to find the optimal speed and engine mode for each part of the voyage. Skilful operation of NAPA Power can yield tremendous savings in fuel

The deadline for registration is 3 weeks prior to the course. The detailed schedule, course contents and registration forms are found in -> log in to Napa Extranet -> News & Events. Should you require additional information, please contact

Meet Us at the Norshipping Exhibition in Lilleström Norway 9-12 June 2009!


The actual fuel consumption, engine and navigational data are collected and forwarded to the NAPA Office web portal for further analysis and reporting purposes. NAPA Power is based on an accurate NAPA model of the ship. The model combined with weather and current forecasts gives precise performance calculations.

Further information or feedback: or telephone +358 9 22 813 807.

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